Recaro Car Seat Reviews

From preventing minor injuries to saving your baby’s life, baby car seats are one of the most important purchases you have to make as a parent when it comes to your child’s safety. Fortunately, Recaro offers a remarkable variety of choices to prevent major safety issues. So, pick up a thing or two about your baby’s car safety while checking out the most accurate Recaro baby seats review!

Why Are Baby Car Seats so Important?

We get it! Between installing them properly and using them correctly, seats baby car can be a whole lot of trouble. But, don’t give up the fight just yet! The few moments you struggle to strap your baby to the seat can save his/her life.According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the U.S. In fact, more than 121.000 babies and children were injured as occupants in car crashes during 2014 in the U.S alone.As we root back to the reason behind these shocking statistics, we see that it all boils down to one reason. Most of these parents hadn’t buckled up their kids correctly. Sometimes we don’t use the child restraint systems the way we should and, thus, reduce their effectiveness.

How to Use a Baby Car Seat Properly

Even if installing your child’s car seat seems more complicated than setting up new furniture, the process is quite simple. However, there’s one rule that should never slip your mind. You should always place infant car seats in rear-facing position. Why?According to one study, children in forward facing new seats in baby car are more likely to be seriously injured than children in rear-facing car seats in all crash types, from side to frontal crashes. Learn the ropes around installing baby car seats correctly through the following 4-minute video.

How to Choose a Baby Car Seat?

Being the lifesavers they are, choosing the right baby car seat is crucial. But, how are you supposed to pick the right one? To answer this question, we first need to clear the air when it comes to the type of the car seat your baby needs based on his/her size and weight. So, there are three types of car seats: infant car seats, convertible car seats, and all-in-one seats.

Infant Car Seats – This kind of seats face only the rear facing of your vehicle, and you should consider them only if your baby is up to 40 pounds and 35 inches tall. In other words, you can use such car seats until your child is more or less one year old.

Convertible Car Seats – The idea behind convertible car seats is that they can convert from the baby rear facing to the toddler forward-facing position. That said, this type convertible car seat of car seats is suitable for newborns up until they become toddlers of 80 pounds and 57 inches.

All-in-One Seats – Companies design these car seats to accommodate the needs of infants up until they no longer need car seat boosters. In fact, all-in-one car seats can hold rear-facing infants up to 50 pounds. Meanwhile, forward-facing they hold toddlers up to 80 pounds and children up to 120 pounds and 57 inches tall.

At this point, most of you think why to bother with an infant car seat when all-in-one or convertible car seats seem to work just fine. One reason: safety. Babies that weigh less than 20 pounds may fit in the convertible car seat or all-in-one seats. However, an infant car seat knows how to “snuggle” your child the safest way possible. After all, Recaro designed them to do so.

5 Things to Look For in a Baby Car Seat

Safety aside, there are a lot of attributes that make a baby car seat practical.

1. The JPMA Stamp

Before we go into details, we’d better talk about the first and most important thing every parent needs to look for when purchasing a baby car seat; the JPMA stamp. All car seats available in the market today are checked and approved to meet current safety standards. The JPMA stamp is the proof that the car seat you got your eyes on is safe enough for your baby.

2. The 5-Point Harness

No matter the kind of car seat you plan on investing, go for a model with a 5-point harness. That means you need to check for two waist straps, two shoulder straps and one strap between the legs.

3. The Side-Impact Protection

Also, don’t forget to look for a model with side-impact protection such as air pads or extra foam at each side of the baby’s head.

4. The LATCH System

It’s important to check whether the car seat you are about to buy is compatible with the LATCH system. This way you can fasten the base of the car seat tightly without using seat belts.

5. The Anti-Rebound Bar

If you are willing to offer a little something more than 200$, then get ready to gear up your baby’s car seat with some additional safety features such as the anti-rebound bar. This bar is found at the “foot” of the seat and absorbs the movement impact during a potential crash.

Who is Recaro and why you should buy this brand?

Founded in 1906, Recaro has proved itself as one of the leading stroller brands in the market. It has been doing pioneering work for over 100 years and their core value on manufacturing stroller are quality, Ingenious design, and Safety focus. You can read more about its history and quality concern on their main website.

Top 5 Recaro Car Seat Reviews Every Parent Should Check Out

RECARO Performance BOOSTER Seats with High Back Booster

The RECARO Performance BOOSTER seats with high back is a dream come true for every parent who wants to combine safety, quality construction and comfort all at once.

  • Tested to meet the international safety standards, the RECARO Performance BOOSTER seat car seat features high-quality impact protection which equals extra protection during a side crash. From the baby’s head, face and neck to his/her torso and pelvis, the impact technology of this car seat guarantees maximum protection for your baby from any incident.
  • The CoolMesh fabric enables ventilation and keeps your baby’s skin cool. That means that this material prevents skin rashes caused by friction, especially during hot summer days.
  • The RECARO Performance BOOSTER also features a built-in LATCH system. These flexible connectors secure the seat to your vehicle and, thus, don’t allow the seat to go loose.
  • This car seat also comes with a QuickLift which is an 11-position head restraint to match the needs of each toddler or child.
  • No matter if you want to go on long trips or simply run errands, the RECARO Performance BOOSTER features an ergonomic shell structure which minimizes the discomfort your baby may feel during long drives. The memory foam inside the car seat’s body also enhances comfort.
  • It takes up lots of backseat car space as it is very wide.
  • It can’t hold babies who weigh less than 30 pounds. So, it’s unsuitable for infants.


