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Best Tips for Baptism Invitation Wording

Is your baby ready for christening? Congratulations! A celebration of baptism is a day you will remember. However, there are things to consider when organizing a baby’s baptism. First, think about who to invite to a baptism, outfits, venue, etc., how to set up baptism announcement wording, and what to write on an invitation for baptism.

I feel your struggle because I had the same issue! The baptismal invitation card I came across in the store sounded cheesy, and I didn’t like it. Eventually, I composed the text myself.

Here are some tips I found useful for baptism invitation wording! Also, check out the selection of the most interesting examples I came across in my research!

Who to Invite to Your Baby’s Baptism?

Baby girl dressed in gold dress at her baptism and the first birthday celebration. - Tips for Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Organizing baptism and the first birthday is a great opportunity to gather all your family members and friends for a great celebration.

Before I move to the wording for baptism invitation ideas, let’s briefly discuss the guest list. The ceremony is the most special part of your baby’s baptism. You can invite only the closest friends, family, and godparents to the ceremony. If you’ve decided to have a big party, invite more friends to the reception.

If you are making a reception for this joyous occasion at home, you can open up a guest list slightly. How many guests you expect can affect the invitation for baptism. Therefore, set up a guest list first and then compose a baptism invitation.

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What to Write in a Baptism Invitation?

Let’s now talk about information to include on the baptism invitation card. Sure, you can stylize and pick whatever baby baptism invitation wording you want, but you must enclose general information, too.

Those include the baby’s name, the parents’ or guardians’ and godparents’ names, the location of the ceremony and the reception, and the timestamps for christening and celebration.

Additionally, you can include any special request regarding baptism gifts or dress code. RSVP cards are reasonable similar to the special section to respond to the invite. Specify the date by which the guests should inform you about their arrival.

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Baptism Invitation Wording Ideas

Baptism is a joyous celebration of a child’s initiation to the church, and invitation may include religious symbols and wordings. Many parents include bible verses for baptism invitation and heaven and Christ references.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and don’t mind funny Catholic baptismal invitations, there are plenty of options.

Do-it-yourself baptism invitation is an excellent option, but aligning all details and baptism wording can be challenging. Therefore, keeping the baptism party invitation wording simple is always a good idea.

Here are some invitation ideas for baptism you can choose!

Girl baptism invitation wording


On this day we place our child in God’s care forevermore

Please join us as our daughter

(girl’s name)

will be Baptized on the (date)



Parents’ or hosts name

RSVP number


Help us celebrate love and a new life as we dedicate our beloved daughter to God

(baby’s name)

on (date)



We invite you to stay for a luncheon after the ceremony.

(ceremony location)

Parents – (names)

Grandparents – (names)

Godparents – (names)

Baby Boy baptism invitation wording ideas


Our baby (name) requests you all to be present on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue) for his christening ceremony. Dinner will follow at his residence (address). Please join us for the ceremony of our prince (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue).

Community luncheon provided afterward at (location)

Parents – (names)

Grandparents – (names)

Godparents – (names)

Kindly RSVP by (date)


“…every perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

Parents’ or hosts name

Invite you to share their joy and witness

as their beloved son (name)

receives the Sacrament of Holy Baptism

on (date) and (time)

at (location)

Luncheon to follow.

RSVP number

Twin baptism invitation wording


Please join us for the

Baptism of

our son/daughter and daughter/son


Date, time, church address

Reception to follow at (location and time)


Our Babies Are a Blessing

Our babies are a blessing as beautiful as can be,

Please help us welcome them into Christ’s family!

Come worship and celebrate with us as our twins are baptized.

(date) and (time)


Parents – (names)

Grandparents – (names)

Godparents – (names)

First birthday and baptism invitation wording


Please join us in celebrating the Baptism and 1st Birthday of (name)

Baptism will begin at (time)

Venue address

Birthday celebration is at (time)

Location address

Please RSVP by (number)

Hosts name


Please join us to celebrate the



1st Birthday of our son/daughter (name)




Please join our celebration at (time)

Reception location address

RSVP to (name)

Phone number

More Baptism Invitation Wording Ideas

You can draft baptism invitation differently than the examples above. Wordings for christening invitation can include a poem, funny baptism invitation saying, bible verses, your favorite song, or whatever you find appropriate.

A baby laying on a blanket and smiling at the camera - Tips for Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
You can include a picture of your baby if it fits the baptism invitation design.

