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Dream of Baby Dying: Meaning, Interpretations and More

Have you ever woken up drained in sweat and shaky? Going through your thoughts, you have just had a strange dream of baby dying at birth.

You try to loosen the already sticky linen from your body as you breathe hard, wishing the dream of death away.

Dreams are symbolic. They bring things to our attention that we are not consciously aware of. Examples range from our underlying emotions, worries, anxiety to mention but a few. Dreams in most cases symbolize evolution and life-changing events.

It is also true that having dreams about your child dying can indicate something wrong in your life, erasing the peace and tranquility you had. These results in these nightmares taking place as your brain counters the consensus that you had by the scary dream of a dead baby. Parents might dream as real as dreaming of holding a dead baby in my arms.

But obviously, it is just a dream, no need to panic about the baby you’ve bonded with dying.

Key Takeaway:

  • Dreaming about a deceased infant may indicate exposure to significant trauma.
  • A nightmare about a baby’s death can cause intense fear and distress.
  • Considering past failures in opportunities, ideas, plans, or relationships could assist in understanding the underlying issue behind such dreams.

Why Do People Have Nightmares?

A nightmare is a dream of a disturbing nature that awakens you and is often associated with negative feelings. These negative feelings are anxiety, fear, substance abuse, trauma, sleep deprivation, scary movies, and books.

Your brain also creates nightmares to create a balance. Creepy right? When everything is going well for you, you might tend to be overconfident and your brain ensures that your emotions are balanced by stimulating the nightmares. Though this theory is not factual, it is an interesting one.

Reasons Why Nightmares Like A Dead Baby Dream Occur

Watching a horror movie may lead to anxiety and stress, possibly causing the dream of a baby dead or dying.  - Dead Baby Dream Meaning - Baby Journey blog
Watching a horror movie may lead to anxiety and stress, possibly causing the dream of a baby dead or dying.

Anxiety and fear: Sometimes, the ordinary stresses we go through can trigger nightmares of dead baby dreams. Significant life changes can also cause a person to feel anxious, triggering nightmares.

Substance abuse: Alcohol and drug use or withdrawal of the same can also trigger dreaming of losing a child.

Trauma: Nightmares are common in people who have gone through traumatic events in their lives, e.g., physical or sexual abuse, accidents, death, feeling anxious from getting lost and trapped.

Sleep deprivation: Lacking a routine of sleep or not getting enough sleep [1] might also increase the chances of dreams about losing a child.

Scary movies and books: Some people will be affected by nightmares should they watch a scary movie, or read a horror book about dead baby coming after them and the like before sleeping.

Babies Dying In Dreams Due To Underlying Emotions?

Psychology has found out that your brain processes events weeks after they happen. [2] When you sleep, your brain continues to process all past events that took place during the day, therefore displaying your innermost scared feelings and difficult emotions through dreams otherwise not observed in reality. This ends up being a trigger for you to dream about son dying. Some may even dream of baby dying in womb.

These emotions that lead to dreams about death of a child may include:


The threat of danger, pain, or harm causes fear which is an unpleasant emotion. When fear grips you because of your dead baby’s funeral, or you see a child and are filled with emotion, the feeling of fear will take over you, triggering the dying in dreams.

More often than not, we as parents, especially the mother, experience some common fears, i.e.:

● Fear of not being a good parent.

● Fear of change.

● Fear of letting go.

● Fear of failure.

● Fear of loss.

● Fear of new things.

You would want to consider what is going on in your life and how the happenings affect your feelings. As the above and more fears will vividly express in your dreams.

Carrying a pregnancy comes with a lot of responsibility that often arouses fear. When you dream of your newborn baby dying, it doesn’t mean that that is a prediction. It is; however, a fear from your life manifesting in your vision.

You should sit down and confront all the fears you are against at the moment, then observe what you are going through, and this will help you realize the root of your worries and reduce these pregnancy dreams about dead baby nightmares.


Anxiety can cause parents to be overwhelmed by ideas and suffer from nightmares. - Dream of Baby Dying - Baby Journey blog
Anxiety can cause parents to be overwhelmed by ideas and suffer from nightmares.

Anxiety will cause you to be nervous, which triggers dreaming of a dead baby. A significant life change that happened out of happiness, sadness, betrayal, disappointments or others may trigger your anxiety levels which may lead to your dreams.

Studies show that anxiety could result in frightening dreams.

In a bid to become a good parent to your baby, you might become nervous. A dream about a dead baby might be triggered by anxiety.

Anxiety stems from events that have recently occurred in your life or events you are worried might happen. Most new parents are afraid of losing their newborn baby, and sometimes this reflects in their dreams. The future of your baby has nothing to do with these dreams. They are an interpretation or mere reflections of your anxiety.

As a new parent, you might be anxious about leaving your baby in the car or forgetting them at home. Common dreams of a child dying mean nothing other than your subconscious reflecting your anxiety.

Excessive Worrying

When you worry excessively it might lead to dreams of dead baby.  - Baby girl dies in dream - Baby Journey blog
When you worry excessively it might lead to dreams of dead baby.

