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120+ Middle Names for Jade that You’ll Love

Naming a child is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. As soon as the parents make the baby announcement, they’re expected to come up with the perfect name. The perfect name to write on the baptism cake, and to sing out loud on the baby’s first birthday.

And if you’ve picked the name Jade for your baby girl, you’re making a great decision. Jade is a classic, yet an elegant name! But with choosing a name, comes the decision of choosing a middle name that is perfect. You’re going to want something that goes with Jade but isn’t too similar.

If you want to find the perfect middle name for Jade, keep reading. But first, let’s look at the name’s background.

The Meaning of The Name Jade

Jade is the name of a beautiful green ornamental stone, which is used in jewelry and art. The name Jade has a Spanish origin. It is derived from the Spanish term ‘piedra de la ijada’ which means ‘stone of the colic’. Back in the day, it was believed that if this stone is placed on the stomach of babies it could cure colic.

Not only that but the importance of this stone can be seen throughout history. Chinese emperors believed that this stone can make them immortal, making it highly valuable in Chinese culture. That makes the name Jade very unique, as jade name meaning is something very special and historically rich.

Green color stone - Baby Journey
The stone Jade has a beautiful green color. Source: Healthline

How Popular Is The Name Jade?

According to Social Security Administration USA, the name was ranked as the 97th most used female name in the US, in the year 2020. In 2020, the number of baby girls who were named Jade was 2717 and this represents 0.155 percent of the total female births in the year 2020.

This name is not only used in the US but is used in several different parts of the world. It’s a prominent name in Scotland, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Canada. It was even among the 25 most popular names for girls in Wales and England, in the late 1990s.

Nicknames for Jade

Jade is a one-syllable name, which makes finding good nicknames a challenge. The nickname you choose depicts the kind of parent-child bond you have with your child. If you still haven’t found the perfect nickname for your little girl, here’s a list that might help:

  1. Jadie
  2. JJ
  3. Jay
  4. Jadey
  5. Jadoo
  6. Jellybean
  7. Ade
  8. JD
  9. Jody

Variations of The Name

Jade is a simple, and easy-to-spell name. But if you’re looking for a way to spice it up a notch, and make it unique, yet easy to pronounce, here are some different ways to spell Jade. These are also names meaning Jade because most of these are very similar to Jade in meaning, as they are names with Jade in them:

  1. Jaid
  2. Jayde
  3. Jhaide
  4. Jeid
  5. Jaede
  6. Jayd

And if you’re looking for a name that is close to Jade, or names similar to Jade, here’s a list of names like Jade:

  1. Jadey
  2. Jadeth
  3. Jadel
  4. Jadenne
  5. Jadeline
  6. Jadeen

These variations might be helpful if you love Jade baby name, and its meaning, but are expecting a son. Many of the names can be used for baby boys too, like Jadell, Jadenne, and Jadeen.

120+ Middle Beautiful Yet Inspiring Middle Names for Jade

Hopefully, the list below will help you in finding the middle name for Jade girl. A name that she’s going to be known by for her whole life!

The list is divided into multiple sections to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Cute Middle Names For Jade

Baby sleeping - Baby Journey

For parents who want an adorable middle name for jade, this is the list for you:

  1. Jade Aubrey
  2. Jade Delia
  3. Jade Macie
  4. Jade Kylie
  5. Jade Lyla
  6. Jade Lacey
  7. Jade Lena
  8. Jade Layne
  9. Jade Mazie
  10. Jade Mia
  11. Jade Mira
  12. Jade Tinsley
  13. Jade Quinn
  14. Jade Noe
  15. Jade Roux – Roux is the color reddish brown
  16. Jade Rylee
  17. Jade Zoey
  18. Jade Zuri

Elegant Middle Names for Jade

Baby sitting  - Baby Journey

Jade is a short and friendly name. So it makes sense if a parent is looking for a name that is a little more elegant, a little more formal. If you’re one of those parents, this list of baby girl names might be perfect for you.

