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The Simple Guide To Planning A Brilliant Baby Shower: How To Plan A Baby Shower Checklist Here!

There are few occasions so full of hope, joy, and excitement as a baby shower. As her due date inches closer, the mom-to-be is eagerly (and perhaps a little nervously) anticipating the arrival of her little bundle of joy. And as one of her closest friends, you want to give her a special occasion to help celebrate her newest family member.

But just like any other celebration or event, planning a baby shower can be hard work – wouldn’t you wish if there is a “how to plan a baby shower” checklist around? From the guest list to the decorations, there are myriad factors you need to consider if you’re going to throw a magical baby shower for your bestie.

To help make it easier, keep reading for our simple tips on planning the perfect baby shower.

A Simple How To Plan A Baby Shower Checklist Of Considerations

✅ Find out what mom wants

This is the first and most important piece of advice you need to remember throughout the planning process. Before you can start comparing baby shower venues or picking out decorations, you need to find out exactly how the mom-to-be wants to celebrate.

For example, is she looking for something low-key with a few close friends, or a big show-stopping event with a huge guest list? Will it be a casual brunch, a fancy dinner, a high tea, or something else entirely?

It all comes down to the atmosphere mom wants and the experience she wants to share with her guests. Once you have a clear picture of what she’s craving, you can get into the nitty-gritty of baby shower planning.

✅ Pick a theme

When you’re discussing the ideal shower experience with the guest of honor, it’s a great time to decide on a theme. If she already knows the sex of her baby, this will probably inform your decor and theme choices to a certain degree. Beyond that, there’s a huge range of options available.

Maybe the mom-to-be has a favorite children’s book or movie, for example, or you could go for a cute baby animal-themed setup. Alternatively, you might want to honor her personality and current interests, such as focus on her favorite sport or her love of travel.

It’s all about adding a personal touch to proceedings, so choose your theme wisely.

✅ Send out the invites

This is pretty self-explanatory. Send those invitation cards on behalf of the mom-to-be, either virtually or in the form of a physical card! You can check with the expectant mom on who to invite to baby shower prior to posting the invites out.

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✅ Choose a venue

Finding the right venue is crucial to planning a successful shower. The baby shower venue you choose plays a huge part in determining the atmosphere and ambiance of the occasion, so it’s important to shop around for a space that matches the mom-to-be’s preferences.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider potential venues from a practical point of view. Not only should any venue you choose be easy to get to, including for guests coming from out of town, but it should also have everything you need to plan the party you want. We’re talking about everything from on-site parking and clean bathrooms to flexible seating arrangements and staff who are willing to accommodate special requests.

Put together a list of must-haves before you start comparing venues. This should make it much easier to choose the right space.

✅ Don’t go overboard with decorations

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or a lot of time on overly elaborate decorations. Even a few simple touches, like some floral arrangements and a tasteful sign or two, can make a big difference to the look and feel of a space.

And if you’re going with a specific theme, such as Easter-related or a Christmas baby shower theme, it really doesn’t take much to add a special touch to any space. Get the basics right and you’ll go a long way towards creating the right atmosphere for the celebration.

✅ Food and entertainment

Let’s face it, the guests need something to do while the mom-to-be is opening all her baby shower gifts (be it for the baby, mom or baby shower dad gifts). Food is a must for any successful baby shower, so take some time to plan the menu well in advance.

Will you be baking some cute little sweet treats or baby shower desserts to add a personalized touch? Will the venue take care of food or will you need to bring in your own caterers? As long as there’s something tasty on offer, your guests should go home happy.

It’s also a good idea to plan a few simple party games to help keep the mood fun and light-hearted. For example, mom-to-be might want to use the shower for a big gender reveal, while simple baby shower games like bingo or guessing the baby’s weight can also be a lot of fun.

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✅ Make it about mom

Finally, don’t forget to make the day all about mom. This is a special day to help celebrate what is a very exciting time in her life, so go out of your way to make her feel special.

Make sure she’s comfortable, that she’s always got something to eat or drink when needed, and that she’s having a great time. And don’t ask her to do any hard work to get the event up and running — a baby shower is a time for her to put her feet up, so ask one of the other guests if you need help with anything.

Planning a baby shower or choosing gender reveal themes can be stressful, but the effort is worth it. Having a baby is one of the most important times in anyone’s life, so why not help your friend celebrate in style?

Hope the above baby shower planning checklist guide helps you with the babyshower set up!

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