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Simple Tips For Teaching Ride-on Toys For Toddlers

As a parent, it’s sad to see toddlers struggling with ride-on toys. They are designed simple and can be learned without much effort. If the car is your child’s first motor toy, you should teach him some driving techniques. Toddler ride-on toys are simple to operate and do not require much energy or pressure to ride.

Get the right size of ride-on toy for your toddler and teach him the fundamentals of toy riding. A toddler will quickly gain complete control of the vehicle and can even enjoy playing as an outdoor toy.

Here are some simple tips to help you teach ride-on toys for toddlers. We also included some considerations in choosing the right toddler riding toys, and highlighted some benefits of these push and ride-on toys.

Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Use Ride-on Toys

Young boy riding on toys - Ride on toys for toddlers - Baby Journey blog

If you got a ride-on toy for your kid, it may take some time for the child to get familiar with the toy. Don’t force your kid to ride the toy, rather you may follow some tips to teach your toddler to use ride-on toys. Have a glance at some of the effective tips below:-

Introduce the Toy

First of all, you should introduce your toddler to the push and ride-on toy. Teach him how ride-on cars for toddlers work. Show him how to hold the handles and how to use the paddles to accelerate the car.

Let him get the basic idea about the car. Help him to get the best position with balance. That’s how your toddler will adapt with the push and ride toy.

Don’t Force

As a kid, it will take time to understand how the paddles work and how to ride the car with more balance. If your kid isn’t enjoying the ride, don’t force him/her. It’s common for a toddler to get scared of the speed of a toddler ride-in toy car or other baby push and ride toys.

Introduce him/her to the car as a toy. Set your kid on the seat and let him/her place the hands on the handles or steering wheel. If the rider gets a solid grip on the handles, it will be easier to control the car with balance.

For the first few tries, keep the car on a flat surface. Look for the best place in your yard to have the best ride. Let your toddler have the best riding experience from the first day. If he is not enjoying it now, he won’t try it next time.

Keep the Toy Accessible

This strategy will work for sure. Keep the toy in a place that is visible from every corner of your space or place it in a common place. If the kid sees it all the time, he will attempt to try it.

This will help him to naturally fall in love with the toy. It is recommended to keep the riding toy for toddler in the living room so that your toddler can try it whenever he wants.

Observe the Struggle

This one is the most important tip you should follow while teaching your toddler to use a ride-on car. You should observe the struggle your kid is facing while riding the car. Sometimes, they struggle to accelerate with the paddles.

If you observe a similar case, push the car when your toddler is riding it. This will make your toddler enjoy the car and pass more time in it.

Once your toddler reaches the last point of the yard, help him to get back on the route. It will be quite tough for him to move the car back in the direction. Help him to understand how the paddles work. If you help him to overcome the struggles, he is going to try the ride-on car on his own.

How to Choose a Ride-On Car for your Toddler?

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There are ride-on toys available of different brands in the market. They offer different features that vary based on the model and brands. If you have no idea about ride-on car and struggling to pick one, here are some common points you should look for before purchasing one:-


Kids will definitely prefer the cool design of any toy. If it’s not well-designed, they are not going to ride on it willingly. Make sure the toy will attract any toddler. Some ride-on toys include a music system on it. This will make the toddler enjoy the ride.

The paddles and the handles should be well-designed as well. If they fit well on the car, they will feel more comfortable during the ride. For example, if you are purchasing the ride on toys for 8 years kids, you should go for an updated one that has the paddles designed for kids 8 years and above.


Safety is always the primary concern for every parent. A ride-on toy with a seat belt will be safer for new riders. They will have protection during any accident.

You should also check the seat height from the ground. If it’s placed low with the ground, then it will save the kid from any injury. Even if he falls from the car, there won’t be any injury to be concerned about.


If you are purchasing the ride-on toy for beginners, pick one with less speed limit. As a beginner it will be tough to control a car with higher speed. It will be better if the car has speed control. You will be able to increase the speed once your kid is expert in controlling the car.

Remote Control

You should not expect good control from toddlers. Thus, remote control is the solution to get him on track whenever he’s out of the track. Most of the updated ride-on toys include a remote control feature with a good range limit.

Check the remote control features before purchasing the car. The remote control should have fewer functions to keep it simple and easy to adjust whenever needed.

Benefits of Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Push and ride on toys - Ride on toys for toddlers - Baby Journey blog

Ride-on toys are a great way of entertainment for toddlers, apart from educational toys and Montessori toys for toddlers. This will keep your toddler active. As you’re planning to teach your kid about the toy, you should be aware of the benefits as well. So, what are the major benefits your toddler will get by using the ride-on toy –


Ride on toys are going to teach your kid about balance. This toy is very much helpful for early childhood development. A toddler ride toy is going to make him/her physically strong. Ride-on toys, apart from toddler obtacle course, will help them to adapt to motor skills at a very early stage.

Motor Skill

Toddlers will learn to adjust speed and direction once they are used to the ride-on car. This will also improve their decision-making ability.


If you take your toddler to the park to ride the toy, they will meet other kids. This will help them to meet people and understand about cooperation. They are going to learn about the toy by watching other kids. In addition, you will have less struggle as a parent.

Bottom Line

Don’t worry if you see your kid struggling with the ride-on toy. The tips mentioned in this article will definitely work to get your toddler on track. Introduce your toddler with the car and let him love the toy by enjoying it. It may take time but once your toddler starts loving the toy, he is going to ride it on his own.

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