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10 Cool Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids

Kids love to play all the time. Adults love playing with them too as it is thoroughly enjoyable and also improves bonding. You will spend a lot of quality time when you play with them. Sadly, these days, both the younger kids and little grown-up ones have to stay at home for long hours because of the pandemic situation. Many of them cannot even meet their friends for a long time.

Don’t worry. You can still keep them happy and entertained by playing indoor games with the kids. These indoor games for kids are also a great idea for a snowy or rainy day when they cannot leave home.

Benefits of Indoor Games For Kids

Indoor games promote creativity, physical and mental health in kids. - 10 Cool Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids - Indoor Games for Kids - Baby Journey blog
Indoor games promote creativity, physical and mental health in kids.

Playing isn’t just for fun. It improves creativity, makes them healthier both physically and mentally, and is a great stress-buster as well. So give them a break if they seem tired after long hours of studying. Playing an indoor game could just be the perfect thing to do.

Here are some amazing games you can play with your kids.

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Top 10 Indoor Games For Kids That you Can Play Together

There are all types of indoor games to choose from. Some of them are brain games that boost creative thinking skills, while others have small activities that the kids should be able to do easily. Select a game from this list –

1. Hide-and-Seek

This is a fantastic and very simple game. You and your kid will take turns to hide while the other will try to find. It can be played around the entire home and even outdoors in the courtyard or garden. Hide-and-Seek is a lot of fun even for older kids.

2. I Spy

You can make younger kids learn letters, create words, and understand everything around them. Just select simple objects from your room. Now say, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” The children you are playing with will then have to guess the object.

3. Gladiators

Keep a fitness mat at the center of the room. You have to run around the mat and throw a ball into a cylindrical goal, while the other contestant must defend and prevent you from scoring. You can even customize the rule. For example, your kid can steal the ball and score. This wonderful game will improve her athleticism and throwing skills. It’s a lot of fun too.

4. Musical Chairs

This is a very popular party game that can be played both indoor and outdoor. Kids and older people both love this. Everyone walks around chairs while music is playing. You have to take a chair when the music stops. There is one less chair than the number of players at all times.

5. Simon Says

This game improves alertness and response time. If you play as Simon, you have to say, “Simon says…” and then give an instruction.

6. Scavenger Hunt

This is a treasure hunt. Hidden clues will be scattered over an area where there should be many good hiding places. The competitors will then have to find these clues, understand them, and try to retrieve the treasure. There is a grand treasure at the end. Like Hide-and-Seek, this game too can be played both indoor and outdoor. Another game you can consider is an at-home escape room, which has similar elements to a Scavenger Hunt.

7. Boggle/Scrabble

These are both word-building games. Your score will depend on how many words you can find. This is one of the most fun games, but it is educational too. It will improve the child’s vocabulary.

8. Charades

This indoor game has been popular for a long time, especially in parties. It goes back to 18th century France. One player will act out the syllables on a phrase or word and then the whole phrase together. The other players will have to guess. There are also variants of this fun game where one team must act out scenes while the other team tries to guess the phrase or word.

9. 20 Questions

This is a classic guessing game. It can be played everywhere… in your room, at the backseat of your car, or on a flight while you are traveling. One player has to choose something and a category for this. The other player can ask up to 20 questions to arrive at the answer.

For example, let us assume that you select New York City. The first question the other player asks is whether it is a person, place, or thing. Reply “place”. It progresses from there. More than 2 people can play this baby brain game.

10. Pictionary

This is a very simple game. You will need a paper, pen, and the Pictionary board, which comes with cards and two dices. The drawer will have to draw words from the list of cards. The other players will have to guess what you have drawn. They can advance on the board once they have guessed correctly. The player who reaches the end before others will win.


There are many fun indoor games a child will love to play. Select the games you like to play with your kids carefully. Best, play some active, learning, and brain games for overall development and entertainment.

10 Cool Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids - Indoor Games for Kids - Baby Journey blog

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