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Stroller VS Baby Carrier: Which One To Use?

Are you stuck between what seems to be an impossible choice of stroller vs baby carrier? Are you worried that you’ll be unsatisfied no matter what decision you make? Well, if so, we’re here for you to guide you through this difficult choice.

Keep reading to find out the answer to stroller vs carrier. Neither one is better than the other, but there’s one better suited for you and your lifestyle. I’m sure you’re curious to find out more, so let’s get into it!

Pros and Cons of Strollers and Carriers

Whenever in indecision, make a pros and cons list! If you keep going back and forth on whether a stroller is ideal or a baby carrier, the following list might help you organize your thoughts and make an informed decision. Let’s discuss both options one by one!


Baby strollers are wheeled chairs that are made to make parents’ life easier. Why worry about leaving your kid at home when you can easily put him in the stroller and carry them everywhere?

Strollers have been around for ages and they aid parents from when their little one starts sitting up independently and has developed ample neck support (at usually around 6 months of age) till around 3 to 4 years of age. Some big kid strollers can accommodate children up to 7 years old.

The following list of advantages and disadvantages will help you see the clear picture.


  • Safe and Secure

One of the biggest benefits of getting a stroller is feeling secure and always having your baby safe. Whenever you’re out and about, you can put your little one in it, secure them with a belt and carry out your day-to-day tasks without any worry while your child has nap time.

And if you have more than one kid, just get a double stroller. Convenient, isn’t it? Imagine how handy a stroller would be when you’re going out for lunch and have your baby sitting in it right next to you, instead of having them in your lap while having a meal. Hence, a stroller ensures that your kids are comfortable and so are you!

  • A Source of Exercise

New mothers are always looking for creative ways to get back in shape and lose weight. Getting a jogging stroller is a great option.

Having a babysitter to look after your kid when you hit the gym is a long process, and can be a burden on the wallet. And why go through all that trouble when your baby can accompany you on your workout or even just long walks, right?

  • Less Carrying

Newborn babies are no weight at all. They’re easy to carry, but as they grow up, carrying an older baby everywhere becomes harder and harder. But with a stroller at hand, you can say goodbye to sore arms and hand cramps.

Also, most strollers offer extra storage space as a stroller basket, which can be used to store the diaper bag, extra clothes, and other baby essentials. You can even buy a double stroller or a triple stroller if you have more than one child.


  • Too Many Types

There are so many strollers one can get, each one catering to a different need, as there are the best strollers for each job. For example, a lightweight baby stroller is the most ideal if you travel a lot and take your baby with you everywhere.

But as a mom who likes a morning jog, a jogging stroller will be more efficient. The options can get overwhelming at times!

  • Takes Up Space

Another big drawback of getting a stroller is that they’re space-consuming and heavy, and often end up causing clutter in your living space. If you live in a small home with barely enough space, a stroller will only add to the mess, and it’ll be an additional hassle to take your stroller to the mall if you have a smaller car.

  • Not Travel-Friendly (mostly!)

Parents who like to travel a lot might also not consider strollers the best option. They’re heavy and big and take up a lot of weight. A full-size stroller might not even fit in the car trunk and aren’t compatible with rough terrain.

Babywearing Pros and Cons

Baby carriers are soft, padded devices that a parent can wear on the front or the back, but only when their baby can independently hold up their neck – usually around 5 or 6 months of age till up to 2 to 3 years of age, or until the parents’ back and shoulders allow them. They’re designed in a way to reduce pressure on the arms and shoulders, but they have their pros and cons too!


  • Accessible

Slings and babywear are handy when going on rocky terrain and slanted areas. No matter where you’re going and what the activity is, you can always rely on a baby carrier to keep your baby safe, secure, and right next to you.

  • Cheap

Parents spend a couple of hundred bucks for different types of baby gear for every different need of their baby. But a baby carrier is a smart and economical option that does not cost you a lot.

  • Easy to Store

You can simply store a baby carrier in a cabinet or a cupboard.

  • Connect with your Little One

Baby carriers to make it possible for parents to get close time with their babies. It might also aid the baby in learning facial cues, expressions, language, social cues, etc. Many moms, in particular, love babywearing because of this.

