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20 Fun & Easy Toddler Holiday Crafts for Christmas 2021

In the blink of an eye, the Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is right around the corner. We wait for this season throughout the year and it’s finally here. Apart from food and presents, you must be wondering what other things can I do for my tots to make the season more fun and enjoyable?

And that is exactly why I’ve come up with this post. Just like me, I know other mothers are thinking the same. So, get the socks and make all the cookies you can because in this post we’re going on a wild journey of toddler holiday crafts!

20 Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

#1 Turn Cinnamon Sticks into Christmas Trees

It’s one of the edible crafts that you can have fun with your toddler. For toddlers just learning how to tie a knot, this cinnamon stick ornament might be a very engaging exercise. Just grab some cinnamon sticks from the pantry and cut different colored ribbons. Let your toddler explore with all the tying and crafting.

#2 Cover the Pine Cones with Glitter

No Christmas is complete without pine cones. And they make amazing Christmas crafts for toddlers. It’s also a very stimulating activity for the little ones. Grab some pine cones, hot glue, and glitter, and let your child make the magic over protective clothing to save yourself the trouble of cleaning up later. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the toddler when handling the hot glue.

#3 Roll Some Paper Together

In my list of easy Christmas crafts for toddlers, you can roll some papers and turn them into amazing creations with help from your toddler. Or, you can use empty toilet paper rolls to make the process even easier. This is one of the Christmas painting ideas for toddlers where you provide them with colors and let them bring their imagination to life. You can top it off with cute little cutouts made from paper and use cotton to make the beard of Santa. You can read a more detail tutorial here.

#4 Say Hi to Paper Cup Rudolph

The classic tales of red-nosed reindeer has entertained kids and toddlers for years. To make the stories even more colorful, you can craft a cute little Rudolph out of an old paper cup. Grab a fluffy red nose, a paper cup, some glitter-covered twigs, and sit with your toddler to assemble all. Don’t forget the wiggly eyes! Remember to help your toddler during the hot glue session.

#5 Let it Snow on The Mason Jar

Mason jars just work like a charm when it comes to Ahristmas art. It basically works as an empty canvas for your toddler to do whatever he/she wants. I made a frosty mason jar few years ago with my little princess. Just pick up some artificial snow from the store and a couple of mason jars. Use glue to piece everything together.

#6 Let’s Make a Pyramid Out of Cookies

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without homemade cookies. They are delicious and they are healthy. But you can use cookies and a lot of frosting to make glorious toddler holiday crafts like a pyramid. Take your cookies and start building from the base. Use frosting as toddler friendly glue to hold all the cookies together. Well, the pharaohs would be happy. Read here for more detail procedure.

#7 The Love Triangle of Popsicle Sticks, Jingle Bells & a Christmas Tree

Did you know you could make a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks? I bet your toddler didn’t as well. Save at least three popsicle sticks from after dinner. Let your toddler paint the stick and you can help him attach the mini jingle bells to it. Voila! You got a miniature Christmas tree with a cute little star on top!

#8 Reindeers that Look Like Candy Canes

Candy canes. Toddlers love them. Let alone toddlers, I love candy canes myself. And candy canes work as an amazing base for an edible reindeer. Collect some wiggly little eyes, red candies, and liquorish for the decoration. Use royal icing to get the eyes and the candy nose on. Take the liquorish and twist it around the candy cane, ta-daaaah, an edible reindeer is done!

#9 Let’s Drive the Popsicle Truck

I just love popsicle sticks for their simplicity and functionality. You can tweak them in any way you like to make them look like the thing you want. For example, I’m just in love with these popsicle trucks. This Christmas Tree Ornament is incredibly easy to make and you can find almost every material from your house. A few popsicle sticks, a few buttons, some glitter paper, and something to decorate. It’s one of the easiest Christmas craft ideas for toddlers.

#10 Clumsy Little Paper Plate Elf

Just like Rudolph the reindeer, Elf is also a fundamental part of Christmas. And you can easily dress the Elf in a colorful way with your toddler. Just grab a paper plate and some color papers. Discuss with your toddler what color and facial expression he/she would like the Elf to be, and follow the instructions by iheartcraftythings. Let your toddler do the pasting and drawing and lastly use some Christmas decoration items like eyes, cotton, glitter etc. to make it look cooler or cuter.

