Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller Review

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Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller Review
  • Pros: Super lightweight, airplane friendly, tons of storage, easy folding
  • Cons: No flat lay for baby to sleep, expensive price tag, stiff steering
  • Bottom line: Beautiful looking compact stroller with a traveling friendly design!
  • Editors Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Manufacturer:ZOE

Source: Checkpregnancy.com

As mothers, when we have to go out to run errands, we find it tough to handle the stroller and our kid alone simultaneously. Some strollers can be too heavy to lift and not enough space to store our baby’s items. This Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller Review is here to provide you with an ideal solution. I will share with you how Zoe XL1 Stroller can solve the problems I mentioned earlier. It is super lightweight, quick to fold and release, and very friendly for public transport commute!

How to Choose the Right Stroller for Your Infant

When looking for the perfect stroller for your child, you need to consider five essential elements.

Source: Youtube.com

  1. Durability – I recommend you pick a baby pushchair with aluminum frame. It is not prone to rust and does not break easily.
  2. Comfort – Since your son will be the user of the stroller, you need to make sure the seat is pleasant enough for him. It should have proper air ventilation, well-padded, and enough space.
  3. Ease of use – A good stroller should have a smooth pushing. A high-quality set of wheels and suspension help to ensure this!
  4. Safety – It is essential if your baby is below one year old. So, make sure it meets JPMA standard, has a 5-point well-padded harness, easy rethreading, and it fits the weight of your child (not just age or height).
  5. Full features –Important features you should look for are a full canopy, snack tray for both child and parent, and big basket to store diaper bag.

Presenting to You the Travel-Friendly ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller

Source: Amazon.com

ZOE XL1 Best Xtra Lightweight Stroller is one of the lightest umbrella strollers on the market (we included this brand in our Best Lightweight Stroller list for 2017).

The manufacturer has designed ZOE XL1 to fit the lifestyle of urban mothers, just like you! It is slim, compact, and weighs only 9 pounds.

The model I am introducing here is the first version of the ZOE XL1 model. Currently, there is a latest 2017 model, ZOE XLC BEST V2.

The brand-new model of XLC offers several upgraded features that include better wheels, smaller when folded, adjustable footrest, and lower seat reclines.

There are two sibling models, which is ZOE XL1 Best and XL1 Deluxe. Deluxe features a bigger canopy, removable padded seat, and comes with comfort pad on the seat belt. If you would like to know more information on the differences, check out the video here.

With ZOE XL1 stroller, you will no longer have to think twice about taking your little one along as you go out for a walk in the park, shop in the malls, or pay bills in town.

While it is perfect for always-on-the-go mothers, it might not be ideal for parents who wish to have a spacious seating for their child.

Source: Bukoos.com



  • Very lightweight at 9 pounds
  • Price a bit high
  • Durable frame
  • Not flat lay for newborns
  • Offers much storage
  • Stiff plastic wheels
  • Can carry on airplane
  • Easy to fold and carry

Features and Benefits

Design, Materials, and Quality

The XL1 Stroller I am recommending in this Zoe XL1 Stroller Review is orange in color. But you can also choose one of the two beautiful color options of ZOE XL1 Deluxe, which is Aqua and Eloise Plum.

Source: Strollerbuzz.com

The ZOE XL1 Sport Travel Stroller uses a durable aluminum frame. As you assemble the stroller and use it daily, you can feel how sturdy the stroller is, thanks to this tough material. Plus, it is also anti-rust. You can use it in the rain without any worries.

As for the wheels, it uses a plastic material. While it may not provide a smooth ride, like rubber wheels, but it still reliable. You can push the stroller on any surfaces quickly; it won’t break or tear easily.

Seat and Comfort

On one of the features that I love on ZOE XL1 Xtra Lightweight Stroller is its compact yet comfortable seating.

Source: Amazon.com

The seat may not be as spacious as I have wished but the well air-ventilation design makes up for it. If you use the stroller on summer days, your kid will not get grumpy easily due to trapped heat in the seat.

With the 135 degrees recline positions, you can adjust the seat per the needs of your son. Just note that you cannot release the seat into a horizontal, flat lay position.

Wheels and Steering Performance

As I was researching on the ZOE XL1 Sport, I could see that many parents have complained about the lousy wheels. They stated that the wheels were very stiff. Pushing was troublesome, and it could get squeaky over times.

Source: Zoestrollers.com

However, I also noticed that the manufacturers had upgraded their wheels on the model since then. Now, the size of the wheels is bigger.

Plus, they also promise that its steering has also been improved. It comes with a suspension system for the front, dual wheels.

Safety Features

ZOE XL1 Xtra Lightweight Stroller offers you a complete 5-point harness. With it, your child will be able to sit, well-secured on his shoulders, thighs, and hip.