  • Hands-Free

The day-to-day tasks can be too hard when you’re carrying a baby with you everywhere. But a sling can make all the difference. You can finally get your hands to yourself and do whatever you desire. Trips to the market are about to get a lot easier with a baby wrap!

  • Fitness

Carrying some extra weight of the baby while walking can be your workout of the day!


  • Safety Concerns

Slings and baby carriers are convenient and all, but they’re not all that safe. If the parent accidentally trips or falls downs, the baby goes down with them. The parent might get dizzy due to hot weather or miss a step in a flight of stairs, but with a baby on their back, regaining one’s balance can be hard.

  • Too Many Options

There are too many different types of wraps and baby carriers, and choosing the right baby carrier can be a daunting task, especially for a new parent. Imagine going to buy a carrier for your little one and getting overwhelmed by wraps, ring slings, pouches, buckle carriers, meh dais, and backpacks. And yes, these aren’t all as there is more variety to them!

  • Tricky to Use

Wearing a baby carrier isn’t easy, and it can take some time to master. Different angles work for different people, so you need your time to figure it out in the beginning!

Baby Carrier vs Stroller Summary



Baby Carrier


  • Safe and secure
  • A source of exercise
  • Less carrying
  • Accessible and cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Connection with your baby
  • Hands-free
  • Fitness


  • Too many types
  • Takes too much space
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Safety Concerns
  • Too many options
  • Tricky to use

Stroller vs Baby Carrier: Which Is Better for Everyday Use?

Baby girl laying comfortably in a stroller. – Stroller vs carrier – Baby Journey
Stroller or baby carrier to bring your little one out? It depends on the situation. Photo by Tamara Govedarov

Both the stroller and the baby carrier are made to make the everyday routine of any parent easy, by making your life as a parent smoother and helping you transport your kid anywhere. But one choice might be more ideal than the other for certain occasions.

Running Errands

If you’re running errands and have to go from one place to the other, I’d say a unique stroller designed for this sole purpose is the better option. You can spend all day outside with a stroller right in front of you. A whole day of errands in baby wear might end up giving your sore shoulders and will exhaust you due to the baby’s weight.

Using Public Transport

When you’re out the whole day and you’ll have to get on the subway or the bus, again and again, a baby carrier will be a better choice. Using public transport with a stroller can be a hassle.

Imagine how difficult it would be to climb the bus steps with a stroller in one hand and bags in the other. That’s why parents who frequently travel through public transport prefer babywearing.

With a baby sling, you can get on any transportation you want, with both your hands free to carry other stuff. This is why babywear is a great option if you’re going shopping and have to carry bags on the way back.


Another example is going for a walk or a jog. Imagine going on a running track with a baby stuck on your back. That sounds like torture until you have a hardbody carrier.

Hardbody carriers are hiking backpacks that provide you with back support for a long hike. But make sure they have ample padding, so you and your baby stay comfortable at all times!

For walking, jogging, and strolling, a jogging stroller made specifically for this purpose would be the better option. It’ll give the parent some extra space to feel comfortable and you can secure the baby down with a belt to make sure they’re extra safe.

Dining Out

When out for dinner, a carrier will only cause trouble. It’s better to take a stroller so that if you don’t get a baby seat, you can just let your little one sit in the stroller, and both the baby and the parent can enjoy their space.

Now, parents, you don’t have to leave your kiddo behind when going to dinners, just have them by your side and enjoy your time to the fullest!

No Stairs

If you live in an apartment complex or flats with no elevators and just stairs, getting a stroller would be a bane, unless you decide to store the stroller out of home. It would be a struggle to walk up flights of stairs with a baby and a stroller. In that case, a baby carrier would be much easier to work with.


Using a baby carrier is also a better option if you’re taking a long trip or have to air travel. Managing luggage is hard enough, imagine how stressful it is with a baby and a stroller.

Hence, it can be concluded that using a baby carrier or stroller depends on what you want to do!

Should I Go For A Baby Carrier or Stroller for Travel?

