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27 Meaningful Gentle Boy Names for Your Little Boy

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming baby boy? As a new parent or parent-to-be, you may be facing so many dilemmas from choosing the right name to developing a healthy parent-child bonding relationship! I hope this article will resolve at least one of them!

When lacking inspiration, a lot of parents turn to celebrity name ideas for inspiration. Still, with so many creative and distinctive names, the choices are quite challenging.

I had the same issues when determining the name for my daughter. I ended up researching countless names online before I finally chose the one I thought suited her the best.

To help you on your search quest for the perfect name, here is a list of gentle boy names for your soft gentle baby boy!

27 Gentle Boy Names You’ll Love

Soft and gentle sounding boy names have always been at the center of an ongoing debate. And yep, it’s about giving boys feminine names.

But, don’t let that waver you – stick to your preferences and find your inspiration from list if you think soft sounding names suit the cute little man better!

#1 Sky

Sky. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

The name Sky is such a lovely gender-neutral gentle name that has been around for a while. Sky isn’t as popular as some other names on the list, and has never been ranked the most popular name in the US.

As you’ve probably guessed, the meaning of this gentle boy’s name with Scandinavian roots is heaven or sky. Sky has been in use since the middle of the 20th century, and its popularity has decreased in the last decade. Not only that but, this neutral-sounding name is also a lovely middle name for Sophia girl baby name!

In my opinion, now is the best time to make this and other similar gentle male names popular!

#2 August

August - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

The name August is having a comeback, and I couldn’t be happier!

Celebrity couples, such as Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith, also Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank named their sons August and brought this beautiful name back into the spotlight. The name August has been in the top 200 of the most used names in the USA in the past couple of years. [1]

August is one of the gentle baby names with powerful meaning. August means “great”, so it is an exceptional balance between beautiful phonetic pronunciation and compelling meaning. It isn’t a surprise because the name originally comes from Roman emperors and has been derived from Augustus!

#3 Julian

Julian - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

With three syllabi, Julian is one of the euphonious soft gentle boy names with Latin roots. The name is derived from the Latin word iuvenis, which represents youth and youthfulness. But if you are looking for a truly gentle name, you’ll love Julian because its English translation means love’s child.

I was surprised to discover that Julian has been consistently in the top 100, even top 50 names in the US, which goes to show how lovable this name is! [2]

#4 Ronan

Ronan - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

If you want to embrace the distinctive Celtic charm, why not choose the name Ronan for your child? Ronan has been a favorite name in Irish people for so long, and in the last decade, it has been in use around the USA.

I love the meaning more than the sound of the name Ronan because it translates directly to little seal! The name is also known by twelve Irish and Scottish saints who proudly carried the name.

Another thing, as a true Harry Potter name I would appreciate that my son carries the name of a brave, wise and righteous centaur. [3]

#5 Skylar

Skylar. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Skylar is used for both girls and boys, and it means scholar. There are different spelling variants Skylar and Skyler, but the profound meaning remains the same.

The variant Skyler suits energetic philosophists who are brave and creative with a strong will. It is one of the boy names meaning sweet and gentle, but it is great for parents who want their sons to be in touch with their softness in artistic and academic sides of personality.

#6 Eden

Eden. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Eden – what a heavenly name! Hebrew translation of the name is a location of joy and pleasure and you have probably heard about Eden’s garden which God made for Adam and Eve in the Bible.

Eden is an attractive name, with delicate pronunciation but bold meaning. If you don’t want the name of your child to be related to Christian tradition, you can say that your son got a name from a famous Real Madrid football player – Eden Hazard!

Either way, Eden is a great gentle name for boys, and even a better one to write on baptism cakes due to its origins!

#7 Icarus

Icarus. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Among all gender-neutral baby names with roots in ancient mythology, Icarus is my favorite. It is also one of the rare boy names used in the USA and around certain parts of the world.

The name Icarus has roots originating from ancient Greek – and it translates to follower. [4] However, the story behind the name is more interesting. Icarus was a mythological figure, a Daedalus’s (another rare boy name) son who flew too close to the sun.

In my interpretation, Icarus represents a man who doesn’t stumble in achieving his dreams!

#8 Gray

Gray. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

You will hardly find a name that has been in many European cultures as much as the name Gray. Basically, it comes from the English word Grey and means someone with grey hair.