When you keep worrying almost every minute of the day, you will likely experience such nightmares. Feelings of worry and nervousness around your little one’s well-being tend to be the root of bad dreams about your baby.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your baby that you are worried about. It could be a niece or nephew of yours that hurt at school, and now this worry is reflecting on your baby in your dreams.

It could also be something you’ve watched on TV about child abuse or something triggering. Such news could alleviate anxiety and worry then make your dream of bad things such as your baby passing away.

The moment you have stopped excessively worrying, the dreams will start diminishing. Also, avoid watching negative news that could trigger worry and anxiousness.

Dreams About Death Symbolize Things Happening In Your Life

Dreams are symbolic in our lives, and they reflect what we perceive, our life events, and our choices. So when you dream of your baby dying, it is a way of bringing some things to our attention.

Although it is pretty challenging to interpret everyone’s dream and such a dream of a baby simply dying may feel like a premonition of an impending problem, there are universal symbols, and we can find similarities.

Generally, dreaming of a baby symbolizes hope and plan. It generally means that your hopes will soon be fulfilled, and it will bring along happiness and good luck. Most of the time, it never means you or your loved ones will get pregnant.

The Biblical meaning of dreams about babies could mean growth, expansion, new project, new Christian, innocence, immaturity, or someone in need of guidance and counseling.

The same applies to the dream of a dead baby, which could be a symbol of many things taking place in your life at the moment. These include:

Inner Child Death

When you connect with your inner child you start your healing journey.  -  Inner baby talking dream meaning - Baby Journey blog
When you connect with your inner child you start your healing journey.

A majority of us have an inner child still present and can be seen through behaviors such as:

● Clinginess

Temper tantrums

● Being overly dependent on others

Having gone through traumatizing events or being brought up in a family where you had to be overly dependent on your parents or others tends to cause you to harbor your inner child. The presence of your inner child tends to cause you to have stunted emotional growth.

As you keep experiencing personal growth, you will make big life decisions on your own and become an adult. As this happens, slowly, the inner child in you starts dying. So, when you have a dead baby dream, it could mean the death of your inner child and not the death of your baby.

A Significant Loss In Your Life

When you lose a loved one, you might start to experience seeing a child dying in dreams. - Losing other people dream meaning - Baby Journey blog
When you lose a loved one, you might start to experience seeing a child dying in dreams.

Sometimes dreaming about death is pronounced. Take your time and look at a recent loss you’ve had in your life. It could be a divorce, a child moving out, losing a pet, or you are still grieving a family member or a person you’ve lost.

If your marriage ended, it is often symbolized in dreams of death since it’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Even though a kid moving out is a loss, your subconscious mind could interpret it as a dead baby.

A significant loss in your life, like that of a family member, friend, pet, or moving out of either, could be reflected in your dreams as death. Don’t worry about it since after grieving; the nightmares will stop. Take it a step at a time.

The Start Of A New Phase

Starting a new phase could be a nice thing but sometimes could reflect as a death dream.  - Near Future Dream Interpretation - Baby Journey blog
Starting a new phase could be a nice thing but sometimes could reflect as a death dream.

The start of something new always means that something else is going to stop happening. If significant life changes are happening in your life, your dreams could come up as death. This could be something good or bad like:

● Leaving a toxic relationship.

● Friendships coming to an end.

● Having a baby.

● Leaving your old house.

● Getting a new job.

● Financial changes (getting or losing money).

Something new like coming into money could be a significant change in your life, and even though it’s a good thing, it means the end of your past self. So, when you dream of a baby dying, the dream often means that something significant is changing in your life or relationship, and no death will happen in real life.

Dreams about babies being born often mean you’re starting a new chapter in your life. So don’t worry about it.

Dream Interpretation Of Deceased Babies

Pregnancy could also trigger the nightmares of your baby dying. - Dream of A Baby Dying Meaning - Baby Journey blog
Pregnancy could also trigger the nightmares of your baby dying.

Here are some baby dying in dream meaning interpretations when you see a baby dies and other related dream of a baby situation:

● Struggling to revive a dead baby in the dream often means you are not accepting the significant changes happening in your life, and it’s a bit difficult to let go.

● If you dream that you gave birth to a dead baby, the dream meaning is that there will be many disappointments beginning to happen in your life, and you must learn to deal with them.

● A newborn baby dying in your dreams often symbolizes fearing the future.

● A dream about a dead fetus often means that your current problems are coming to an end, and it’s the beginning of joy and promising opportunities.

● A dream about a child dying under your care means that you should learn to put yourself forward instead of prioritizing others. It could also mean that you should be more careful when caring for your child/children.

● A dream of mother dying a mother often represents the nurturing, caring, and comfort in your life. When you dream of your alive mother dying, it could mean that you are having poor intuition skills or hard times are coming.

Other Dream Of Baby Dying Interpretations

Dead twin babies: Dreaming about the death of twin babies often represents an ending in two’s or multiples in your life. I.e., you may be relocating to take up a new career.

