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16 Awesome New Year Activities for Toddlers to Welcome 2024

As the Christmas holiday season winds down, it’s always nice to have something fun for your kids to make or do to while away the time in anticipation of a fresh new year.

Planning to spend New Year’s Eve (NYE) with your toddler and can’t think of any fun activity?

You don’t need to stress over it because here I am going to put down some of the awesome and wholesome New Year activities for toddlers. I have tried many of them over the years to enjoy and celebrate the NYE with my toddler-turned-preschooler.

Without any further ado, let’s check out what these New Year toddler ideas are.

#1 New Year’s Eve M&M Number Building

All you need is a pack of M&Ms to get your little one engaged in this NYE activity. Ask them to arrange those colorful chocolate beads to form the numbers of the coming year and help them a bit in the arrangement. When you’re done, both of you can enjoy the treat!

#2 New Year’s Eve Crowns

If you are looking for a simple to pull off New Year crafts for toddlers, then this one is worth considering. A couple of markers and colorful paper cards will be enough to make New Year crowns and tiaras for your toddler.

#3 Glittery Play Dough New Year’s Number

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This activity is an upgrade to M&M’s activity. The best thing about playdough is that it can be used for toddler crafts anytime of the year, including Halloween and Thanksgiving craft activities.

You will need a container of play dough with some gems, beads, and sequins to make a vibrant and glittery year sign with your tot. Don’t forget to use embellishments in a large size to rule out choking hazards.

#4 New Year’s Eve Firework Painting

Want to make a New Year Eve art with your kid? You can go on a creative ride with your young one on the NYE while using an empty toilet roll, a couple of colors, and a canvas. Danya Banya explains here how to make that easy and stunning firework painting with your kid.

#5 Minute to Win It Games

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You and your toddler are not bound to spend NYE only with arts and crafts activities. Minute to win it games is another option to make your NYE fun-filled. Play Party Plan has over 200 of those game ideas. Pick the one you think will be loved by your little one.

#6 New Year’s Eve Countdown Ball

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Yes, you and your young one can make your own countdown ball with a paper plate, a paper card strip, and some embellishments. Skim through this JDaniel4’s Blog post to find out how to make that countdown ball.

#7 Pom Pom Poppers

Paper Cup Party Popper Craft | Kids new years eve, Easy crafts for kids,  Craft activities for kids
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For your New Year’s craft activity, you can also make your own party poppers. Some paper cups, pom poms or confetti, and balloons with rubber bands are the items you will need. Red Ted Art can guide you further on how to make those DIY party poppers for the New Year Eve celebration.

#8 New Year Eve’s Noise Makers

Making a glittery noisemaker is another fun way to spend New Year’s Eve with toddlers. You can make it with an empty toilet roll, glittery duct tape, and some uncooked beans. The best thing is it won’t produce deafening sound.

#9 Sensory Bin Activity at New Year’s Eve

For improving your child’s focus and stimulate their senses, you can consider having sensory bin activity on New Year’s Eve. Keeping your toddler engaged with fun yet educational toys is one perfect way to spend the day while counting down to the new year.

#10 Wand Craft for New Year’s Eve

DIY GLITTER STAR WANDS | Creative kids crafts, Crafts, Glitter diy
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Let your toddler change the year with a zing of a magic wand! Paper cards, paper straws, glue, and some embellishments will be enough to make this New Year’s Eve art.

#11 Snacks & Treats for the NYE

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Snacks are always a welcome food in every single celebration! Decorate cupcakes and muffins with your little ones and then savor them when the clock ticks 12 in the midnight.

#12 New Year’s Eve Slime Activity

This is another fun New Year’s Eve activity for toddlers. It will keep them engaged so you can sip your favorite champagne with your S.O. in peace. Little Bins Little Hands tells in detail how to carry out this New Year Activity for toddlers.

#13 Discovery Bottle Game on the New Year’s Eve | Discovery bottles, Science for kids,  Science activities for kids
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This is another sensory activity for toddlers that you can carry out through stationery and home supply items. Find out more about New Year discovery sensory bottles at the Chaos and the Clutter.

#14 A Wishing Tree on the NYE

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This is also among the easy New Year crafts for toddlers. Make a small DIY decoration tree and hang it with paper/ card leaves with wishes for the world, for yourself, and others.

#15 Time Capsule for 2024

It is an engaging activity for preschoolers who can write a bit. Sit with them and guide them on how to make a time capsule for 2021 outlining memories of the past year and where they want to be in the next year.

#16 Baking Soda Fun on the NYE

If you don’t mind a bit of mess, then this New Year with toddler idea is a winning one. Some kitchen supplies and glitter will be enough to pull off this learning fun activity.


We hope that you have enjoyed this list and would go on to try a couple of those activities to make ushering the new year fun and eventful with your toddler. If you find this list helpful, don’t forget to share it with fellow mommies and daddies.

Also, whatever craft you make with your kid on the New Year, feel free to share it with us at @babyjourney0183 on Pinterest.

Happy New Year to you and your little one!

new year activities for toddler

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