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Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review (2024): Is it Worth it?

Nuna makes great baby gear, but not all the products the company offers are top-notch. Today, my Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review will reveal if the seat is worth your money and attention, or you should stick to other Nuna products.

The Nuna PIPA infant seat is lightweight and has a convenient installment method with rigid LATCH connectors. It also has a practical load leg for improved safety. It absorbs the shock during the crash.

PIPA car seat isn’t the only seat by Nuna. Other versions, Nuna PIPA Lite, Lite LX, RX are lightweight, which moms really appreciate. But, the Lite versions cannot be installed without the base, while the PIPA works seamlessly without it. Comparing Nuna PIPA Vs PIPA lite, I prefer the PIPA, because of its versatile use and canopy.

Further, the Nuna PIPA infant seat has a bubble recline indicator, which is great as a navigation system to make sure you found the proper angle for the seat during installation.

The padding is soft and comfortable with removable shoulder pads. Overall, the seat ensures a comfortable and safe ride, but let’s discuss it more in this in-depth Nuna PIPA review.

- Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review | Baby Journey


  • Includes load leg
  • Buble indicators for finding a proper reclining angle
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable padding
  • Fully extendable canopy


  • The seat doesn’t have a rebound bar
  • Non-adjustable headrest
  • Removing the cover is challenging

Commonly Asked Questions Before Buying Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat

Generally, Nuna infant seats are designed for modern parents and those who might need to switch seats between cars often. PIPA Nuna can be installed quickly, so you don’t have to buy two seats, for your grandparent’s car or your partner’s car. Also, the seat is certified for use in airplanes and great for parents who use taxis often.

But, if you are looking for one seat that you won’t take out from the car, you might go with something more complex for installment, and more affordable. Additionally, if you are looking for a second car seat to keep in your grandparent’s car, you can consider something simpler and inexpensive.

Besides, if your child grows fast and it seems that the baby will overgrow the seat sooner than expected, you can pick a Nuna PIPA convertible car seat, as the weight limit is 50 pounds. It ensures that you will use the seat for longer.

Now, let’s answer the most common question about car seats.

Is the Nuna PIPA car seat worth it?

Nuna PIPA is on the higher-end side of infant car seats, but it is a quality seat that has smart features, appreciated by many parents. Some of the features that distinguish it, such as load leg, naturally fire retardant fabric, dream drape, and comfortable padding, aren’t available in some popular budget-friendly car seats.

Is Nuna PIPA safe for my baby?

Nuna PIPA is a rear-facing infant seat that passed the crash tests with excellent results. Moreover, it has additional safety features such as a load leg for absorbing shock.

Is Nuna PIPA a good car seat?

Considering all the features and quality materials used for manufacturing the Nuna PIPA, I can safely conclude that it is a good seat. But, there is room for improvement in terms of adjustability.

How long can a baby use the Nuna PIPA?

First of all, the Nuna PIPA weight limit is 32 pounds, and the height limit is 32 inches. Until your baby overgrows the height or weight limits of this rear-facing car seat, you can safely use the Nuna PIPA seat. Most toddlers overgrow it around the age of two.

On the other hand, if the seat has been in the crash or has signs of visible damage, you should replace the seat even if the baby meets the height and weight range.

Does Nuna PIPA need a base?

The PIPA seat comes with an appropriate base but can be installed with or without it. Still, using a car seat with the base is considered safer. However, if you are traveling on public transport, you might enjoy the convenience of without the base installation.

Can you install Nuna PIPA without a stability leg?

The seat can be installed safely without it in cars where using the stability leg in the central position in the back seat isn’t possible. Even though the stability leg has safety benefits, it is completely safe to use the Nuna PIPA car seat without it.

I appreciate this feature because sometimes it isn’t practical to use a stability leg, so it is great to have both options.

Is the Stokke PIPA by Nuna seat the same as Nuna PIPA?

Some parents may confuse the Nuna PIPA to be the same as Stokke PIPA by Nuna due to the similarity in model name, but the Stokke PIPA seat is different – this infant car seat is made by Nuna solely to fit the Stokke stroller series. It is not compatible with other strollers unlike the Nuna PIPA.

