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3rd Pregnancy Announcement: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Again

Expecting a third child is an exciting time for any family, and it’s natural to want to share the news with loved ones in a creative and memorable way. Pregnancy announcements have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many parents-to-be looking for unique and fun ways to reveal their big news. Whether you’re looking to involve your older children, incorporate a theme, or keep things simple, there are plenty of creative ways to announce your third pregnancy.

One popular way of 3rd pregnancy announcement is to involve older siblings in the process. From special t-shirts to photo shoots, there are many ways to include your children in the announcement and make them feel like an important part of the new baby’s arrival. Another option is to incorporate a theme or creative element, such as a gender reveal or a unique photo idea. Some parents opt for more simple announcements, such as sharing an ultrasound photo or a heartfelt message with friends and family. Whatever your style, there are endless options for announcing your third pregnancy in a way that feels personal and special to you.

When to Announce Pregnancy

When to Announce Pregnancy - 3rd Pregnancy Announcement - Baby Journey

Announcing pregnancy can be an exciting and joyous moment for many couples. However, deciding when to share the news can be a personal decision that depends on various factors. Here are some things to consider when deciding when to announce a third pregnancy.


Many couples choose to wait until they are out of the first trimester before making the announcement. This is because the risk of miscarriage is highest during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. According to a Healthline article, waiting until the end of the first trimester, around week 13, is a common practice. By this point, the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases, and the pregnancy is considered to be more stable.

Personal Preferences

Some couples may choose their pregnancy announcements earlier or later than the first trimester. This decision may depend on personal preferences and circumstances. For example, some couples may want to wait until they have had a chance to tell close family members before announcing to a wider audience. Others may choose to share the news earlier to garner support and help during the early stages of pregnancy.

Work and Social Life

Timing may also depend on work and social life. Some couples may want to wait until they have informed their employers before making a public announcement. This may also depend on the type of job and the level of physical activity involved. Additionally, some couples may want to wait until after a particular event, such as a wedding or vacation, before announcing the pregnancy.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - 3rd Pregnancy Announcement - Baby Journey

If you’re expecting your third youngest child, you may be looking for creative ways to announce the pregnancy to your loved ones. Here are some cute ideas to inspire you:

Photoshoot Ideas

Consider a photoshoot to capture the excitement of your pregnancy announcement. Some popular photoshoot ideas include:

  • Using a chalkboard or felt letter board to write out the due date or a fun message
  • Taking a photo with your bump or ultrasound image
  • Holding a prop such as a onesie, toy, or baby shoes
  • Creating a collage of family photos with a new addition on the way
  • Incorporating a math equation to reveal the due date

Social Media Ideas

Social media is a great way to share your pregnancy announcement with a wider audience. Consider these ideas for your pregnancy announcement post on social media:

  • Creating a music video with your family to announce the pregnancy
  • Using a pun or play on words such as “Bun in the oven” or “What’s one more?”
  • Incorporating a pop culture reference such as Star Wars or Toy Story
  • Sharing a photo of your positive pregnancy test or ultrasound image
  • Using an Etsy announcement template or custom design

Sibling Involvement Ideas

If you have older children, involving them in the pregnancy announcement can be a fun way to share the news. Consider these ideas:

  • Creating a “sibling to-do list” with tasks for the older children to help prepare for the new baby
  • Having the older siblings wear a shirt or hold a sign announcing the new addition
  • Taking a photo of the older siblings holding a balloon or other prop to represent the new baby
  • Involving the older siblings in a surprise announcement or reveal

Funny Ideas

If you have a sense of humor, consider these funny pregnancy announcement ideas:

  • Announcing the pregnancy with a “Chaos” or “Oops, we did it again” theme
  • Creating a “Tie Breaker” announcement if you have two children of the same gender
  • Using a humorous phrase or pun such as “What’s one more?” or “We’re going from man-to-man to zone defense”

Sentimental Ideas

For a more sentimental pregnancy announcement, consider these ideas:

  • Sharing a photo of the crib or baby items set up in the nursery
  • Creating a collage of family photos with a new addition on the way
  • Sharing a photo of the older siblings holding a sign that says “I’m going to be a big sister/brother”
  • Using a heartfelt message or quote to announce the pregnancy

Miscellaneous Ideas

Here are some additional pregnancy announcement ideas to consider:

  • Incorporating your favorite sports team into the announcement if you’re a big sports fan
  • Sharing a photo of a positive pregnancy test or ultrasound image
  • Creating a countdown to the due date with a number prop or sign
  • Announcing the pregnancy with a promotion or job title change

No matter how you choose to announce your pregnancy, be sure to enjoy this special moment with your loved ones.

Second Pregnancy vs. Third Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy vs. Third Pregnancy - 3rd Pregnancy Announcement - Baby Journey

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expecting parents, especially when it comes to announcing the news. However, the experience of announcing a second pregnancy versus a third pregnancy can be quite different. Here are some of the differences between a second pregnancy and a third pregnancy.

