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72 Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

Parents who have waited for a long time for the baby already feel a strong connection with the baby, and choosing a meaningful name is just an additional way to emphasize it. Here are my recommendations on the most magnificent baby names meaning god answers prayers will inspire you so you can express your gratitude to the Lord for a child!

Get ready for the ultimate list of gracious baby names meaning divine and God has answered.

72 Divine Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers, God’s Gift, Answered Prayer and More

I break the list of baby names with the God has heard and other faithful meanings into several categories so you can navigate easier through the list!

Baby Name Meaning God Answers Prayers

#1 Arabela

Arabela - Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers  - Baby Journey blog

The name Arabela has Latin roots. It is a relatively popular name, with two spelling variations related to double L. Arctic Monkeys, an English rock band, even has a song dedicated to the girl Arabella! It has beautiful nicknames such as Aria and Bella, and means answered prayer.

#2 Elia

Elia - Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers  - Baby Journey blog

Elia is a short name and beautiful girl name with Hebrew origin for a daughter.

#3 Annayah

If you are looking for a boy name meaning God answered prayers, you can choose the Hebrew name Annayah. It is one of the rare names with this meaning.

#4 Adura

Adura is a shorter variant of the Nigerian name, Aduramigba, but it is more in the spirit of the US language. The name is unisex and not very common.

#5 Rami

Rami - Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers  - Baby Journey blog

Rami is another variant of Aduramigba, and it is often considered a boy’s name rather than than girls. The famous actor Rami Malek is the celebrity carrying this beautiful name.

#6 A-z

A-z is an extraordinary name that can be given to both boys and girls. But, in the US, A-z is a dominant boy name meaning answered prayer.

#7 Elyette

Elyette is another Hebrew name you can give to your lovely baby boy as an expression of love and gratitude!

#8 Elijah

Elijah is one of the biblical names that mean trust in God, and has a metaphorical meaning of God’s response to prayers. It is a very popular name, and the actor Elijah Wood is the most famous person carrying the name, apart from the Hebrew prophet that has its appearing in The Bible.

#9 Helen

When you think about names that mean divine, the name Helen is a must in the list. Helen is a famous name from Greek mythology, and it literally translates to light. The meaning interpretations point out that it can be understood as a name meaning God answered.

#10 Lian

Lian - Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers - Baby Journey blog

Lian is a male name with origin in Hebrew and Chinese [1]. In Hebrew, Lian means God answered, and in Chinese tradition Lian represents the lotus flower. It is my favorite name in this category!

#11 Liana

Liana can be a nickname for girls with longer names, such as Eliana, but it is also an individual feminine name, with a meaning similar to Lian.

#12 Julian

Julian is one of the most popular names in this category. In German tradition, you can find it as Kilian, similar to the Irish name interpretation. The actor Cillian Murphy carries one name variant.

#13 Saul

The strong and beautiful name Saul is another name with Hebrew origin. The first King of Israel carried this meaningful name. The meaning is a prayed for, and you can also find it as Saulo and Shaul.

#14 Chisara

Chisara is the popular name of people Ibo in West Africa, with the divine meaning God answered! Other variants are Chinasa, and Chizara.

#15 Eleana

Eleana - Baby Name Meaning God Answers Prayers - Baby Journey blog

Eleana is a classy name with a twist and sounds similar to the name Eliana from Hebrew tradition. We can find the name across the world, and the popularity isn’t decreasing! I prefer Eleana over Eliana (Eliana means the same thing), but it is a matter of preference.

Baby Names Meaning Gift from God

#1 Anya

Anya - Baby Names Meaning Gift from God - Baby Journey blog

Anya is one of my two favorite girls’ names meaning gift from God. The name is an old Hebrew name, with various faith-related interpretations.

#2 Aldora

The Greek name Aldora literally translates as “winged gift”, which you can understand as a gift from angels. Another meaning of the name Aldora is superior, which is reason more to give it to your hero girl!

#3 Thabia

Thabia is a Muslim name, and you can come across Tabia as a variation. It is used globally, and almost always for girls.

#4 Corbon

Corbon - Baby Names Meaning Gift from God - Baby Journey blog

If you are looking for boy names that mean God’s gift, consider Corbon as an attractive and meaningful name. Corbon can also be understood as offered from God. Sometimes, Corbon is used as a name that means God sent, and it is an excellent choice for tough baby boys!

