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Benefits of Running With a Baby Stroller

Many new moms have the desire to go out and enjoy a quick run – however, that’s not always possible when you have a little kid to take care of. Not to mention the fact that pushing a stroller, whether it’s up a hill or just on a regular walk, is hard enough, and running is even harder; having said that, you can think of running with a stroller, as running in 60-degree weather or simply put – going on runs even when the conditions aren’t in your favor.

But the question is, is it worth it to run with a stroller, and if yes, what are the benefits? After all, if you’re doing something that’s already difficult and pushing your limits, there should at least be some kind of pay-off for all that intense work.

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As a way to motivate you to go back to running (even if you have small kids) and also to inspire you to continue improving your running, we’re going to take a minute and list to you the most worthwhile benefits of running with a stroller. Let’s get started.

You can think of running with a stroller as running with an additional weight that you have to keep pushing – in a way, it sort of imitates the sled sprints that many athletes do in the gym. Naturally, if you’re able to maintain a good pace and keep going while simultaneously increasing the stress on the body when you go on runs without anything to hold you down, they will feel a lot easier. You might even find that you’ve become faster or that you can go for longer distances when you’re on your own.

Burns More Calories

Not everyone runs with weight loss in mind, but it’s a great extra bonus, especially if you’re a new mother who’s looking to slim down postpartum. According to a study by Seattle Pacific University, runners who pushed a stroller burned more calories in the following manner:

  • if you push the stroller with two hands, you will increase the amount of calories burned by 5%
  • if you push with only one hand, the percentage goes up to 6%
  • if you do the push-and-chase method, the increase goes to the whooping 8%

If you take an average for a 150-pound person, that can mean burning around 30 more calories for every half hour of running with your best baby stroller.

Makes Slower Runs More Effective

A lot of runners find slow runs not to be as effective or as challenging due to the fact that they typically have to be done at a slower pace. However, if you’re pushing your jogging stroller while doing the slow run, you will burn the same amount of calories as you would by running faster without a stroller. That’s due to the extra exertion and the fact that you have to engage more of your muscles as you run – so you’re technically working harder, even if you aren’t running as quickly.

It’s A Great Way to Spend Time With Your Kids

Obviously, when we’re talking about babies, pushing them around in the stroller doesn’t really count as quality time. However, as they start to get older – as toddlers, pushing them around in their stroller as you run is a fantastic way to have fun family time while also teaching them the importance of staying active.

As time goes by, you may let them out of the stroller and encourage them to walk and run around you as you’re going through the park – that’s a healthy way to get your kids to love running and sports and to have fun simultaneously.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article helped calm all your fears about running with a stroller – if your child is too small and still nervous, it’s probably not a great idea to bring them along for the ride, but in any other situation, it’s actually incredibly beneficial.

Even though it’s challenging, running with a stroller has many benefits, and it’s definitely a good idea for busy, stay-at-home moms who want to get into running or get back to it. Not only can it make your slow runs more engaging, but it can also help you build speed, strength, and endurance, which will turn you into a better runner overall. And if you were looking for ways to lose weight – running with a stroller is a great idea, as it helps burn more calories than just an ordinary run in the park.

Finally, it’s also a fantastic way to spend fun time with your toddlers – as you teach them the importance of exercise while having fun and getting in your daily dose of exercise.

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