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Best Baby Monitor App 2024 for iOS and Android For Parents Who Prefer Phones Over Parent Units

Expecting parents and new parents alike know that the list of necessary baby gear seems never-ending. One of the most essential items on your registry is probably a baby monitor.

Monitoring your little one normally involves the use of parent units and cameras as a whole baby monitoring package. However, some parents would rather monitor their little ones using only the help of their mobile phones and baby monitor apps due to convenience.

Thing is, the list of available apps as per LLC in Alabama likely rivals your registry list.

The good news is, we’re here to help.

So how do you choose the best baby monitor app? We have created this guide to inform you what to look for in a baby monitor app and have included a few of our top picks.

Our top five best baby monitor app picks include:

Pros and Cons of Using Baby Monitor App

A baby monitor is a vital part of your nursery. They can help you keep a close eye and ear on your child. Thanks to technology, parents can now use convenient apps on their phones to replace the traditional baby monitoring devices.

How does it work? Well, one mobile device will act as a parent unit while another similar device acts as a child device that watches over your kid. This also means you can finally put your old phones to good use!

A phone app can be easier for some parents to access, as we are rarely without our phones. Apps can also readily display tracked data like sleep patterns and captured video.

Also, apps typically work better for monitoring multiple video feeds.

The home screen of the BabyCam app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey
The home screen of the BabyCam app. Source:

However, apps mean that your phone has to be readily available and charged. You won’t be able to hand over the parent monitor to a spouse or family member when you leave, they will have to download the app.

Finally, if the app crashes you may not have a way to monitor your child.


  • Easy to access data
  • The app is readily available (frequently without our phones)
  • Alerts go directly to your phone
  • Allow monitoring of multiple camera feeds


  • Must have multiple phones/devices available
  • Cannot hand-off the parent unit to others
  • Possibility of app crashing

How To Select the Best Baby Monitor App

If you have decided that an app is for you, here is what you should know before purchasing a baby monitor app.

Phone Compatibility

As with most apps, there are Android and iOS apps. You should make sure that the system and app you are purchasing works with your cell phone. Incompatibility can render even your best baby monitor app useless.

Multiple Device Monitoring

The ability to connect to multiple cameras and monitor more than one video/audio feed at the same time is a major advantage to a baby monitor with smartphone app. But not all apps have this capability so be sure to check.

Live Data Speed

This is essentially how fast live data is relayed to the app. As close to real-time as possible is best, as this allows you to keep a close watch on your baby.

Data Log

Many apps have data gathering. This log should be easy to access. Also, check what data it keeps track of and for how long. Data can include audio and video clips, sleep patterns, and more.

App Security

As with any baby monitor, good security is a must, and this extends to the best baby monitor app as well. Make sure that the connection is secure and that other parties won’t be able to log on and view or hear your baby.

Customer Support

It never hurts to check out the customer support and support reviews. If the app crashes or isn’t working, you want an expedient and available support system so you can get back to monitoring your bundle of joy.


There is a wide variety of best baby monitor app systems available. You should select the one that best fits your budget.

Additional Features

Many of these features aren’t specific to app monitors but are important nonetheless. Look for things such as the night vision (the ability to see your baby in the dark), two-way talk capabilities, and white noise/lullaby playing features.

15 Awesome Baby Monitor Apps in 2024

  1. Dormi Baby Monitor (Android)
  2. Cloud Baby Monitor (iOS)
  3. Baby Monitor 3G (Android and iOS)
  4. Baby Monitor – MVA (Android)
  5. Universal Baby Monitor (iOS)
  6. Annie Baby Monitor Nanny Cam (Android and iOS)
  7. BabyCam (Android)
  8. Alfred Home Security Camera (Android and iOS)   
  9. AtHome Camera (Android and iOS)
  10. Wi-Fi Baby Monitor (Android)
  11. Ahgoo Baby Monitor (Android and iOS)
  12.  Baby Monitor for iPhone (iOS)
  13. Nancy Baby Monitor (Android and iOS)
  14. Faebir Baby Monitor (Android)
  15. Baby Monitor & Alarm (Android)

#1 Dormi Baby Monitor (Android)

Dormi baby monitor. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Our first pick is the Dormi Baby Monitor. This app is compatible with android phones. It requires two devices, a parent unit, and a child unit. By using two devices, it can replace any hardware that you would need to buy, like a camera.