Source: Babygearlab.com

Also, to give you a peace of mind, the stroller meets JPMA standard, which means it has been thoroughly tested and certified. Check out the explanation by Consumer Reports Organization to learn more about JPMA.

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Canopy and Storage

Here’s another reason why I love ZOE stroller – the full canopy for your kid! The sun visor features a 3-panel canopy. It closes till the end and provides shade well to your little one. I adore this kind of protection!

Source: Pinterest.com

As for the storage, it has everything that a mother could ask. When you purchase the stroller, you will get a huge basket at the bottom of the stroller, storage pocket on the canopy, snack tray for your toddler, and a cup holder for your coffee!

Other Bonus Features

At a price, slightly above $100, XL1 Stroller also gives you other bells and whistles, that help to make your commute easy and pleasant.

Source: Techcinema.com

I am sure you will enjoy the compact folding, which allows you to store the stroller on the overhead cabin in the airplane. There is also a magnetic peek-a-boo window on the canopy for you to watch your kid directly as he sits in the stroller.

While it is not compatible with an infant car seat, there is a travel bag that will be useful during a hiking trip. You can store the folded stroller inside it and carry it on your back – ideal during a family trip!

Social Proof

For this XL1 review, I scoured the internet to look for more information. Let’s check out what other happy moms got to say about this lightweight umbrella stroller.

Sharon from Where’s Sharon Blog

Source: Wheressharon.com

Sharon has so many positive points to say about ZOE XL1 Best Xtra Lightweight Stroller. She loves how useful the canopy in protecting her child from the sun and how easy it is to fold and carry this stroller around.

She also said that the lifetime warranty on the wheels brings great value to your money.

Melissa from the Laughing Mommy

Source: Whatsthebest.org

This mother is another happy camper. She loves how she can carry the stroller directly onto the airplane and fit it in the overhead compartment. Check out her full ZOE XL1 review here. She compared which airlines you can bring the stroller.

Also, she complimented the beautiful design of the XL1 stroller, and how colorful it is. Plus, she commented that the price is still in a reasonable range.

Nicola from Jetlagandmayhem.com

Source: Jetlagandmayhem.com

Nicola loves the feather-like weight of the stroller. She said it folded into a compact dimension, even with the wheels are on.

She included the model in her airplane-friendly strollers list due to these two excellent features! Besides, she also recommends the ZOE Designer, which is the modern version of XL1 Best.

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The Alternatives

If you wish to do more research on other models, there’s no need to look far. In this ZOE XL1 Stroller Review, I will share three more brands for you to consider.

Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Source: Amazon.com

Maclaren is a brand that does not need any introduction. If you would like to own a luxurious and reliable travel stroller for your baby, then consider Maclaren Mark II Stroller.

At only 7.4 pounds, it is way lighter than the XL1 model! It is highly durable thanks to the hexagon-shaped frame design. Many moms out there complimented its ultra-smooth pushing performance.

Nevertheless, there are several differences that you need consider. The Mark II stroller has smaller canopy, tighter seating space, and smaller wheels compared to the ZOE pushchair.

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Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Source: Amazon.com

Here is another brand worthy of your consideration – Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller. It is another perfect stroller for moms who love to travel with their children.

Firstly, it features a small dimension when folded, and the carry strap makes it easy for you to carry it around while transiting from one place to another.

Here’s a feature that might attract your attention – it is compatible with a baby car seat via a base adapter.

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UPPA Baby G-Lite Stroller

Source: Amazon.com

UPPA Baby G-Lite Stroller is also a great travel stroller for your little kid. It features a simple design, with net back side and storage box.

While it may look too simple for some, the quality and performance are up to par with other high-quality baby pushchairs. It is easy to carry, stands when folded, and provides cool seating with the breathable mesh panels.

The difference between this model and the stroller I recommend above is that its canopy is a bit small and you cannot recline the seat at all. So, it may not be suitable for your child who loves to recline while sitting in a stroller.

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Mountain Buggy



7.4 pounds

13 pounds

10 pounds

Car seat compatibility




Airplane Overhead Bin




Amazon rating




Our rating





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In summary, Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller is one of the best lightweight strollers on the market for you to consider.

The stroller has a straightforward folding system, light enough to carry with a single hand at only 10 pounds, and do not take much space. So, riding a public bus is not an issue with this umbrella stroller.

The manufacturer has fixed the wheel issue. So, you can expect a smooth pushing experience with the latest model.

Since it fits well to most airlines’ overhead cabin, it should be your primary choice if your family air trip is due soon.

You can buy it here and get ready to enjoy a lightweight stroller that has all the features you will ever need as a mom!

The Author


Hi, my name is Schianne, wife to my high school sweetheart and mother of a beautiful and clever little girl. Click here to learn more about us.

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