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Mockingbird Stroller Review: Is It Really a Good Value for Money?

If you’re looking for an affordable double stroller, you may have come across Mockingbird single to double stroller.

Offering great versatility and easy-to-use features, the Mockingbird stroller has become a dark horse in a market that the more expensive UPPABaby Vista V2 has long dominated.

Check out our in-depth Mockingbird stroller review to see if it really lives up to its reputation!

Overview of the Mockingbird Stroller

The Mockingbird stroller is an ideal solution for a growing family. Offering plenty of configurations to carry up to three children at once, this single to double stroller can comfortably carry your child from birth up to your baby is 45lbs or until they no longer need a stroller.

It’s also built to last, so you don’t need to purchase any other stroller even after having your third child.

Comes with the slogan “Street Style, Street Smarts,” this baby Mockingbird stroller is a true testament to a perfect balance between style and functionality.

With a sleek leatherette finish and ease of use features such as easy folding and extensive car seat compatibility, it’s a great stroller for parents who live in the city. That’s not to mention the large basket capacity that lets you put your shopping items!

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller | Mockingbird Stroller Review | Baby Journey
A reasonably priced single-to-double stroller with ease-of-use features.

Never-flat wheels and a good suspension system also makes it a versatile stroller to go across various terrain, as well as for maneuvering in bustling city streets and sharp supermarket corners.

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At the same time, the full-size spill-resistant and UPF 50+ canopy with an extendable mesh material mean your little one is well protected in any weather.

Sure, it has drawbacks, such as large size and hefty weight, and most Mockingbird stroller accessories are only available with separate purchases.

However, with such a reasonable price, it’s definitely a product worth considering when looking for a double stroller for a growing family. We think it’s a great value-for-money option.


  • Good value for money
  • Versatile configurations
  • Never-flat wheels and a good suspension system
  • Easy to fold
  • Large and practical sun shade
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Extensive car seat adapter compatibility
  • Adjustable handlebar and footrest


  • Not space-saving
  • Large size and heavy
  • Many accessories are sold separately

Mockingbird Stroller Review: Detailed Features and Benefits

Ease of Assembly

Thinking of assembling a convertible stroller may seem complicated. But surprisingly, this Mockingbird double stroller is pretty easy to put together.

All you need is to snap them all together, starting from the wheels, the stroller seat, the canopy and the bumper bar – it’ll be ready to hit the street within five to ten minutes!

Compared to other full-size strollers like UPPABaby Vista and Baby Jogger City, assembling the Hello Mockingbird stroller is one of the easiest.

Frame and Compactness

This large, full-size, convertible stroller measures 25.5 x 40 x 33 inches (width x height x length) and folds at 25.5 x 34 x 18 inches as a single-to-double stroller. It’s slightly smaller in the single stroller mode, measuring only 25.5 x 41 x 30.5 inches, and folds at 25.5 x 33.5 x 16 inches.

It may not be the most compact stroller around, but it’s common for a full-size double stroller. In fact, it’s a bit smaller and narrower compared to the pricier strollers such as UPPABaby Vista. Despite that, it’s still good enough to navigate through narrow corners and crowded city streets easily.

You can also find it fits most car boots’ sizes (you need to fold it flat for a compact or sedan car), although it would definitely take plenty of space in your car storage.

It’s nice that this Mocking Bird stroller feels both rugged and stylish at the same time. It’s available in 5 sunshade colors and two frame finish options. If you ask what we prefer, it’s definitely the black sunshade and the penny leather with a stylish leatherette finish on the handlebar and bumper bar.


While the brand claims it weighs 26.5 lbs as a single stroller and 35 lbs in a two-seat setting, many customers have said that it’s actually a pound heavier than what Mockingbird claims.

So, at 27.5 lbs as a single stroller, it’s definitely not the most lightweight stroller and is pretty heavy for a non jogger stroller. However, it’s also not the heaviest around, in fact, it’s still similar in weight compared to its competitors, such as Baby Jogger City Select (28 lbs) and UPPABaby Vista (27 lbs).

At that weight, it also offers plenty of expansion possibilities (more on that later).

Stroller Fold

Its folding system is what separates this Mockingbird single-to-double stroller from the rest. Although you still need two hands to fold it (not the one-hand fold as the brand claims), your other hand is only needed to grab the bumper bar as your other hand pulls the stroller down.

Not only it folds in seconds, but it also automatically locks and stands upright when folded! Plus, you can also fold it with two seats attached – you just need to ensure both seats are facing forward. This makes it easy to move between transportation and vehicles, compensating for its hefty weight.

As a convertible stroller, it’s not really compact when folded. Fortunately, it’s still foldable in a flat position, although you’ll need to remove the seat, which means it would take up plenty of space in your storage.


As a single to double stroller, this Mockingbird stroller grows with your family, usable from newborn to when you have your third child.

During the infant stage, you can recline the seat flat, add a Mockingbird infant insert, or attach a bassinet as the stroller seat replacement.

As your family grows, this Mockingbird stroller is expandable into a single to double stroller by adding a second seat kit to carry two children or adding a Riding Board for your third child to join the ride.

This Mockingbird stroller offers 5 configurations as single and 13 configurations as a single to double stroller. Totaling 18 configurations, there’s always a comfortable position for your little one.

Keep in mind that most of its accessories are sold separately, including the Mockingbird carriage/bassinet, infant seat insert, second seat, and riding board. The Mockingbird bassinet stand add-on is also available, which can be a great option to provide a great napping place for your baby on the go or at home!

Also available separately, the Mockingbird car seat adapter’s compatibility is second to none. These include car seat models from popular brands such as Britax, all Chicco and Graco infant car seat models, a few Clek and Cybex models, Evenflo, the latest Maxi-Cosi models, Nuna Pipa series, the latest UPPAbaby car seats (2020 model or newer), and Baby Jogger City GO 2.

