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725+ Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas

Playing “this or that” with our kids not only sparks joyous laughter, but it also lets us peek into their blossoming minds. It’s like a fun game where choices reveal preferences, and before we know it, we’re having meaningful conversation starters that connect us on a deeper level.

We always keep it simple; whether it’s deciding between ice cream or cake, dogs or cats, each this or that question for kids opens up a world of understanding, bonding us as a family during road trips, dinner time, or our cozy weekend afternoons. It’s our little way to stay engaged as a family without the need for screens or gadgets—just our voices and a little bit of imagination.

These are some of our favorite fun this and that questions for kids!:

  • Only Ice Cream for Life or Only Pizza for Life?
  • Scary Movie or Comedy?
  • Mismatched Socks or Funky Laces?
  • Video Games or Board Games?
  • Would you rather give back too much change or keep it?

What Are This or That Questions?

This or That questions are a type of question game, also known as “either or questions,” “a or b questions,” “make me choose between two things,” and the “pick one of two choices game.” These prompts are a fun way to spark conversations with kids, as we give them two options and they pick the one they prefer. This game can also be a great virtual team building activity, as it allows for fun and silly interactions between team members.

For example, we might ask, “Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?” It’s great as icebreakers because there’s no right or wrong answer, just a fun way to see what they like!

This or That questions is a wonderful way to engage with children. Whether stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store, these questions turn a dull moment into a playful exchange.

Plus, there’s a secret bonus for us parents: we get to learn a bit more about our kids’ preferences and sometimes even the reasoning behind their choices. It’s a win-win for family bonding apart from family bike rides!

This game is a hit in classrooms too; playing this or that questions for students is like a secret code to get them all chatting and sharing.

How To Play This or That Game for Kids?

How to play This or That Game with kids? It’s super simple!

We come up with pairs of options and ask our kiddos to choose their favorite. For example, we might ask, “Ice cream or cake?” and they’ll pick what they love more.

To make it even more engaging, you can try funny this or that questions like “Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?” To keep things organized, use a this or that questions for kids worksheet where we list our ideas and track their choices.

We’ve noticed the best this or that for kids questions are those that spark our children’s imaginations. Aim for good this or that questions that are not only fun but also open up opportunities as perfect self esteem activities for kids to express themselves while we enjoy their explanations.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all about having a good time and learning more about what makes our young ones tick. Keep it light-hearted and watch as their unique preferences and reasoning skills shine through!

725+ Fun This or That Questions for Kids and Students Ideas

We know how much joy and laughter can bubble up when we play “This or That” with kids. For the little ones, you can jazz it up using this or that questions for kids with pictures—like showing a cat and a dog—and ask, “Which one would you want as a pet?” It is a great way to make the game more interactive and engaging for kids who are just starting to read!

For older kids and students, you can ask more thought-provoking questions like “Would you rather have a photographic memory or perfect dream recall?” or “Would you rather be the fastest person or the smartest person?” to spark interesting conversations and ideas. It’s as easy as pie to get started—no prep needed, just a list of questions and an excited bunch of kids!

Here’s a treasure trove of over 725 questions that range from silly to thought-provoking. Let’s embrace the fun!

 Food and Drink This or That Questions Game - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

