Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller Review

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  • Pros: Big seat space, excellent steering, compatible with car seats
  • Cons: Big and long when folded, a bit pricey
  • Bottom line: An ideal travel system stroller that comes with excellent and complete features
  • Editors Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Manufacturer: Peg Perego

I know how some parents think that once they have three kids (or triplets), they are doomed! They will be stuck inside their house because going out with the children will be a hassle.

Well, think again. In this Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller review, I will show you how going out with your three kids is a fun thing to do, and not something to fret. This stroller can cater your commute needs with its ease of use, reliability steering, and excellent portability.

How to Select Strollers for Triplets

When you have several small children that will be in tow as you go out for a grocery shopping in town or attend parent meetings, it is crucial for you to have a good and reliable stroller.

It helps you move around without worrying about lousy pushchair or moody kids due to uncomfortable seating.


So, here in this review, I will share with you some tips on how to select the best strollers for your triplets!

  • The right size – Since you will be the one who needs to assemble the stroller and push it around, you need a stroller that has the right size. It should not be too bulky or heavy. Plus, a compact size when folded allows you to tuck it in the back of your car quickly.
  • The right weight – Again, you are the one will be carrying the baby pushchair. Anything below 40 pounds is ideal for a triplet stroller. It will not be too heavy for you to handle.
  • The right wheels – A good stroller should have a right size of wheels. It must not be too small as that will make it less smooth when pushed on a rough surface.
  • The right safety features – Before buying a new stroller for your three babies, make sure the model comes with a seat belt for each seat. I recommend you select a 5-point harness with pads. It ensures both security and comfort.
  • The right accessories – Sure, there is no limit to what you can have on your stroller. But at least, make sure you have a basket or storage compartments to store your kids’ stuff. A canopy, a bottle holder, and a footrest are also great features to have.

Introducing Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller


Now that you know what to look for in a good, high-quality stroller, let’s look at my recommendation for the best stroller for triplets – Peg Perego Triplette Stroller.

The stroller is a complete travel system that provides you with an easy trip to town with all your three precious children. There are three spacious seats with each one of them is compatible with its infant car seat.

This made-in-Italy stroller features a tandem seating. Meaning, you can place your children in a single file, so each one of them can enjoy their space (less fighting!).

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller is the sibling of another model, which is Triplette Piroet. The Piroet model features an enhanced chassis and wheels. However, it is quite like the SW stroller as you can also install a car seat on it.

I recommend the Peg Perego stroller to you if you need a tandem stroller that can fit several children comfortably and securely. In fact, we even consider it as one of the best triple jogging strollers for 2017!

It is also ideal for moms who want to be able to face their children directly and switch the seat to the front-facing mode when necessary.

However, at about 30 pounds, the triple stroller is quite bulky. So, it might not be suitable for you if you are always out and about alone with your small kids.

Comfortable seats for each kid with 3-position reclineQuite expensive
Compatible with car seatsLong frame might not fit in compact car
Each chair comes with its sets of features like canopy, toy loop,
adjustable footrest, and flat-lay recline
Storage basket is difficult to access
Comfortable handle that is ideal for a single hand steering 
Large storage basket 

Features and Benefits

To help you make an informed buying decision, I have decided to break down the quality and performance of the Peg Perego Triple stroller into several aspects – materials, design, maneuver performance, safety, and extra features.

Hopefully, by reading the section below, you can understand the model better and decide that it is a good option for you and your babies!


With a high price comes high-quality materials. You can expect nothing but premium parts and components on this stroller. The Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller chassis is made of aluminum.

The thing that I love about the chassis is that it is sturdy and rust free while lightweight at the same time. I think the weight can get even heftier if the manufacturer chose to use steel as its frame (thank God that’s not the case!).

As for the seat, it features a thick and soft cushion. Your baby should have no problem sitting and taking a nap in this stroller!

One thing that I always pay attention to when choosing a good stroller is the set of wheels. The rubber tire is an excellent choice of material, but not all products offer it.

For Peg Perego Triplette Stroller, it uses plastic. If it is a high-quality hard plastic that can survive rough terrains and provides a smooth ride, I think plastic wheels are still acceptable.


If you’re a mom who put design and fashion as one of the top priorities (I can understand you!), you will love the design featured on this tandem stroller.

It features an all-black theme with a hint of silver hues. With its minimalistic and stylish approach, I think the stroller will be appealing to most parents.


I also love how the seat can be reclined into an entirely flat position. It will be very comfortable for your babies to take a nap during the day trip.

The manufacturer also put comfort into its design as each seating comes with its own set of features for your child to enjoy. There is no sharing on this pushchair!

Maneuver Performance

I have done an extensive research to know what others said about this aspect of the stroller. It turns out that most parents have applauded its ease of maneuvering.

The well-engineered handle has helped to make the pushing and steering a breezy process, despite the massive frame size!

The handle controls the front wheels efficiently and does not feel stiff at all during pushing and turning.

However, some users did complain about the huge turning radius. So, you will need to properly watch your turning while pushing the stroller in a tight space.

Safety features

When talking about safety features on a stroller, there are two things you need to look for, which are the harness and the wheel brakes.

The Peg Perego Triplette Stroller for sale offers a complete 5-point harness. Meaning, the belt will hold each one of your three kids securely in his seat in case the stroller flips forward.


At the same time, it is adjustable. Meaning, you can fix the belt accordingly so that your baby still has some room to move around.

Also, there are two sets of brakes on both front and back wheels. So, you can use them to station the stroller firmly when needed and avoid skidding accidents.

Useful extra features

There are many reasons to love Peg Perego Triplette SW stroller, and its extensive features are some of them!

