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25 Halloween Gifts For Kids: Best Ideas to Make This Halloween Unforgettable!

Let’s dress up and gather the best Halloween decorations for kids! But, what about presents? 

Keep reading to discover a (secret) list of my ideas and recommendations for the best Halloween gifts for kids! I am talking beyond candies – specialized themed toys, coloring books, games, spooky kits, and more!

PS. If the first big milestone is around the corner, you can even use my recommendations as one of the many first birthday gift ideas for girls, and boys!

25 Halloween Gifts For Kids (Candy Not Included)!

Candies come and go, and everyone will forget about them soon! Therefore, instead of giving out candies, why not pick something more memorable and exciting? 

Not to mention, your child will already get enough candy in their trick or treating quest!

If you lack inspiration for a unique Halloween gift, join me in my search for the best gift!

#1 Temporary Tattoos

All youngsters are fascinated with tattoos, so why not skip kids Halloween toys and candies this year, and give them a pack of temporary tattoos that glow in the dark? The trick or treaters will have so much fun with the tattoos!  

Choose stickers such as pumpkins, gravestones, skeletons, or witches! These for sure are better than any candy, don’t you agree?

Halloween Tattoos | | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Temporary tattoos help make your little ones feel spooky and cool! Source: Etsy

#2 Book of Spells

Is your kid fascinated with magic and Halloween spells? A personalized book of spells will make your child feel special! It will also improve the kid’s writing skills and imagination! 

White Moon Spells makes an especially charming spell book for kids between five and seven years.

Book of Spells | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
You can choose the blank book of spells for your kid to write spells and spooky candy recipes, or the one with cute and funny spells and potions! Source: Pinterest

#3 Skeleton

Does anything spell Halloween more than pumpkin and skeleton? I don’t think so! Skeletons are also excellent and educational Halloween toys, as your kid can learn about human anatomy!

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Skeleton Toy Set | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Pick a skeleton set that comes with replacement bones for your kid, because those tiny parts may be lost very soon! Source: Pinterest

#4 Kids Halloween Pajamas 

Family Halloween pajamas are an excellent way to bring the Halloween family celebration to a new level – plus there is plenty of fun and spooky matching Halloween pajamas for the whole family!

You can wear them while watching a kid-friendly horror movie with Halloween candies! Under Disguise makes excellent toddler Halloween pajamas, and you can order them in adult sizes as well!

Halloween-themed Pajamas | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Many great brands have specialized Halloween collections with soft and cozy pajamas.  Source: Arinsolangeathome

#5 Halloween Plush Toy

If you lack inspiration for Halloween baby toys, pick a soft and spooky plush toy and your kid will love it! Jack-o’-lantern, skeleton, creepy bat, or teddy bear dressed up in Halloween spirit will all make a perfect gift!

Halloween Plush Toy | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Get your kid a Michael Myers plush toy for Halloween and explain who he is in several years! Source: Bigbadtoystore

#6 Soft Blanket

October is a chilly month so it is time to bring out soft and plush blankets! Pick a lovely Halloween blanket that can serve as decoration and keep your kid warm during the Halloween season. It costs more than candy, but it lasts for many years.

Soft Blanket | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Cotton, fleece, wool and knit are the best materials for a soft and warm creepy blanket! Source: Theapollobox

#7 Halloween Sensory Kits

Sensory kits are suitable for children from two to five years. These have exceptional benefits for the kid’s health and development. 

According to Salus University, some of the most important advantages of these kits include language development, cognitive development, and socialization. 

These also have a calming effect on toddlers and give them the possibility to learn how to play on their own. 

With all of these in mind, getting your child a Halloween sensory kit is really an excellent idea. You can buy pre-made sensory tactile toys or products with Halloween pumpkin and other details, or make one yourself.

Halloween Sensory Kits | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
The only rule to follow when choosing a sensory kit is that it activates all five senses. Source: The3ampost

#8 Brains

You can check out the simple models on the market that feature a squishy texture and plain design, or upgraded versions with removable parts and an educational role. Choose plain squishy brain toys for a younger kid and more advanced versions for older ones to play with. 