Formal baptism invitation wording can only include general information, but you can also add a few more details to make the invitation more personal. Ensure the baptism invite wording is aligned with the style of the invitation.

Here are more baptism sayings for invitations!


I have no name

I am but two days old.

What shall I call thee?

I happy am

Joy is my name,

Sweet joy befall thee! Infant Joy, by Dr. Oliver Tearle

Please join us for the Christening of our son/daughter (name)

on (date) at (time)

at (location)

Parent’s names

RSVP (name) by (date) (number)


“We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him.:” 1 Samuel 1:27

Join our beautiful child


In his Christening ceremony

On date

At Venue

Name of hosts

Kindly RSVP (name) by (date) (number)


Our child hates to bathe, so we have decided the priest to do it during the holy affair of our child’s baptism ceremony. We ask you to join us in this auspicious ceremony.

The ceremony will take place at (location) at (time).

The reception will follow at (location).

RSVP (name number)


We can’t deny that a child is a precious gift from heaven, and the christening ceremony is God’s gift wrapping. So on this day, while we place our child into God’s arms, we want you by our side.




And afterward for a little bite to eat at ours.

We hope you can make it!

Name of hosts


“Our baby’s christening brings a prayer for God’s loving guidance and everlasting care; for blessings and happiness all your life through, not only for baby but also for you.”

Please join in the Christening of (name).




RSVP number


“On this day of baptism, may God, who loves us all, smile lovingly upon this child, so innocent and small… and may he guide this girl/boy throughout the years ahead as blessings light the pathway where those tiny feet are led.”

You’re invited to join us at baptism of (name)

Date, Time, Location

Helpful Tips for Baptism Invite Wording

Whatever wording you choose for your invitation, there are a few things to consider. First, decide if you want to draft an informal or formal invitation. If you prefer formal invites, list the information without further details, use first and last names, and stay away from funny quotes and baptism sayings outside the bible.

Once the first version of the child’s baptism invitation is done, send it out to a friend to check if everything is clear. Double-check the information about the time and place. Print out invites and send them out in time so the guests have enough time to respond to them!

Beautiful Baptism Invitation Design Ideas

Once you have decided on the wording, it is time to pick the card design. Here are some excellent options to inspire you!

Rainbow Baptism Invitation Template by Bradley Grace Prints

Rainbow Baptism Invitation Template by Bradley Grace Prints - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: Bradley Grace Prints

Using a rainbow in correlation with catholic symbols is something you wouldn’t expect! Therefore, this card design by Bradley Grace Prints is out of the ordinary, and more suitable for informal invitations.

Boho Baptism Invitation Template by A Wild Bloom Printables

Boho Baptism Invitation Template by AWildBloomDesigns - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: AWildBloomDesigns

No sharp edges design and warm colors with subtle boho details are appropriate for both girls’ and boys’ christening invitations.

Floral Baptism Invitation Template by simply pretty pieces

Floral Baptism Invitation Template by simply pretty pieces - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: simply pretty pieces

Pick a floral baptism card if you’re having a spring ceremony. You can customize the details you want and pick a color scheme. Pastel will work great, but bright colors are more cheerful!

Modern Minimalist Baptism Invitation Template by ForeverYourPrints

Modern Minimalist Baptism Invitation Template by ForeverYourPrints - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: ForeverYourPrints

If you cannot decide which style to choose, you can never go wrong with minimalistic design. A striking font on a neutral color card will improve the look of the invitation.

Girl Baptism Invitation Card with Ribbon by LibbyKateSmiles

Girl Baptism Invitation Card with Ribbon by LibbyKateSmiles - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: LibbyKateSmiles

Ribbons and decorative beads can make your girl’s christening invitation stand out! Because of the different textures, the invitation is even more beautiful in person!

Boy Baptism Invite Card with Silver Ribbon by LibbyKateSmiles

Boy Baptism Invite Card with Silver Ribbon by LibbyKateSmiles - Baptism Invitation Wording - Baby Journey
Source: LibbyKateSmiles

An elegant invitation with silver details and a ribbon is perfect for a baby boy’s baptism. A lot of details are customizable in terms of font, color, and layout, though.


Which baptism invitation example is the prettiest to you? I prefer the one by LibbyKateSmiles with more details, such as ribbons and the fact that it’s a ready handmade card. Luckily, if you don’t know how to make baptism invitations, there are always free samples to download online. You just have to be determined!

If you have more questions about the baptism ceremony and invitations, please start a discussion in the comment section! Come back for more baby-related information!

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