Dream of baby dying and coming back to life: This dream will mean that all your success will depend on how much effort you exert. For your plans to materialize, you will need to exert your effort maximally.

Pregnant and dreaming of the baby dying when giving birth: This dream goes a long way to show that you are subconsciously fearful of an impending burden that needs resolving.

A baby dying in a coffin: This kind of dream symbolizes that you have to gather strength to overcome the troubles of your life.

Newborn who can walk upright: This dream symbolizes that you will receive praise for your good performance at work.

Killing a baby: This dream will symbolize your subconscious desire to overcome the childish behavior you carry along.

Holding infant: Your dream of having an infant in your hands will symbolize getting a reward soon.

Sick baby: This kind of dream will mainly symbolize that you will suffer at work or in your love life soon.

Dream of someone dying: This kind of dreaming of death means birth, you’re going to be pregnant.

The million-dollar question you are probably asking yourself is, what’s the meaning of small child in dream? Children symbolize satisfaction in your life.

How To Stop The Dreams About Dead Babies

Even though dreams of dead babies do not symbolize actual death, they are undoubtedly not a walk in the park. Here are ways we can try and stop them altogether instead of wishing them away.

Address Your Emotions In A Healthy Manner

Emotions are both negative and positive, but we more often than not only address the positive side.

If you are to keep at bay the death dreams, you need to address your emotions. When you suppress emotions consciously, they will still come out eventually in the form of a dream/s.

Avoid Over-The-Counter (OTC) Sleep Aids That Can Trigger Nightmares

Most over-the-counter drugs can facilitate vivid dreams leading to nightmares. - Dream of A Baby Dying Sign - Baby Journey blog
Most over-the-counter drugs can facilitate vivid dreams leading to nightmares.

Have you been taking over-the-counter sleep aids? This might probably be the cause of your nightmares.

Long-term use of OTC medications, e.g., melatonin causes vivid dreams.

You should get alternative medicines that do not have the same side effects, consult your healthcare provider.

Stick To The Same Bedtime Routine

While this is easier said than done, you should create a routine that works for you and stick to it.

This routine where you have set times when you go to bed and awake will help create a natural rhythm for your body, which is a significant factor for your overall well-being.

Have A Pre-Bed Ritual

Taking up a pre-bed ritual like reading a book with scented candles will help improve your sleep onset helping stop the dreams about dead babies.  - Dream Interpretation Sign For Adult - Baby Journey blog
Taking up a pre-bed ritual like reading a book with scented candles will help improve your sleep onset helping stop the dreams about dead babies.

What is that one activity or thing that you do that helps your brain come at ease? Take it up and do it before going to sleep.

Your brain will be peaceful as you do it (maybe reading a book) and eventually ease falling asleep.

This routine will go a long way to help you reduce stress and anxiety, which are the leading causes of nightmares.

Learn To Cope With Anxiety And Stress

When life offers you lemons, make lemonade. Do not stress and become anxious over situations that are way above you. Do what you can; the rest will fall into place.

Try out exercising; it is an excellent way to destress, ensuring you keep healthy and helping reduce nightmares.

Understand That They Are Just A Dream And Will Stop Eventually

For sure, these dreams of dead babies will not last forever. Once you have gone through the cause, slowly but surely, they will start to fade away by themselves as you regain your stability.

How To Sleep Again After A Nightmare

Nightmares will leave you awake, anxious, and worried. It is just normal that you will try to force yourself back to sleep.

Here are some ways that will help you fall back to sleep much more effortlessly.

Ignore The Clock

Once you are up, the first instinct is to look at the time. Well, this only makes you more anxious as you find out it’s moving and you still can’t fall asleep.

Studies show that anxiety and sleep affect each other both ways. [3] Stress from watching the clock will prevent you from falling asleep, and lack of sleep will cause anxiety.

It will make you anxious about the coming day, so do yourself a favor and do not concentrate on the clock.

Distract Yourself

Soaking in a bathtub is the one thing that will help you calm and relax from a terrifying dream.  - Dream of A Child dying Meanings - Baby Journey blog
Soaking in a bathtub is the one thing that will help you calm and relax from a terrifying dream.

Once you are up from dreaming that a cute baby died, trying to go back to bed is the last thing you can try doing. Sleep will just run from you literally.

Therefore, you can find something that will distract you after you get out of bed.

You can try;

● Doing some yoga

● Taking a cup of warm milk or tea

● Taking a long shower

● Meditate

● Soak yourself in the bathtub

● Check on your young one

Get A Night Light

Once you have had these dead baby dreams, you will bear witness that the last thing you want is darkness.

The dark has a way of making you feel like you are still in the dream, and that is how a night light comes in. The moment you awake and find yourself in the light, it has a soothing effect.


You should not worry yourself when you get these dreams of a dead baby or dreaming of a baby you don’t have, but instead, you should try to figure out why they come. Reduce your stress and anxiety, adapt to life changes, and move with the flow of life.

I hope you find this article helpful. Also, please feel free to comment; we love to hear from you.

Dream of A Child dying Meanings - Baby Journey blog

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