It has both audio and video monitoring. The app has multiple alerts, such as notifications on the child’s device and of course when your little one is upset.

It can use WiFi or data to connect, but works even without the internet (using a HotSpot or WiFi Direct), providing you peace of mind. You will be the only one monitoring your precious little one thanks to the strong cryptography.

This has to be our favorite best baby monitor around!


  • Two-way talk
  • Alerts for child device notifications and crying
  • Limits background battery usage
  • Automatic noise level adjustment


  • Does not use a camera, you need two devices
  • Unlimited monitoring requires a purchase

Video Introduction:

#2 Cloud Baby Monitor (iOS)

Cloud baby monitor. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Next is the Cloud Baby Monitor, an iOS app. An iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac can be used as the child unit, your cellphone takes the place of the parent monitor. The app is sensitive to noise, so you can be sure to hear all of your baby’s cries. The noise and motion alert will quickly let you know when your child is upset.

Another great audio feature is the ability to play sound on the child’s device. This includes the two-way talk feature and the option to play white noise or lullabies.

You can even create your own playlist and watch your child drift off to sleep from anywhere in the house or outdoors. This is one best baby monitor app to consider for iOS users.


  • Multi-parent/multi-child ability
  • Night Light with remote brightness adjustability
  • Works over WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, or LTE
  • App for Apple Watch


  • Difficult to switch connectivity (eg from WiFi to LTE)
  • Prone to a bug that affects audio

#3 Baby Monitor 3G (Android and iOS)

Baby Monitor 3G. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Parents will be pleasantly surprised with the Baby Monitor 3G app as it is available for both Android and iOS. Use two devices, and easily watch your child via the WiFi or using 3G.

The crystal clear HD live video will let you see every movement, even in the dark thanks to the light feature. The variable sensitivity of the sound lets you control how easy it is to hear your child.

The app is useful even when you are not watching live video as it tracks your child’s habits and sleep patterns, you can also replay captures.


  • Two-way talk feature
  • Vibration alert when baby cries
  • Alert when connectivity is lost
  • Detailed activity log of habits


  • Difficult to restart app when connectivity drops
  • High battery usage

#4 Baby Monitor – MVA (Android)

Baby Monitor MVA - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

The Baby Monitor – MVA, for Android provides nearly boundless monitoring. You can see or hear your baby from nearly anywhere. When your child is awake, you receive a text or call.

You can even take a picture of the alert and video and forward it to another phone to let someone else know that the baby is awake.

The sleep diary provides helpful information on your child’s habits and is complemented by tips to help out sleep-deprived parents. This is one best baby monitor app not to be missed!


  • Alert in the form of calls or texts
  • Sleep log with tips
  • Image capture capability
  • Adjustability noise level sensitivity


  • App prone to freezing
  • The free version is limited

#5 Universal Baby Monitor (iOS)

iOS Universal Baby monitor. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

The iOS Universal Baby Monitor app works with all iOS devices, even tablets, and iPods. You can easily see and hear your baby over WiFi, 3G, or 4G.

Should your baby become upset, your device will receive an alert. You can then soothe them via the two-way talk feature.

Parents can adjust the sensitivity so they are alerted at the slightest sound. The adjustable camera angle is another unique and awesome offering that enables parents to customize their view. Watch your child fall asleep gazing at one of the 12 night light settings and remotely turn it off when they are dreaming.


  • Adjustable camera angle and ability to switch from front to back camera
  • 12 different night light choices
  • Customizable alarms
  • Adjustable noise sensitivity


  • Must activate flashlight to see at night
  • Paid version prone to crashing

#6 Annie Baby Monitor Nanny Cam (Android and iOS)

Annie Baby Monitor Nanny Cam. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

The Annie Baby Monitor Nanny Cam is an option for both Android and iOS users. Connect two devices and watch over any form of connectivity. The live video is crystal clear and can remotely be switched between the front or back camera.

Monitor your twin kids or multiple children from multiple parent devices. You can choose to hear even the slightest sounds or mute the audio and just receive an alert should your baby start to cry. The secure encryption means you will be the only one monitoring your bundle of joy.


