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Help! My Toddler has White Poop. Is that from Too Much Milk?

One of the first things moms think when they see a white stool in their toddler is that, “Toddler white poop…is my child getting too much milk?” In some cases, white poop in babies is related to too much milk because the color of your toddler’s poop is related to what they eat and drink. Other times, it may be related to their health.

So you noticed white baby poop when changing your baby’s diapers. This then begs the question – what can cause white poop in babies or toddlers? Ever wonder can too much milk cause white poop?

Many new and some experienced moms wonder with toddler white poop too much milk is the case. When it comes to a white stool in toddlers, there are two leading causes: drinking too much milk and a serious medical condition.

So what does it mean when your toddler has white poop? Let’s find out.

Is it Safe for a Toddler to Pass Out White Poop?

As a parent, your main job is to take the best possible care of your little one as you can; for an infant and toddler, this means cleaning up after they have a bowel movement.

As you tend to your child’s stools, you can’t help but notice when there is a change in the color. And it’s normal to note that even the smallest color change in a toddler’s stools together with a weird poopie face is enough to cause a bit of panic.

However, remember though, a change in your child’s stools’ color or consistency can be caused by several different things. These include factors like what your toddler is eating, a reaction to specific foods or drinks, or it can be a digestive issue that requires medical attention.

A white stool toddler has may be linked to an all-milk diet, but it can also be related to a serious medical condition. If your toddler white poop is consistent, you may want to seek a medical professional’s advice as it could be related to bile build-up in your toddler’s liver. If your toddler is on an all-milk diet, chances are the white stools are related, and it will resolve itself once you make changes to your toddler’s diet.

This video explains the various factors that may cause white poop in toddlers:

How Does Toddler White Poop Look Like?

ne example of a toddler white poop from a stomach bug. -Toddler White Poop, Too Much Milk? | Baby Journey
One example of a toddler white poop from a stomach bug.

White poop toddlers have looks several different ways, depending on the baby poop white cause. In some cases, the normal colored stool of yellow, green, or brown is sprinkled with white flecks.

This is nothing to worry about despite how strange it looks. In babies and toddlers on solids, it’s often bits of undigested food. In breastfed infants or toddlers, the white chunks in baby poop are milk fat that the body could not break down.

White diarrhea in toddlers is often due to a digestive problem, such as a milk allergy or even a stomach bug. In other cases, the white poop baby and toddlers have is caused from doing a contrast x-ray on their digestive tract. White poop is also a side effect of antacids being used for heartburn.

You can discover what the color of your toddler’s stool means with this handy tool from Similac.

Why Toddler has White Poop After Taking Too Much Milk?

Toddlers having white poop could be linked to an all-milk diet. -Toddler White Poop, Too Much Milk? | Baby Journey
Toddlers having white poop could be linked to an all-milk diet. Source:

If your toddler has white poop after drinking too much milk, three different things could be causing it. Here is a look at the three conditions that cause toddler white stools from too much milk.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance isn’t just something toddlers deal with; it affects people of all ages. This condition means your toddler’s body cannot digest lactose, which is found in breastmilk, formula milk and many other dairy products.

Toddlers who cannot digest milk because they lack the proper enzymes in their small intestines suffer from severe stomach cramps. Your toddler might also have a bowel movement immediately after ingesting milk or dairy products.

Milk Protein Allergy

In toddlers, especially, an allergy to milk protein is common. Toddlers with a milk allergy typically react shortly after consuming the milk product.

Reactions vary and range in severity based on each child’s allergy. Milk protein allergy symptoms include a change in stool color, rash, upset stomach, and many more.

Milk Diet

Only drinking milk or drinking too much milk can cause a disturbance in your toddler’s stools. If a toddler is drinking too much milk, chances are they are not eating other things that give them the nutrients they need.

Lack of nutrients leads to a change in stool colors, so never give your toddler an all-milk diet unless instructed by your pediatrician.

How Much Milk is Too Much for a Toddler?

According to the American Family Physician, toddlers should drink two servings (one serving is 8 ounces) of milk each day. Even if your toddler is drinking 24 to 32 ounces of milk, it’s still not too much of a cause for concern, but of course, that doesn’t mean they need to drink that much.

For picky eaters, drinking 24 ounces of milk is nice because it aids in keeping them nourished. Most pediatricians worldwide stand firm in their belief that toddlers need to drink milk, as it makes up for the foods they are not eating. Whole milk is also recommended for toddlers up to two years old as it’s helpful in the brain and eye development.

This video will help you understand the amount of milk to give your child and the consequences of drinking too much milk in toddlers:

What to Do When Milk Causes White Stools in Toddlers

There are a few things you can do when facing toddler white poop.-Toddler White Poop, Too Much Milk? | Baby Journey
There are a few things you can do when facing toddler white poop.

If you feel your one-year-old’s white poop is in relation to them drinking too much milk, there are three things you should do.

Cut Back on Milk

If you notice your baby has white poop, immediately reduce the amount of milk they drink. Instead of allowing your child to drink unlimited amounts of milk, which fills them up and prevents them from eating other solid foods, offer them a small cup only after eating other foods.

Switch Brands

Sometimes a formula brand can cause digestive issues for toddlers, as well as a milk protein allergy. If you are giving your toddler formula, try switching the brand to see if it helps.

If the reaction is due to a milk protein allergy, switch to a non-milk based formula, lactose-free milk, soy, or other types of milk replacements.

Consult Your Pediatrician

If nothing mentioned above works and your toddler has white poop, please consult with your child’s doctor. In these instances, tests will need to be run on the white stool to determine its cause.

In rare cases, the white stool is linked to a liver problem. Early detection of any medical causes for white stools is vital to preventing serious problems.

Moderation is Key

It’s important to watch the color of your toddler’s stools, as the stool color provides you with useful information in terms of their health.

Normal stool colors for toddlers are brown, yellow, or green; if these normal stools suddenly turn pale to white, it can be an indication that something is wrong. Sometimes white stool indicates them drinking too much milk; in others, it’s a sign of something more serious, so if in doubt, please consult your child’s pediatrician.

Hope this article helps you understand about your toddler white poop in relation with too much milk. If you have questions, concerns, or something else to add to this discussion, do leave a comment below!

Toddler White Poop, Too Much Milk? | Baby Journey

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