The click-in attachment means the infant car seat can be attached in just a few seconds, requiring just one snap to attach to the stroller. Moreover, this Mockingbird stroller can also hold two Mockingbird car seats simultaneously. All of these combined make it a great Mockingbird travel system.

Hello Mockingbird Stroller Configuration Options | Mockingbird Stroller Review | Baby Journey
The Mockingbird stroller comes with 18 configuration options.


Although not specially made for rough trails, the combination of never-flat polyurethane wheels and 4-wheel suspension make it feels great on most terrains, including sidewalks, gravel, grass, and even off-road trails such as beaches.

In addition, the one-step footbrake and the front-locking wheel mean it’s easier to control when the road gets bumpy, preventing the wheels from swiveling on uneven terrain.

Best of all, though, it has a seat suspension that keeps the ride comfortable for your little one – some parents even claimed their child naps soundly during most rides!

Despite using hard polyurethane wheels, the wheels can feel like air tires as it provides a lot of grip and traction. The maneuverability feels great most of the time, but we think you’ll need to be prepared to handle sharp maneuvers and corners.

Still, the maneuver is better than most single to double strollers and won’t easily flip over.

Safety Features

This Mockingbird stroller is built to last for a growing family, featuring a robust frame that can handle anything that a bumpy terrain can throw at. In fact, the brand even claims that they have tested the frame walking over bumps for 72 hours and simulating 10,000 steps around curbs to guarantee it can handle any knocks and bangs coming its way.

We absolutely love that the 5-point harness is easy to adjust with some clicks and requires no rethreading to adjust the position. There’s also a secure locking and latching mechanism for all upright and reclined positions, keeping it securely in place all the time.

And, not only the reflective lining on the front of the basket and back of the seat looks stylish, it’s also added to make the stroller more visible at night.

For peace of mind, this Mockingbird stroller has followed the CPSC regulation and the latest ASTM F833-15 standard and volunteered for the JPMA certification.

Comfort Features


Instead of using a telescopic handlebar like most strollers, this Mockingbird stroller’s handlebar can be adjusted by rotation with up to 6 positions to fit almost any parent size. It may be a little more complicated to adjust, but it feels sturdy and firm, avoiding the flimsy problem in most extendable handlebars.


We love how luxurious the canopy looks! Available in 5 stylish colors, the sunshade is spill-resistant, uses UPF 50+ all-weather layer, and is extendable with a mesh material to provide extra breathability, which can be extremely useful in summer months. Plus, the sunshade also has a zippable see-through peekaboo window to let parents check their baby’s condition.

Another great news is that it’s designed in a high-contrast black-and-white pattern interior, which is beneficial for your child’s visual development.

Optional stroller accessories for the canopy include a rain cover and mosquito net.

Mockingbird Stroller Full-Sized Canopy | Mockingbird Stroller Review | Baby Journey
The full-sized canopy with breathable mesh and peekaboo window.


Another plus point of this Mockingbird stroller is that the basket size is generously large! With a weight limit of 25 lbs, it holds everything from a large diaper bag to your shopping items. At the same time, the detachable front cover provides extra protection and optional access from the front.


The Mockingbird stroller offers a comfortable, luxurious feel seat that can fully recline from a flat to an upright position, a reversible seat with rear- and forward-facing options, and an adjustable leg rest with three different positions. The seat can be reversed with just a touch of a button, which would take just a few seconds.


When things get messy, the stroller’s fabric can be washed using a damp cloth, followed by air drying the stroller. The frame is washable using a mild detergent mixed with warm water on a sponge or cloth.

Although the stroller’s fabric isn’t removable, the sunshade is detachable and machine washable, and the footrest can be unzipped to sweep some mesh away easily.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Mockingbird Single-to-double Stroller


At around $450 basic price, this Mockingbird baby stroller is a steal! Sure, plenty of accessories are only available with separate purchases. Still, compared to UPPABaby Vista’s basic price of $999 (and can go up to $1,299), Mockingbird offers a reasonable price for a single to double stroller.

Baby Age and Weight

This Mockingbird single to double stroller is designed to accommodate your child from birth to the end of their stroller years. Three modes of compatibility are available for infants, including using the Mockingbird car seat adapter, carriage/bassinet, and infant seat insert.

Once your baby can sit up unassisted, typically at around 6-7 months, they can transition to the toddler seat, which can be used up to a weight of 45 lbs (each seat). This means this can be the only stroller for your child until they no longer need it.

Who is it Best for?

Made to last years, along with plenty of configurations for one to three children, this Mockingbird stroller is perfect for growing families. Even as a Mockingbird single stroller mode, it’s still highly versatile and offers plenty of adjustable positions for your little one.

This stroller is also an excellent choice for city living, thanks to its extensive car seat adapter compatibility, easy-to-use features, and good maneuverability for its size across various terrain and corners. On top of that, the great frame quality and elegant finish make you stand out as ‘cool parents’ in any crowd.

Full-Sized Convertible Mockingbird Stroller | Mockingbird Stroller Review | Baby Journey
The Mockingbird is a solid affordable stroller for a growing family.

Final Verdict: Should You Get a Mockingbird Stroller?

Searching for an affordable double stroller that is truly durable and practical can be a real challenge, but the Mockingbird stroller has made a great accomplishment with this single to double stroller.

It’s robust, yet feet like a luxurious stroller, easy to use and fold, and can actually grow with your family. Sure, it has some downsides, but it’s definitely not a deal-breaker and still heavily outweighed by their excellent design.

Mockingbird Baby Stroller Review | Mockingbird Stroller Review | Baby Journey

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