  • Multiple child monitoring and parent view
  • Two-way talk
  • Night mode
  • Audio mute feature


  • Poor customer service
  • Paid subscription only

#7 BabyCam (Android)

BABY CAM baby monitor app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Next up is BabyCam. This Android app not only allows you to monitor your child via WiFi but also watch them using Chromecast on your television.

You can both listen to your child and talk to your child, all while viewing their movements on the camera. There are plenty of customizable features, such as zoom, noise sensitivity, and even microphone volume.


  • Multiple devices can be used simultaneously
  • Can capture pictures and videos
  • Free (with ads)
  • Can use Chromecast for TV viewing


  • Must be connected via the same WiFi
  • Must activate flash for night vision

#8 Alfred Home Security Camera (Android and iOS)

Alfred Home Security Camera. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Alfred Home Security Camera works with either Android and iOS devices. It is simple to set up, allowing you to start watching your child in just a few minutes.

The livestream can run 24/7 and be accessed from anywhere. If motion is detected, your phone will receive an alert.

You can then use the two-way talk feature to soothe your little one. The video capture enables parents to record adorable moments and save them to the Cloud.


  • Lowlight features
  • Can connect to multiple monitoring devices
  • Auto-record ability
  • Simple to set up


  • Not intended solely for baby monitoring (missing lullabies, sound alert, etc)
  • Frequent update problems

#9 AtHome Camera (Android and iOS)

AtHome Camera. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Another Android and iOS-friendly app is the AtHome Camera. It not only has motion detection, but also human sensing.

You will be kept in the know about what your child is doing and whenever someone enters the room. You can effortlessly monitor up to four cameras.

Watch either the livestream or have the app quietly run in the background, alerting you when there is an issue. Pan, tilt, or activate night mode; this app lets you keep a close eye on your child from anywhere at any time.


  • Time-lapse auto-record
  • Two-way talk
  • Night mode for low light viewing
  • Excellent audio quality


  • Automatically deletes recordings
  • Auto-focus doesn’t always work (blurry image)

#10 Wi-Fi Baby Monitor (Android)

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor app for Android. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Ad-free Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for Android makes watching your baby a breeze. From the parent device, you can control the camera LED so the video and audio are exceedingly clear.

Should your child awake, use the two-way talk to gently soothe them. An alarm will alert you to noise, connectivity issues, and even a low battery.

With add-ons, this app can do everything, even monitor the room’s temperature and humidity.


  • Low data consumption
  • Multiple alarm settings
  • Can be paired with accessories to monitor the atmosphere
  • Try before you buy


  • Must be connected to same WiFi network
  • High-maintenance (frequent alarm silencing, etc)

#11 Ahgoo Baby Monitor (Android and iOS)

Ahgoo Baby Monitor app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Parents with different device types will enjoy the Ahgoo Baby Monitor, compatible with both Android and iOS. Its cross-platform compatibility allows parents to connect multiple devices no matter their operating system.

It continually streams high-quality audio and video. The app is complete with alerts that can be adjusted in sensitivity. The visual audio indicator is also a lovely feature so you can see even the quietest noise.


  • Works with multiple devices and operating systems
  • Visual audio indicator
  • Battery level indicator
  • Continual stream


  • Has difficulty running in the background
  • Cannot change camera mode from portrait to landscape

#12 Baby Monitor for iPhone (iOS)

Baby Monitor for iPhone app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

The app, Baby Monitor for iPhone, is a great choice for iOS devices. All you have to do is connect two devices after simply installing the app. Then, parents can enjoy high-definition video and extra sensitive audio; either day or night.

Remotely enabling the flashlight on the baby’s device allows you to see in even the dimmest settings. The app even allows you to remotely begin playing lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep.


  • Easy installation and set up
  • Can remotely enable the flashlight
  • Ability to play lullabies
  • Alerts via notification or phone calls


  • The full version is costly
  • Cannot run in the background

#13 Nancy Baby Monitor (Android and iOS)

Nancy Baby Monitor app for smartphone. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Simple and easy to use, the Nancy Baby Monitor is suitable for either Android or iOS. High-quality video and audio may be captured by either the front or back camera.

The microphone can be accessed to communicate with your little one. Capable of using WiFi, 3G, or LTE you won’t have to worry about an interrupted connection. Intuitive notifications keep you in the know.


