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Levana Baby Monitor Review (2022): The Levana Oma Sense

For a while now, I have been on the lookout for a baby breathing monitor that offers the best features at a compatible price, to serve as a nice baby shower gift for a dear friend. She’s going to be a first-time mom, and I definitely want to give her the best.

This is when I found the latest Levana Oma, and decided to check out if it’s gift-worthy yet useful enough in her baby registry. In the process, I decided to share my Levana Oma Sense review with all the parents out there, in hopes that it becomes a little easier for those who are still eyeing on this device.

I found the Levana baby monitor to be a wonderful baby monitor and serves as a good baby shower gift indeed – but only if you’re looking at a tool that does simple monitoring for you, without the advanced features present in monitors like the Owlet Smart Sock, the Angelcare AC517 or the Miku Baby Monitor.

Let’s get into the details.

Levana Baby Monitor Review: An Overview of the Oma Sense

Levana Oma Sense is an effective baby monitor. This cute little wearable baby monitor can detect the breathing movements of your baby without any contact with their skin.

The device works by generating vibrations when it fails to sense any movement for 15 seconds. The gentle vibration helps encourage a regular breathing rhythm. An emergency alarm goes off if the Levana monitor doesn’t pick any response even after 5 seconds of the vibrations.

Levana breathing monitor analyzes the baby’s breathing movements every 80 milliseconds. As it doesn’t use WiFi or Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about getting disconnected over any connectivity issues or any privacy breaches.

Along with the stimulating effects and contactless approach, Levana baby monitor is crafted from medical-grade materials, which is what makes it so unique.

About the Levana Company

Levana Oma Sense Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor - Baby Sleep Monitor with Wakeup Technology - Rousing Vibrations, Audio & Lights Stimulates Baby & Alerts Parents - Safety Baby Essentials for Newborn

Levana is a baby monitor manufacturer based in Canada. They started their journey all the way back in 2001. Keeping the caregivers’ serenity in mind, Levana announced a technology licensing partnership with Snuza Go! in May of 2013.

However, Levana Oma Sense is the only baby monitor they’re manufacturing since 2019.

Levana baby movement monitor is handy and lightweight. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Levana baby movement monitor is handy and lightweight. Source: Ebay


  • Portable
  • Wearable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • False alarms if not attached properly
  • Doesn’t connect to any app

Questions You May Have Before Buying the Levana Oma Sense

As a mother, I understand how anxious one can get when it comes to their baby’s safety. We definitely don’t want to keep them out of our sight. But when we do have to, we’d want to be alerted whenever they need us. A good baby monitor is a savior in this aspect.

Levana baby monitor allows you to get notified about any potential crisis by analyzing the breathing movement of your baby. It might be a good choice if you’re looking for something hassle-free.

Nevertheless, if you live in a big house and need a large area coverage, this Levana Oma model might not be the right choice for you. In that case, you may check out some long-range monitors like Infant Optics baby monitor, Vtech audio baby monitor, Motorola baby monitor etc.

Some questions you are likely to have are answered below:

Q. Does Levana still make baby monitors?

Levana only produces wearable Oma Sense baby breathing movement monitors as of now. They recently discontinued the Levana Mila video monitor as it was running behind its contenders in several features.

Although the Mila model had a good video quality, the occasional lack of video signal and disruption in audio was detected on many of its devices. The parent company issued a statement announcing they have stopped the production of Mila video monitors in July 2020 altogether.

Q. Can Levana Oma Sense Baby Monitor be hacked?

Levana baby monitor is a “hack-proof” security device. They use their very own patented sensing and alert system.

Since it works via fully digital sound signals of its own, it doesn’t need any WiFi or Bluetooth. If your baby is having breathing issues, the alarm will alert you automatically.

This is also great considering there is no harmful radiation from WiFi or Bluetooth. Plus, no hackers can get through the system either as there is nothing to connect to in the first place.

Q. Is there a Levana baby monitor app for Oma Sense?

Levana Oma Sense does not connect with any app. It’s a standalone device that uses sensors to detect movement.

Within 15 seconds of no movements, it will try to stimulate your baby with vibration. A built-in alarm system will alert you if there’s no movement even after 5 seconds.

