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20 Perfectly Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Mom and Dad in 2024

When a baby is on the way, the parents like to share the excitement with their friends and family by throwing a baby shower. If you don’t know what is a baby shower, it’s an intimate or large gathering of everyone close to the parents-to-be to celebrate their baby’s impending arrival. They typically occur when the mom is further along in her pregnancy to the point where delivery is just around the corner.

However, there is no concrete rule as to when the parents should throw their baby shower. Some people who are excited or want to have all of the essentials for parenthood as early as possible will throw theirs sooner in the pregnancy rather than later.

Not only is it a joyous occasion, but it’s also a time for you to give baby shower gifts for mom and dad, hence the term shower. Suitable shower gifts can range from baby clothes and maternity wear to baby strollers and baby monitors. The gifts’ point is not to spoil the parents but to give them the necessities they’ll need in parenthood.

While baby showers are typically held for the mother, the trend of “manshowers” or “dad-chelor” parties have started popping up. It’s similar to a baby shower, but instead of buying gifts for the mom-to-be, you purchase baby shower gifts for dad.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-to-Be

While there is no ideal gift for a baby shower you must give, there are definitely choices for the best baby shower gifts other than the usual baby shower books. To narrow down the search, we’ve compiled two separate lists of the best baby shower gifts for mom and dad.

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for Mom

While a baby shower is a party celebrating the baby’s arrival into the world with sweet cupcake treats and delicious food, you want to be sure to give the best baby shower gifts for mom not baby, too.

#1 Make Breastfeeding Easier for Mom with Nursing Tanks

Nursing tanks make breastfeeding hassle-free with easy take-down straps! Source: Kindred Bravely

Give a baby shower gift for mom that anticipates her needs. She’s going to need nursing tanks; they make breastfeeding less of a hassle with their clip-off straps. The nice thing about shopping for nursing tanks is that you can even do it online at sites like Kindred Bravely – s long as you know Mom’s clothing size.

#2 Mom’s Time-Off with a Baby Lounger

coconut white organic
Give Mom some time off to unwind with the help of a baby lounger. Source: Bloombaby USA

Parenting means sleepless nights and exhaustive days. Lift some of Mom’s parenting burden with a premium lounger that serves as a practical yet unique gift for a baby shower. Moms will thank you for this thoughtful gift!

#3 Carry Diapers in Style

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack, Multifunction Travel Pack Maternity Baby Changing Bags, Large Capacity, Waterproof, Gray

Instead of lugging around a huge diaper bag bursting at the seams with stuff, get mom an organized yet stylish diaper bag that’s easy to carry around, such as this cool diaper bag from RUVALINO.

#4 Never Miss Out on a Duty or Milestone

MUM's Weekly Planner – MUM's Office
Help mom stay on top of her daily duties and baby’s milestones with a planner. Source: Mum’s Office

Help Mom kick pregnancy brain to the curb with a cute planner where she can organize her plans. Once her baby’s home in her arms, she can use the planner to keep track of important milestones too. Alternatively, if you are big into DIY, consider making and personalizing a planner journal with useful printables from Mama’s Wallet specially for busy mothers.

#5 A Gift of Swaddling

Forest Muslin Swaddle - Honey Bug
Give mom a swaddle blanket to help her get started on swaddling! Source: Honey Bug

Since a swaddling blanket is such a versatile product, you’re simultaneously giving mom a burping cloth, nursing cover, blankie, and stroller carriage. Some companies like Wee Gallery make really comfortable swaddles with clean, minimalist designs – how cute!

#6 Think to the Future with Gift Cards

How to sell or swap gift cards - CNET
Mom can cash-in on gift cards when she needs a stress-free night out. Source:

Think to the future with your gift. Mom is going to want some nights out to take a break from all of her baby duties. To help her out when that time comes, give the unique baby shower gift idea of gift cards that she can use while letting babysitters take over some baby caring in her stead.

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#7 Lather Up with Some Healing Lotion

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks, 4.4-Ounce Units (Pack of 2)

Lotion with vitamin E is a great way to help heal scars and stretch marks, which is why it makes an excellent gift for a baby shower. One popular go-to stretch mark lotions you can’t go wrong with is Palmer’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks.

Alternatively, you can also sign her up for a mommy makeover but be sure to discuss this with her beforehand.

#8 Give the Gift of Relaxation

Mom can relax in a soothing bath powered by bath bombs.

Bath bombs are one of the best things to pamper a mother! Give Mom the gift of relaxation with a bath bomb set so that when she gets a second alone, she can treat herself to a spa-like soak for a destressing session.

#9 A Handy Helping Hand in Clean-Ups

Robo-cleaners like the Roomba Vacuum makes clean-up easy and hassle-free. Source:

This baby shower gift for mom and dad will keep their home clean and help both parents be stress-free as it cleans the house so they won’t have to. A robot vacuum cleaner will make baby caring and cleaning up easier for Mom (and Dad).

