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120 Magical Disney Baby Names Inspiration for 2024

If you’re a Disney superfan, regular fan, or just a casual watcher, you’d understand the magic and nostalgia that is often associated with Disney. A lot of us grew up with Disney, such as Lion King, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast, only to name a few, and so they hold a very special spot in our hearts.

This is why they are a great pick to help you find some Disney baby names inspiration. Keep reading to know more about Disney character names!

120 Best Disney Names To Bestow Your Little One

Best Disney-Themed Baby Girl Names

When it comes to the perfect girl names from Disney movies, you can never go wrong. There are so many adorable Disney characters’ names for girls: from naming your baby girl after Disney princess names to a cute princess animal companion, the options are endless.

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Here are some of our top picks for Disney baby girl names from female Disney characters:

  1. Alice – probably among the most famous Disney names, from Alice In Wonderland, it originates from Old French and means noble and light
  2. Ariel – is one of the most recognized princesses featured in the Disney movie A Little Mermaid. It has Biblical Hebrew origins and means lion of God
  3. Amber – the older sister of Sofia, from Sofia the First. It originates from Arabic and means jewel
  4. Amelia – from Treasure Planet. It is a German-originating name that means hardworking
  5. Anna – among Frozen girl names, a princess from the movie. It has Latin and Greek roots and means favor, grace, and beauty
  6. Anastasia – a princess in one of the classic movies Anastasia. This name has Greek origins and means resurrection
  7. Annabeth – from the new Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus. It has Greek origins and means full of grace.
  8. Ariella – a different form of Ariel. It also has a similar meaning to the lioness of God
  9. Aurora – from the classic Disney tale Sleeping Beauty. It comes from the Latin word Aurora which means dawn
  10. Bailey – the name of Debby Ryan’s character in the show Suite Life on Deck. It comes from Middle English and Old French and means city of fortification
  11. Bella – a version of Belle, who is one of the infamous Disney princesses. Bella has Italian and Latin roots and means beautiful
  12. Belle – a Princess from the classic tale Beauty and The Beast. It is a French-originating name that means beautiful, fair, and lovely
  13. Bianca – is among the Disney character names from the 1997 feature Disney animated film The Rescuers. It is an Italian word that means white
  14. Candance – the older sister character from the iconic Disney show Phineas And Ferb. It is a biblical name meaning pure and innocent
  15. Caroline – part of the original Mickey Mouse classic Disney cartoons. It is German originating and implies a freedom-loving person
  16. Charlotte – is Tina’s best friend in the movie Princess and The Frog. It comes from the French and means petite
  17. Colette – among unusual Disney girl names, female chef character from the hit Disney movie Ratatouille. It is a French name meaning people of victory
  18. Daisy – part of the original Mickey Mouse classic Disney cartoons, among Disney baby characters, roots from Britain, and represents the daisy flower
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  1. Ella – from the Disney movie Ella Enchanted. Greek origins mean beautiful, fairy maiden, goddess
  2. Elsa – among princess-inspired names is the beloved princess from the movie Frozen. Scandinavian roots, meaning God’s promise
  3. Esmeralda – from Hunchback Of Notre Dam. Greek word meaning emerald
  4. Evangeline – the name of a star in Princess and The Frog. Greek origins, it means good news
  5. Eve – from Wall-E, derived from the Latin name Eva means full of life
  6. Flora – one of the three godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. Comes from the Latin meaning flower
  7. Harper – from the Disney show Wizards of the Waverly Place. Comes from medieval language meaning someone who places the harp
  8. Hera – among Disney names for girls, wife of Zeus in the movie Hercules. Greek origins mean Goddess of marriage
  9. Hyacinth – is a character from the Disney movie Fantasia. Greek-derived word meaning blue larkspur flower
  10. Gisele – a princess from the movie Enchanted. It has French roots and means pledge
  11. Iris – is among the Disney character names from the movie Fantasia. Comes from a Greek word that means rainbow
  12. Isabella – from Phineas and Ferb, has Spanish and Italian roots and means God is my oath
  13. Jane – from the movie Tarzan, it is an English originating name that means God is gracious
  14. Jasmine – a princess from Aladdin, Persian origins and it means God’s gift
  15. Kiara – a Lion King baby name, comes from an Italian word meaning light
  16. Kim – from Kim Possible, an American name meaning noble and brave
  17. Marian – from Robin Hood, is a variation of the Latin name Maria, and it means beloved
  18. Merida – from the movie Brave, it has Latin origins and means one who has achieved a high honor
  19. Meg/Megara – from Hercules, Greek originating and it means great
  20. Mindy – a character from Phineas and Ferb, is an American name that means sweet or sweetened with honey
  21. Moana – Disney princess from Moana, it is a Hawaiian name that means ocean, sea, or expanse of water
  22. Mulan – from the movie Mulan, it is a name of Chinese origin and means wood orchid
  23. Narissa – from the movie Enchanted, it is Greek in origin and means sea nymph
  24. Pearl – from Finding Nemo, it has English origin and means precious gemstone
  25. Pocahontas – from Pocahontas, it means playful one
  26. Rapunzel – among Tangled character names, a German-derived name from an edible plant
  27. Rose – from Briar Rose, Aurora’s true name, from the movie Sleeping Beauty. It comes from a flower with the same name
  28. Shego – from Kim Possible, it means one with fire
  29. Shenzi – among vintage Disney names, from the Lion King movie, it comes from an African name meaning savage
  30. Sofia – from the Disney original show Sofia The First, it means wisdom and originates from the Greek
  31. Tiana – another famous princess, Tiana is from Princess and The Frog. The name has Russian origins and means princess
  32. Vanellope – from Wreck-It Ralph and Wreck-It Ralph 2. It comes from the name Penelope which originates from a Greek word meaning weaver
  33. Wendy – from Peter Pan, it is a British originating name and means friend