#5 Joyce

Joyce is a relatively common name in English-speaking countries, with religious meaning. It means God’s belonging, so you can give it to express gratitude and joy from receiving it! It also means the one who brings joy to others. You can use it for girls and boys!

#6 Donato

Donato - Boy Names Baby Names Meaning Gift from God - Baby Journey blog

Here is a beautiful Italian baby boy name meaning miracle of God and God’s present. Donato can be found in Spanish tradition as well. Outside the US and the mentioned countries, Donato is a relatively common name among Philippine boys.

#7 Hanniel

Hanniel is my preferred variant of Nathanael or Nathaniel because it is rarer than the original name. Hanniel means given from God and has Hebrew origin.

#8 Alya

Alya is one of the names that mean heaven sent in some interpretations. You can find it in various cultures, including Greek, Arabic, Slavic, and Hebrew. It has beautiful pronunciation, and the alternative meanings are beautiful, sky, ascending, etc. Alya is my second favorite name for a long-waited girl!

#9 Dorothy

Dorothy - Baby Names Meaning Gift from God - Baby Journey blog

We all know Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, but did you know it means a gift from God? Dorothy is a name with a Greek origin, derived from Dorothea, but the ending has been adjusted to be more in the spirit of the English language.

#10 Theo

Theo is short for Theodore, which is a combination of two Greek words. Theos – means God, and doron, which is a Greek word for gift. I prefer a shorter variant of the name, but you can choose whatever you want.

#11 Mikelle

The name with Latin roots, Mikelle is a girl variant for the name Michael. The female version of Michela is also beautiful, and it represents the one that looks like God.

#12 Thaddeus

A male given the name Thaddeus comes from Aramaic tradition and means God’s present. The shorter and more popular version of the name, Thad, can be used as a nickname.

#13 Yanis

Yanis is a Hebrew boy name, but you can also find it in the French tradition, with the same meaning.

#14 Calidora

Calidora - Baby Girl Names That Mean Gift from God - Baby Journey blog

Calidora is a Greek name that represents the ultimate gift of supreme beauty – God. If you don’t mind using an international gift from God name, Calidora can be a perfect choice. A slight variation, Callidora, is one of our top picks in our names that mean gold and silver list!

#15 Dolly

When I think of the name Dolly, I get the picture of a cute little girl in my mind! The name has a Christian tradition and is one of the most delightful biblical baby girl names meaning gift God.

Baby Name Meaning God Gives

#1 Elnathan

Elnathan - Boy Names Baby Name Meaning God Gives - Baby Journey blog

Elnathan is a Jewish name that can be translated as He gives. In the Hebrew Bible, Elnathan is mentioned several times. Cute nicknames for a baby boy Elnathan can be Eli or Nate.

#2 Josiah

Josiah might be the name that expresses the ultimate love of God the best. It means God heals, supports, gives and is a beautiful name for a boy born of the strongest love.

#3 Godiva

You’ll probably hear of Lady Godiva and hear legendary and brave gesture. Her name means God gives, God’s present and similar interpretations. The name originates from English culture and is also the name of delicious chocolate, a perfect match for a sweet disposition!

#4 Adriel

Adriel - Boys' Names Baby Name Meaning God Gives - Baby Journey blog

Adriel is such a lovely, attractive baby boy name that means blessing from God, God’s help, God’s sent, etc. The name has Hebrew roots. It also looks good on a baptism cake!

#5 Azzaria

The exact origin of the female name Azzaria isn’t known, even though some sources [2] suggest it is one of the greatest Hebrew girl’s names. The name is moderately popular and means God gives and God’s present.

#6 Diosdado

Diosdado is a Spanish name and has a similar meaning to Theodore – Given by God. Diosdado sounds lovely, and if you name your boy like this, he can have Dios or Dado nicknames.

#7 Amaris

Promised and given by God is a profound meaning of the boy’s name Amaris.

#8 Bogdan

Bogdan is a common name in Slavic tradition, which can be translated as God gives or given by God. If you have some Slavic ancestors, praise them and thank God for your long-awaited son by naming him, Bogdan.

#9 Elsi

Elsi is one of the rare female names that mean God is faithful or have similar, related religious meanings with Scottish roots. Some may translate Elsi’s name as God’s oath, though.

#10 Khodadad

Khodadad - Baby Name Meaning God Gives - Baby Journey blog

Khodadad is a fine Muslim name that represents a boy who has been given by God!