Nuna PIPA Infant CAR Seat REVIEW: Features & Benefits

Now, keep reading my Nuna car seat reviews for a full check on all features the seat offers.

Ease of installing the car seat

With the base

First of all, Nuna PIPA has simple yet effective installation methods. If you decide to install the seat with a base, you can do it using lower anchors. All you have to do is rotate the anchors and connect them with your vehicle ones. Once you do that, the window will turn green. It is great because you don’t have to worry if you have done everything right, you can get confirmation!

Additionally, the Nuna seat comes with lower anchor guides for installing the seat in cars where vehicle lower anchors aren’t easily accessible.

The second installation method is with the seat belt. Nuna PIPA features a lock-off clamp for efficient installation. The clamp is easy to use and reduces the time you spend installing the seat.

Also, keep in mind that the lock-off clamp keeps the seat in place, but you can still manually lock the seat belt to be carefree. Usually, I prefer installment with lower anchors, but the lock-off clamp is a great addition and simplifies the process significantly.

Next, rear-facing seats need to recline to ensure a proper position. The seat includes a bubble indicator for checking the angle is correct. It is user-friendly and easy to understand.

However, I wish there were more recline settings to adjust the seat simpler in different vehicles. Therefore, if your car has a deep seat, you might use a pool noodle and install the Nuna PIPA via seat belt to avoid struggling to get the right angle.

Watch the video: Installing Nuna PIPA car seat

Without the base

The baseless installment method is comfortable for traveling or riding with other passengers on the back seat. Conveniently, Nuna has an easy-to-push release button, which you use to lock the handle in the proper position.

It is great because you don’t have to worry whether you set the handle up or down. Moreover, because the seat allows European belt routing, you can install it in several minutes.

Safety features

Nuna PIPA has a set of safety features that ensures excellent performance in a crash test. No wonder it passed the lab test by Consumer Reports with high grades.

First of all, the innovative approach to outer material in Nuna PIPA results in naturally flame-retardant materials without added chemicals. It is excellent because if you are like me, you don’t want chemicals near your baby.

Next, it features a 5-point harness system that gently keeps the baby secured. It distributes the pressure evenly and keeps the baby comfortable during long and bumpy rides.

I also like the overall design of the seat and the fact that it includes side-impact protection.

The steel stability leg is a nifty touch, because it supports the seat, and absorbs the shock. That way, it reduces the shock impact on the baby’s head, neck, and spine. It is one of the rare seats with this feature. Moreover, the leg is easy to use. You can easily unfold it and secure it on the floor.

Once you secure the load leg properly, the green indicator will confirm that you are good to go.- Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review | Baby Journey
Once you secure the load leg properly, the green indicator will confirm that you are good to go. Source:

Seat Size and Weight

Without the base, the seat is quite lightweight with only 8 pounds. It is convenient, especially if you plan to use the seat as a carrier. With the base, it is heavier, similar to other infant car seats.

Still, Nuna PIPA weight with the base is 21.4 pounds, which isn’t too terrible for switching between the cars.

Nuna Pipa is 23 inches long, so the base overhang the seat in some vehicles. That is where the stable legs come into the spotlight. It keeps the seat stable and makes it adaptable for use in different car models.

Seat usage limit

Nuna PIPA has a standard weight and height range as other car infant seats. It is suitable for babies from 4 pounds to 32 pounds, and up to 32 inches tall. A removable infant insert ensures that the seat is just as comfortable for newborns as for older toddlers.

Ease of cleaning

Nuna PIPA features soft and comfortable organic cotton, but the seat might not be the easiest to clean on the market. The three-piece insert is easy to remove and the canopy, but the organic cotton cover isn’t. To remove it, you have to unthread the whole harness system, which will take some time.

Once you do it, you can wash it in the machine using a delicate cycle and mild detergent. Still, the manual recommends washing in cold water and air dry.

Other parts of the seat, such as carrier shell, harness straps, and handle, can be cleaned with mild detergent and a soft cloth, similar to other seats. However, the manual specifically advises against using soaps, solvents, and lubricants to clean the buckle.

Therefore, you can rinse it with warm water only, and my advice is – do it regularly. That way, you will prevent the dirt from piling up and resist the urge to use some harsher detergent to clean it.