#11 Make a Christmas Tree Out of Felt

Felt is a versatile material that you can use for toddler holiday crafts without destroying your house with glue. Felt sticks to felt. So, cut out different sizes and shapes of felt and let your toddler paint it as they want. Finally, you can attach all the pieces to a large piece of felt and hang it on the wall as part of a Christmas decoration. You and your toddler will be extremely excited hearing compliments from your visitors for the adorable craft on the wall.

#12 Be the Santa with Popsicle Hats

Another Christmas crafts for kids with popsicle sticks. This time, I’m going to teach you and your toddler how to make a Santa hat. It’s a walk in the park and provides great visual stimulation to the toddlers. Take three popsicle sticks and glue them together in a triangle. Then take a few balls of cotton and stick them around the sticks with glue. Top it off with red paper cutouts to give the Christmas vibes. You may also make it a Christmas Tree ornament by adding a string and tie them to your Christmas tree!

#13 Can You Build a Snowman without Snow?

As long as I’m here to help, you definitely can. You’ll need a few white socks, some colorful clothes, and a few buttons to make a miniature snowman that your toddler can play with, or make with you. You need something like uncooked rice or sand to fill up the socks. Then, shape the socks like a snowman and let your little one decorate it.

#14 Let’s Get Some Handprints

holiday activities for toddlers - salt dough handprint

Toddlers love to play with squishy things. And you can use that to your advantage for this year’s toddler holiday crafts. You have to make a salt dough out of flour, water, and salt. Spread the dough on a plate and let your toddler leave his or her handprints on it. Once it dries, go for a round of painting wars and this makes a unique ornament on your Christmas Tree!

#15 Tissue Paper Makes the Sweetest Christmas Ornaments

Do you want to unlock the buried creativity in your toddler? Then this tissue paper craft is one of the simplest toddler Christmas crafts you can make. All you have to do for this one is to cut different colored tissue papers in different shapes size and present them to the toddler. Also, provide him/her with a paper plate and glue and watch the magic happen. Watch this video for the whole process.

#16 Paper Bag the Reindeer

Reindeers and elves are a very recurring theme for easy Christmas crafts for toddlers. And for this one, all you need is a paper bag, few different color papers and a glue stick. Follow the sequence here and let your toddler do all the pasting and you can start the puppet show with your tots!

#17 Cotton is all the Snow You Need

For all the snow pieces and Santa decorations, cotton swabs come in very handy. The frosty white color of the swabs makes it the perfect pick for almost all Christmas ideas for toddlers. Just cut them into different length, glue them together to create beautiful snow flakes of different shape. Let your toddler dip them in the glue with glitters to create shiny snowflakes they’ll love!

#18 Print Some Hands to Make a Reindeer

Another reindeer on my toddler holiday crafts list. What can I do? They are just so cute! For this piece, you need your toddler’s handprints on paper and cut them out. You also need to cut out a shape that resembles a reindeer’s face, just like the picture. You can cut out the ears and glue them together with your toddler. Ask him/her to guide you in the process to make it even more fun. Read a more detail instruction from Simple Everyday Mom.

#19 Let’s Hang Some Cinnamon Cookies

Cookies are one of my favorite things to decorate with. I love to make cookies and my girl loves to eat them. Last year, I decorated my Christmas tree with them. What your tot can help you here is to put frosting or glitter on the cinnamon cookies as they want! One thing to keep in mind is that this dough isn’t toxic, but it isn’t edible as well. Read here for more detail instructions.

#20 Let’s Squeeze Some Aluminum foil

I like how aluminum foil fits any shape without much resistance. I think it makes for a great Christmas craft idea for kids. You can also use aluminum foil to make icicles out of them. Let the toddler practice motor skills by squeezing the aluminum and you can reward him/her with a treat of glue and glitter on top.

Final Words

Christmas is the perfect time to bond with family and friends. It’s also the best time to let your toddler know how interesting the holiday season is.

To help you in this process, I’ve researched these 20 items that you can use as toddler holiday crafts for this year. Just make sure your toddler keeps clear of dangerous objects like scissors, hot glue, etc. while working on a project.

Share this article to the other mommies if you found this interesting and if you’ve tried out the crafts or found any more interesting crafts, don’t forget to share with us in the comment or at Pinterest. See you next time!

Toddler holiday crafts

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