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Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies? 9 Top Reasons That May Make You Want to Switch to Formula

Most doctors will tell you that breastmilk is always best for the infant. It is true – breastfeeding is always the healthiest option. Most women also make up their minds to breastfeed the baby after birth.

However, you will often see many moms switching to a formula product. Sometimes, the doctor too recommends these products.

So are these milk formulas good, or are we compromising on the health and growth of the infant if we go formula feeding babies?

Why Some Moms Cannot Breastfeed

Not everything will according to your plan. Sometimes, the new mom must take medicines, which can get mixed up with her breastmilk. Many first-time moms are also not very comfortable with breastfeeding.

The flow of milk may also be slow, frustrating both the baby and the mom. In some instances, the milk flow may also be delayed. Many women must return to work quickly. After all, they have taken a leave from work for a while and there is a professional life to look after.

Some moms cannot breastfeed - Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies - Baby Journey blog

So you see, there are issues and problems that may prevent her from breastfeeding. A formula milk product is the only option in these instances. But the problem is, many moms feel guilty that they are not breastfeeding.

Don’t worry because the gap between breastfeeding and formula feeding is closing. Several reasons may make formula feeding a good choice.

9 Reasons Why Moms Decide on Formula Feeding Babies

Here are some of the top advantages of formula feeding –

It Gives the Mom the Much-Needed Freedom

It Gives the Mom the Much-Needed Freedom - Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies - Baby Journey blog

She had to go through a lot of trouble during her pregnancy. She had to carry the baby for months, live through so many restrictions, had to walk and travel carefully. She was worried all the time, thinking about whether the infant will be healthy. Life was stressful.

Many women had to stop working in the later stages. Her professional career might have suffered because of this.

Formula feeding provides the much-needed respite. She can finally get back her life again. there won’t be any restrictions. She can again enjoy that cup of coffee or glass of wine, without having to worry whether this will harm her breastmilk.

Shared Responsibility

The baby is not just the mom’s responsibility. Formula feeding will allow the dad, a grandparent, or caregiver to feed the infant, which will allow the mom to rest. Even an older child can do the feeding.

This is a good idea because it improves bonding. The infant will learn to recognize all the family members. Shared parenting is always a great idea.

Formula Milk Products Have a Lot of Nutrients

The best infant formulas like Holle Formula are packed with nutrients. Holle from Germany is the leading formula milk in Europe. It is 99% organic. There are no preservatives, colors, chemicals, or artificial flavors. Select such a product and you can be sure that your infant will get all the nutrients for good health and growth.

Good-quality modern-day formulas are rich in vitamins that doctors always prescribe for infants. They provide iron, vitamin D, and other key nutrients.

You may be surprised to know that breastmilk won’t give your infant everything required. This is why many doctors are also prescribing formula milk for infants now.

Special Diet Requirements

Many babies develop allergies to dairy or soy products. When you are breastfeeding, you may thus have to be on a strict diet, which is often difficult for the mom.

A milk formula, like a hypoallergenic formula can save you. You will find formula products that are free of dairy or soy, so the infant won’t have an allergic reaction, which can sometimes turn serious.

You Can Find Out How Much the Infant Is Eating

You Can Find Out How Much the Infant Is Eating - Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies - Baby Journey blog
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With breastfeeding, you cannot know precisely how much the baby is eating, particularly if you are a first-time mother. Remember, both over and inadequate consumption can make your infant sick.

With formula feeding, on the other hand, you will know precisely the amount of feeding because you can measure the milk in a bottle. You can then relax, knowing that the baby is feeding the right amount.


It is also essential that you count the calories. When you are breastfeeding it will be impossible for you to know the number of calories the infant is getting.

Formula feeding makes it easier. So this will give you a good idea of how many calories she is taking over an entire day. This will also help the doctor plan her nutrition properly.

The Mom Can Take Her Medicines

Sometimes, the doctor will ask the new mom to take medicines after the baby is born. This can be a pain killer, especially after a C-section.

But there is always the scare of a side effect. She will always be worried about whether she can breastfeed safely due to her diet, which makes many moms hesitant about these medicines, even after a doctor has prescribed them.

The mom can safely take her medicines if she turns to a formula product. This is important because she must also look after herself.

She Can Care for a Second Child

She Can Care for a Second Child - Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies - Baby Journey blog

Looking after a baby and an older child at the same time can be very difficult. The infant will naturally get all the attention, which can make the older child feel anxious, jealous, or neglected. This happens all the time.

Formula feeding allows the family to look after them both. She will have the time and energy to provide love and attention to an older child.

It is even better if she teaches the older child how to feed the infant and how to give a wipe bath. Not only will the responsibility be shared, the brother or sister will also feel important.

The Mom Can Return to Work

Life isn’t easy for the new working moms. They must get up early in the morning, pump out the milk, bottle it, prepare the ice pack and cooler. Then she must rush to work.

Doing this daily will surely put additional pressure on her. It can quickly become exhausting. Formula feeding is hassle-free. Even the husband can prepare the formula so she doesn’t have to worry about making the milk feed-ready.


So you see, there are many reasons for moms to turn to a formula product. Of course, only the mother should decide whether she wants to breastfeed or formula feed. It must be a personal choice unless the doctor prescribes it for her. And if she chooses formula, then she must do it without any shame or guilt.

Why Are Many Moms Formula Feeding Their Babies - Baby Journey blog

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