Putting back the cover is challenging, but after you do it a couple of times, you will get better at it and it won’t be time-consuming.

Stroller compatibility

Building your own Nuna PIPA travel system isn’t challenging, as Nuna PIPA has great stroller compatibility. According to the manual, the seat is compatible with Nuna PIPA strollers.

However, if you don’t want to buy both a Nuna PIPA car seat and stroller, you can only get a Nuna adapter to expand the list of compatible strollers.

Nuna makes some great strollers, and they are available in a wide price range. For example, the Pepp Next stroller is compatible with the seat, lightweight, and compact. I recommend it for traveling.

On the other hand, they also make a stroller that can handle two seats – Demi Grow. It is perfect for twins, but it is a high-end stroller.

If you get an appropriate adapter, you can use the seat with some of the following strollers:

PIPA is compatible with various strollers from the same brand or other brands via an adapter, so you will certainly be able to find the one for you. - Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review | Baby Journey
PIPA is compatible with various strollers from the same brand or other brands via an adapter, so you will certainly be able to find the one for you. Source:

Seat comfort

Overall, the seat is comfortable for the baby due to plush padding and breathable fabric. The seat comes with a three-piece removable infant insert, which is an additional plus for comfortable and supportive seat for the baby as it grows. However, the Nuna PIPA headrest seems slightly weaker and not as solid or supportive as headrests in some similar seats.

As far as the comfort for the parents go, the ergonomic leather handle is excellent. It reduces the fatigue when you use the seat as a carrier and makes a fashionable touch!


One of the best additional features in this Nuna review is the canopy. First of all, it is of the perfect size to protect the baby from all-weather conditions. Also, it has a UPF of 50+, which makes it great for summer days.

Moreover, the canopy has a flip-out visor with a mesh panel that you can easily open to communicate with the baby or close if the baby sleeps.

On top of everything, the PIPA car seat has Dream Drape, a convenient mesh canopy that further protects the baby from outside conditions. You can secure it with magnets.

Overall, the canopy is well-designed and contributes to the uninterrupted baby naps everywhere.

I recommend using the Dream Drape for sleeping infants because of the full covered protection. Also, as the baby grows, it will enjoy kicking the canopy with its feet! - Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review | Baby Journey
I recommend using the Dream Drape for sleeping infants because of the full covered protection. Also, as the baby grows, it will enjoy kicking the canopy with its feet! Source:

Indicators and Manual

One more thing that separates Nuna PIPA from other car seats is the smart features that help the parents get used to seat installments.

Nuna PIPA comes with an easy-to-read and, more importantly, well-illustrated manual. Therefore, if you have never installed a car seat before, a manual leads you through every step of the way.

My favorites are the indicators that serve as the security check on every stage of the seat installment.

The color-coded indicators for the LATCH system and load leg minimize your errors. Moreover, the bubble level indicator has always been my preference, and this one informs you when you reach the correct angle.

It is convenient for use in different vehicles and different design car seats. Just check the indicator, and enjoy the calm ride.

Bubble indicator is straightforward to use, and a better choice than line indicators. - Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review | Baby Journey
Bubble indicator is straightforward to use, and a better choice than line indicators. Source:

Nuna PIPA Review Summary

Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat
Seat positioning Rear-facing
Installation SystemLATCH, Seat belt with the lock off clamp
Installation without BaseYes
Weight range 4 – 32 pounds
Maximum infant height32 inches
Weight (with the base) 21.4 pounds
Weight (without the base) 8 pounds
Fire retardant, flame resistant Yes
Removable infant insert Yes
Canopy All-season, UPF 50+

Nuna PIPA Car Seat Review: Alternatives

If you still aren’t sure whether Nuna PIPA is for you, let’s see some great alternatives for it.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 - Rear Facing Infant Car Seat - for Babies 4 to 35 lbs - Made in Italy - Atmosphere (Grey)

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 is similar to Nuna PIPA in terms of quality, price range, and same height limit. However, the seat has a rebound bar and adjustable side impact protection and can accommodate babies up to 35 pounds. It is also lightweight and allows the European seat belt style, just like PIPA.