Are you ready for a fun twist on snack time? We can turn choosing treats into a delightful game. Here’s a list of yummy this or that questions that we can ask our kids to make mealtime or snack time even more exciting:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies?
  2. Apples or Oranges?
  3. Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza?
  4. Milk or Juice?
  5. Chocolate Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream?
  6. Burger or Hot Dog?
  7. Peanut Butter or Jelly?
  8. Hot Chocolate or Iced Tea?
  9. Grilled Cheese or BLT?
  10. Pancakes or Waffles?
  11. Brownies or Cookies?
  12. Strawberries or Blueberries?
  13. Popcorn or Chips?
  14. Only Ice Cream for Life or Only Pizza for Life?
  15. French Fries or Onion Rings?
  16. Watermelon or Grapes?
  17. Gummy Bears or Chocolate Bars?
  18. Fancy Restaurant or Fast Food Truck?
  19. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
  20. Spaghetti or Mac and Cheese?
  21. Hot Chocolate or Milk?
  22. Fries or Wedges?
  23. Sweet or Savory?
  24. Fruit Tart or Lemon Tart?
  25. Beef Burger or Turkey Burger?
  26. Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Banana Pancakes?
  27. Peanut Butter Cups or Chocolate Truffles?
  28. Pancakes with Maple Syrup or Pancakes with Honey?
  29. Nachos with Salsa or Nachos with Queso?
  30. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich or Grilled Cheese Sandwich?
  31. Chicken Tenders or Fish Sticks?
  32. Carrot Sticks or Celery Sticks?
  33. Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap or Turkey Avocado Wrap?
  34. Chocolate Cake or Vanilla Cake?
  35. Tacos with Beef or Tacos with Chicken?
  36. Chicken Noodle Soup or Tomato Soup?
  37. Blueberry Pie or Apple Pie?
  38. Corn on the Cob or Steamed Broccoli?
  39. Spinach Salad or Caesar Salad?
  40. Chocolate Fondue or Cheese Fondue?
  41. Chocolate Donut or Glazed Donut?
  42. Cheese Quesadilla or Beef Quesadilla?
  43. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
  44. Pepperoni Pizza or Supreme Pizza?
  45. Chicken Caesar Wrap or Turkey Club Wrap?
  46. Cinnamon Rolls or Croissants?
  47. Baked Apple Pie or Cherry Pie?
  48. Chicken Pot Pie or Shepherd’s Pie?
  49. Vanilla Cheesecake or Chocolate Cheesecake?
  50. Strawberry Shortcake or Chocolate Brownie?
  51. Blueberry Muffin or Banana Muffin?
  52. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies?
  53. Ham and Cheese Croissant or Turkey and Swiss Croissant?
  54. Orange Sorbet or Raspberry Sorbet?
  55. Raspberry Smoothie or Mango Smoothie?
  56. Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Blueberry Pancakes?
  57. Veggie Spring Rolls or Chicken Spring Rolls?
  58. Cheese and Crackers or Pretzels and Hummus?
  59. Potato Chips or Tortilla Chips?
  60. Spinach Dip or Artichoke Dip?
  61. Nachos with Cheese or Nachos with Guacamole?
  62. Chocolate Pudding or Vanilla Pudding?
  63. Chocolate Milkshake or Vanilla Milkshake?
  64. Chicken Caesar Salad or Cobb Salad?
  65. Cheese Pizza or Hawaiian Pizza?
  66. Roasted Chicken or Fried Chicken?
  67. Strawberry Cheesecake or Blueberry Cheesecake?
  68. Chocolate Fudge or Peanut Butter Fudge?
  69. Chicken Caesar Salad or Greek Salad?
  70. Ham and Cheese Sandwich or Turkey and Avocado Sandwich?
  71. Chicken Alfredo Pizza or Veggie Supreme Pizza?
  72. Rice Krispies Treats or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies?
  73. Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Tenders?
  74. Macaroni and Cheese or Cheese Ravioli?
  75. Beef Stir-Fry or Chicken Stir-Fry?
  76. Lemonade or Iced Tea?
  77. Strawberry Yogurt or Blueberry Yogurt?
  78. Baked Potato or Sweet Potato?
  79. Lemon Tart or Key Lime Pie?
  80. Shrimp Stir-Fry or Vegetable Stir-Fry?
  81. Chicken Nuggets or Mozzarella Sticks?
  82. Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettuccine Alfredo?
  83. Lemon Chicken or Orange Chicken?
  84. Lemonade or Root Beer?
  85. Chicken Alfredo Pasta or Spaghetti Carbonara?
  86. Margherita Pizza or BBQ Chicken Pizza?
  87. Cinnamon Toast or French Toast?
  88. Chicken Tacos or Beef Tacos?
  89. Cheese Quesadilla or Chicken Quesadilla?
  90. Fruit Salad or Vegetable Salad?
  91. Beef Stir-Fry or Tofu Stir-Fry?
  92. Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Strawberry Pancakes?
  93. Chicken Soup or Vegetable Soup?
  94. Cheese Ravioli or Spinach Ravioli?
  95. Pasta with Tomato Sauce or Pasta with Alfredo Sauce?
  96. Cheeseburger or Veggie Burger?
  97. Lemon Sorbet or Strawberry Sorbet?
  98. Chocolate Chip Muffin or Banana Nut Muffin?
  99. Cucumber Slices or Bell Pepper Slices?
  100. Bagel with Cream Cheese or Bagel with Avocado and Tomato?
  101. Blueberry Pancakes or Chocolate Chip Waffles?
  102. Milkshake or Smoothie?
  103. Grilled Chicken Salad or Caesar Salad?
  104. Chicken Parmesan or Eggplant Parmesan?
  105. Cheese Sandwich or Ham Sandwich?
  106. Caramel Popcorn or Cheese Popcorn?
  107. Cheese Fondue or Chocolate Fondue?
  108. Chicken Meat or Duck Meat?
  109. Chicken Fried Rice or Vegetable Fried Rice?
  110. Chocolate Milk or Strawberry Milk?
  111. Raspberry Tart or Apple Tart?
  112. Blueberry Pancakes or Banana Pancakes?
  113. Popsicle or Ice Cream Sandwich?
  114. Pizza Rolls or Mozzarella Sticks?
  115. Apple Slices with Caramel Dip or Apple Slices with Peanut Butter?
  116. Bagel with Cream Cheese or Bagel with Peanut Butter?
  117. Beef Burger or Veggie Burger?
  118. Popcorn Chicken or Chicken Wings?
  119. Rice with Soy Sauce or Rice with Teriyaki Sauce?
  120. Chicken Burrito or Beef Burrito?
  121. Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce or Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce?
  122. Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Mango Pineapple Smoothie?
  123. Vanilla Cupcake or Chocolate Cupcake?
  124. Pizza with Olives or Pizza with Pineapples?
  125. Cereal first then add milk or Milk first then add cereal?
  126. Corn in cup or Corn Cob?
  127. Corn in cup or Popcorn?