Best Disney-Themed Boy Names

Surely there are only a few other things that can beat naming your little boy after a charming Disney prince, setting him up for a life that exudes charm and good character. Although when it comes to Disney inspired boy names, we can most certainly go way beyond just the princes, so here is a list of our favorite Disney character names for boys:

  1. Achilles – is mentioned in both movies Hercules and Hunchback of Notre Dame. In Greek mythology origin mean pain
  2. Ajax – from the movie Hercules, from Greek mythology means eagle
  3. Andy – from the Toy Story movies, it is an American name and means brave
  4. Arthur – from The Sword in the Stone, popularised by English royalty in the middle ages, means brave man
  5. Augustus – from the Disney classic Cinderella, it comes from Latin root words and means majestic
  6. Demetrius – from Hercules, Greek origins and it means follower of Demeter
  7. Dimitri – among Disney names for boys, the male lead in Anastasia, is another form of the Greek name Demetrius and also means follower of Demeter
  8. Eric – the prince from A Little Mermaid, means forever ruler and has Scandinavian roots
  9. Felix – from Wreck-It Ralph, has Latin origins and means happy and lucky
  10. Finn – from the Star Wars movies, it has Irish roots and means fair
  11. Flynn – everybody’s favorite Disney prince from Tangled, it is an Irish name and means descendant of Flann
  12. George – from George of the Jungle, it has Greek origins and means farmer
  13. Gideon – from Pinocchio John Smith, it comes from a Hebrew word meaning great destroyer
  14. Gus – among cute Disney nicknames, a shorter version of Augustus, from Cinderella, Latin roots and means majestic
  15. Hamish – one of the three younger brothers from Brave, it is a Scottish name and means God protects
  16. Hector – a character from Coco, has Greek origins and means steadfast
  17. Hercules – from Hercules, from the Greek name Herakles which means warrior and glory
  18. Hermes – a supporting character in Hercules, the name has Greek origins and means messenger
  19. Hiro – from the movie Big Hero 6, it is a Japanese name with multiple meanings but mostly it means prosperous
  20. Hugo – among cool Disney names, a character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, has German and Italian roots and means mind
  21. Jafar – from the Disney classic Aladdin, it is an Arabic name meaning stream or creek
  22. Jack – Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. English origins and means God is gracious
  23. Jasper – a character from 101 Dalmatians, it has Persian roots and means bearer of treasure
  24. Kristoff – among baby boy names from Disney movies, from Frozen, Scandinavian origins and means bearing Christ
  25. Kuzco – from The Emperor’s New Groove, is named after a city in Peru and means to be ahead of your time
  26. Lucius – aka Frozone from the Incredibles movies, comes from a Latin word meaning light
  27. Mickey – face of Disney, from Disney’s original Mickey Mouse, the great mouse detective. Hebrew roots and means who resembles God?
  28. Milo – among boy Disney names, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, derived from multiple languages like Greek, Slavic, and Latin. It means beloved or soldier
  29. Naveen – the prince from The Princess and The Frog, is an Indian name and means young
  30. Nick – from Zootopia, it has Greek origins and means victory of the people
  31. Nigel – from the animated movie Finding Nemo, comes from a Celtic origin and means champion
  32. Olaf – from the Frozen movies, has Scandinavian roots and means a relic
  33. Oliver – from Oliver & Company, comes from Old Norse and means ancestor’s descendants
  34. Pascal – among names from Disney movies, from Tangled, French origin and means Easter child
  35. Percy – from Percy Jackson, French origin and means one who pierces the valley
  36. Peter – from Peter Pan, Greek origin and means rock
Cute little boy dressed in Peter Pan clothes - Disney Baby Names Ideas - Baby Journey
  1. Philip – the prince from Sleeping Beauty, derived from Greek words meaning horse-loving
  2. Philippe – Belle’s horse in Beauty and The Beast, French origins and means horse lover
  3. Rajah – Jasmine’s tiger in Aladdin, is an Indian name that means king
  4. Razoul – among unique Disney names, a character from Aladdin, has both Arabic and Indian roots and means either messenger or engagement
  5. Russell – from the movie Up, French origins and means little red
  6. Rufus – from Kim Possible, comes from the Latin word meaning red-handed
  7. Rex – from the Toy Story movies, Latin origins and means king
  8. Sinclair – from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, comes of Scottish origin and means bright and clear
  9. Stefan – among Disney baby boy names, from Sleeping Beauty, a German name meaning crown
  10. Sven – from the Frozen movies, Scandinavian and German roots, means a young man