Announcement: When announcing a second pregnancy, parents often involve their first child in the announcement. However, when it comes to announcing a third pregnancy, the excitement may not be as high, and parents may choose a more low-key approach.

Symptoms: While every pregnancy is different, the symptoms of a third pregnancy can be more intense than a second pregnancy. Women may experience stronger or more frequent back pains, Braxton Hicks contractions earlier, and fatigue.

Preparation: Preparing for a third baby can be more challenging than a second baby, especially if the family is already busy with two children. Parents may need to consider additional factors, such as finding a larger home or vehicle, and budgeting for additional expenses.

Labor and Delivery: Labor and delivery can be faster during a third pregnancy, as the body has gone through the process before. However, postpartum recovery may take longer, especially if the mother has other children to care for.

In summary, a third pregnancy can be a different experience than a second pregnancy. While there are similarities, such as the excitement of welcoming a new baby, parents may need to consider additional factors when preparing for a third baby.

First Trimester

First Trimester - 3rd Pregnancy Announcement - Baby Journey

The first trimester of pregnancy spans from week 1 to week 12. During this time, the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus and starts to develop into an embryo. The first trimester is a crucial period for fetal development, but it can also be a challenging time for the mother.

Physical Changes

During the first trimester, the mother’s body undergoes significant physical changes. Some common symptoms experienced during this period include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tender and swollen breasts
  • Increased urination
  • Mood swings
  • Food cravings and aversions

It is important for the mother to take care of her physical health during this period. She should eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest, and stay hydrated. Prenatal vitamins can also help ensure that the mother and baby are getting the necessary nutrients.

Pregnancy Announcement

Many expecting parents wait until late in the first trimester to announce their pregnancy. This is because the risk of miscarriage is highest during this period. However, some couples choose to announce their pregnancy right away to close friends and family members.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is essential during the first trimester. The mother should schedule her first prenatal appointment as soon as possible to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing as it should. During this appointment, the doctor will perform a physical exam, check the mother’s blood pressure and weight, and order any necessary tests.

The first trimester is an exciting but challenging time for expecting parents. By taking care of their physical health and seeking prenatal care, they can help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Announcing to Boss and Coworkers

Announcing to Boss and Coworkers - 3rd Pregnancy Announcement - Baby Journey

When it comes to announcing a third pregnancy at work, it is essential to inform the boss and coworkers in a professional manner. The following tips can help make the announcement process go smoothly:

Notify the Boss First

It is recommended to inform the boss first before telling coworkers. This allows the boss to make any necessary arrangements for the employee’s absence during maternity leave. The boss may also have legal obligations to fulfill related to the employee’s pregnancy, such as providing accommodations or leave.

Choose the Right Time and Place

It is important to choose the right time and place to make the announcement. The employee should schedule a meeting with the boss to discuss the pregnancy privately. If the employee is uncomfortable with a face-to-face meeting, they can also send an email or make a phone call.

Be Professional

When announcing the pregnancy, it is important to be professional and avoid oversharing personal details. The employee should focus on the necessary information, such as the expected due date and any anticipated time off. The employee should also avoid committing to returning to work if they are unsure of their plans post-maternity leave.

Notify Coworkers

After notifying the boss, the employee can inform coworkers of the pregnancy. The employee should consider giving at least 30 days’ notice before maternity leave. This gives coworkers time to prepare for the employee’s absence and make any necessary arrangements.

Celebrate the News

Announcing a pregnancy is an exciting event, and it is okay to celebrate the news with coworkers. The employee can consider bringing in treats or having a small celebration during a break. However, it is important to be mindful of coworkers who may be struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss and to be sensitive to their feelings.

Overall, announcing a third pregnancy at work can be a positive experience with the right preparation and approach. By following these tips, employees can make the announcement process go smoothly and enjoy their pregnancy while remaining professional at work.


Announcing a third child pregnancy can be just as exciting as the first two. While some parents may choose to keep the news to themselves for a while, others prefer to share the news with family and friends right away. Whatever the decision may be, there are plenty of creative and fun ways to announce the pregnancy.

Parents can involve their older children in the announcement by giving them a special role or task, such as holding a sign that says “Big Brother/Sister x2” or wearing a shirt that says “Promoted to Big Brother/Sister Again!” There are also many social media cute ideas, such as posting a family photo with a sign that says “Our Family is Growing by One More!” or creating a pregnancy announcement video.

It’s important to keep in mind that announcing a third pregnancy may come with some unique challenges, such as dealing with questions or comments from others about the size of the family or the parents’ ability to handle another first or middle child. However, it’s ultimately up to the parents to decide when and how they want to share the news.

Overall, announcing a third pregnancy is a special and exciting moment for any family. By getting creative and involving loved ones in the announcement, parents can make the experience even more memorable.

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