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21 (Tested) Stroller Storage Ideas Guaranteed to Work!

Let me tell you one universal truth: once the baby arrives, you’ll never have enough space to store all necessary items- plus your home will be a mess!

Today, let’s talk about where to store strollers in the house to make the most out of the space you’ve got and always have it ready for a walk.

I’ve personally gone through all phases- from keeping it in the car trunk to storing it unfolded in the hallway.

Check out some of my best stroller storage ideas for every home and family!

21 Stroller Storage Ideas

#1 Utility Room for a Hidden Mess

Tiny Utility Room  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Even if you have a tiny utility room, you can still find enough space to store the stroller and move it when you need to use appliances.

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, use it for stroller storage. A great thing about the utility room is that no guest comes into the room, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it tidy.

#2 Under the Stairs as Ultimate Space-Saving Idea

Stroller Under  the Stairs  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Stroller under the stairs won’t come in your way like how they do when you keep them in the entryway or hallway.

If you don’t know how to store a stroller and have it ready in two minutes, the space under the stairs is perfect. In most homes, indoor stairs are close to the front door- meaning that you can be out and about quickly.

#3 Foldable Models are Easier to Store

Simple tutorial on how to fold a double stroller. Source: Youtube

If you don’t already have a foldable stroller, you might want to get one. In most cases, parents learn how to fold a baby stroller quickly. Plus, you will have more stroller storage solutions than a bulky and not foldable stroller.

Not to mention owning a lightweight stroller expands and simplifies the stroller store possibilities!

My top foldable stroller is Baby Jogger City Tour2 Stroller. It is so lightweight and doesn’t take much space. Parents with twins might enjoy BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller. It doesn’t go more compact than that!

#4 Car Trunk for Small Apartment and Practicality

Stroller in Car Trunk  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Keep your car keys in your purse, so you can always access your stroller! Source: Strollerboards.com

If you live in a small apartment or you are always on the go, storing a stroller in the trunk of your car is a brilliant idea. That way, you will save space in your apartment, and you don’t have to carry a stroller all the way to your home just to bring it down for the next walk.

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#5 Be Creative and Build a DIY Shed

DIY Shed  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
If you build a shed large enough to store an unfolded stroller, you’ll save time and effort on folding and unfolding!
Source: Anotherbun.wordpress.com

Is there a better outdoor stroller storage idea, than building a customized shed for a stroller? You can check the blog post on DIY stroller shed on Anotherbun.wordpress.com for a quick overview of how it should look like.

#6 Employ Your Bicycle Tent

Stroller in Bike Tents  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Compact, easy to install and affordable, bike tents are the perfect way to store outdoor baby gear. Source: Wdesertraja.com

If stroller garage storage isn’t an option for you, consider getting a bicycle tent and store the stroller there. It won’t take space in your home, but your stroller will be at higher risk of thieves and rust if the tent starts to leak.

#7 Garden Shed, Why Not?

Stroller in Garden Shed  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Arrange the items in the garden space better to make your stroller fit.

A garden shed isn’t only for protecting your plants from harsh conditions and gardening tools. You can keep your stroller in it!

But, keep in mind that most garden sheds aren’t completely weatherproof, so you’ll have to use stroller winter covers, to protect the stroller from frost, extreme temperatures, and also insects and mold.

#8 Bike Shed for All-Wheelers

Make your own DIY bike shed, you’ll need it when the little angles overgrow the stroller and start riding a bike! Source: Youtube

While we are on the shed topic, if you have a bike shed in your garden, there are high chances that your folded stroller will fit, no matter how compact the shed is. It will ensure that the stroller is protected from weather and easy to access.

#9 Use Garage, but Wisely

Garage Space for Storing Stroller  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Laura Iz shared some excellent tips on how to make the best of your garage space, and use it for storing multiple items, including strollers. Source: Lauraiz.com

In most houses, garages are cold and humid, which is something to keep in mind when storing a stroller in the garage. But, the garage is an excellent place for stroller storage due to numerous ways of storing it.

Stroller storage hooks are versatile and can be of great use in the garage. The Dreambaby hook is affordable and heavy-duty, so it will hold even heavier strollers.

#10 Keep it Where it Belongs – In the Baby Room

Stroller Wheel Covers  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Using a stroller in nature will inevitably make it dirty, so maintain a regular cleaning routine if you plan to keep it in the baby’s room.

For a brief time, I kept a stroller in my baby’s room. But, I got tired from circling around it, because the room was so tiny. If your baby’s room is larger, you can store a stroller there.

Get stroller wheel covers to reduce the need for cleaning. The Tebru wheel covers offer good value for the money, and keep your rug clean!

#11 Multi-Purpose Conservatory

Stroller in Conservatory  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Organizing space wisely in a conservatory allows you to store more items, and still have enough room for relaxation.

If you have a small sunroom with a charming glass ceiling or windows you love to spend time in, you can use it for more than that.

Modern home conservatories are compact but large enough to hold a couple of bulky pieces of baby gear equipment, strollers included.

