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Announce Your Rainbow Baby In Style – 11 Unique Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

It’s nothing short of a miracle to be expecting a child again after having gone through such a tragedy – and that deserves to be celebrated with an extra special announcement.

Your family will certainly be delighted to hear about the upcoming arrival of your much-anticipated rainbow baby. To commemorate this special occasion, you should go all-out and make sure that everything is perfect for the celebration.

These can vary from big engaging parties to small quiet family moments with subtle social media baby announcement posts to inform the rest. Whether your style is a little thoughtful announcement or a big celebratory one, we compiled some of the cutest ideas for rainbow baby announcement ideas.

In this article, we look at some brilliant and creative ideas after explaining what’s a rainbow baby, so keep reading to know more about the term rainbow baby and the celebrations of a baby born after such a loss!

What is a Rainbow Baby?

If you are wondering what does rainbow baby mean, the term rainbow baby indicates a healthy baby born following a parent’s miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth or neonatal death.

After a dark and turbulent time in the parent’s life, the term “rainbow” signifies the hope and promise of a fresh start.

For parents, getting pregnant after a loss can be stressful and emotionally taxing. Throughout the new pregnancy, many parents experience anxiety and worry and always look for evidence that their unborn child is doing fine.

However, since it ushers in a new chapter in their life, the arrival of a rainbow baby can also bring a sense of healing and closure.

Mother and Newborn | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Being a parent to a rainbow baby is a journey that evokes mixed emotions. 

Being a parent to a rainbow baby is a journey that evokes mixed emotions.

Rainbow babies bring happiness and love to their parents’ life and serve as a reminder that after a grieving process, hope and happiness can be discovered, even though rainbow babies can never replace the angel baby that was lost.

Expecting a rainbow baby signifies strength, resilience, and the capacity to triumph over adversity for many parents.

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Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

Rainbow Balloon Party

There is no doubt in the fact that balloons make us think of the innocence of a child. So, a rainbow baby announcement with rainbow-colored balloons is a sweet way to welcome your rainbow baby.

Baby Ballon Party | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Source: Kate Backdrop

The ceremony of letting the balloons go is also used as a tribute to the infant souls that didn’t make it to the world.

You can also upgrade your game by doing a surprise double rainbow baby reveal in case of rainbow babies and letting out the balloons from a huge cardboard box to help make the rainbow baby announcement engaging and fun.

Rainbow Banner

With a rainbow banner that reads “Baby Due Soon,” “Our Family Is Blossoming,” or “Miracle Baby On The Way,” you can let everyone know that there is soon to be a special addition to your family.

You can either use craft paper and markers to create your DIY banner or shop for a rainbow wall hanging from online websites and stores.

Either way, a banner lets you channel your inner creativity and is a great option for a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement after loss or a pregnancy announcement after miscarriage.

Rainbow Smoke Bombs

Colorful smoke bombs are in the trend nowadays, as they are used for various celebrations including rainbow baby announcements.

Good-quality smoke bombs for your rainbow baby announcement not only make the moment extraordinarily expressive but also result in memorable photos that you can later enjoy with your family in the coming years.

Rainbow Smoke Bombs | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Source: Sweet Bliss Photography

Rainbow Baby Bump

Colorful art on your rainbow baby bump is a more personal approach to a rainbow baby announcement. One way to go about this is to have your children (if there are prior) stamp their hands in a rainbow.

Or else, a simple cute rainbow design also gets the job done and lets the announcement across in a characteristic way to your relatives and friends.

Rainbow Baby Bump | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Source: Chatterbox

Artwork and Paintings

A unique and personal way for many to celebrate might be beautiful artwork. This can either be done by encouraging a creative family member to paint a watercolor canvas that you can keep as a keepsake for life or asking them to design clothing that you can wear.

Tshirt with Rainbow Artwork | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Source: Baby Nest Boutique

If you have a family member who is a promising artist, you can request them to make stunning rainbow artwork to assist you in announcing your joyous rainbow pregnancy and we are sure they will be glad to do so!

Rainbow Hints in Activities

If you are looking for a way to make the special rainbow baby announcement fun, you could do so by incorporating hints in a disguised baby shower.

A DIY tie-dye station, a photo booth with a rainbow backdrop, or painting with various rainbow colors are a few rainbow-themed activities to keep in mind.

Additionally, you can hold games for suggesting rainbow baby names and then hold a competition to make the celebration unforgettable.

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Rainbow Umbrella

Umbrellas, aside from being practical, are also used for personal symbolism, particularly for the beauty that follows a storm. They are simple to purchase, enjoyable to style, and make a great prop to assist you in telling the tale of your pregnancy.

A great idea can be to stuff the umbrella with rainbow confetti and let it rain pure happiness, excitement, and innocence when you open it.

This will truly be a rainbow baby announcement to remember for many. Just make sure to have your cameraman on standby to get those once-in-a-lifetime photos!

Simple Social Media Announcement

If you are among those parents who do not desire a loud rainbow baby announcement, you can keep it simple by announcing the good news on social media by posting a picture of either yourself or aesthetics from the internet followed by a cute story or a thoughtful quote.

Following are some of the rainbow baby quotes you can include:

  • “A rainbow baby is a symbol of hope, a promise of life, and a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”
  • “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
  • “A rainbow is a promise of sunshine after rain, of calm after storms, of joy after sadness, of peace after pain, and love after loss.”
  • “For a moment, we held a rainbow in our arms, and that moment will last a lifetime.”
  • “There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.”

Photoshopped Picture Announcements

If you are on the hunt for unconventional ideas for a rainbow baby announcement, this is a great one! How cute would a picture of you with a rainbow in the background be?

Nowadays, multiple editors can edit subtle rainbows in the background to represent expecting a rainbow baby. If you want to go a little over the top, you can also add rainbow highlights to the water, sky, etc.

All in all, go crazy with creative editing to create fun and memorable photos to share online! You can even edit rainbow feathered wings to indicate the moment of peace and happiness by welcoming the miracle baby into this world.

Rainbow Cake Cutting

Is there any dessert in the world that is enjoyed more than a cake? We guess not! Once you incorporate a cake with the special rainbow baby announcement of your baby, you have got yourself a perfect celebration!

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Rainbow-Themed Cake | Rainbow Baby Announcement | Baby Journey
Source: Flavour Town Bakery

A dessert like a cake is a symbol of immense happiness and celebration. And to enjoy a rainbow-layered cake is the epitome of incredible joy.

You can disguise the cake as a simple vanilla or chocolate frosted one and then reveal it to be a rainbow-layered one when cut into. How fun and innovative! Imagine the happy surprise on your relatives and friends’ faces!

Simplistic Rainbow Announcement

Sometimes, all you need is the constant reassurance of such a happy moment. If you want to keep things simple, you can do the rainbow baby announcement by sending your relatives a picture of the precious medical confirmation of the rainbow baby on the way.

You can also lay down the ultrasound on a bed of rainbow backdrop to indicate the true miracle occurring. After all, a simple celebration may turn out to be the most memorable of them all!


A rainbow baby announcement is a wonderful opportunity to mark both the birth of a new child and the journey that brought them into the world.

Friends and family can get together to show their love and support, as this might be crucial for parents who have lost a pregnancy and may require additional emotional support at this difficult time.

Hence, it is important to hold a rainbow baby announcement that stays in the hearts of the people forever. After all, nothing can be as special as welcoming rainbow babies into this world after going through a grieving process and an unimaginable pregnancy loss!

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Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas | Baby Journey

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