Baby Poop Faces Guide Decoded. Here’s All The Poopie Face Meanings You Need to Know - Baby Journey Blog

Baby Poop Faces Guide Decoded. Here’s All The Poopie Face Meanings You Need to Know!

The glare, the smile, the grunt, and squat. Seasoned parents are familiar with all the classic pooping baby faces. But if you and your little one are new on the block, the silly and sometimes concerning poopoo face your child makes can make you wonder, what’s that face mean?

Having previously covered on baby’s poop color chart, we have taken the liberty to courageously catalog all the antics and baby poop faces your child may exhibit so the next time you’ll already know, it’s just doo-doo in the diaper time.

The Many Baby Pooping Face Antics Explained

#1 The Distant Gaze or Stare

The Distant Gaze or Stare - Baby Poop Faces Guide - Baby Journey Blog

You see your child happily playing, then the next thing you know they’re staring hardcore. Just as you’re about to go and investigate the sound and smell stop you in your tracks, filling the diaper.

However, it’s interesting to know that the baby pooping stare might have less to do with concentrating on filling their diaper and more to do with concentrating on something else so intently that they accidentally release their bowels. 

#2 The Grunt and Scrunch

The Grunt and Scrunch - Baby Poop Faces Guide - Baby Journey Blog

One of the most funny poop faces, the grunt and scrunch, or when your baby grunts loudly and scrunches their face is a classic. If your baby grunts while pooping, it’s likely nothing to worry about. It’s just like a built-in advanced alert system that a smelly diaper is coming.

Pooping can be a new feeling for young babies, and sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable, hence the scrunch. However, if grunting and scrunching are accompanied by crying it may be due to constipation or gas, two things to watch out for if the scrunchy poo faces happen frequently. 

#3 Frozen In Place

Parents spend a lot of time trying to learn newborn facial expressions. All that time staring at your little one and you’re bound to catch sight of the next poop face, suddenly still or frozen in place. Then you hear the jet stream of stool into the diaper and probably up the back.

It’s likely that they were so still because the force of the bowel movement caught them off-guard too. Breathe a sigh of relief, you weren’t watching your baby freeze in fear, only watching her poop. 

#4 The Pouty Pooper

The Pouty Pooper - Baby Poop Faces Guide - Baby Journey Blog

We, adults, aren’t happy when we’re not regular. The same is true for your little one. If they are having a hard time passing stool, or simply don’t want to be bothered with a bowel movement, a baby pouty face could make an appearance. Like angry baby faces, this sad baby face meaning could be that pooping is uncomfortable for them.

They may be dealing with gas, constipation, or unpleasant diarrhea. If your little one is over it, try rubbing their tummy or bicycling their legs to help get things moving and relieve some pressure. 

#5 Happy or Relieved Look

Sometimes your baby enjoys the go! A poop smile or baby happy faces while doing the deed probably means they’re pretty pleased with themselves. Pressure is relieved, their tiny tummy feels better, and they’re ready to get back to what babies do best – playing, sleeping, and eating. 

#6 Sudden Eye Contact

Sudden Eye Contact - Baby Poop Faces Guide - Baby Journey Blog

What if the baby pooping face is them suddenly gazing into the depths of your soul? This funny baby pooping expression could have something to do with them concentrating on passing stool.

They may be so focused that they’re not really making eye contact but happen to be staring in your direction. That or they’re pretty nervous and uncomfortable and are just checking to make sure a parent is near in case they need to signal SOS! 

#7 Fussing at the Breasts

This isn’t exactly a poopie face but more an action that can happen. If you notice that your baby is fussing at the breast when going number two, it might have something to do with their immature digestive system.

The act of eating can trigger a bowel movement. Their body doesn’t know to relax and release, which can lead to excessive straining during the process. This is commonly the reason why parents see their newborn crying while pooping.

How Often Should Your Baby Poop?

How often your baby poops varies as they age. Newborns might pass motion only once or twice a day until their system kicks in, then they can poop after every feeding.

But as their digestive tract matures and they begin eating more (and solids too) they will become more regular, pooping only once or twice a day. Many experts agree that babies can go anywhere from daily to once every four to five days.

Why Do Babies Look at You While Pooping?

Why does your baby making poopy faces often mean that they look directly at you? It’s to make sure you’re close by and able to help them should they need it!

Pooping is a new and weird feeling for babies that can render them helpless (or so they believe). Most children just want to make sure mom or dad is nearby and ready to protect them. 

Is It Normal For A Baby’s Face To Go Red When Pooping?

Your baby is making funny faces then they go red. Don’t panic! They could just be straining to poop more than usual. It doesn’t always mean constipation though, as it could be due to allergy issues. They could simply be trying to figure out how to pass stool and bear down while also relaxing their anal sphincter. 

Here are some tips to help your baby poop easier:

  • Bicycle their legs
  • Sit them in a warm bath
  • Give the Windi a try to get rid of excess gas
  • Change their formula to something that helps with constipation if your pediatrician agrees
  • Massage their belly 

Baby Poop Faces – Of Poopy Pouts and Gassy Giggles

Pooping can be a foreign weird experience that triggers all sorts of emotions and actions. Whether it’s constipation or explosive diarrhea, your kiddo might not be sure of what’s exactly going on. They often look (or stare intently) to you for guidance and support on how to process these stinky situations.  

Hopefully with this handy guide, you have all the baby poopoo faces decoded. Feel free to comment below if you have questions, and share out this piece with others!

Baby Poop Faces Guide Decoded. Here’s All The Poopie Face Meanings You Need to Know - Baby Journey Blog

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