#12 Ideal Solution – Wardrobe

Stroller in Wardrobe  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
I recommend using wheel covers in the closet, to prevent the mud and dirt from piling up.
Source: Pregnantchicken.com

I am a put-everything-in-the-wardrobe kind of person so the room looks tidy. In which room do you have the largest closets? If the stroller fits- congrats, you’ve just found the perfect place to keep the stroller out of your way!

#13 Carport Protects the Stroller from Weather

If you don’t already have a carport, now is an excellent time to build one and park your car and stroller! Source: YouTube

Even though carports offer limited protection against weather, it is still a better choice than leaving a stroller in the backyard. The carport will keep the stroller safe from sun and rain. Also, you don’t have to fold the stroller to make it fit, the carport offers plenty of space!

#14 Greenhouse isn’t Only for Veggies

Stroller in Greenhouse  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
A protective cover will keep the stroller safe from insects, common inhabitants around plants.
Source: Onekindesign.com

It doesn’t matter how many fruits and veggies you are growing in your greenhouse; I am sure you can make a folded stroller fit in the corner.

Parents who get a lot of sunlight in their greenhouse might want to cover a stroller to prevent the colors from fading after long-term exposure to sunlight.

#15 On the Porch for Tiny Houses

Stroller on the Porch  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Keeping the stroller on the porch will ensure you are always ready to go out with your baby! Source: Growingyourbaby.com

If you live in a tiny house, or you’ve got a big family with a lot of gears and little storage space, you can store a stroller on the porch. You can look for some porch storage ideas and shelves if you have bigger space to work with.

But if you are limited with space, parking a stroller in front of doors will be a convenient storage option.

#16 Store Stroller in Basement or Attic

Stroller in Basement  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Declutter your basement first and find the appropriate place to keep the stroller.
Source: Expertsclosets.com

If you have easy access to your basement or attic, you can keep the stroller there. But, protect the stroller from moisture and humidity in the basement, and dust in the attic.

If your basement is already crowded, utilize vertical space, and keep the stroller close to the doors. Get a stroller wall hook for maximum advantage of vertical space.

#17 Drop it in the Hallway

Stroller in the Hallway  |  Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Don’t keep the stroller near the front door, as it may come in the way when you enter home.

Storing a stroller in the hallway is the simplest. But, get a waterproof protective mat to prevent the dirt and water from damaging your floors or making a mess.

Versatex mat is versatile and will do a great job in protecting your floor.

#18 Hook it Up on the Front or Back Door

Stroller on the Door Hook | Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
The hook needs to be sturdy, so it can withstand the stroller weight.
Source: 600sqft.com

Taking advantage of vertical space gives you additional storage possibilities. So, if you don’t have enough space in your hallway (or anywhere else in the apartment), get one of those versatile door hooks. Once the baby overgrows the stroller, you can use the hook for jackets.

#19 Hide the Stroller Under the Bed

Stroller under the Bed | Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
When designing your kid’s room, it is useful to lift the bed and get an additional space underneath where you can store bulky items, such as strollers, roller skates, scooters, etc.

If your bed doesn’t have drawers, it is considered wasted space. You can use it to store a folded stroller if it fits. Under the bed storage is a suitable solution for people living in small apartments because you get to use every inch of free space.

#20 Reorganize the Balcony to Make a Stroller Fit

Stroller on the Balcony | Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Having multi-purpose products is the best way to save space. Source: Thespruce.com

Parents who live in apartments can store a stroller on a balcony, but only with a stroller storage cover to keep it protected from the weather. You can also build a stroller storage box that you can use as a bench, or to store garden pillows in the future.

#21 When Everything Else Fails

Bassinet Stroller | Stroller Storage Ideas | Baby Journey
Using a bassinet stroller for newborns is excellent for babies who have a hard time staying calm in the stroller. Source: Babycenter.com

Ultimately, if you cannot find a practical solution for storing a stroller in your home, get a reversible, 2-in-1 bassinet stroller. Once you come back from the walk, you will only have to store the stroller frame and use the bassinet for naps.

Therefore, I suggest you consider your storage options before you buy the stroller. That way, you’ll get one that suits your needs and budget.

Things to Consider When Choosing Stroller Storage Option

Here are several things to consider that will help you choose the most suitable place to keep the stroller.

Ease of Access

Because a stroller is the most common way to transport newborns at an early age, find the place where you can easily reach it. For example, the basement is good, if you can be in and out within minutes.

If you have too many stairs to climb, and too many boxes to move, it will be exhausting to move around with it every day.

Indoor VS Outdoors

Storing a stroller indoors requires you to cover the stroller wheels and prevent dirt from entering your home. Storing a stroller outdoors means you’ll have to protect the stroller from the weather.

If you store the stroller outdoors, check if the location is safe. If the stroller is exposed to animals or thieves, you might be better off with an indoor location.


Lastly, find a location that will work for you for months and years. Frequent changes of a place is annoying, and you will have a hard time getting used to it.


Which idea from my list do you think will work best for you? Which one is impossible for your space? Don’t forget to share the article with other parents in need!

If you can think of more ideas for storing strollers, don’t be shy and share them with us @babyjourney0183 on Pinterest!

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