The best squishy brain toys work as a puzzle and allow toddlers to assemble and reassemble brain parts until they learn the structure. Because these toys are an anatomically accurate representation of the human brain, they may help your child score better grades from biology and gain basic anatomy knowledge. 

If a squishy brain sounds like something your child will like, consider the one from Smart Labs, suitable for kids older than eight years.

Scary Brains Toys | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
A squishy brain toy is a way to get your child interested and play with neuroscience! Source: Fishpond

#9 Scary Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween cat coloring pages are a nice twist to the traditional pumpkin-themed October coloring pages. Your kid will have fun painting the sketches and drawings, and create unique masterpieces you can hang on the fridge! 

Haunted house coloring pages are also suitable for the Halloween season! Once the Halloween season is over, choose Christmas lights coloring pages to maintain the artistic spirit in your kid!

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Halloween Coloring Pages | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
You can also print some spooky patterns and make a unique, DIY gift for the child. Source: Pinterest

#10 Crafts Kit

Giving your kid the best Halloween crafts kit is another way to boost creativity. Crafts sets that come with various small projects are a simple way to keep your kid engaged and excited for an upcoming Halloween! 

The Mason Jar Lantern Craft Kit might be a perfect choice because it includes everything your kids need for their fun and mess-free projects!

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Crafts Kit | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
If you gather your kid’s friends, playing with the crafts kit becomes a party! Source: Womansday

#11 Personalized Tee

With a personalized Halloween t-shirt, your kid can become the coolest one in the block! Jokes aside, personalized presents are appealing to both younger and older trick or treaters.  

You can come up with some interesting (and spooky wording), print their names on the clothing, and watch them enjoy the best Halloween gift ever! Your kid can wear it when he goes trick or treating!

PS. If you don’t know what to print on the personalized tee for Halloween, you can make a list of horrifying words and synonyms. Some of them may include bloodcurdling, spine-chilling, startling, spooky, creepy, hair-raising, etc. It is also a wonderful way to teach your child about synonyms and expand their vocabulary!

Personalized T-shirt | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
You can throw in a kid’s name and a ghost – then you’ve got a simple, yet effective personalized Halloween t-shirt! Source: Pinterest

#12 Light Up Drawing Tees

If you want to take your child’s Halloween clothing to the next level, skip pre-made shirts and choose drawing tees instead. Some brands sell plain cotton t-shirts with dedicated space for drawing! 

The kits for drawing are included in the price and the cool thing I love about these tees is that the sketches glow in the dark! 

Light-up Drawing Tee | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Pick a t-shirt in which the white surface for drawing on the t-shirt can be used multiple times! Source: Uncommongoods

#13 Scary Soap

Halloween is all about details! With a spooky and unique Halloween soap, bathing times become more fun! Imagine bathing your child with a spider-shaped soap! The soap might look like candy, but it provides more fun than any unhealthy candy!

Scary Soap | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
If the kid wants to free the spider, he’ll need to wash his hands multiple times per day! Source: Happiness Is Homemade

#14 Keychain

If your kid is old enough to carry your home keys, a keychain is an excellent Halloween gift. You can find standard keychains in the pumpkin shape or more interesting variants such as glowing in the dark caskets and skeletons.

Pumpkin Keychains | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
A keychain in the shape of a great pumpkin is also a great gift if you are shopping for a Halloween gift on a budget! Source: Pixelictz

#15 Modelling Clay

Modeling clay products are excellent birthday gifts for 4-year old boys and girls. Older kids will appreciate it as well! You can use it to create Monster Play-Doh aliens!

#16 Hoodie

A Halloween hoodie in the color black is a phenomenal gift for kids who like dressing up for Halloween! You can let them wear a costume during the day, and put on a Halloween hoodie in the evening when the temperature drops!

Personalized Hoodie | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
A Halloween hoodie keeps your kid warm and stylish. Source: Pinterest

#17 Halloween Decorative Prop 

Decoration plays a big role in Halloween parties. You can use pumpkin as the highlight of a Halloween decoration and add a few other spooky props! 

Doing so helps solve two problems with the decoration items – have a perfectly suitable Halloween present for your kid and create a spooky atmosphere! 

