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Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review

Having read many baby product reviews and parenting guides across the internet, I’ve always wondered about parental control apps. The thought of whether using such apps to monitor kid’s activities is a good thing did cross my mind, which led me to down a rabbit hole of looking up the best parental control app.

Some of you may strongly prefer monitoring your kids’ activities by being around them all the time but like it or not, there may be times you cannot stick around 24/7 (unless you plan to be a helicopter parent?) – and this is where a parental control app comes in handy.

An app called Fenced.ai caught my attention – having launched in 2020, it seems pretty new but looks promising as a parental monitoring app. I gave the app a good look and decided to write a review of Fenced.ai.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this parental control software is all about.

Introducing Fenced.ai

Fenced.ai is one of the latest parental control solutions that tracks your kids’ online activities on their smartphone or PC. It is one of the most up and coming monitoring applications for parents who want to ensure that their kids are using smartphones securely.

You will get to know how depressed your kids are through its monitoring features and help you control your kids so that they do not get involved in any cybercrimes reported as per LLC in Wyoming and harassment.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a surefire way to diagnose them as being depressed nor give you the ultimate way to control their movements, but the app definitely helps to give indications of their behavior and allow you to take appropriate actions based on your judgment.

A powerful social media monitoring tool to keep children safe online, Fenced.ai helps to monitor the outgoing and incoming calls and texts of your kid’s smartphone, along with the date and location from where the calls have been made. It protects your kids from cyberbullying [1] and unforeseen peer pressure in the digital world by monitoring their online conversations with friends.

Fenced.ai remotely monitors all apps installed on your child’s device and protects them from any harmful or adult applications.

Once you install the app, you can view every activity from a single dashboard. The dashboard allows you to see call logs, messages, location, contact saved, email, browsing history, photos and videos saved and captured, and all other social app’s conversations with a single click.

At a glance, Fenced.ai provides lots of benefits to the parent as it helps you know the problems your kids are facing and provides a solution to get rid of the problem.

Fenced.ai | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey
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Fenced.ai Review Summary


  • Tracks browsing history so you can identify the type of content your kids surf or watch most.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Blocks websites having inappropriate content for safe browsing.
  • Provides alerts when your kids get access to harmful websites.
  • Allows you to set screen time limits.
  • Monitors social media activities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.


  • Requires frequent updates.
  • App is relatively new in the market, takes time to earn parents’ trust as the go-to monitoring application
  • Slightly more expensive than other parental control apps

Fenced.ai provides you the necessary features for monitoring your kid’s online activities. On a side note, the app is useful not only for parents to monitor their kids but also for schools and businesses to track their students and employees.

Features of Fenced.ai

It is an undeniable fact that children as young as one year old are now starting to dabble with cell phones and other digital gadgets. This can be worrying if your child accidentally clicks on harmful sites or those who are in the toddler or preschool stage unknowingly fall into the dangers of cybercrimes, cyber hate or even the possibility of conversing with strangers.

In light of that, Fenced.ai came up with features applicable to be used on kids and students, helping parents and also teachers to monitor all their mobile device activities within one application dashboard.

The Fenced.ai features include:

Monitor Calls

Monitor Calls | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

Fenced.ai monitors all the incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls from a call log with date and time. You can see whom your child calls and how much time he/she talks by monitoring his/her call log.

It also allows you to see the location from where the call has been made. With the help of this feature, you will be able to know that your child is talking to a stranger who might have an intention to harm them. It shows the call time duration, and you will know how long your kids speak with the caller.

Monitor Messages

Monitor Messages | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

The app monitors incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS from your kid’s smartphone. It also identifies the location from where the text has been sent, along with contact information, date, and time.

This feature displays all the details like a contact name, picture, phone number, exchanged media files, and MMS files media with the SMS monitoring feature’s help. It tracks messages from both android and IOS.

Monitor Contacts

Monitor Contacts | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

Fenced.ai monitors the contact saved and deleted from the contact list on your kid’s smartphones. It scans the address book of your kid’s device and monitors every existing or new number so that you can know his/her new friends.

It also allows you to download their contact details on your device. It also shows the detailed address of the saved contact location and a map link.

You can know if your kids are talking with or in touch with strangers with this feature.

Track Location

Track Location | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

Fenced.ai uses GPS location to know where your kids are precisely located at the moment. When your kids lie to you and say they are somewhere else, you can quickly know where they are at the moment.

You can get real-time updates and past location history anytime and track your kids remotely. The GPS tracking feature includes the recording visited locations with latitude, longitude, and time and date of visit.