Or well, this handy helper can already get started on its cleaning duty after all that eating and baby shower games played at the baby shower party.

#10 Provide Sweet Relief

Instant Ice Maxi Pads – Frida | The fuss stops here.
Provide postpartum soreness instant relief with cold packs. Source: Frida

During the postpartum period, mothers will feel blessed with their newborn and sore from the labor. Cold packs (or also known as padsicles) provide much-needed relief to any and all soreness postpartum. Some of the good brands include TendHer, Medline and Frida Mom.

Now that you have Mom’s gift all figured, it’s time to move on to Dad’s baby shower gift!

10 Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Dad

#1 Get Him Ready for Dad Duty

Get dad prepared for parenting with a diaper bag disguised as a tool belt. Source:

Parenting is a job. Get dad prepared for it with his own tool belt style diaper bag. Whether it’s for a manshower or a traditional baby shower, a tool belt diaper bag is an ideal baby shower gift for dad that he’ll actually use. Alternatively, you can also go for a tool belt style apron complete with baby essentials.

#2 A Survival Guide for Dads

New Father: The Expectant Father : The Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be (Series #1) (Edition 4) (Paperback)
Get dad prepared for parenting with a helpful tip book. Source: Walmart

A great baby shower gift idea for dad is a parenting guide designed for dads. It will give dad insight into current dads’ experiences in fatherhood and help guide him in his own journey. Some great titles include The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be, We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook, and Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads that you can get for less than $12.

#3 Color Their Stress Away

An adult color book can help relieve stress and unwind after a tough day. Source:

With all of the hard work and exhaustion, give dad something he can use to relax. Coloring books are great stress relievers and come with many different topics making it an optimal baby shower gift for dad.

#4 Don’t Let Dad Miss Out on a Night-Out With the Guys

You don’t have to worry about your baby getting drunk with this one though. Source:

Having a baby is a lot of work, which means frequently missing out on nights out with the guys. With this hilarious “beer” baby bottle, Dad can feel like he’s cracking open a cold one with the guys without abandoning his fatherly duties.

#5 Instructional Onesie That is Impossible to Mess Up

This instructional onesie makes dressing a baby impossibly easy. Source: Pinterest

Keep your gift lighthearted and funny with an instructional onesie. If this is dad’s first kid or fifth, he can use all the help he gets and this bodysuit makes it incredibly easy to dress his little one!

#6 Subscription or Gift Card for Movies and TV

How to use a Netflix gift card to pay for your plan - Business Insider
The perfect gift for the next…Netflix and chill session. Source:

If Moms can have gift cards, then it’s also fair that Dads have subscription or gift cards too! Consider getting movie subscription cards or gift card from Dad’s favorite shop. You’ll probably have to sleuth around for some tips or hints on what they like first prior to the purchase to make the gift more meaningful.

#7 A Masculine Baby Carrier

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier® | Tactical Baby Gear
“Well…looks like I have a mission.” Source:

Why not get Dad something useful to carry his little one around? A baby carrier sounds just perfectly best gift for a baby shower for dads-to-be! Additional brownie points if the baby carrier spots a more masculine design or resembles a tactical gear because…Dad will receive his “mission” soon enough.

#8 Cute Yet Funny Dad T-Shirts

31 Funny Dad T-Shirts Every Father Will Love - Awesome Stuff 365
You can’t go wrong with a funny dad t-shirt! Source:

T-shirts are functional, and t-shirts can last for years to come. Not only that but it’s a pretty easy gift to shop for, so if you ever find yourself panicking for last-minute baby shower gifts for dad, a t-shirt with an awesome dad quote will do the trick. A matching dad and baby t-shirt set is an even better option, of course.

#9 Bedtime Stories Made for Daddy

Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Volumes 1-5 – The Village of Artisans
Bedtime storybooks are great for dad and baby bonding time. Source:

At some point, bedtime stories will become part of the family routine. Even if it isn’t, getting a dad-to-be some bedtime storybooks may do him a wonderful favor in bonding with his little one.

Titles like Good Night, Gorilla, The Carrot Seed and Bear Snores On seem to be made for Dads to read aloud (with funny sound effects?).

#10 Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee (of Tea, if you will)

How to Use a French Press - Fit Foodie Finds
Gift the gift of coffee because coffee loving dads-to-be will make full use of it.

The sleepless nights, the parenting stress that is to come…then you have coffee to the rescue. We don’t guarantee coffee solves everything but coffee loving Dads will definitely appreciate a cup of Joe for whenever he needs something to drink that isn’t alcoholic.

If Dad is a tea person, consider buying premium tea leaves instead. The nice thing about this gift is that, Moms can enjoy it too!


Coming up with the best baby shower gift idea can be hard, so we hope we helped narrow down your choices with some of ours.

Did you find anything that you liked? Tell us about a gift you’ve gotten that ranks on the list of perfect baby shower gifts for mom and dad, and why it made your baby shower an event to remember.

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baby shower gifts for mom and dad

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