Q. How do I use the Levana baby monitor?

Levana baby monitor is very easy to use. All you have to do is clip the device to your little one’s diaper or clothing. But make sure to place it right above the belly button for effective results.

Most of the false alerts reported were caused by improper fitting. If the device drifts to the side or comes out, it’s bound to give false alarms.

Make sure your Levana baby monitor is placed above the belly button properly to reduce chances of a false alarm. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Make sure your Levana baby monitor is placed above the belly button properly to reduce chances of a false alarm. Source: PRNewsWire

Levana Oma Sense Review: Features

Setup and installation

While setting up the Levana Oma Sense, all you have to do is insert one battery that comes with the package. You’ll see a flash of blue light once you push the ‘ON’ button on the left. It will also vibrate. The button on the right is the ‘OFF’ button.

After the Levana baby movement monitor is properly switched on and attached to your baby, it will be flashing a blue light every 30 seconds to ensure its workability.

Simply clip the Levana breathing monitor to your baby’s diaper or pants. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to place it perfectly on the tummy, preferably right above the belly button. You may get a few false alarms, but only when the placement wasn’t right.

Levana baby monitor might not work if placed wrong. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Levana baby monitor might not work if placed wrong. Source: Babies R Us

Alarms and Alerts

Being a mom myself, I couldn’t risk any accidents owing to an ineffective device. Having a reliable alarm system is important in a baby monitor, and the Oma Sense does well in this aspect.

After a few seconds of no movement, it will go off with loud alarms as the many Levana baby monitors reviews mentioned. To stop the emergency alarm, you just need to switch the device off and then switch it on to get it going again.

Other helpful alerts include the low battery alert. This device lasts so long that there’s a chance you may forget to change out the batteries. But if you forgetful like me, there’s a handy red flashing light that indicates a low battery. Whenever you see it, just swap it out!

Levana Oma Sense monitor produces 60-70 decibels of sound to alert the caregivers. However, if you have a really big house, and you think you may miss the alert, it might be good for you to search for other options.

Levana Oma Sense will alert you by a loud alarm with a flashing alarm light in case of no movement detected. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Levana Oma Sense will alert you by a loud alarm with a flashing alarm light in case of no movement detected. Source: Levana

Connectivity & Detection Range

You’ll know it is working with its blue light flashing every 30 seconds. And you only need the battery that comes with the package.

As mentioned earlier, it is completely wireless and doesn’t use any WiFi or Bluetooth. Therefore, there is no need to pair up the device with anything else. It works as a single unit.

Though the first alarm is quite soft, the emergency alarm is VERY loud! You could hear it all the way downstairs. The maximum range of this non-WiFi monitor extends to 200 inches, and will alert the parents right away if something out of normal is detected.

Battery Life

The review is incomplete without an overview of the battery life. Levana monitor is powered by a replaceable CR2450 battery, which can last a minimum of 30 days. But with continuous use, it will last more than 30 days, especially if you only turn it on when your baby is asleep.

You don’t have to worry about the battery dying during any emergencies though. The red light is always there to remind you of the low battery.

Levana provides an extra battery for use. But I think it might be better if it had a rechargeable battery rather than a replaceable one.

Travel friendliness

In my opinion, this is the best feature of the product! Levana baby monitor is a sleek and high-quality portable baby monitor. It is completely wireless. So, you don’t have to worry about placing it in different rooms. You can take it anywhere and get it started just by pushing the ‘ON’ button.

The wearable monitor comes with a plastic case, making it easier to carry while travelling.

Levana Oma Sense comes with a plastic case and batteries. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Levana Oma Sense comes with a plastic case and batteries. Source: Levana

Safety & Security

In my view, this Levana Oma ranks among the safest monitors available in the market. Its wireless plus non-WiFi feature ensures baby’s safety. Parents could rest well knowing that their baby is not exposed to any radiation.

The continuous monitoring of your baby’s movement will set your mind at ease.

High-quality build

Levana baby movement monitor is made from medical grade materials (Medical grade ABS and TPE polymers), which are harmless even if there’s any skin contact involved. The surface is soft and gentle, and it is so lightweight and small that your baby won’t feel a thing.