  1. Jade Addilyn
  2. Jade Adriana
  3. Jade Amara
  4. Jade Anastasia
  5. Jade Angelina
  6. Jade Annabella
  7. Jade Lillian
  8. Jade Milana
  9. Jade Mirabella
  10. Jade Natasha
  11. Jade Briella
  12. Jade Carolina
  13. Jade Cordelia
  14. Jade Evangeline – this can also be said to be a Christian name as Evangeline means bearer of glad tidings
  15. Jade Arabella
  16. Jade Athena – this might be the perfect middle name for Greek mythology lovers
  17. Jade Aubrielle
  18. Jade Aurelia
  19. Jade Avianna
  20. Jade Fiona
  21. Jade Laila

Short Middle Names for Jade

Baby biting hand - Baby Journey

If you named your girl Jade to make sure that her name is never mispronounced, then you’ll probably want a middle name that’s simple, yet sweet. A one-syllable middle name is a very good choice for Jade girl name because it pairs well with the name, and has a great ring to it.

  1. Jade Birch
  2. Jade Bryn
  3. Jade Brooke
  4. Jade Sky
  5. Jade Rose
  6. Jade Grace
  7. Jade Joy
  8. Jade Hope
  9. Jade Hart
  10. Jade Rhett
  11. Jade Storm
  12. Jade Cove
  13. Jade Hale
  14. Jade Reese

Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Jade

Baby with white hat biting hand - Baby Journey

The name Jade is such an impressive choice, as it is gender-neutral. There are many nonbinary names that pair with Jade perfectly to give you a non-binary, gender-neutral name. They can work as a middle name for Jade girl and boy, both. If you’re looking for boy names, this might help:

  1. Jade Aster
  2. Jade Auryn – Auryn means gold (Baby Names That Mean Gold and Silver)
  3. Jade Emerson
  4. Jade Blake
  5. Jade Hadley
  6. Jade Cove
  7. Jade Taylor
  8. Jade Camden
  9. Jade Chesney
  10. Jade Harlow
  11. Jade Shiloh
  12. Jade Remi
  13. Jade Remington
  14. Jade Reagon
  15. Jade Rylan
  16. Jade Hayes
  17. Jade Pheonix
  18. Jade Oakley
  19. Jade Rowan
  20. Jade Lennox
  21. Jade Indigo
  22. Jade Riley

Classic Middle Names

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Source: Mom Junction

Classics truly never get old, and there’s always a reason they’re classics. Jade is a modern name, so pairing it with an old-fashioned classic middle name will be contrasting, yet beautiful. Here’s a list of some traditional middle names for Jade that you can consider:

  1. Jade Valerie
  2. Jade Margery
  3. Jade Rosalind
  4. Jade Marie
  5. Jade Prudence
  6. Jade Pearl
  7. Jade Victoria – Victoria Jade also makes a classy name
  8. Jade Pheobe
  9. Jade Margeret
  10. Jade Elsie
  11. Jade Maisie
  12. Jade Emmeline
  13. Jade Mabel
  14. Jade Florence
  15. Jade Lucy
  16. Jade Frances
  17. Jade Constance
  18. Jade Coraline
  19. Jade Daisy
  20. Jade Agnes
  21. Jade Elsie

Trendy Middle Names for Jade

Baby with white hat smiling - Baby Journey
Source: Labace

If you’re looking for a cool and trendy middle name that goes with Jade, this is the list for you. Apart from being used as middle names, all these names can be used as first names that go with Jade as well, like Jade Elizabeth and Elizabeth Jade both are excellent names.

  1. Jade Hannah
  2. Jade Evelyn
  3. Jade Grace
  4. Jade Everly
  5. Jade Gabriella
  6. Jade Eleanor
  7. Jade Elizabeth
  8. Jade Ella
  9. Jade Eleana – this name can be used as a religious name as it is one of the names meaning God answers prayers
  10. Jade Emilia
  11. Jade Emma
  12. Jade Emery
  13. Jade Delilah
  14. Jade Charlotte
  15. Jade Ariana
  16. Jade Alice
  17. Jade Aria

Beautiful Middle Names for Jade

Baby climbing and smiling - Baby Journey

Some names just blend together so naturally, and that makes them beautiful. These are a few middle names for baby names Jade that just sound heavenly together:

  1. Jade Isadora
  2. Jade Amelia
  3. Jade Noelle
  4. Jade Ivory
  5. Jade Esmerelda
  6. Jade Iris
  7. Jade Hazel
  8. Jade Gilda – this is one of the names meaning sacrifice
  9. Jade Audrey