RECARO ProRIDE is a convertible car seat which combines maximum safety, high-end quality, and classic design. If you are one to take simple yet efficient decisions and your toddler is getting restless during long drives, this car seat model is the safest choice for safety features!

  • Much like most RECARO car seats, it features impact protection technology to prevent injuries during a side crash. The seat’s enhanced head wings on both sides shield your baby’s head while serving as an excellent resting place when your little one falls asleep.
  • This car seat model comes with the EasyAdjust feature, a 5-point harness. What’s unique about this harness system is that it is adjustable to your baby’s size and weight. So, as it grows bigger, so do the seat belts.
  • The RECARO ProRIDE also has a built-in LATCH program which anchors the seat to your vehicle.
  • The car seat’s rear facing recline in recaro proride is adjustable to suit yours and your baby’s needs.
  • This recaro proride model comes with an innovative safety features; the safety stripe system. It is a white stripe which every parent can see on the outside edge of the 5-point harness. When the white stripe is nowhere to be seen, parents are immediately alarmed that something is about to go wrong.
  • This car seat is equipped with the TrueLock Seat Belt Lock-Offs which help you switch to the forward facing mode in a few moves.
  • The height of the harness straps doesn’t accommodate the needs of a newborn baby. As the straps need to be below or at the height of the shoulders, rear-forward facing infants do not meet this criterion.

RECARO Roadster

RECARO Roadster is a state-of-the-art car seat which strategically combines key safety elements to prevent injuries in potential crashes. So, is this one all about safety? Or maybe there is more to it? Let’s take a closer look!

  • Like the ProRIDE model, RECARO Roadster also features the safety stripe system which helps us detect potential hazards before its too late.
  • Protective foam side wings aside, this car seat model is one of the few to feature an innovative safety element known as HERO. This patented trait locates the shoulder pads to “hug” your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders. Not only is this patent super comfortable but it also ensures the harness doesn’t twist and hurts your child.
  • The RECARO Roadster car seat is also made with temperature balancing fabrics. These materials enable air ventilation and keep your little one cool during those hot days.
  • Much like the models mentioned above, this one also features built-in LATCH connectors, an adjustable 5-point harness point, rear-forward facing recline and can quickly and easily switch to the forward facing position.
  • You’ll also love how useful the chest-clip storage pockets are. These pockets will help you to tuck away loose seat belts as you place your child safety in the seat in a few moves.

RECARO Performance SPORT

Stylish trim details are not the only reason RECARO Performance SPORT is known for. From safety patents to guaranteed materials, this car seat is one to steal the spotlight.

  • This car seat model offers a push-button LATCH system which makes it all the more easy to anchor to your vehicle.
  • The said car seat meets all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. That said, this car seat model is one of the most guaranteed choices when it comes to securing your baby on board. Side way impact protection pads and the HERO harness system (which ensures we place shoulder pads correctly) are few of the safety elements this seat provides.
  • RECARO Performance SPORT is made of breathable fabrics which protect your baby’s sensitive skin from friction rashes.
  • The harness system is stuffed with soft pads to provide comfort to your child. Thes eat is also equipped with expanded polyester foam (ESP) to absorb external forces without limiting the baby’s moves.
  • You’d rather not use this car seat model with kids who weigh less than 20 pounds. So, if you have a newborn in your hands, this seat is not a good choice.
  • This car seat model is also equipped with the EasyAdjust feature. As a result, the 5-point harness system is designed to adjust to your baby’s size.



If you’re looking for an easy-to-install car seat for your infant and your due date is around the corner, then look no more. RECARO Midnight ProRIDE is your go-to option.

  • This model comes with an integrated 5-point harness system for maximum safety.
  • It also has a built-in LATCH system which anchors the seat to the vehicle.
  • It provides twist-resistant HERO harness technology which makes sure you baby’s shoulders, head and neck remain steady due to the firm shoulder pads.
  • Aside from the baby-friendly structure shell, RECARO Midnight ProRIDE is made of temperature balancing and keeps your child’s cool during hot days.
  • The said car seat provides maximum safety as it is stuffed with memory foam and features EPS foam which absorbs external forces.

Final Thoughts on Recaro Infant Car Seats

Even though each of these five car seats has something unique to offer, the clear winner of this countdown is RECARO Performance SPORT. Not only does it feature all the elements the other car seats do, but it is also designed to meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. So, when it comes to safety, you know you get the full treatment with this model.

Unlike some of the other models of this list, RECARO Performance Sport also comes with the innovative HERO harness technology. That means that the seat’s shoulder pads are specially designed to “snuggle” comfortably your child’s upper body. Last but certainly not least, this RECARO car seat model offers the EasyAdjust feature which adjusts the strapping seat belts to your baby’s size as it grows.

If you are looking for stroller, Recaro also have great reputations for convertible car and reviews on producing high quality infant stroller and you may check it on this Recaro Easylife infant stroller reviews.

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