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180+ Names That Mean Light, Shining Or Bright

Names that mean light have been popular for centuries, with many cultures recognizing the significance of light as a symbol of hope, positivity, and enlightenment.

Light names are often associated with brightness, radiance, and natural beauty, making them a popular choice for parents looking for a beautiful light name that reflects their child’s personality or a special meaning.Whether you are looking for a religious, mythical, or radiant baby names, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to names meaning light.

From traditional names like Clara and Lucian to more unique options like Zuri and Apollo, there is a light name to suit every taste and preference. Many light names are also gender-neutral, making them a great choice for parents who want a name that is versatile and adaptable.

Want some quick ideas on the best names that mean light for your child? Check out our top favorites here:

  • Cyrus
  • Lucian
  • Roshan
  • Ayla
  • Eleodora
  • Phoebe

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180+ Names That Mean Light, shining or bright

To give the little light of your life, there are many different names in our list that convey the essence of light, morning star, shining, or brightness, offering a diverse selection to cater to various tastes and desires.

Boy Names That Mean Light

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If you’re looking for a unique baby names for your baby boy that means light, there are plenty of boy names meaning light to choose from. Some popular names that mean light for boy include Dev, Elio, Elouan, Helios, Ilan, and Jyoti.

Additionally, there is a Latin name for light that could be used for a boy’s name. Whether you want a name that is unique or traditional to give much light to your baby, there are sure to be male names that mean light that fits your preferences and honors the meaning of light.

1AaronIn first name, it refers as a classic Hebrew name meaning “enlightened” or “high mountain.”
2AarushA Sanskrit name meaning “first ray of the sun,” symbolizing brightness and new beginnings.
3AftabA Persian name signifying “sunlight,” representing warmth and illumination.
4AlbanDerived from Latin “albus,” meaning “white” or “bright,” evoking purity and clarity.
5ApolloFrom Greek mythology, associated with the sun, light, and prophecy.
6ArunA Hindi name representing the rising sun, symbolizing new dawn and hope.
7AvnerHebrew name meaning “father of light” or “enlightened.”
8BeaconSymbolizing a guiding light, leading the way in darkness.
9BlazeReflects the intensity and brightness of a flame, signifying illumination and passion.
10BodhiA Sanskrit name meaning “enlightenment,” associated with the understanding of true nature.
11CyrusDerived from Persian, meaning “sun” or “throne,” embodying power and radiance.
12DevA Sanskrit name meaning “divine” or “god-like,” suggesting illumination and spirituality.
13ElioOf Italian name origin, meaning “sun,” symbolizing warmth, vitality, and energy.
14ElouanA Breton name meaning “light,” evoking clarity and illumination.
15HeliosGreek god of the sun, representing the radiant light and warmth of the sun.
16IlanHebrew for “tree,” symbolizing growth, vitality, and the nourishing power of light.
17JyotiA Sanskrit name meaning “light” or “flame,” representing enlightenment and illumination.
18KiranOf Sanskrit origin, signifying “ray of light,” representing brightness and hope.
19LucianDerived from Latin “lux,” meaning “light,” symbolizing clarity, understanding, and wisdom.
20LuciusA Roman name meaning “light,” representing illumination and enlightenment.
21LumenLatin for “light,” suggesting brightness, clarity, and enlightenment.
22LuminA modern twist on “lumen,” evoking brightness and illumination.
23LuxLatin for “light,” symbolizing brilliance, clarity, and enlightenment.
24OrenHebrew for “pine tree,” symbolizing strength, growth, and the light filtering through branches.
25OsmanOf Turkish origin, meaning “sun,” representing warmth, vitality, and illumination.
26PhoebusDerived from Greek mythology, associated with the sun and brightness.
27RaEgyptian sun god, symbolizing the radiance and power of the sun.
28RaviA Sanskrit name meaning “sun,” signifying warmth, vitality, and illumination.
29RoshanA Persian name meaning “bright” or “light,” suggesting radiance and clarity.
30RowanGaelic for “little red one” or “ruddy,” representing vitality and life, like the glow of the sun.
31TheronGreek for “hunter,” symbolizing the pursuit of enlightenment and clarity.
32UriHebrew for “my light,” representing guidance, clarity, and illumination.
33XavierDerived from Basque origins, meaning “bright” or “splendid,” evoking clarity and radiance.
34YarikA Slavic name meaning “light” or “springtime,” symbolizing renewal and illumination.
35ZekeShort for Ezekiel, meaning “God strengthens” or “God will shine,” suggesting divine illumination.
36ZivHebrew for “radiance” or “brightness,” symbolizing the light and energy of life.
37ZoharHebrew for “light” or “splendor,” representing illumination, brilliance, and clarity.
38ZoranOf Slavic origin, meaning “light bearer,” symbolizing the beginning of a new day and hope.