If you are looking for a realistic and scary prop, why not consider getting the bitten finger from Etsy! Don’t worry, the finger easily ships to all locations without blood spilling!

Halloween Decorative Prop | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
You can also use the realistic bitten finger prop to make a prank or help your kid design one for other family members! Source: Etsy

#18 Halloween Stickers 

Stickers are a simple way to skip candy for Halloween and get something interesting plus creative. If your kids are of school-age, they can post stickers on their notebooks or help decorate your home! Younger kids will appreciate stickers, too!

Halloween Stickers | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
The kid can use stickers to decorate everyday items, such as water bottles, pens and notebooks. Source: Ubuy

#19 Board Game 

As explained on Scholastic, board games are not only suitable but also beneficial for kids of all ages. They improve your kid’s problem-solving skills, help them learn about color, textures, shapes, and learn something new! 

Oops, did I forget to mention the benefit of socializing? For Halloween, I’d suggest choosing the board game Mysterium which is suitable for school-age kids and adults! 

It is so good that it even has been featured in the NY Magazine. Offer a bowl of popcorn or candy while playing the game and you’ll have the best Halloween ever.

#20 Tote Bag

A tote bag is an everlasting trendy item with practical and aesthetical functions. It is also great for little princesses to carry when doing pajama parties with their friends, for school, for the beach, on the dancing lessons, and basically everywhere! 

You can easily find attractive Halloween-themed tote bags with pumpkin – better yet, you can choose one with a universal design for year-long use. That way, your kid can carry it even when Halloween is over.

Tote Bag | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Your kid can bring their tote bag when going for a trick or treating in the neighborhood! Source: Personal Fury

#21 Stretchy, Sticky Toys

Oriental Trading Halloween items are a great choice if your kid likes squishy and stretchy toys. The company makes slimes shaped like Jack-o’-lanterns and various stretch toys in abundant shapes. My daughter’s favorites are disgusting eye-ball slime and coffin putties with scary spiders!

Slimes and similar-textured toys are actually useful toys because they can help restless toddlers calm and play, improve their focus and fine motor skills!

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Halloween-themed Slime | | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
Halloween-themed slimes make an excellent gift for kids who like squishy toys. Source: Etsy

#22 Flashlight

Flashlight is a practical gift for boys and girls. Even though they are somewhat impractical for adults (because we all have our smartphones with torch lights), the young ones don’t have them. Therefore, a personal flashlight can be a magnificent gift for Halloween! 

Flashlight | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
If you get a flashlight in some unusual shape, your kid will most likely love it! Source: Pinterest

#23 Skull Sign

The skull sign is a spooky Halloween decoration and a cool Halloween gift for kids. You can also choose a spooky Welcome sign for your home decorated with skulls and other Halloween-related details. 

You can find skulls with various designs – from plain ones to neon colored and glow-in-the-dark features. The one with bright LED multicolor lights instead of the eyeballs and realistic skull will definitely bring chills in your kid!

Skull Sign | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
If your child doesn’t mind sleeping in the dark under the neon skull, you should get the skull neon light! Source: Pinterest

#24 Halloween Pendant

If your kid is old enough to appreciate jewelry, you can choose a cute Halloween pendant! Spooky ghosts, scary pumpkins, bones, spiders, and all sorts of scary props with grotesque details are fun too!

Halloween Pendant | Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey
A creepy skeleton hand pendant will look stylish and occasion-appropriate! Source: Valshay

#25 Rubber Duckies

In the Halloween season, you can replace your ordinary rubber ducks with Halloween rubber ducks! 

You can find rubber ducks dressed up in various costumes, or play with ones that glow in the dark! Buying a pack of assorted rubber ducks also allows you to score an excellent price and have enough different ducks to keep your kid engaged and excited about every new bath time!

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Do you still want to give candy or you’ve picked a better present? I cannot make up my mind between the crafts set and glow in the dark draw on T-shirts for my daughter! I may end up getting both of them, and keep either one for the next occasion!

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting Halloween presents for your child. So, this year, I recommend skipping the unhealthy candies and choosing one of the gifts from my list. 

I hope you find this useful. If you have more ideas for Halloween gifts, don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comments section!

Halloween Gifts for Kids | Baby Journey

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