Remember, there’s no wrong answer to these this or that funny questions! It’s all about what you’re craving at the moment – pick your favorites and enjoy a meal full of giggles and yum!

Hobbies and Entertainment This or That Game Questions - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

As parents who adore spending quality time with our kids, we know it’s important to keep things lighthearted and enjoyable. Let’s dive into some fun This or That game questions focused on hobbies and entertainment, from board games to card games, and more. Grab your little ones and have a blast discovering their preferences!

  1. Superheroes or Princesses?
  2. Magic Tricks or Juggling?
  3. Climbing or Bouncing?
  4. Musicals or Plays?
  5. Introvert or Extrovert?
  6. Puppet Show or Magic Show?
  7. Ice Skating or Roller Skating?
  8. Scary Movie or Comedy?
  9. Playing an Instrument or Listening to Music?
  10. Story Books or Comic Books?
  11. Stickers or Glitter?
  12. Nature Documentary or Animated Movie?
  13. Cartoons or Live-Action?
  14. Dress-Up or Hide and Seek?
  15. Singing or Dancing?
  16. Puzzles or Coloring Books?
  17. Comedies or Adventure Films?
  18. Crafting or Drawing?
  19. Pop Music or Rock Music?
  20. Dinosaurs or Aliens?
  21. Board Games or Video Games?
  22. Tea parties or Reading?
  23. Singing or Acting?
  24. Cinema or Home Theatre?
  25. Piano or Violin?
  26. Drums or Trumpet?
  27. Toy dinosaurs or Toy animals?
  28. Kinetic sand or Slime?
  29. Toy planes or Toy boats?
  30. Puzzle or Memory game?
  31. Building a fort with blankets and pillows or playing in a treehouse?
  32. Going on a nature scavenger hunt or a neighborhood scavenger hunt?
  33. Nature hike or Exploring a playground?
  34. Camping trip or Sleepover at home?
  35. Picnic in the park or Backyard barbecue?
  36. Making sandcastles at the beach or splashing in the waves?
  37. Going on a nature photography expedition or a city photo walk?
  38. Toy planes or Toy trains?
  39. Dressing up as Pirates or Princesses?
  40. Play-Doh or Clay?
  41. Game night or Movie night?
  42. Flying a kite or blowing bubbles?
  43. Treasure hunt or Scavenger hunt?
  44. At-home escape game or A day out at the beach?
  45. Dance party or Karaoke night?
  46. Hot air balloon ride or Helicopter ride?
  47. Mini-golf or Bowling?
  48. Riding a bike or Scooting on a skateboard?
  49. Science experiment or Baking project?
  50. Planting Flowers or Vegetables in the garden?
  51. Bug hunt or Butterfly watching adventure?
  52. Watercolor painting or Finger painting?
  53. Making paper airplanes or Origami?
  54. Rock climbing or Obstacle course?
  55. Making jewelry or Making friendship bracelets?
  56. Learning a new language or Learning a new dance?
  57. Birdwatching or Cloud watching?
  58. Making a scrapbook or Making a photo album?
  59. Gardening or Birdhouse building?
  60. Making a time capsule or Creating a family tree?
  61. Learning about space or Learning about the ocean?
  62. Making a vision board or Creating a gratitude journal?
  63. Yoga or Meditation?
  64. Learning about different cultures or Learning about different animals?
  65. Learning about history or Learning about the future?
  66. Making a terrarium or Making a fairy garden?
  67. Learning about healthy eating or Learning about exercise?
  68. Learning about famous landmarks or Learning about famous inventions?
  69. Making a weather station or Making a solar system model?
  70. Creating a DIY board game or Creating a DIY puzzle?
  71. Making a DIY weather vane or Making a DIY volcano model?
  72. Learning about different types of clouds or Learning about different types of rocks?
  73. Making a DIY puppet theater or Making a DIY shadow puppet show?
  74. Learning about different types of trees or Learning about different types of flowers?
  75. Making a DIY bird feeder or Making a DIY insect hotel?
  76. Constellations or Planets?
  77. Time machine or Spaceships?
  78. Magic wand or Telescope?
  79. Telescope or Microscope?
  80. Play pirates or soldiers?
  81. Read superhero comics or Read space adventure comics?
  82. Rollerblading or Skateboarding?
  83. Pizza Making Class or Pasta Making Class?
  84. Learn fishing or Learn cooking?
  85. Learn fishing or Learn woodworking?
  86. Learn ballet or ballroom dance?
  87. Learn ballet or musical instrument?
  88. Enter a Spelling bee competition or Math competition?
  89. Celebrate New Year on Your Own or With Best Friends?
  90. Browse social media or Watch TV shows?
Travel This or That Topics - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