Girl Names That Mean Light

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If you’re looking for a name that symbolizes bright fame and positivity to name your baby girl other than Lucy, Lucia, Ellen, Hellen, there are plenty of girl names that mean light to choose from. From traditional girl names meaning light like Eleanor and Estelle to more unique options like Eliora and Lumina, there’s a name out there to suit any taste.

Whether you’re looking for names meaning bright, luminous, or radiant, there are plenty of female names meaning light to choose from. Illuminate your little girl’s life with a girl’s name that reflects her inner splendid light and beauty.

39AileenOf Irish origin, meaning “bright” or “shining light,” symbolizing radiance and clarity.
40AlinaA Slavic name meaning “bright” or “beautiful,” symbolizing illumination and purity.
41AuroraLatin for “dawn,” associated with the first light of day, representing renewal and vitality.
42AylaOf Turkish origin, meaning “moonlight,” symbolizing gentle illumination and tranquility.
43CandelaSpanish for “candle,” representing the flickering light that brings warmth and comfort.
44ClarissaDerived from Latin “clarus,” meaning “bright” or “clear,” suggesting illumination and understanding.
45EirNorse goddess of healing associated with light, symbolizing warmth and rejuvenation.
46ElaraFrom Greek mythology, meaning “shining” or “bright,” symbolizing radiance and beauty.
47EleanorDerived from Greek “eleos” meaning “light” or “torch,” representing guidance and illumination.
48EleniA Greek name meaning “light” or “torch,” symbolizing clarity and enlightenment.
49EleodoraA Greek name meaning “gift of the sun,” symbolizing warmth and brightness.
50ElioraHebrew for “my God is my light,” representing divine guidance and illumination.
51EstelleOf French origin, meaning “star,” symbolizing brightness and radiance like distant celestial bodies.
52HikariJapanese name for “light,” symbolizing clarity, purity, and enlightenment.
53IllumineEnglish word name meaning “to light up,” representing the act of bringing clarity and understanding.
54LioraHebrew for “my light,” suggesting guidance and illumination.
55LucastaA Latin name meaning “pure light,” representing clarity and brilliance.
56LuminaLatin for “light,” symbolizing brightness, clarity, and illumination.
57LuzSpanish for “light,” suggesting illumination, warmth, and clarity.
58MarisolA combination of Maria and Sol, meaning “sea and sun,” symbolizing the radiant light of the sun over the sea.
59MiraDerived from Latin “mirus,” meaning “wonderful” or “admirable,” evoking brightness and beauty.
60NeomaGreek for “new moon,” symbolizing renewal, freshness, and gentle illumination.
61NuraArabic for “light,” symbolizing enlightenment, guidance, and clarity.
62OrlaOf Irish origin, meaning “golden princess” or “radiant,” suggesting brightness and warmth.
63OrliHebrew for “my light,” symbolizing guidance and illumination.
64PhoebeFrom Greek mythology, meaning “bright” or “radiant,” representing luminosity and clarity.
65RoxanaPersian for “bright” or “dawn,” symbolizing the first light of day and new beginnings.
66SelenDerived from Greek mythology, meaning “moon,” symbolizing gentle illumination and tranquility.
67SeraphinaOf Hebrew origin, meaning “fiery” or “ardent,” representing the radiant light of angels.
68SerenaLatin for “serene” or “calm,” suggesting gentle and tranquil illumination, which can be prefect for middle name.
69ShainaHebrew for “beautiful,” symbolizing the brightness and beauty of light.
70SolanaSpanish for “sunshine,” representing the warmth and radiance of sunlight.
71SoleyIcelandic for “sunbeam,” symbolizing the gentle and comforting glow of sunlight.
72SorayaPersian for “princess” or “light,” suggesting brightness and regal radiance.
73SunnivaOf Old English origin, meaning “sun gift,” symbolizing the warmth and brightness of sunlight.
74SuriDerived from Persian, meaning “red rose,” symbolizing beauty and the radiance of light.
75TaliaHebrew for “dew from heaven” or “gentle rain,” suggesting gentle and nurturing illumination.
76TheaGreek for “goddess” or “divine,” symbolizing the radiant light of the heavens.
77TiaraEnglish word name meaning “crown,” symbolizing regal radiance and brightness.
78ValenciaOf Spanish origin, meaning “bravery” or “strength,” symbolizing the radiant light of courage.
79ZahraArabic for “flower” or “blooming,” symbolizing the radiant beauty and brightness of light.
80ZainabArabic for “fragrant flower,” symbolizing the beauty and radiance of light.
81ZaraHebrew for “princess” or “radiance,” suggesting brightness and regal beauty.
82ZephyraGreek for “west wind,” symbolizing the gentle breeze and the subtle play of light it carries.
83ZiaArabic for “light,” symbolizing enlightenment, guidance, and clarity.

Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Light

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For those looking for gender-neutral names that mean light, there are several options to choose from. Some Latin names meaning light, such as Aurora and Lucius, are popular choices. Other names that mean bright, such as Neo and Sunny, can also convey the meaning of light.

Additionally, names that mean light in the darkness, such as Nox and Tal, can be unique options for those seeking a more unconventional name. Overall, there are many gender-neutral names that can represent the concept of light, allowing parents to choose a name that is meaningful and fitting for their child.

84AdrielOf Hebrew origin, meaning “flock of God,” suggesting divine guidance and illumination.
85AllbrightA modern English name combining “all” and “bright,” symbolizing universal radiance and clarity.
86AlvaOf Scandinavian origin, meaning “elf” or “bright spirit,” suggesting ethereal illumination.
87ArinA variant of Aaron, meaning “enlightened” or “mountain of strength.”
88AryaOf Sanskrit origin, meaning “noble” or “gentle,” symbolizing enlightened nobility and clarity.
89AsaHebrew for “healer” or “physician,” symbolizing the illumination and rejuvenation of light.
90AydinTurkish for “enlightened” or “illumined,” representing clarity and understanding.
91BayEnglish word name referring to a body of water, symbolizing tranquility and reflection of light.
92HarperEnglish occupational name meaning “harp player,” suggesting the harmonious resonance of light.
93LiorHebrew for “my light,” symbolizing guidance and illumination.
94LoganOf Scottish name origin, meaning “little hollow,” symbolizing the gentle illumination of light in nature.
95MarloweA unisex name of English origin, meaning “driftwood hill,” evoking images of light filtering through trees.
96NeoGreek for “new” or “young,” symbolizing the freshness and clarity of newly discovered light.
97NoxLatin for “night,” suggesting the subtle light and illumination present even in darkness.
98OnyxA gemstone name, representing the deep, mysterious beauty and inner light.
99OrionFrom Greek mythology, representing the mighty hunter or constellation, symbolizing strength and illumination.
100RayEnglish word name meaning “beam of light,” symbolizing clarity, warmth, and guidance.
101RigelA star in the constellation Orion, symbolizing brightness, guidance, and celestial illumination.
102RoryOf Gaelic origin, meaning “red king” or “famous ruler,” suggesting regal radiance and enlightenment.
103SorenOf Scandinavian origin, meaning “stern” or “severe,” symbolizing the clarity and strength of light.
104SunEnglish word name representing the radiant center of our solar system, symbolizing warmth and illumination.
105SunnyEnglish word name evoking images of brightness, warmth, and joy, like a sunny day.
106TalHebrew for “dew” or “morning dew,” symbolizing gentle and refreshing illumination.
107TaylorEnglish occupational name meaning “tailor,” symbolizing the craftsmanship and precision of light.
108TealA color name representing a shade of blue-green, suggesting calm and soothing illumination.
109TorinOf Gaelic origin, meaning “chief” or “from the craggy hills,” symbolizing strength and illumination.
110WrenEnglish bird name, suggesting the lightness and grace of a bird in flight.
111XanShort for Alexander or Xander, meaning “defender of the people,” suggesting the protective power of light.
112YaelOf Hebrew origin, meaning “mountain goat” or “strength of God,” symbolizing resilience and illumination.
113ZenJapanese for “meditation” or “tranquility,” suggesting inner enlightenment and clarity.
114ZionOf Hebrew origin, meaning “highest point” or “monument,” symbolizing spiritual enlightenment and elevation.

