Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review (2024)

A convertible car seat is a convenient accessory to have for little children, but they are not designed to be highly portable – you install and leave it in the car. This design can be quite a downside for moms who always travel with their babies.

In this Evenflo Tribute LX Reviews, I will share with you the product that can help you solve the lack-of-portability problem. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat is suitable for you to carry from one vehicle to another with its slim, lightweight, and fast installation design!

Here’s an overview of the car seat:


Compact size, superb safety performance, travel-friendly, inexpensive


Sharp edges, padless strap, a bit loose on front-facing mode

Bottom line

A safe and affordable car seat for moms who travel a lot with their kids



Source: Babylist.com

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Car Seat For Your Child

Do you know how to choose a convertible car seat? If you need some guidance, check out the tips below.

Source: Cars-branch.com
  • Federal safety standard – The car seat that you choose should meet all safety checks in a 30mph crash test. It should come with energy absorbing and side-impact protection features.
  • Child’s size and weight – For a convertible car seat, it usually can cater a load between 5 to 60 pounds. Keep in mind that some convertible car seat is not suitable for newborns.
  • Easy installation – If you choose a car seat with a Latch system, it will make the installation process easy and fast. It uses a simple clip-style anchor.
  • Portability – Some convertible models support portability. It is usually lightweight, compact, and easy to clip to the anchor.
  • Extra features – For an economical purchase, you can consider the model that offers a booster seat. The back seat is removable and suitable for big kids up from 7 to 9 years old.

Presenting – Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat
Source: Target

Evenflo Tribute LX Saturn Convertible Car Seat is a slim and lightweight baby chair that can support front as well as rear-facing mode. You can use it for your child with a weight of 5 and up to 40 pounds.

From my research, I noticed that the model is being applauded for its excellent safety features. It meets all federal safety standards as well as side-impact testing for structural integrity.

For a price of about $55, it is a budget-friendly option that provides outstanding security for your little child.

Tribute LX is a little sibling of another latest model, which is Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat. The Sonus model boasts a sleeker design than the LX model.

Plus, it caters your big kid with a high weight support up to 50 pounds and meets additional safety tests – Rollover Test Standards.

I think moms who always take their little kids with them when they travel – for leisure or work – will love Evenflow Tribute LX. Carrying it around in between vehicles or while transiting at the airport is such a joy at just 9 pounds!

Pros Cons
  • Tall yet slim and lightweight
  • Sharp plastic edges
  • Affordable price
  • Stable in rear-facing but a bit lose in front-facing mode
  • Excellent crash tests results
  • No padding for the harness belt
  • Minimalist design
  • Highly adjustable 5-point harness
  • Removable pad for easy washing
  • Level indicator for correct installation

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review: Features and Benefits

In this Evenflo Tribute LX Reviews, I will share with you some of its highlighted features and benefits. By understanding Evenflo Tribute LX safety, design, and other extra qualities, you will be able to decide and make the right purchase.

Design and Quality

If you have been browsing around looking at the designs of many car seats out there, you might not be impressed by the look of Evenflo Tribute LX Saturn Car Seat.

Surely enough, I feel the same too when I first looked at it. It features a black and grey color combination and simple overall design. However, you should also know that the model comes with several color options, which are Neptune (blue) and Pink Mums (floral red).

As for the quality, it might not be up to par like other high-end car seats such as Britax or Maxi-Cosi, but you can expect the linen and hard plastic shell to last for a long time. It does not tear or break easily despite its cheap price tag.

Durability and Security

Source: Babygearlab.com

Evenflo Tribute car seat comes with a durable EPS foam liner that absorbs shock efficiently during a car crash.

Plus, the base and the back seat are of sturdy plastic materials. It is quite like the materials on a hundred-dollar worth car seat!

I love how the Tribute LX models meet all federal safety standards. If you pick this model, you can expect it to protect your son or daughter in the best way possible!

Ease of Installation

One of the best features of the Evenflo car seat is its easy-to-install Latch system. With it, you should be able to install it quickly in your car.

Thanks to the highly adjustable harness, you can place your child for many years in the car seat. When your son is a few months old, you can put him facing backward. Once his height outgrows the back-facing position, you can turn it around.

You can adjust the crotch buckle to two different lengths. Plus, I also love how the harness supports up to four shoulder positions. With this adjustment, you can ensure that the belt fits nicely to your kid’s body size. It is not only crucial for comfort but also for safety reasons.

Ease of Use And Comfort

Source: Onfair.com

With the simple design, you can expect simple usage. The car seat is not too complicated to use. There is a removable head pillow that you can use for your kid if he needs extra support in the head area.

There is one crucial thing that you need to know: when set in the rear-facing mode, you need to check whether the seat is suitable for your newborn. Some parents said that recline position is not enough; it is too upright.