It shows your kids’ exact location with the travel path, and you can trace the traveling route remotely and secretly. This feature allows guardians to know whether their children are at school when they should be or not and whether they arrived at the location safely or not. Parents can keep their children protected with the location monitoring feature.

Monitor Photos and Videos

Monitor Photos and Videos | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

Fenced.ai allows you to view the photos and videos saved on your kid’s device. You need not check your kids’ device manually and visit the gallery to know what they have saved and captured, say on their tablet.

You can track the photos they capture along with the date and location. Once they save a video on their device, you can easily know what they are watching. You can even monitor their Netflix activity in case you wonder if your kids spend too much time on TV shows.

You can get access to all multimedia files with the help of Fenced.ai. This feature of Fenced.ai benefits parents to identify whether your children are engaged in any risky behavior or not.

Similarly, teenage sexting [2] is a major problem these days. They share their nude photos or videos as most of them do not know they might face cyber-criminal charges for sharing nudes of themself. With this app, parents can control them and protect them from this danger.

Track Keystroke

Track Keystroke | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

The app tracks keystroke and knows what your kids type on their device. This is one of the best remote monitoring features of Fenced.ai. It displays every download, every conversation, every touch, and click.

The Internet is not safe for kids as it can turn into a dangerous and toxic place if they do not get their parent’s supervision and guidance. When your kids become more social, they might invite more chances for being exposed to online crimes and bullying.

Therefore, while selecting the parental control app, you must look for a keystroke monitoring app that is most useful to keep your kids safe as it records all the keywords pressed on their keypad and can know what they are doing from a dashboard.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring | Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

To protect your kids from online hazards, Fenced.ai provides a social media monitoring feature. It tracks every social app your kids install and use with their conversations and content they share.

The app tracks the details of apps your kids use and allows you to block the app that is not appropriate for them. You can also set a time limit for using any of the apps. It tracks conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and you will know how long your kids use the individual app.

Your child might not know about the inappropriate content that can be Gambling sites, pornography, drugs and alcoholic sites, bullying, and violence, so they might get access to these sites and get involved in online dangers. You can block these sites from your child’s device and prevent them from cybercrimes.

Pricing Plans of Fenced.ai

Types of Plan
Types of Plan
Types of Plan

If you do not get all the features needed for you, you can use a subscription. Fenced.ai has affordable pricing plans. You can buy any package based on your budget and requirement.

In my opinion, Fenced.ai seems to provide all the necessary features, although it is quite costly than other parental control apps. You can get a basic package free to use, and the free version works very well.

You can also get a free trial for seven days before using monthly packages. Not only that but it also provides 24/7 customer support to make it easy to use the app.

FAQs About Fenced.ai

How can I use Fenced.ai?

Initially, you need to install Fenced.ai on your kid’s device and create an account with your email ID and log into your Fenced.ai account, and you will get access to the Fenced.ai control panel. Then you can remotely monitor your target device. In any event you have issues with the app installation, the customer service team has been pretty helpful.

Does Fenced.ai accept online payment?

Yes, it accepts online payment via Mastercard and Visa card. You can also make a payment through PayPal, Payoneer, Giropay, etc. The payment option will be available differently.

Will my kids be able to uninstall Fenced.ai from their device?

Children will not be able to uninstall as you are provided an option to hide the icon, and it runs in the background. Your kids probably cannot detect it unless you choose an icon to display. There will not be a chance for your young toddlers or preschoolers to remove tha pp by accident.

For older kids, once they know that you are spying on them, they might try to uninstall the app. However, it is locked with security, so they cannot uninstall it.

How many devices can I monitor?

Every subscription plan can monitor limited devices. You can pick the plan according to the number of the device you want to monitor. You can check on the plan and pick up a new plan if you’re going to monitor more devices.


Every parent should have open communication with kids regarding the safety and dangers of using the internet. Parental control app is not a long-term solution for protecting your kids unless you provide the knowledge and talk openly about cybercrimes with them.

Fenced.ai helps you protect your kids, so when you feel they are in the way of danger, you can install it and track their devices. It is an ideal solution for monitoring little kids and later on, your teens as they get involved more in social media at this age.

This app is easy-to-use (I quite like the clean interface), provides good customer service, and allows you to monitor your entire family members at an affordable price. I personally think Fenced.ai works sufficiently as a parental app to keep children safe online, from my initial research of the software.

For now, I’ll keep a lookout for the app – perhaps there will come a time I will use it as I see fit.

What about you? Any thoughts about my Fenced.ai review? Share them with other parents (and me!) in the comments!

Fenced.ai Parental Control Software In-Depth Review | Baby Journey

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