  • Secure encrypted connection
  • Can switch cameras remotely
  • Can adjust noise sensitivity
  • Two-way talk


  • No night mode
  • Cannot play music or white noise

#14 Faebir Baby Monitor (Android)

Faebir baby monitor app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

Up next is the Android enabled Faebir Baby Monitor. The app constantly streams audio and video of your precious bundle of joy. Don’t worry about losing alerts in your notifications, the app issues a phone call.

Parents will delight knowing they can even set up multiple contacts to receive a call. Thanks to low battery consumption, you can effortlessly check up on your child for hours.


  • Call alerts instead of notifications
  • Ability to run in the background
  • Low battery alert
  • Delayed start provides time to leave the room


  • No dropped connection alert
  • Difficulty calling via Skype

#15 Baby Monitor & Alarm (Android)

Baby Monitor & Alarm baby monitor app. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

The final app is the Baby Monitor & Alarm, an Android app. This wonderful app has a variety of features in addition to great video and audio monitoring. You can remotely soothe your child, not only with white noise but by recording your voice and playing it back to your child.

Alerts via phone call won’t overload your phone with notifications and are sure to get your immediate attention. Because all children are different, all of the settings can be customized.

Everything the camera captures is recorded in the activity log, you can then discover your baby’s habits and even send them via email.


  • Every setting is customizable
  • Phone call alerts instead of notifications
  • Activity log and tracking
  • Ability to record and playback parents voice


  • No night mode
  • Sometimes freezes when running in the background

Best Baby Monitor App Alternative: A Baby Monitor that Comes with An App

We have established that a baby monitor is a nursery must-have, but if using mobile phones as parent monitors with app is not your thing, then the next best thing would be going for baby monitors with phone apps.

After all, you can always rely on the traditional and trustworthy parent unit that pairs with a baby monitor app. Some of the best Wi-Fi baby monitors that come with an app include the Nanit Plus, the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor and the Lollipop Baby Monitor.

You can also consider a baby monitor that comes with an app such as the Nanit Plus. - Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey
You can also consider a baby monitor that comes with an app such as the Nanit Plus. Source:

Regardless of the type of baby monitor, there are a few quick things you should consider when browsing your options.

  • Good Battery Life: If you are using a parent unit, or a camera that relies on batteries, battery life is essential. Most cameras are plugged into electrical outlets, and apps are used with your cell phone. But, if you are using a parent unit it will probably have rechargeable batteries.
  • Longevity of your batteries: This is important because you will want a monitor that will let you carry it around the house, or travel with the monitor for long periods. Additionally, you want the batteries to last overnight, the most common and useful time to monitor your baby.
  • Strong Signal: The point of a baby monitor is to allow you to watch your baby without being physically in the room. You may want to relax in your own room, cook dinner, or step out on the deck.

    To monitor your child from various places inside and outside your house, you will need a strong signal. This enables the camera to deliver the audio and video to your parent unit or app. A strong signal radius will provide you with both freedom and peace of mind.
  • Reliability of Alert System: Monitors can have a variety of alerts. The most basic is visual and audio alerts when your child is crying or fussing. Many have color soundbars that indicate the noise level.

    Other alerts can include breathing and movement monitoring. These typically rely on a sensor or pad. They will issue an alarm if no movement or breathing is detected for a certain period.

    Apps will need to pair with hardware for this feature. Look for an app whose alert system is reliable and not prone to false alarms.
  • Ease of Use & Accessing Data: As a busy parent, monitoring your child should be hassle-free. Whether it concerns the camera, the app, or the parent unit, you want the system to be easy to use.

    You shouldn’t have to click through a variety of menus or screens to find what you are looking for. If your system does track or store data, you want it to be easily accessible so you can quickly know all there is to know about your baby.

Our Top App Pick

Using a baby monitor app can save you the hassle of having to buy expensive hardware and wiring your nursery. An app allows you to effortlessly monitor your baby from nearly anywhere. Alerts will be delivered to the one thing you are never without, your phone!

Out of all these great apps, our top choice is the Dormi Baby Monitor for meeting all of our feature must-haves!

Do you use a baby monitor app too? Tell us your favorite best baby monitor app in the comments below!

Best Baby Monitor App Review | Baby Journey

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