Despite its English roots, Gray is more common as a surname in Gaelic culture, Scottish, French, Swiss, and other cultures. [5] The Gallo-Roman roots suggest that the name has meant pleasing.

#9 Flynn

Flynn. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Have you heard of Flynn Adam, the talented American singer? He proudly carries his name which means son of the red-haired person! It comes from Irish people and is the perfect name for cute little gingers out there!

Flynn is more common on the other side of the ocean in Great Britain. The name Flynn has been in use as a surname since the 18th century.

Did you also know that Orlando Bloom continued the beautiful male names trend in his family by naming his son Flynn? Just one look at the little Flynn Bloom, and you’ll agree that it is one of the perfect quiet boy names!

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#10 Aubrey

Aubrey. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Parenting is a magical experience, and if you want to thank your son for the blessings he’s brought into your life, choose the name Aubrey! It symbolizes elves, and their magical powers, just like the birth of a long-awaited son reveals the parenting magic.

Aubrey is similar to the name Audrey, which is a more common girl variant. Other sources even suggest that the name Audrey is considered a noble ruler! Among the two, I choose the meaning noble ruler of elves, because we all need a little magic in our lives!

#11 Drew

Drew. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Even though the name Drew has been used for both girls and boys, it is more often intended for males. In Greek tradition, Drew has been used to describe strong and manly individuals, blessed with a gift of wisdom.

However, the name has been in use in almost all cultures with slight variations. You can even find it in the Bible, as part of the biblical name Andrew!

Little Drew is sure to be happy to learn about the origins of the name by the time of your long-awaited baby’s first birthday.

#12 Emmett

Emmett. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

You can also spell it Emmet, but it doesn’t change the pronunciation. In British tradition, Emmett is derived from a girl name Emma but has been used for both girls and boys. I like the sound of Emmett’s name as well as its gender-neutrality.

#13 Lucas

Lucas. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Ever since I watched the TV show “One Tree Hill”, I’ve been dreaming of giving my child the name Lucas.

Even though I got a girl, I still love the name Lucas, especially after I learned the meaning of the name – the bringer of light! Lucas is also a variation of the name of the well-known person in human history – Luke the Evangelist.

I am not the only one that appreciates the meaning and the beauty of the name Lucas. It is actually one of the most popular boy names in the USA in the past, ranked eighth on the list. [6] Don’t let the popularity affect your choices of names – we need more Lucas people!

#14 Noel

Noel. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

If your due date is around Christmas, Noel makes a stunning name – because it literally means born on Christmas in the old French language. If you are like me, who have a thing for the beautiful French language, you can certainly choose the name no matter when your son’s birthday is!

Because people believe Noel is only suitable for December babies, the name isn’t as popular as some other gentle names. As your cute little Noel is reaching the milestone of one year, you can certainly check out some ideas on first birthday gifts for boy to find the one that suits its meaningful name!

#15 Felix

Felix. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Felix is an all-time favorite of parents who prefer names from Roman tradition. The meaning behind it is lucky, or fortunate! But, my favorite thing about this name is that it has zero nicknames! Therefore, your lovely happy boy will proudly carry his name, without any derivation!

You’ll love the name as you realize that it is popular among notable celebrities! For example: a famous German composer carries the name Felix, and the actress Gillian Anderson named her newborn son Felix in 2008; not to mention, Hugh Grant did the same four years later!

#16 Cade

Cade. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Cade is one of the most beautiful male names meaning gentle. The name comes from the old English and French language and has been becoming more popular since 2018. Cade or Kade as you can also find it, is the root of the common surname – Kayden.

The name itself has been popular since 20 years ago, as seen when even famous people possess the name Cade. Young athlete Cade Cunningham and Cade Blackmon, the popular TikTok star are perfect examples of the use of this name!

#17 Gareth

Gareth. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Among all boy names meaning gentle, Gareth has a subtle masculine touch to it. It is common in Welsh culture and has been in use as Garetth, too.

If you wonder why the name sounds familiar to you, let’s just say, Gareth Keenan. It is one of the most loving fictional characters from the TV show “The Office”.

#18 Axel

Axel. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Axel is one of the boy names that mean shy, but sounds powerful and has a more intense meaning throughout history. In the Bible, you can find Axel’s name under Absalom, which actually means a person who brings peace.