#11 Jonathan

When you break the name Jonathan into two parts, the meaning is easier to understand. The first part of the name in Hebrew means God, while the second one means to give. It is also one of the most used baby names from the Old testament in the list, continuously ranking in the top 70 boy names in the US for the past couple of years [3].

#12 Janina

Janina - Baby Name Meaning God Gives - Baby Journey blog

The gorgeous Italian name Janina is pronounced as yah-nee-nah, and it means God is gracious, God gives.

#13 Gia

Gia is a short and cute Italian name with the same meaning as Janina. But, Gia can also be a nickname for names such as Gianna, Giada, and even Georgia.

#14 Adeodatus

A Latin name, Adeodatus represents a person, most commonly a son, given by God. The name has a typical Latin pronunciation and is a rare and effective name.

Baby Names Meaning Divine

#1 Audrey

Audrey - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

Audrey is an old word for strength and spiritual, divine female. It’s also a nice name that goes with Sophia pretty well.

#2 Ameen

Ameen - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

Ameen sounds divine, and it means the same! It is a boy’s name.

#3 Keethan

Keethan - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

Keethan is a boy’s name that translates as a holy song.

#4 Tudor

The boy’s name Tudor comes from Welsh tradition and means divine king.

#5 Davina

Davina is a common name in the Netherlands, but it has Scottish roots. It means beloved, divine, friendly, lovely.

#6 Jeffrey

The name Jeffrey comes from old German names and can be interpreted as a peaceful pledge, divine world traveler.

#7 Diva

Diva - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

The Latin name Diva is nowadays used for an outstanding female singer, but it actually means divine Goddess!

#8 Admira

An Albanian name, Admira is globally used to describe friendly and divine girls.

#9 Ritesh

Ritesh - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

Male given name Ritesh has a Hindi origin and represents God of truth, a divine being.

#10 Fedor

Fedor - Baby Names Meaning Divine  - Baby Journey blog

Some Ukrainian names, such as Fedor, gain widespread popularity. It means a divine God’s gift and is my favorite from this category for a sweet little boy!

#11 Ambrosio

Ambrosio is a common name in Spanish-speaking countries, and it simply means divine God’s grace.

#12 Deva

Don’t mix Deva with Diva. Deva is a unisex, Indian name, which means divinity, God-like.

#13 Diana

Given name Diana has Latin, Indo-European and Latin roots, and represents the ultimate divinity. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess.

#14 Esben

Esben is a Scandinavian, gorgeous name that means a divine and strong bear.

Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar

#1 Aamanda

Aamanda - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

Aamanda or Amanda, which is a more common spelling variant, means the one who is much loved.

#2 Chance

Chance is a predominantly male name, which means good fortune and has been connected with good luck given by God.

#3 Saamel

If you give your baby boy the Estonian name Saamel, he’ll carry the beautiful “God has heard” name to the rest of his life.

#4 Oneida

Oneida is a name meaning long-awaited. It is a girl’s name with Native American roots.

#5 Epiphany

Epiphany - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

The Greek name Epiphany is a female given name, which represents the ultimate manifestation of your wish.

#6 Milagro

Milagro - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

Milagro is a popular baby boy name meaning miracle from God.

#7 Priam

The male given name Priam is a shorter version of a Greek name Priamos, a name that means redeemed.

#8 Loreto

You can come across the name Loreto in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian culture, and the name represents enlightenment and divine light.

#9 Miriam

Miriam - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

Miriam is a biblical name that translates as wished for a child!

#10 Electa

Electa is a beautiful, modern name with an Old English origin, given to a girl with meaning – the chosen one.

#11 Kayin

Kayin - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

Kayin is a name for girls of Yoruba origin that have been long-awaited!

#12 Benedict

Benedict is a medieval name with growing popularity and Latin roots. It means blessed by God!

#13 Celeste

Choose the name Celeste to express gratitude and love for answered prayer. Celeste means heavenly and has French, Portuguese and Spanish roots.

#14 Eliashib

Eliashib - Baby Names that Mean Chosen One and Similar  - Baby Journey blog

Eliashib is one of the rare, baby names meaning God restores. It has a Hebrew origin.


What is your favorite name from the list? Do you prefer the names that mean answered prayer or something else?? I cannot decide between Electa, Alya and Anya for girls, and Lian and Adriel for boys.

If you have more ideas and inspiration, please share them with me in the comments or keep in touch @babyjourney0183!

If religion-related baby names aren’t your thing, you can check my selection of the best gentle baby boy names, shy girl names and Catholic baby names!

Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers  - Baby Journey blog

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