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Best Unisex Disney-Themed Names

If you’d like something that’s not overly feminine or masculine projecting or something that works as non-gender specific, then here is a list of some of the best unisex Disney inspired names to help you decide:

  1. Alex – from Wizards of Waverly Place, a Greek origin name which means defender of mankind
  2. Briar – from Aurora’s real name Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty, British origins and means thorny bush of wild roses
  3. Copper – from The Fox and The Hound, after the copper element
  4. Dash – from The Incredibles, American origins and it means fast or quick
  5. Elliot – among Disney dragon names, from Pete’s Dragon, derived from a Hebrew name and it means The Lord is my God
  6. Jessie – the show Jessie, Hebrew origins and it means He sees; the Lord exists
  7. Kenai – from Brother Bear, native American and it means black bear
  8. Kida – from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, it is a Japanese name meaning rice paddy near a tree
  9. Koda – among funny Disney names, from Brother Bear, Japanese origins and it means friend
  10. Lilo – from Lilo & Stitch, Hawaiian originating and it means generous one
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  1. Louie – among unisex Disney names, from The Jungle Book, German originating and it means famous warrior
  2. Marlin – from Finding Nemo, it comes from Welsh origins and it means land near a lake
  3. Maui – a supporting character in Moana, a Hawaiian name that means trickster god
  4. Max – from The Goofy Movie, Latin origins, among funny Disney nicknames of Maximilian which means greatest
  5. Nakoma – from classic Disney cartoons Pocahontas, Native American origins and it means a great warrior
  6. Pepper – from 101 Dalmatians, origins from German and Middle English, and it’s used to represent the spice
  7. Ray – from The Princess and The Frog, comes from French words meaning protection
  8. Remy – from Ratatouille, Latin and French origins, means oarsman
  9. Robin – among cute Disney character names, from Robin Hood, German origins and it means bright, shining, and famous
  10. Stitch – from Lilo & Stitch, derived from Old English, represents something that is put back together
  11. Tadashi – from Big Hero 6, is a Japanese name and means proper and faithful
  12. Toulouse – a character from Aristocats, French origins, means one who belongs to the city of Tolosa
  13. Willow – from the Disney movie Willow, it is an Old English name and it comes from the willow tree


To finally bring this article to a close, we’d like to say thanks for taking the time to read it and we hope it helped inspire you to pick the best Disney character names. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. Also, we’d love to hear your favorites from the Disney name list above, so don’t forget to mention them too!

Moreover, if you are looking for something other than cute Disney names, feel free to explore the following lists:

We wish you the best on your baby name journey!

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