You might have to wait for your kid to grow older or until he gains strength on his neck. Or else, it can impose a breathing hazard to your newborn.

Extra Features

The baby chair comes with several handy features. Firstly, there is the Evenflo Tribute LX cup holder.

You can remove or clip the cup holder to the side of the car seat, near the armrest. It is a handy thing to have as you can put a water bottle, snacks or small toys in the compartment.

Plus, thanks to the removable cushion pad, you can maintain the cleanliness of the seat. Cleaning is easy as you can just toss it in the washing machine to remove all the water spills or food stains.

Social Proof

I scoured the internet further to learn more about the feedbacks on the model and to understand its performance. Below are my findings.

Everyday Family Blog

Source: Everydayfamily.com

Inexpensive, easy to clean, and superb safety performance – These are the three things that the happy user from Everyday Family love about the Tribute LX car seat.

The detachable pads and dual side-impact protection make it one of the top options out there, especially for those who do not want to fork out a fortune when buying a car seat.

Mom in Leggings Blog

Source: Mominleggings.com

I love the feedback from another happy mommy, Jeny. She said that the LX car seat from Evenflo is one of the best car seats for airplanes.

He can lug it around through airport without any difficulty! It makes sense because the weight of the baby chair is bearable and we even included it in our Best Travel Car Seat 2017 article!


Source: Blogarama.com

Blogarama commented that the Evenflo car seat is an ideal budget option for moms and dads out there. Also, due to its slim width and 9-pound weight, it suits well for you if you own a compact car.

However, he also said that the padding on the car seat is limited, not ideal if you wish to provide ultimate comfort to your little kid.

Three Alternatives to Consider

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat is a top contender that is worthy of your consideration. I suggest this model for moms who have big kids as it can support up to 65 pounds when set in a front-facing mode.

At about $100, it features excellent safety standards, multiple buckle heights, comfy cushions, as well as a detachable cup holder.

No products found.

Disney Baby Apt 40RF Convertible Car Seat

Disney Baby Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat, Mouseketeer Minnie

If you are looking for a model with similar features, but offers an eye-catching design, then I recommend Disney Baby Apt 40RF Convertible Car Seat. At about $65, the Disney car seat can also support up to 40 pounds of weight.

The car seat looks so stylish and beautiful, and I can imagine your daughter goes ga-ga over it. The head support features a chic pink Minnie Mouse’s bow. Most importantly, it is also comfortable!

Disney Baby Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat, Mouseketeer Minnie
  • Extended use lets kids ride longer: Rear facing 5 40 pounds and Forward facing 22 50 pounds
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat - Silver Cloud

I am a big fan of Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat, and once you use it, I bet you will become one too! If you have extra bucks to splurge (about $200), then I recommend you to consider this next option.

The Britax comes with ten positions for the harness and two adjustable heights for the crotch buckle. The seat is also well-padded, and your kid will be happy sitting inside it.

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat - Silver Cloud
  • Safe cell impact protection is an integrated system of safety components, including an impact absorbing base, tether and harness, an impact stabilizing steel frame, and complete side impact protection plus
  • Safe cell complete side impact protection surrounds your child in a deep protective shell designed to absorb crash forces and shield your child from debris
  • Quick adjust, 10 position harness and 2 position buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable, secure fit as your child grows

Safety 1st



Max weight

65 pounds

40 pounds

65 pounds

Product weight

18 pounds

24 pounds


Adjustable 5-point harness

Adjustable 5-point harness

10-position harness

Installation system



On/Off Latch

Extra features

1 cup holder

2 cup holders

EZ Buckle system

Amazon rating




Our rating





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Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat is indeed a reliable car seat that can impress you with its excellent safety performance.

It is ideal for moms who prioritize more on the security aspect, more than other elements such as design and extra features.

Plus, it is an ideal model for moms who often fly with their kids. You can lug it through airport and airplane aisles smoothly with its slim size and bearable weight.

Also, your kid will be able to sit comfortably in his seat with its soft cushion. It might not have much padding, but should be enough to support the weight of small kids. If his body size and weight suits to the requirement, you should be all set.

Give it a test and buy it here. You will not regret making this economic purchase as its flexibility and durability mean that you can use it for many years to come!

Evenflo Tribute LX 2-in-1 Lightweight Convertible Car Seat, Travel Friendly (Saturn Gray)
  • MEET THE HIGHLY REVIEWED CAR SEAT WITH UNBEATABLE VALUE: This fan- favorite offers a budget-friendly choice without sacrificing safety, comfort or ease
  • TRAVEL SLEEK AND LIGHT: Compact design offers an ideal fit for smaller vehicles, while lightweight design makes this a popular car seat for family travel
  • GROW WITH IT: With use from 5 to 40 lb (19 to 40 in. tall), offers rear-facing and forward- facing modes, 5-point harness, plus 4-position shoulder harness

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat Review

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