Last Names That Mean Light

Last names that mean light are often originate from terms or expressions that suggest brightness, illumination, or radiance. These light related names often have roots in different cultures and languages such as English, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, or Scandinavian.

Some common characteristics of last names that mean light include “light hill” in German, “golden light” in Hebrew, and “light of the family” in Indian. Other light-related names may include names that mean shining light or names meaning glow.

115BeaconfieldEvokes the image of a field illuminated by a guiding beacon.
116BeaconridgeSymbolizes a ridge or hill where a beacon shines brightly.
117BeaconwoodSuggests a wooded area marked by the light of a beacon.
118BrightdaleRepresents a valley or dale filled with radiant light.
119BrightlandSignifies a land bathed in brightness and illumination.
120BrightmanA person associated with brightness and light.
121BrightwellRefers to a place or person characterized by clarity and radiance.
122BrightwoodIndicates a wooded area filled with brilliant light.
123DawnridgeEvokes the image of a ridge illuminated by the dawn’s light.
124DawnsonSuggests a place or person associated with the dawn and its light.
125DaybreakRepresents the moment when light first appears in the morning.
126DayglowRefers to the bright glow of light during the day.
127DaylighterSignifies someone or something that brings light during the day.
128DaylightingSuggests the process of illuminating with natural daylight.
129DaystarRepresents the star that brings light to the day; the sun.
130DaywardRefers to a direction towards daylight or the sun.
131GleamshireEvokes the image of a shining or gleaming community or area.
132GleamsworthSuggests a place characterized by the worth or value of its gleam.
133GleamwoodIndicates a wooded area filled with shining or sparkling light.
134LightbourneRefers to a stream or brook filled with luminous light.
135LightburnSignifies a burn or stream aglow with radiant light.
136LightfootRepresents someone known for their agility or swiftness in light.
137LighthallSuggests a hall or building illuminated by light.
138LightshireEvokes the image of a bright or illuminated community or area.
139LightstoneRefers to a stone or rock that emits light or reflects it brightly.
140LightstreamSignifies a stream filled with radiant or luminous light.
141LightwoodIndicates a wooded area filled with radiant or luminous light.
142LumincrestRepresents a crest or peak aglow with luminous light.
143LuminfieldSuggests a field or open space filled with luminous light.
144LuminvaleEvokes the image of a bright or radiant valley or vale.
145LuminwoodIndicates a wooded area filled with luminous light.
146MorningstarRefers to the bright star that heralds the morning; the planet Venus.
147ShimmerfieldEvokes the image of a field shimmering with light.
148SkylightRepresents a window or opening in a roof that lets in sunlight.
149SunbeamSuggests a beam or shaft of sunlight.
150SuncrestRepresents a crest or peak illuminated by sunlight.
151SundaleEvokes the image of a valley bathed in sunlight.
152SunfieldIndicates an open area filled with sunlight.
153SunmeadowSuggests a meadow bathed in the warm light of the sun.
154SunnsworthEvokes the image of a place characterized by the worth of sunlight.
155SunpathRepresents a path or route illuminated by the sun.
156SunspearIndicates a spear or shaft of sunlight.

