What To Write In A Baby Shower Book

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What Should You Write in a Baby Shower Book?

How do you know what’s the best thing to say to an expectant mother? What if you say the wrong thing? My three kids keep me on the run now, but I remember when my wife was getting ready for our firstborn and we were receiving tons of baby shower books and cards.

Having written a few of these messages myself, I know how hard it might be to come up with something meaningful to say. If you’re stuck, I’ll help you figure out what to write in a baby shower book that’ll really mean something.

What To Write In A Baby Shower Book
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SO What TO Write in a Baby Shower Book?

It’s tough to know what exactly you should write in any book you plan on giving to an expectant mother for her newborn baby. Sure, you can write encouraging messages and say something nice, but isn’t there anything else meaningful you can include? Here, we’ll give you some examples or you can check out this link for more message inspiration.


First off, break your card up into sections. This will help you more easily think about what to write in a baby shower book within each part without stressing too much.

·         In the beginning, set the tone for your message

·         During the body, your message should be said

·         Give them something good to remember in the ending

1. In the Beginning

You can’t just jump straight into the body of your card if you want to set the tone right. You’ve got to think about a few important things, such as how formal this shower is, your relationship with the expectant mother and the father, and if the shower is a couples shower. Just make sure to put the names you used to address the book on the envelope as well.

2. How to Write the Body

This is probably the most difficult part of your baby shower book. There are lots of things you can write depending on your relationship with the mother and father, going from general well wishes to more specific messages.

Keep in mind though that the mother might plan on reading everyone’s notes aloud, and that multiple people may end up reading what you’ve written.

  • Wishes, Messages, and Congrats

For the most part, you have three options: wishes, messages, and congrats. Well wishes are always acceptable, and personal messages will brighten up the mother’s day. I recommend using Congratulations and good, but for all three of these, consider writing a quote or longer message if you’d like.

  • Consider the Circumstances:

When you write your note, you want to consider the situation of the mother. For instance, is it their second baby? Are they adopting? What if they’re having twins? In general however, you can easily write sentences like:

·         “You’re going to make a wonderful mom!”

·         “I had lots of fun shopping for this gift, so I hope you love it too!”

·         “All the best to you and [husband’s name] as you wait for baby! I hope you’ll be able to use this gift.”

Mix and match lines similar to these to come up with just the right thing to say. For more specific messages tailored to mom’s situation, read on.

  • New Baby

Baby number one is an important one, but it also might mean that you’re having lots of difficulties saying something encouraging and heartfelt all at once. There’s nothing wrong with just a simple message like congratulations, although there are a few other things you can add to make your message personable and memorable.

Add in something like:

·         “You two deserve every bit of happiness this baby will bring”

·         “What a lucky baby with two great parents.”

Sweet little messages like these will let them know you’re genuinely thinking of them. On a side note, you can direct your message to one parent, both, or the whole family, even the baby.

Want to include some advices to give the first-time parents, like how to soothe a crying baby? Check this article: Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them – An Ultimate Guide

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  • Twins and Multiples

Just because the couple isn’t having only one baby doesn’t mean that writing your message needs to be twice as hard. You might put double the love into your words, but something as simple as “Woo-hoo times two” can convey all you want to say.

Try rhyming a little bit too if you’ve got the talent. You can include a message like:

·         “Twin sister or brother, how can these siblings live without the other?”

These messages generally go over great with new moms.

Also read some good playards to recommend to new moms: 5 Best Playards for Twins

  • Adoption

This is definitely a different situation, but how happy the parents are to receive their new child isn’t any different. Adjust your wording just a little bit to convey congratulations for an adopted child.

Some examples along the lines of:

·         “This baby was meant for you”

·         “You’ll make your girl’s life so wonderful”

·         “I love seeing your dream come true like this”

These will be perfect for what to write in a baby shower book. Just remember to avoid anything about giving birth or inheriting certain traits.

  • Difficult Circumstances

When health issues of the child or mother have been a concern, you can still give the mother a heartfelt congrats to let them know you’re thinking of them. Avoid some of the usual lighthearted messages and go right for warmth and optimism.

Even if you say something like:

·         “It’s good to know your precious boy is getting the care he needs at the hospital. I know he’ll be home soon.”

It will mean a lot to the parents. You don’t need to address any specifics here as long as you give them those feelings of optimism and faith.

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3. Near the End

The end is a little easier to write than the middle, and now that you’re past the hard part of what to write in a baby shower book, you’ve just got one more piece to go. This is what the mother will read last, and will leave them with a final impression of you.

That’s why you need something thoughtful and sincere to end off, such as:

·         “Lots of love”

·         “Blessings”

·         “Overjoyed”

For the most part though, you can say many different things to end off your book. Just be sure that it’s heartfelt and expresses exactly what you want to say.


I know it’s tough to figure out what to write in a baby shower book, but the tips I’ve got for you will hopefully make things easier. From well wishes to heartfelt congratulations, the new mother will love the thought you put into your message. Stay aware of their family situation and keep in mind your relationship with them, but have a little fun writing a meaningful and memorable message.

Below is a video by Howcast maybe a good reference as well:

Comment below if you have any questions, or share some examples you’ve used in your baby shower books before!

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