Sibling Names for Jade

Baby and sibling - Baby Journey

Raising children is no easy task, so if you have a baby Jade sitting at home and a baby number two on the way, you’re probably in need of names that go with Jade. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Girl Sibling Names That Go With Jade

Any shy girl names or trendy names will go well with the name Jade, but to narrow it down for you, here’s a list:

  1. Jade and Amy
  2. Jade and Grace
  3. Jade and Emma
  4. Jade and Judy
  5. Jade and Ella
  6. Jade and Hannah
  7. Jade and Allie
  8. Jade and Lily
  9. Jade and Ruby – as they are both names of precious stone
  10. Jade and Amber
  11. Jade and Sasha
  12. Jade and Chloe

Boy Sibling Names That Go Well With Jade

Jade is a simple name, that makes it easy for you to pick a sibling name that goes well with it. Any gentle boy name or a simple boy name might work, but here are some of our top picks for you:

  1. Jade and Jesse
  2. Jade and John
  3. Jade and Jack
  4. Jade and Shane
  5. Jade and Justin
  6. Jade and Adam
  7. Jade and Jake
  8. Jade and Mark
  9. Jade and Lee
  10. Jade and Charlie
  11. Jade and Jacob
  12. Jade and Julian

Gifts for Jade Baby Girls

Perhaps you want some ideas what to get for little baby Jade? Here are some of our favorite items – from accessories to milestone chalkboard to baby lovey and more!

Baby Name Necklace by Charm Philosophy

Baby Name Necklace by Charm Philosophy - Baby Journey

Baby Name Necklace

  • Name disc pendant measures 20mm, stainless steel
  • Easily customize the necklace with your child’s name and birthstone
  • Customizable length and chain type
  • Allergy safe, made with nickle and lead free material
  • Wondeful gift to mark baby’s birth or as baby shower gift

Baby’s First Year Girl Monthly Milestone Chalkboard by EyesTheLimit

Baby's First Year Girl Monthly Milestone Chalkboard by EyesTheLimit - Baby Journey

Baby’s First Year Girl Monthly Milestone Chalkboard

  • Custom made with your child’s name on the board
  • Theme and color can be customized through request to seller
  • Wood-trimmed chalkboard for rustic vibes
  • Perfect as baby shower gifts or for monthly milestone photoshoots
  • Measures 17 x 23 inches

Personalized Embroidered Baby Bodysuit with Beanie Hat

Funny Girl Designs Personalized Embroidered Baby Boy DINOSAUR Bodysuit with Matching Cotton Beanie Hat (Light Blue Set)
  • Handmade personalized embroidered baby bodysuit romper with matching hat. You can customize the onesie with the name of your choice.
  • We offer many sizes and each bodysuit is meticulously embroidered in Massachusetts USA by Funny Girl Designs.

Floral Baby Blanket with Custom Monogram by TwoBeesBabyBoutique

Floral Baby Blanket with Custom Monogram by TwoBeesBabyBoutique - Baby Journey

Floral Baby Blanket

  • Handmade, customizable blanket from premium minky fabric
  • Pretty watercolor floral design
  • Solid color minky makes for easier matching with your newborn girl’s nursery
  • Comes in three sizes, either as Lovey, Baby or Child
  • Durable and professionally stitched
  • Machine wash-friendly

Organic Muslin Cotton Baby Bunny Lovey by IloveMomLV

Organic Muslin Cotton Baby Bunny Lovey by IloveMomLV - Baby Journey

Organic Muslin Cotton Baby Bunny Lovey

  • Made with organic muslin cotton, safe for baby to cuddle and play
  • Machine washable
  • Can be personalized with embroidered name
  • Approximately 9 x 13.5 inches
  • Multiple color options
  • Perfect newborn gift, first baby gift, baby shower gift, Christmas gift, Easter gift


Choosing a middle name isn’t an easy task, but we hope this has aided you in the process. Personally, we love Jade Daisy the best. Not only is Daisy’s pairing with Jade a classic, but also a short one. It rolls off the tongue quite smoothly. And there’s something so beautiful about naming your daughter after a stone and a flower, the two beauties of nature.

If you have any queries and questions, leave a comment below. Also, let us know what your favorite middle names are from the lists above. Do you still need help looking for a name? Well, don’t you worry because these might help you out:

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120+ Middle Names for Jade that You’ll Love - Baby Journey

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