As parents who adore exploring new places with our kids, we’ve come up with some fun “Travel This or That” questions that you can ask your little ones. These can spark conversations about dream vacations or weekend getaways and are perfect for those long car rides or waiting at the airport. Let’s get our travel imaginations soaring with destinations like Italy or Hawaii!!

  1. Castle or Skyscraper?
  2. Train Ride or Bus Ride?
  3. Island or Mainland?
  4. Swimming Pool or Ocean?
  5. Camping or Hotel Stay?
  6. Hot Air Balloon Ride or Submarine?
  7. Safari or Polar Expedition?
  8. Fruit Picking or Fishing?
  9. Hiking or Biking?
  10. Pirate Ship or Spaceship?
  11. Road Trip or Plane Trip?
  12. Treehouse or Cave?
  13. Big City or Small Town?
  14. Zoo or Aquarium?
  15. Museum or Science Center?
  16. Beaches or Mountains?
  17. Horseback Riding or Camel Riding?
  18. Amusement Park or Water Park?
  19. Snow or Sand?
  20. Desert or Rainforest?
  21. Train Ride or Plane Ride?
  22. Camping or Hiking?
  23. Library or Amusement Park?
  24. Farm or Aquarium?
  25. Running or Walking?
  26. River Cruise or Swamp Tour?
  27. Tea Plantation or Coffee Plantation?
  28. Dog Sledding Adventure or Reindeer Sleigh Ride?
  29. Tulip Field or Daffodil Meadow?
  30. Canoe Trip or Kayak Excursion?
  31. Cherry Blossom Garden or Bamboo Grove?
  32. Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard?
  33. Lavender Field or Sunflower Field?
  34. Butterfly Conservatory or Bird Sanctuary?
  35. Natural History Museum or Art Museum?
  36. Chocolate Factory or Candy Factory?
  37. Botanical Garden or Butterfly Garden?
  38. Old Town or New City?
  39. Lighthouse or Windmill?
  40. Riding a Horse or a Pony?
  41. Exploring a Cave or Climbing Rocks?
  42. Woods or Lake?
  43. Vineyard or Orchard?
  44. Volcano or Geyser?
  45. Ice Skating Rink or Roller Skating Rink?
  46. Sailing Boat or Rowing Boat?
  47. Corn Maze or Hayride?
  48. Observatory or Planetarium?
  49. Helicopter Tour or Seaplane Tour?
  50. Underground Cave or Aboveground Observatory?
  51. Art Studio or Pottery Studio?
  52. Rock Climbing or Ziplining?
  53. River Rafting or Tubing?
  54. Dinosaur Museum or Space Museum?
  55. Segway Tour or Bike Tour?
  56. Horse Carriage Ride or Horseback Riding?
  57. Ghost Tour or Historic Walking Tour?
  58. Wildlife Sanctuary or Botanical Sanctuary?
  59. Ice Cream Factory Tour or Cheese Factory Tour?
  60. Indoor Skydiving or Indoor Surfing?
  61. Treetop Adventure Park or Rock Climbing Gym?
  62. Night Safari or Daytime Wildlife Tour?
  63. Indoor Water Park or Outdoor Water Park?
  64. Indoor Playground or Outdoor Playground?
  65. Circus or Food Fair?
  66. Theme Park or Circus?
  67. Shopping Mall or Library?
  68. Home or Outdoors?
  69. Plane Ride or Boat Ride?
  70. Cruise or Camping?
  71. Pond or Sea?
  72. Waterfall or Ocean?
  73. Dolphin show or Seal show?
  74. Food tour or Shopping tour?
  75. North or South?
  76. West or East?
  77. Travel during summer or Travel during winter?
  78. Historical site or Visiting mountains?
  79. Visit ancient temples or Visit ancient ruins?
  80. See the pyramid or See historical statues?
  81. Attend comedy show or Attend musical play?
  82. Stay in a hotel or Stay in a camping tent?
  83. Haunted House or Gingerbread House?
  84. Christmas or Halloween?

Whip out these questions next time you and the kids are dreaming up your next family outing or school break vacation!