One more thing I’d like to add – the buttons are well placed, so there’s zero chance the device will accidentally turn off with the baby’s movements.

Aside from comfort and functionality, you also don’t have to worry about getting hacked or getting disrupted by any other signals nearby.

The Oma Sense functions without any WiFi or Bluetooth. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
The Oma Sense functions without any WiFi or Bluetooth. Source: Levana

Perks of the Levana Baby Monitor

Easy to Clean

It is really easy to clean the device. Simply use baby wipes, and you’re good to go. The surface is very nice and smooth, so the dirt doesn’t stick badly. It takes only one wipe to clean the dirt off the surface.

You might want to follow the instructions given with the package to be extra careful. The instructions clearly prohibit washing or contact with water as it is not waterproof. You can only turn on the device when it has been properly dried.

Powerful Speaker

It might be a small device, but it can definitely produce strong alerts with high decibels. The powerful speaker of Levana Oma Sense can get your attention easily with its 60-70 dB sound level.

Long-lasting Battery

If used smartly, the battery can last longer than you expected. Pro tip: Try turning it off when your baby wakes up from a sound sleep. Turn it on only when your baby is sleeping. This will help you to have a long-lasting battery performance.


It is extremely comfortable for both the baby and the parents. The easy setup and simple functioning save parents from the headache of complicated installing. It’s also relieving to know that their baby’s breathing is being monitored. It helps to lessen the stress and gives serenity of mind.

On the other hand, your baby can sleep comfortably without feeling anything. This Levana monitor is simply clipped with the baby’s clothing, saving him/her from any discomfort.

Also, it is very lightweight at only 31.4 g! It definitely doesn’t create any pressure on the baby’s tummy.

Special WakeUp Technology

Levana Oma Sense baby monitor is designed with ‘WakeUp’ technology to produce vibrations to stimulate the baby if it doesn’t detect movement for 15 seconds. The emergency alarm goes off after 5 seconds of the vibration if movement doesn’t return to normal.

I personally liked this device a lot because it offers a very easy solution to a life-threatening problem. If the baby stops breathing, you will be alerted immediately with a blaring alarm. It’s really as simple as that with Levana Oma Sense.

WakeUp technology is one of the best Levana baby monitor features. - Levana Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
WakeUp technology is one of the best Levana baby monitor features. Source: Fado

However, you might consider a few other choices if:

  • Your baby doesn’t like to sleep on his/her back. Levana Oma Sense works best when placed on the tummy area. To get your baby’s breathing movement flawlessly, your baby has to sleep on its back. If they sleep sideways or on their stomach, you will probably end up getting false alarms.
  • You prefer a wide range. If you have a big house or working in the backyard or front yard, where there is a chance of missing the emergency alarm.
  • You’re a heavy sleeper. In that case, a loud alarm in another room may not be enough to wake you up.

Levana Baby Monitor Review: Alternatives

Have a look at these other baby monitors similar to Levana Oma Sense.

#1 Snuza Go!

Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Go! is yet another portable baby movement monitor, which is quite similar to the Levana Oma Plus. It’s a small monitor with a soft sensor attached to the top. You have to attach it to your baby’s diaper where the soft sensor will rest on the baby’s abdomen.

The device detects your baby’s breathing movements. Snuza Go!, just like the Oma plus, sets of an audible alarm and vibration to stimulate the baby. After 20 seconds of stillness, it will alert you with a loud alarm.

As it is in constant touch with your baby’s skin, there’s less chance of getting false alarms. Though Levana Oma Plus is now out of production leaving only Levana Oma Sense, Snuza Go continues to produce portable and affordable baby monitors.

This is a great alternative to the Levana Oma Sense, though we think the Oma Sense is better when it comes to Levana vs Snuza.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Both are portable
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Alerts within 20 seconds of numbness
  • Snuza Go requires skin contact
  • A soft sensor detects the movements in Snuza
  • Levana is lightweight
Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor
487 Reviews
Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Small - fits onto baby's diaper
  • Audible alarm after 20 seconds

#2 Sense-U Baby Monitor

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor - Tracks Baby's Breathing Movement, Temperature, Rollover and Sleeping Position for Baby Safety with Audio Alarm on Smartphones, Green

Sense-U baby monitor is a button-like device that attaches itself to your baby’s clothes. It works a little differently from the Levana Oma Sense since it connects you through an app via WiFi.