The Primo Viaggio seat doesn’t have a load leg, but the sturdy shell and anti-rebound bar overcompensate for it.

Similarities & Differences between Nuna PIPA and Primo Viaggio:

  • Weight
  • Height limit
  • Ease of installment
  • Both come with the base and allows European belt path
  • Nuna PIPA includes stability leg
  • Nuna features organic cotton fabric, while Peg Perego has breathable jersey fabric
  • Peg Perego features adjustable side impact protection

You can learn more about the Primo Viaggio car seat here.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 - Rear Facing Infant Car Seat - for Babies 4 to 35 lbs - Made in Italy - Atmosphere (Grey)
296 Reviews
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 - Rear Facing Infant Car Seat - for Babies 4 to 35 lbs - Made in Italy - Atmosphere (Grey)
  • Made In Italy. Rear facing infant car seat for babies 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall; Includes a base with an integrated anti-rebound bar
  • Dual stage cushion system-first stage for 4 pound and up offers extra support on baby's neck and bottom, second stage correctly supports growing baby, both help to keep baby's head properly positioned and are made of our fresco jersey breathable fabric
  • Car seat dimensions: 25.9 x 17.0 x 23.9 inches and base dimensions: 21.6 x 14.6x 11.5 inches . Side impact protection adjusts to six different positions with no rethreading required, protecting baby's head and shoulders at any growth stage

Chicco Fit2 Air

Chicco Fit2 Air Infant & -Toddler Car Seat - Marina | Grey/Blue

Chicco car seat features a convenient spring-loaded leveling foot for effortless installment and bubble level indicators, similar to PIPA Nuna. It is easy to use and convert from infant position to toddler position, while both are rear-facing.

The Chicco Fit2 Air has luxurious cover fabric, soft, easy to clean, and breathable due to the mesh layer.

The handle is easy to adjust, and the seat is compatible with numerous strollers.

Similarities & Differences between Chicco Fit2Air and Nuna PIPA:

  • Both have a canopy with mesh insert for better ventilation and view of the baby
  • Both seats are easy to install and have additional features that help you during the process, such as indicators
  • Nuna PIPA has stability leg
  • Chicco car seat has a convenient LATCH tightener, which cuts the time for installment
  • Nuna PIPA has naturally flame retardant fabric
  • The weight limit of Chicco is 35 pounds

Find more cool features of Chicco Airfit2 here!

Chicco Fit2 Air Infant & -Toddler Car Seat - Marina | Grey/Blue
  • Innovative 2-stage infant and toddler car seat conveniently extends rear-facing use to at least 2 years of age - includes base
  • One simple motion converts the stay-in-car base to toddler position with extended legroom and more upright, spacious seating
  • Carry handle lowers with one hand for easy access and a 7-position, easy-adjust headrest grows with your baby to provide best-in-class seated height

Cybex Aton 2 SensorSafe

The Cybex Aton 2 car seat features an innovation on the car seat market. It has a sensor that alarms you about dangerous situations, for example, when the child unbuckles itself during the ride.

Moreover, it has a load leg, just like Nuna PIPA and European belt routing. It is a lightweight seat, but slightly heavier than Nuna PIPA and a bit more affordable.

The seat also has side impact protection and an energy-absorbing shell.

Similarities & Differences between Cybex Aton 2 SensorSafe and Nuna PIPA:

  • Both seats have load leg
  • You can install both of them with European seat belt routing without the base
  • Both come with UPF 50+ canopies
  • Cybex Aton 2 SensorSafe include a sensor for dangerous situations
  • Nuna PIPA canopy feature Dream drape
  • Cybex Aton 2 is slightly heavier and have a larger weight range

Find out more about the Cybex Aton 2 sensor system here!

No products found.


Overall, Nuna PIPA is a great seat. It has everything a car seat should have and more. The safety is improved with the load leg and indicators, which minimize human error during installation. It is also comfortable for the baby, and lightweight.

Because you can remove the infant insert, it feels like it grows with the baby. Despite minor drawbacks and challenging maintenance, it is still one of the best most convenient car seats on the market.

Did you like my PIPA car seat review? Do you think the seat is worth the money?

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