Firstly, the travel system feature can make your life easier. With it, you can purchase any Primo Viaggio car seat and install it, without having to buy a separate adapter.

But, just keep in mind that it can be quite costly ($200+). So, make sure you consider this additional cost before buying the stroller.


Another important feature to have if you are always outside with your kids is the canopy. I prefer the one with a vast and complete-coverage. The good thing is that it is something that you enjoy with this stroller!

And, we should not forget that there is also a cup holder! Attach it to your baby’s seat during snack time and let him enjoy his milk by putting the bottle in this holder.

Social Proof – What Other Moms Said About Peg Perego Tandem Stroller

I know that I love the triple stroller from Peg Perego. It is stylish, reliable, and comfortable to use. But, what about other mothers? Do they share the same opinion?

So, I take the liberty to scour the Internet to find additional reviews from other moms out there.

And, the result? I can say that most of them do have a mixed feeling about it, but it is safe to say that the pros seem to outweigh the cons!


A happy camper from Strollergy blog has commented that the Peg Perego stroller is very easy to manage and maneuver.

She said the stroller could fit the lifestyle of urban mothers who need to take their children for a stroll around the block.

Plus, she also loves how easy it is to adjust the handle. And, the fact that she can fit a car seat in it makes it an even favorite choice of hers!


This mom, Jodi, also loves the stroller because of the reasons I have mentioned in the above section. She said that with Peg Perego Triple stroller, you have unlimited options.

She loves how the seat is switchable from rear to front facing. Also, with the adjustable footrest. With it, you can ensure the comfort of her babies.

However, she wished that the stroller can accept other brands of car seats, and not just Primo Viaggio car seats.

Here’s another happy user from Bellebebeblog. Some of the features loved by this happy mom are the easy steering, reclining back seats, and smooth suspension wheels.

With these three elements, your babies can enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride during your family outings!

She also said that the stroller could cater for kids up to 30 lbs of weight. So, you can expect to use it for many years to come.

The Alternatives – Similarly good options for you!

As usual, I will provide you with three other alternatives that you can pick and choose. They are as good as the one I recommend above and still, unique in its way. Let’s have a look at each one of them!

Foundations The Trio Sport


The first triple stroller that you can consider is the Foundations The Trio Sports Stroller. Price-wise, it has a similar cost range like the Peg Perego at about $400.

The reason why I recommend this model is because it offers comfortable seating for your three kids. It is ideal for you if spaciousness is your main priority.

Each chair comes with its canopy (I just wish it is big!) and 5-point seat harness. Plus, the height of each seat is also adjustable.

However, it is not compatible with any car seat, and there is only one storage compartment at the back of the stroller. And, it is 4 pounds heavier than Peg Perego stroller at 34 lbs.

Read Full review of Foundations the Trio Sports

2020 Foundations The Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller, Lime
38 Reviews
2020 Foundations The Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller, Lime
  • Ergonomic handle makes the stroller easy to maneuver
  • Canopy provides protection from weather and UV rays; mesh window allows visibility
  • Rubberized foam wheels provide a shock-absorbing, comfortable ride

BebeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller


You are an active mom who loves to exercise daily but does not wish to leave your kids at home with a babysitter? No worries, here’s a perfect jogging stroller for your three children – BebeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller.

Bebelove stroller has every little thing that you will ever need. Firstly, each chair comes with under basket, side pocket, and backseat pocket. This model comes with plenty of storage for you to toss water bottles, soft toys, books, napkins, and what not!

Secondly, I love how the tires are big and air-based. Meaning, your babies can enjoy a smooth ride while walking, jogging or running.

The front wheels are not swiveled which it makes easier for you to control – steering and pushing – the stroller. However, get ready to fork out about $650 if you want to purchase this model.

Read Full review of Bebelove USA Triple Jogging Stroller.

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller, Pink
31 Reviews
BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller, Pink
  • Individual storage for each seat
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Air fixed tires; Front wheels do not pivot

The Child Craft Sport Child Stroller


Here is a more budget-friendly option for moms who needs to save some money while shopping for their kid’s stroller. The Child Craft Sport Child Stroller features a lively design, low price (below $350) and it looks highly comfortable too!

I think the soft paddings, slim size, and the rubber, shock-absorbing wheels are their main strength. Plus, the compact folded frame makes it easy for you to store it in your car as you go around town to run errands with your three children.

Just keep it in mind that this Child Craft stroller is quite hefty at 60 pounds, and some users have reported brake issues for some faulty products.

Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller, Regatta Blue
23 Reviews
Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller, Regatta Blue
  • Multi-child stroller accommodates 3 children up to 40 pounds each
  • Folds easily and quickly for storage and transport
  • Easy to maneuver
 Foundations The TrioBebeLove USAThe Child Craft
Weight34 pounds57 pounds59 pounds
TiresHeavy-duty rubberized wheelsAir fixed tiresRubberized, foam wheels
Car seat compatibilityNoNoYes
Maneuvering performanceGoodExcellentGood
Amazon Rating3.63.13.0
Our Rating4.24.03.5
 Buy HereBuy HereBuy Here

The Conclusion

In a nutshell, the Peg Perego Triplette Stroller is a reliable and top-notch triplet strollers for your kids. Your outdoor life with your three babies should not be difficult, and this is the aim of the manufacturer.

It has complete features that can make your daily commute with your kids in the car easy and smooth.

There are storages, car seat compatibility, well-designed seat belts, spacious and reclinable seats, and easy-to-steer handles.

It might be a bit pricey as the range of prices in the market for this Peg Perego stroller is between$400 to $600, but trust me, it will be a well-spent investment.

Give it a go and purchase it here today!

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