Sense-U baby monitor can provide you with a lot more information compared to other baby monitors. For instance, it lets you know your baby’s movements and his/her position, breathing pattern, room temperature and your little ones’ body temperature.

Although it has a more complicated setup than the previously discussed baby monitors, if you’re comfortable using mobile devices and want to be informed of every detail about your baby, Sense-U can prove to be much more useful.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Monitors breathing movements
  • No skin contact required
  • Placed in clothes
  • Sense-U provides more information
  • Sense-U connect through an app using WiFi
  • Can be placed somewhere other than the tummy
Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor - Tracks Baby's Breathing Movement, Temperature, Rollover and Sleeping Position for Baby Safety with Audio Alarm on Smartphones, Green
  • KNOW YOUR BABY IS OKAY: Unlike traditional baby video cameras or audio monitors, the Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks your baby's abdominal movement and notifies you with audible alarms for weak movement from your smartphone directly.
  • GET NOTIFIED WHEN BABY ROLLS OVER TO SLEEP ON THEIR STOMACH: It monitors your baby's sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over to sleep on their stomach.
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM OVERHEATING & FEELING COLD: The Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks the feeling temperature around your baby's body and notifies you when levels go outside of preset zones.

#3 MonBaby Baby Monitor

MonBaby Baby Breathing Movement Monitor: Tracks Breathing Movement, Feeling Temperature, Rollover, and Sleeping Position. Alerts Go to Smartphone if Baby May Need Attention

MonBaby baby monitor is pretty much similar to the Sense-U baby monitor. It can monitor the breathing movement, the rollover movement and the skin temperature.

It connects to you via low energy Bluetooth. You can easily get all the details of your little munchkin in the app on your mobile device.

I personally feel that the MonBaby is easy to use but if you prefer a one-unit no-app monitor, the Levana baby monitor is the better option.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Monitors breathing movements
  • No skin contact required
  • Placed in clothes
  • Provides more information
  • Uses Bluetooth to connect to the app
  • Can be placed somewhere other than the tummy

Feel free to check out all these baby monitors and find the best one for your little bundle of joy!

MonBaby Baby Breathing Movement Monitor: Tracks Breathing Movement, Feeling Temperature, Rollover, and Sleeping Position. Alerts Go to Smartphone if Baby May Need Attention
  • BREATHING MOVEMENT MONITORING LETS YOU KNOW YOUR BABY IS SLEEPING RESTFULLY: Unlike traditional baby video or audio monitors, MonBaby actively tracks your baby's breathing movement during sleep time and notifies you via audible alerts to your smartphone if a pause in movement is detected.
  • KNOW IF BABY ROLLS ONTO TUMMY OR CHANGES POSITION: For your baby's safety, always place your baby on their back to sleep, not on their stomach or side. You will be alerted if the baby rolls over onto their stomach or changes body orientation while sleeping—a smart way to supplement parental monitoring of sleeping position.
  • TRACKS FEELING TEMPERATURE AROUND BABY'S BODY: Get alerted if baby may be too hot or cold. Our wearable monitor continuously checks the baby's ambient/environmental temperature: Set the high and low-temperature notifications to your preferences.


As parents, we try our best to ensure the safety measures for our little angels. Baby monitors have been a lifesaver for me for as long as I can remember. What I’ve shared today is totally based on my research and observations. At the end of the day, you should choose the one that suits your demands best.

Levana Oma Sense Baby Movement monitor can be useful if you want a trustworthy best Levana baby monitor with an easy setup. You don’t need to worry about any harmful radiations, disruptions, or any discomfort for your baby.

The monitor solves all these problems by being completely wireless and lightweight. Moreover, it works without any skin contact.

If your needs match Oma Sense Levana’s features, don’t forget to check it out!

What do you think about this Levana monitor review? Feel free to share your experience using it in the comments section!

Levana baby monitor review | Baby Journey

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