Fashion Pick One of Two Choices Game - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

Are you ready for a fun game that lets us decide between two adorable fashion options? Let’s play the “Fashion Pick One of Two Choices Game”! This is a fantastic way to chat about their favorite styles and maybe even inspire their next outfit?

  1. Glitter or Glow-in-the-Dark?
  2. Mismatched Socks or Funky Laces?
  3. Raincoat or Snowsuit?
  4. Crown or Tiara?
  5. Superhero Capes or Pirate Hats?
  6. Headbands or Hair Clips?
  7. Slippers or Thick Socks?
  8. Dresses or Shorts?
  9. Sports Jerseys or Character Shirts?
  10. Sneakers or Boots?
  11. Jeans or Leggings?
  12. Scarves or Mittens?
  13. Bandanas or Hair Bows?
  14. Bright Colors or Pastel Colors?
  15. Stripes or Polka Dots?
  16. Hats or Sunglasses?
  17. Backpack or Tote Bag?
  18. T-shirts or Sweaters?
  19. Pajamas or Onesies?
  20. Flip Flops or Water Shoes?
  21. Dress or Skirt?
  22. Bow Tie or Necktie?
  23. Bow Headband or Flower Crown?
  24. Bowler Hat or Fedora?
  25. High-Tops or Low-Tops?
  26. Tutu or Ballet Skirt?
  27. Bow Shoes or Mary Janes?
  28. Hair Clip or Barrette?
  29. Hairband or Hair Scrunchie?
  30. Blouse or Shirt?
  31. Cap or Hat?
  32. Floral Shirt or Animal Print Shirt?
  33. Bandana or Scarf?
  34. Vest or Tunic?
  35. Sequins or Feathers?
  36. Ruffles or Lace?
  37. Denim Jacket or Leather Jacket?
  38. Plaid Shirt or Checkered Shirt?
  39. Cowboy Boots or Rain Boots?
  40. Graphic T-shirt or Tie-dye T-shirt?
  41. Fedora or Beanie?
  42. Bell-bottoms or Skinny Jeans?
  43. Cartoon Character Pajamas or Animal Print Pajamas?
  44. Hoodie or Cardigan?
  45. Striped Tights or Patterned Leggings?
  46. Faux Fur Coat or Puffer Jacket?
  47. Suspenders or Belt?
  48. Neon Colors or Earth Tones?
  49. Fanny Pack or Crossbody Bag?
  50. Tulle Dress or Sequin Dress?
  51. Turtleneck or Polo Shirt?
  52. Denim Skirt or Corduroy Skirt?
  53. Cargo Pants or Sweatpants?
  54. Tuxedo or Suit?
  55. Velvet Bow or Satin Bow?
  56. Choker Necklace or Pendant Necklace?
  57. Embroidered Jeans or Patchwork Jeans?
  58. Fringed Vest or Cropped Jacket?
  59. Plaid Flannel or Chambray Shirt?
  60. Trench Coat or Peacoat?
  61. Tulle Skirt or Pleated Skirt?
  62. Graphic Hoodie or Solid-Colored Hoodie?
  63. Tye-dye Shirt or Ombre Shirt?
  64. Faux Leather Leggings or Metallic Leggings?
  65. Tassel Earrings or Hoop Earrings?
  66. Sequin Sneakers or Glitter Sneakers?
  67. Floral Headband or Feather Headband?
  68. Striped Socks or Patterned Tights?
  69. Faux Fur Vest or Faux Leather Vest?
  70. Patchwork Denim or Embroidered Denim?
  71. Ruffled Blouse or Lace Blouse?
  72. Suede Boots or Velvet Boots?
  73. Denim Overalls or Corduroy Overalls?
  74. Sequin Bow Tie or Satin Bow Tie?
  75. Printed Scarf or Fringed Scarf?
  76. Polka Dot Dress or Gingham Dress?
  77. Plaid Pants or Checkered Pants?
  78. Tassel Loafers or Velvet Loafers?
  79. Floral Print Tights or Striped Tights?
  80. Hooded Sweatshirt or Zip-Up Hoodie?
  81. Embellished Headband or Floral Crown?
  82. Earrings or Necklace?
  83. Bracelet or Anklet?

So, what’s our pick for today? Let’s mix, match, and enjoy the fashion fun. We can try this game again and again; our options are endless!