In other cultures, such as Scandinavian culture, Axel is a cool common name. There aren’t as many famous people named Axel, so your son can go through life without being connected to celebrities, if unique is what you’re looking for!

#19 Coyne

Coyne. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Coyne is one of the rarest boy names that mean humble. It has a French origin and is more common as a surname. Nevertheless, it gives you a rare opportunity to pick the name for your son that will stand out!

Coyne is an Irish surname that became popular after the 9th century. You can also use it as Koyne, Coyney, Koen and Coine. [7]

#20 Ezra

Ezra. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

The actor Ezra Miller proudly carries his given name, which means help or helper when translated into Hebrew. Ezra is a beautiful Biblical name mostly given to boys. The name has been around for a while, but it gained the most popularity in 2015 when it was ranked in the top 50 male names in the USA.

Ezra is also one of the names with just a few nicknames – Ez, or similar. So, if you would like your son to be called by his given name the entire life, Ezra might be a wonderful choice!

#21 Darius

Darius. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

The lovely name Darius has ancient roots in Greek, Italian and Persian history. The name represents someone who holds his belongings well. Another meaning of the name is connected to the properties of kings and rich people. It sounds regal yet calm and collected for a child’s name.

Darius isn’t very common in the English-speaking world, [8] but if you wish to name your son after the most trophy Persian kind, look no more! The name is used in European countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Ukraine, etc.

#22 Concord

Concord. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Concord is one of the greatest quiet boy names. Originally, the name represents peace, silence, tranquility and is sometimes used for females as well. Concord comes from Middle England and can be used as a surname. It also represents the harmony between people and nations in British English.

I especially like the sound and the meaning of the name!

#23 Nico

Nico. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

For me, Nico is a better variation of the standard name Nick. Once I learned about Nico’s name’s meaning and origin, I loved the name even more!

The name Nico stands for people of victory. Originally, Nico comes from Greece, but today it is common in Italy, Belgium, Spanish-speaking countries. It has some cool vibes to it and can be used as a nickname too!

Italians especially love this relatively fresh name – and I know it because I have some Italian roots in me! It’s easy to pronounce so his future friends won’t have trouble with it at all!

#24 Reece

Reece. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Reece is a lovely boy name that means passion and enthusiasm. [9] Reece is a standard English spelling version of the old Welsh name spelled Reese. If you like the meaning of the name, you can also choose name variations, such as Rhys, Reace, Rice, and Riece.

Former NBA basketball player, Reece Gaines is the most famous celebrity with a given name Reece. Other famous people with this name include actors and football players with the same name – Reece Thompson!

#25 Ollie

Ollie. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

In most cases, Ollie is a nickname for people named Oliver, but it is surely a charming given name too. Ollie is a short and lovely, sensitive boy name that has Latin roots. It stands for olive tree, but Ollie also represents peace, goodness, serenity and makes a strong name for boys.

There are a few spelling variants of the name, such as Olly, Oly, and Olie.

If you dig a little deeper to search for more variants, you could likely find more options leaning to the Latin side that are perfect for kids in general!

#26 Francis

Francis. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

The boy’s name Francis was at its peak at the beginning of the 20th century but is still popular as of now. Francis is one of the names that mean gentle giant by the association of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Don’t mix Francis with Frances, which could be the female version of the name. Francis has a few variations, such as Franky, Fransoa, Franco, etc., but my favorite is the original name Francis.

#27 Lumi

Lumi. - Gentle Boy Names | Baby Journey Blog

Lumi is an excellent choice for babies born in the winter because the name means snow in Finnish and Estonian languages. When used as a name, Lumi has a compelling and charming vibe to it, it is a short and melodious name.

Lumi is more commonly used for females in Finland, and other Scandinavian countries. But in English-speaking countries, Lumi is a unisex name – making it another good choice of a unique boy name.


How did you like the list? Did you find your favorite name for your baby boy? I hope you could find the inspiration you were looking for!

If you find the list useful, do consider sharing it with parents-to-be to help them choose gentle names for their kids! For more baby names, do consider checking my list of names meaning gold, names meaning sacrifice as well, and follow @babyjourney0183 for more inspirations!

27 Meaningful Gentle Boy Names for Your Little Boy | Baby Journey Blog

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