More Names Related To Light, Bright, Light Bringer, Glow

There are many names associated with light, and they can be found in various cultures and languages. Some names relate to light itself, such as Gleam, Gleaming, Glow, and Ignis, which means “fire” in Latin. Other names relating to light bringer, like Éclair, Effulgent, Flash, and Horizon, evoke the idea of brightness or illumination.

For those looking for names that mean light bringer or names that mean bringer of light, there are also many options. Helix, for example, means “spiral” in Greek, but it can also refer to a beam of light. Halcyon, which means “calm and peaceful,” is associated with the kingfisher bird, which was said to calm the waves and bring about a period of calm weather.

Overall, there are many beautiful names related to light, and parents can choose the one that resonates with them the most. Whether it’s a name meaning light bringer or a name that evokes the idea of brightness and illumination, these names can be a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and wonder of life.

157AzenA unique name suggesting brightness or illumination.
158BaskerRefers to someone or something that basks in light or warmth.
159BrightA straightforward name evoking brightness and radiance.
160CendreFrench for “ash,” suggesting the fading light of a dying ember.
161ClarionSymbolizes clear, bright sound or light, often associated with clarity.
162DaylightRefers to the natural light of day.
163ÉclairFrench for “lightning,” suggesting sudden, brilliant illumination.
164EffulgentRadiantly bright or shining.
165FlashSuggests sudden, intense light or brilliance.
166GleamIndicates a faint or brief light, often suggesting hope or inspiration.
167GleamingShining brightly with reflected light.
168GlowSoft, warm light emitted by something hot or burning.
169HalcyonEvokes a sense of tranquility and calm, often associated with a golden light.
170HelixRepresents a spiral or twisting form, suggesting movement and energy.
171HorizonRefers to the line where the earth meets the sky, often bathed in light.
172IgnisLatin for “fire,” suggesting warmth, light, and energy.
173IllumaA modern twist on “illuminate,” suggesting enlightenment and clarity.
174LuminaryA person or celestial body that emits light; a leader or inspiration.
175LustrousShining with reflected light, often suggesting beauty and brilliance.
176MeridianRefers to the highest point or peak, often bathed in sunlight.
177NiamA unique name with connotations of brightness or radiance.
178NoonThe time of day when the sun is at its highest point, casting strong light.
179PrismSuggests the splitting and dispersion of light into its component colors.
180RadiantShining brightly with reflected or emitted light.
181ShineEvokes the idea of bright light or radiance.
182SolarisLatin for “of the sun,” suggesting brightness and warmth.
183SparkSuggests a small, fiery particle or flash of light.
184TalinA unique name with possible associations of brightness or radiance.
185TwilightThe time of day when the sun is below the horizon, creating soft, dim light.
186VividBright, intense, and lively, often used to describe colors or images.
187ZenithThe highest point in the sky, often associated with child of light.
188ZephyrusGreek god of the west wind, suggesting a gentle breeze and the play of light.

How do names that mean light influence a person’s identity or personality?

Names that mean light often symbolize hope, positivity, and enlightenment. Such names can influence a person’s identity by instilling a sense of brightness and optimism. They may shape personality traits like warmth, guidance, or a beacon of light in challenging times.


In this article, we have explored various names related to light, including baby names that mean light and light themed names. These names are a great choice for parents who are seeking for baby name inspiration and want to give their child a name that symbolizes hope, knowledge, and positivity.

Whether you choose a name that directly means light, such as Nora or Lucian, or a name that is inspired by light, such as Sunny or Celeste, you are sure to find a name that will bring brightness to your child’s life.

If you are expecting a child and are considering a name that means light, we encourage you to explore the various options available and choose a name that resonates with you. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box! We hope that this article has provided you with some inspiration and ideas for Names That Mean Light. 

Feel free to comment below with your favorite names and why you chose them.

180+ Names That Mean Light, Shining Or Bright - Names That Mean Light - Baby Journey

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