Technology Best This or That Questions - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

It’s always great to see our kids engaged and learning, so we definitely adore word games for kids or fun games like “This or That” with a twist of technology! Let’s dive into some cool tech-related questions that spark creativity and curiosity:

  1. Online Games or Offline Games?
  2. Headphones or Earbuds?
  3. Electric Car or Rocket Ship?
  4. Voice Assistant or Typing?
  5. E-books or Physical Books?
  6. Learn Coding or Graphic Design?
  7. 3D Printing or Laser Cutting?
  8. Video Calls or Text Messages?
  9. Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?
  10. Smartphone or Digital Camera?
  11. Apple or Android?
  12. Science Apps or Math Apps?
  13. Keyboard or Touch Screen?
  14. Wireless Charging or Cable Charging?
  15. Robots or Drones?
  16. Animated GIFs or Stickers?
  17. Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?
  18. Solar Power or Wind Power?
  19. Tablet or Laptop?
  20. Digital Art or Traditional Art?
  21. Video Games or Board Games?
  22. Online Chat or Phone Call?
  23. Gaming Console or Handheld Console?
  24. Coding Games or Puzzle Games?
  25. Digital Clock or Analog Clock?
  26. Selfie Camera or Action Camera?
  27. Video Game Streaming or Game Walkthroughs?
  28. Voice Chat or Video Chat?
  29. E-sports or Traditional Sports?
  30. Video Editing or Sound Editing?
  31. Digital Journal or Handwritten Journal?
  32. Virtual Pet or Tamagotchi?
  33. Digital Planner or Paper Planner?
  34. Podcast or Audiobook?
  35. 3D Animation or Stop Motion Animation?
  36. Digital Comics or Graphic Novels?
  37. Digital Music or Vinyl Records?
  38. Digital Library or Physical Library?
  39. Online Chess Game or In-person Chess Match?
  40. Facebook or Instagram?

Play on, and let’s enjoy these techie questions that might teach us a little more about the gadgets and gizmos in our lives!

Moral Instincts This or That List of Questions - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

Playing This or That with our kids is more than just fun—it’s a chance to discuss what really matters. Let’s see what choices they’d make!

Would You Rather…

  1. Return a lost wallet or keep the money?
  2. Win a game by cheating or lose honestly?
  3. Stand by a teased friend or not get involved?
  4. Tell the truth and possibly hurt feelings or keep peace by lying?
  5. Confront a friend who stole or stay silent?
  6. Share our toys or play by ourselves?
  7. Give back too much change or keep it?
  8. Apologize for mistakes or try to hide them?
  9. Own up to breaking something or say nothing?
  10. Comfort someone sad or pass by?
  11. Speak up against unfairness or not get involved?
  12. Forgive someone who hurt us or stay upset?
  13. Help with homework even if it means less playtime?
  14. Clean up a mess we didn’t make or leave it?
  15. Choose to be kind or work to be popular?
  16. Follow the rules or bend them for fun?
  17. Admit mistakes or blame others?
  18. Include someone left out of a game or not worry about it?
  19. Help pick up dropped items or walk on?
  20. Say sorry first in an argument or wait?
  21. Offer our seat to someone in need or sit comfortably?
  22. Lend a hand with a heavy load or not bother?
  23. Be honest about feelings or pretend?
  24. Pick the easy route or do what’s right?
  25. Admit when we don’t know something or fake it?
  26. Clean up litter or leave it be?
  27. Stay loyal to a friend who’s wrong or hold them to account?
  28. Be nice to everyone or just to nice people?
  29. Choose to give despite inconvenience or put ourselves first?
  30. Admit to fears or act brave?
  31. Spoil your teeth to satisfy your sweets cravings or take care of your teeth?
  32. Spread germs to others to fall sick together or keep the germs to yourself?
  33. Help your mom with chores or pretend you don’t hear her because you don’t want to do them?

Our choices in These or That questions spark great talks about morals. Let’s guide our little ones to make choices that mirror goodness, even when it’s tricky. It’s about learning together what makes us the best we can be.

 Crazy and Hilarious This or That Questions - Fun This or That Questions for Kids Ideas - Baby Journey Best Parenting Blogs

As parents, we know just how much kids love wacky choices! So we’ve put together some of the zaniest “This or That” questions that will have your kiddos giggling and pondering some truly outlandish scenarios. Read on and get ready to spark some laughter in your family game night with these crazy this or that questions!

Would You Rather:

  1. Have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?
  2. Live on the moon or in an underwater city?
  3. Own a flying car or teleport whenever you want?
  4. Get the power to shrink to ant-size or grow into a giant?
  5. Have a house with legs that walks or one that can fly?
  6. Talk only to animals or speak every language fluently?
  7. Dive into a pool of chocolate or bounce on a trampoline into the clouds?
  8. Sport a superhero cape every day or wear a wizard’s robe to school?
  9. Have a personal robot butler or a magical genie for a friend?
  10. Be a famous inventor of toys or an explorer of hidden worlds?
  11. Have a pet elephant-sized hamster or a hamster-sized elephant?
  12. Find a magical wardrobe to other worlds or a secret door to treasures?
  13. Control the weather with your thoughts or control time with your dance moves?
  14. Have a never-ending supply of pizza or an endless pile of ice cream?
  15. Own a hoverboard that flies or a carpet that chats back?
  16. Be surrounded by trampolines or bounce houses in your backyard?
  17. Have a tail that helps you swing from trees or wings to soar with birds?
  18. Be a famous mathematician or a famous writer?
  19. Be a famous writer or a famous poet?
  20. Be Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison?
  21. Be Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare?
  22. Turn into a superhero every time you sneeze or a fairy every time you blink?
  23. Wear a crown made of bubbles or a necklace made of rainbows?
  24. Have a magical book that brings stories to life or a magic paintbrush that brings drawings to life?
  25. Have a bouncy house as a bed or a slide as stairs?
  26. Wear a hat that changes color with your mood or shoes that light up with every step?
  27. Have a magical wand or a bottomless bag of surprises?
  28. Be able to talk to plants or understand what animals are thinking?
  29. Have a talking pet parrot or a singing pet goldfish?
  30. Ride a roller coaster every day or a merry-go-round every night?
  31. Have a secret hideout in a tree or a secret tunnel underground?
  32. Have a pet dragon that breathes bubbles or a pet unicorn that farts rainbows?
  33. Turn into a giant marshmallow or a tiny gummy bear?
  34. Eat a sandwich made of clouds or a salad made of sunshine?
  35. Be able to speak to animals or have animals speak like humans?
  36. Have a magical backpack that always has what you need or a pair of shoes that take you anywhere you want to go?

As we ask these questions, we discover more about our kids’ vivid imaginations. It also gives us some silly scenarios to talk about over dinner. Remember, the sillier the question, the more fun we have! Let’s embrace the playful moments and enjoy these crazy, hilarious “This or That” questions together.

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Need we say more? Test your kid’s knowledge with these simple this or that options! This can also be one of the best new year activities for toddlers too!