Mother carrying her baby in a baby carrier during a trip outside. – Baby carrier vs stroller – Baby Journey
Wearing your baby in a front pack keeps your hands free to perform other tasks. Photo by Christopher Luther

Are you thinking of traveling and taking your baby as a plus one? Well, if so, you must add a stroller or a baby carrier to your checklist the day before.

Grandma’s House

If you’re taking a trip to grandma’s house, a travel stroller would be a better option. There’s no reason to take a sling with you if all you’re going to do is sit down and have dinner.

If you’re taking a road trip, I’d recommend taking a stroller with you. Though most of the journey would be in the car seat, but for light strolls here and there, a stroller can be used.

Tourist Points

Are you planning a trip to zoos, museums, theme parks, or any other crowded tourist points? If so, a baby carrier is a must-have.

It helps keep the baby much closer to the parents, and moving around a crowded place with a stroller can be extremely stressful and unsafe. With the baby right next to you, your mind can be at peace and you can enjoy all you want!

Seasonal Travel

If you’re planning to travel during the summer, in the hot weather, I’d recommend taking both a baby carrier for hot weather and a stroller with you. You never know when you might need the stroller or the baby wrap.

Similarly, for a winter trip or any other longer vacation, it’s better to stay on the safe side and take both, strollers and carrier. It’s better to have them and not use them than to not have them and need them.

At the Airport

If you are wondering, ‘should I use a stroller or a baby carrier at the airport?’, the answer is the latter. It’s because a stroller takes up too much of the luggage and is hard to manage, especially if the overhead bin is too small.

Also, strollers can cause trouble with airport security if they aren’t in a compact package. With a baby carrier, you can store it in your hand-carry and use it as per need.

Public Transport

If you’re traveling somewhere with public transport, a stroller would only cause you trouble. Public transportation can be too crowded and taking a stroller can cause long queues behind you while you fold the stroller and manage your little one simultaneously.

Deciding Between Stroller vs Carrier for Disneyland and Disney World

Photo of Disneyland theme park – Stroller vs Baby Carrier – Baby Journey
Everyone’s favorite place: Disneyland! Photo by Brandi Alexandra

If you’re planning to spend the whole day at Disneyland, go on all the rides and discover the whole place, it’s better to take a stroller. A whole day of babywearing while traveling can cause a sore body the next day, so you won’t be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. There might even be the best stroller for Disney that you’d like to get your hands on.

Also, when you go to Disneyland with your toddler, it is sure to hype them up. In such a scenario, it is much easier to strap your excited-yet-tired little one into an umbrella stroller instead of carrying all their weight on your shoulders.

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But if you’re going to Disneyland on the weekend or on a holiday, it’ll be crowded. Hence a baby carrier will be better in this case. You can simply strap your baby to your body, and protect your child from the overcrowded area.

Stroller vs Carrier FAQs

Do I need a stroller if I have a carrier?

If you have an all-terrain stroller, there’s some chance that you can go by without a baby carrier with you. But otherwise, a baby carrier is a must and so is a stroller. There are many places where you might need a stroller and many places where you might need a carrier.

But if you’re set on having either one or the other, I’d recommend you to closely analyze your lifestyle and see if you require a stroller, as it all depends on your lifestyle and day-to-day routine.

Do I need a baby carrier?

Yes, you need a baby carrier, 100 percent! It can be hard to carry your baby on your hip the whole day long, especially if you have to spend the day running errands. A baby carrier will help reduce the burden on your shoulders, figuratively and literally.

Are strollers necessary?

Again, the answer to this question depends on you and your lifestyle. If you like going on walks and jogs, then yes, a jogging stroller is a must. If you work from home and barely have time to leave the house, then no, not necessary at all, just the baby carrier will suffice.

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Is it safer to bring my baby out in a stroller or baby carrier?

Out of these two options, the stroller carrier is safer, as strollers have many safety features installed into them, including neck support to make sure the baby’s neck doesn’t get hurt, and a seat belt to secure the little one down.


In conclusion, there is no right answer to the mystery, ‘baby carrier or stroller’. It all depends on how you intend to use it in your life, what’s your daily routine, and what your needs are.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve learned enough to make an informed decision yourself regarding is a stroller or a baby carrier better. If you have questions, feel free to comment them down below and share this article so more parents can get the help they need!

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