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Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks Review

Kids can be quite the adventurers, especially when they’re starting to crawl. The only way to make sure they don’t end up harming themselves on one of their expeditions around the house is to make sure your home is solidly babyproofed, especially with child safety locks.

If you are looking for a great option to make your home a safe place for your child, you must read this review.

After extensive testing and research, below is a detailed review of the Lulasafe Magnetic cabinet childproofing locks.

This article covers how to install and use safe locks, as well as an expert opinion on whether they do a good job of keeping your kids from opening places they shouldn’t.

What Is Lulasafe Magnetic Locks?

Lulasafe magnetic locks for child safety babyproofing - Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks Review - Baby Journey

This babyproofing product is a set of child safety locks that you can get on Amazon. They are used in protecting your kids by keeping them out of cabinets or drawers that can be harmful to them.

They can be used for the medicine cabinet, drawers containing sharp tools, cleaning products, or other items at home that can be poisonous or pose safety hazards to your child.

Instead of the classic latch that you pull down with your fingers, Lulasafe utilizes magnetic power in making these bolts.

They come with a magnetic key that you can keep out of your children’s reach, and they are very simple to operate.

It works by deactivating the lock which you are supposed to place on the inside of the compartment that you want to babyproof. The magnetic strength of the key is very high and so the safety locks work with drawers & cabinets up to 2 inches thick.

Each kit comes with 10 locks and latches, 2 magnetic keys and key holders, and a cradle or installation template.

They are designed to withstand up to more than 140 lbs of pulling force, making them ideal for babyproofing all types of cabinets, drawers, or cupboards against babies, toddlers, and even school-age kids.

How To Install Lulasafe Magnetic Locks

How to install Lulasafe Magnetic Locks Child Safety Locks - Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks Review - Baby Journey

The ease of installation has to be one of the best things about this lock. There’s little room for any errors and it takes just about 5 minutes. You don’t need any drill or extra tools for it, making it ideal for just about anyone to install.

Here’s how to childproof cabinets with Lulasafe locks:

  • Step 1: Start out by cleaning the surface where you will be attaching the latch and lock. This is to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the adhesive tape when you put it on.
  • Step 2: Take the latch and insert it into the cradle (installation template). Then peel off the adhesive strip on its back and place it carefully on the inside of the cabinet.
  • Step 3: Place the lock on the cabinet door at the same level as the latch. It is recommended to wait at least 4 hours for the adhesive tape to dry completely.
  • Step 4: Test it out by closing the door and opening it.

How to Operate Lulasafe Magnetic Locks

How to use Lulasafe Magnetic Locks Child Safety Locks - Lulasafe Magnetic Babinet Locks Review - Baby Journey

The usage technique for the entire setup is also very straightforward. All you have to do is take the magnetic key, hover it on the part of the cabinet where the lock is and it opens.

Do Lulasafe Safety Locks Work?

After testing, we concluded that they work impressively well.

One of its major pros is its simplicity. It’s not a lot of gear, but it is very effective. The ease of installing and operating it gives it a major plus in our books too.

What’s more, these locks are practically invisible. Chunky child locks usually stand out on the surface of the drawers. If you don’t like this, getting a Lulasafe is also a big win.

You can keep your child safe without sacrificing your home design. It also eliminates the chances of your kid getting injured by the contraption outside the cabinet because there’s none.

Another good advantage of the lock is the key holders that come with the keys. Usually, if you don’t have a metallic surface around the locked cabinets where you can stick the magnetic key, it can be a bit inconvenient to walk to the fridge or wherever you keep it to get the key before opening them.

The key holder makes everything a lot easier.

The only issue you could have with these babyproofing locks is losing the magnetic key. The key is small in size, so it’s easy to misplace.

The magnetic lock is also strong and can withstand a lot of pulling force, so if you lose the key it is very difficult to open the cabinet without it. While this is a huge advantage as it is a very effective child safety device, it is also a disadvantage.

Lulasafe tries to solve this by including extra keys in the kits. However, we would also recommend that you try getting a very strong magnet as a replacement key just in case.

Would We Recommend Lulasafe Magnetic Locks?

Yes, we would definitely recommend them. They are sturdy, convenient, and also stay out of sight. This means that while it is easy to use for an adult, toddlers can’t easily figure their way around it because of its hidden mechanism.

This is one of its many advantages over regular latched cabinet locks.

Though some people may find that lining the locks and latches may take a few tries initially, once you get the position right, it’s almost effortless to use.

Generally, it is a great product and gives you good value for your money.


Lulasafe Magnetic cabinet safety locks tick off all the boxes on a great babyproofing product checklist.

It’s easy to install, very easy to use, and does the job of safety amazingly well. It is definitely a must-have for your childproofing adventures.

To further protect your kids, we would also recommend using a baby gate to close off other potentially dangerous spaces like the staircase, laundry areas, or a fireplace. Other products like electric outlet covers, furniture mounts, window protectors, and corner yards should also make your list.

Have you tried the Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks yet? Let us know what you think about the child safety locks in the comments!

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