  1. Is the sun hot or cold?
  2. Are clouds made of water vapor or cotton candy?
  3. Do birds fly or swim?
  4. Is the moon made of cheese or rock?
  5. Do dogs bark or meow?
  6. Are apples red or purple?
  7. Does ice cream melt in the sun or the fridge?
  8. Do fish live in water or on land?
  9. Are bananas yellow or green?
  10. Do cars run on gas or juice?
  11. Is the sky blue or orange?
  12. Do elephants have tusks or horns?
  13. Are stars bigger than the Earth or smaller?
  14. Do bees make honey or chocolate?
  15. Are strawberries sweet or sour?
  16. Is the Earth round or flat?
  17. Do snakes slither or hop?
  18. Are trees alive or dead?
  19. Do butterflies come out during the day or night?
  20. Is the ocean salty or sweet?
  21. Do bears live in caves or trees?
  22. Are bicycles ridden on land or water?
  23. Do spiders have eight legs or twelve?
  24. Are rainbows black and white or colorful?
  25. Do airplanes fly in the sky or underwater?
  26. Is the grass green or pink?
  27. Do cows say moo or woof?
  28. Are clouds heavy or light?
  29. Is the Earth the only planet in the solar system or are there others?
  30. Do chickens lay eggs or give birth to live babies?
  31. Are mountains taller than buildings or shorter?
  32. Do ducks swim in ponds or deserts?
  33. Is the wind hot or cold?
  34. Do rabbits have long ears or short tails?
  35. Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?
  36. Do frogs ribbit or bark?
  37. Is lightning loud or quiet?
  38. Do kangaroos hop or crawl?
  39. Are pineapples sweet or sour?
  40. Is the North Pole cold or warm?
  41. Do cats purr or growl?
  42. Are raindrops big or small?
  43. Do giraffes have short necks or long legs?
  44. Are dolphins mammals or fish?
  45. Is the desert dry or wet?
  46. Do penguins fly or swim?
  47. Are volcanoes hot or cold?
  48. Is the Statue of Liberty in New York or Paris?
  49. Do ants crawl or fly?
  50. Are lemons yellow or purple?
  51. Is the Great Wall of China made of paper or stone?
  52. Do wolves howl or chirp?
  53. Are sharks friendly or dangerous?
  54. Is the White House blue or white?
  55. Do owls hoot during the day or at night?
  56. Are roses red or black?
  57. Is the Sahara Desert in Africa or Asia?
  58. Do bees pollinate flowers or trees?
  59. Are diamonds soft or hard?
  60. Is the Statue of Liberty tall or short?
  61. Do eagles fly high or low?
  62. Are oranges orange or blue?
  63. Is the Pacific Ocean big or small?
  64. Do spiders build webs in the air or on the ground?
  65. Are diamonds expensive or cheap?
  66. Is the moon bright or dim?
  67. Do squirrels live in trees or underground?
  68. Are potatoes red or brown?
  69. Is the Amazon River long or short?
  70. Do turtles move fast or slow?
  71. Are umbrellas used in rain or sunshine?
  72. Do lions roar or purr?
  73. Are caterpillars insects or mammals?
  74. Is the sun yellow or white?
  75. Do zebras have black stripes on white fur or white stripes on black fur?
  76. Are penguins found in the Arctic or Antarctic?
  77. Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa straight or leaning?
  78. Do butterflies have four wings or six?
  79. Is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or Africa?
  80. Do crabs walk sideways or straight?
  81. Are koalas bears or marsupials?
  82. Is the moon closer to the Earth or the sun?
  83. Do seagulls live by the ocean or in the desert?
  84. Are lighthouses found on land or in the sea?
  85. Is the Earth the only planet with water or are there others?
  86. Do bears hibernate in summer or winter?
  87. Are snowflakes hot or cold?
  88. Is the Nile River in Africa or Asia?
  89. Do rabbits burrow underground or climb trees?
  90. Are rainbows seen during the day or night?
  91. Do fish breathe air or water?
  92. Are pineapples grown on trees or bushes?
  93. Is the Eiffel Tower in Paris or London?
  94. Do monkeys have tails or horns?
  95. Are lizards slimy or dry?
  96. Is the sun bigger than the moon or smaller?
  97. Do birds have feathers or fur?
  98. Are frogs found in water or on land?
  99. Is a camel known as the ship of the desert or the king of the jungle?
  100. Do turtles lay eggs on land or in the water?
  101. Is the Statue of Liberty green or bronze?
  102. Does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly or a spider?
  103. Is Pluto a planet or a moon?
  104. Are penguins flightless birds or expert fliers?
  105. Do bees make honey or maple syrup?
  106. Is a koala a bear or a marsupial?
  107. Do wolves live in packs or alone?
  108. Are ladybugs red with black spots or black with red spots?
  109. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
  110. Do bats see during the day or night?
  111. Are crocodiles herbivores or carnivores?
  112. Is the moon closer to the Earth than the sun or farther away?
  113. Do peacocks fly short distances or long distances?
  114. Is the Sahara Desert in Africa or South America?
  115. Are seagulls freshwater birds or saltwater birds?
  116. Is a snowflake made of ice crystals or cotton?
  117. Are butterflies insects or arachnids?
  118. Is a rhinoceros a herbivore or a carnivore?
  119. Do frogs hatch from eggs or give birth to live babies?
  120. Is the Nile River in Europe or Africa?
  121. Are whales mammals or reptiles?
  122. Is a giraffe’s neck short or long?
  123. Do ants live in colonies or solo?
  124. Is a lion the king of the jungle or the queen?
  125. Are mushrooms plants or fungi?
  126. Is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or Antarctica?
  127. Are scorpions venomous or harmless?
  128. Is the North Pole colder than the South Pole or warmer?
  129. Do kangaroos hop or walk?
  130. Are spiders helpful predators or dangerous pests?
  131. Is the moon visible during the day or only at night?
  132. Do cheetahs run at fast speeds or slow speeds?
  133. Is the Amazon Rainforest in South America or Asia?
  134. Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
  135. Is a hummingbird larger than a bee or smaller?
  136. Do crickets chirp during the day or at night?
  137. Is a pineapple a tropical fruit or a temperate fruit?
  138. Do fireflies light up the night sky or the daytime?
  139. Is Mount Everest the tallest mountain on land or underwater?
  140. Are jellyfish made of jelly or rubber?
  141. Is the Pacific Ocean the largest or smallest ocean on Earth?
  142. Do flamingos have pink feathers or blue feathers?
  143. Is the Sahara Desert hot or cold during the day?
  144. Are snow leopards found in snowy regions or deserts?
  145. Is a seahorse a fish or a crustacean?
  146. Do porcupines shoot their quills or use them for defense?

How Do You Create Age-Appropriate “This Or That” Questions For Different Groups Of Children?

Craft this or that questions for kids by considering their age and interests. For younger kids, focus on simple choices like favorite colors or animals. For older kids, include questions about hobbies or school subjects. Tailoring questions to each group ensures engagement and fun for all kids involved.


As we’ve seen, “This or That” questions can be a delightful way to bond with our kids and spur their creativity and decision-making skills. Whether we’re on long car rides or waiting in the doctor’s office, these simple prompts can turn idle time into fun and enriching moments.

So let’s make use of these cues as tools to understand our little ones better and encourage them to think independently – Hope our list of This or That Questions for Kids Ideas help!

We’d love to know which “This or That” questions for kids spark the most joy and conversation in your family. Share your experiences and favorite questions in the comments!

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