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150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver With Meanings (2024)

When it comes to baby names, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the many wonderful choices for baby’s first names, middle names, and sometimes, even sibling names!

Today, we’re looking into an elegant theme here for naming your child – names that mean gold and names that mean silver, since gold and silver go hand-in-hand in the world of metallics. I personally adore the sound of names meaning gold and silver myself, and what better way to welcome your bundle of joy than granting them precious metal names?

We have previously covered a few lists that you could check out below as well:

Girl Names That Mean Gold

Giving your baby girl a name that means gold, golden, or variations of names that mean gold pertaining to yellow color, golden personality, golden flower, golden lady, golden hair or more is a wonderful present for your little princess. After all, some of these names meaning gold are rather unique and elegant, just like your child!

Baby Girl Names Meaning Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver - Baby Journey blog
Source: The Mummy Bubble
  1. Aranka – Means ‘gold’, of Hungarian origin.
  2. Aurea – Means ‘golden’. (For boy version, names like Auryn and Auron have the same meaning.)
  3. Aurelia – Means ‘golden’, of Latin roots.
  4. Amira – Meaning ‘born with a heart of gold’.
  5. Arella – Meaning ‘with golden personality’.
  6. Baojin – Of Chinese origin, meaning ‘precious gold’.
  7. Chrysanthemum – Greek origin name meaning ‘golden flower’.
  8. Callidora – Means ‘beauty that has a golden voice’.
  9. Cressida – This name is based on Ancient Greek origin, from the base word, Chryseis which means ‘golden’.
  10. Dionysus – Meaning ‘golden in color’.
  11. Durdanah – Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘gold, ruby or pearl’.
  12. Eldora – Means ‘covered with gold’, Spanish origin.
  13. Ealdburga – Carries the meaning of ‘one with a heart of gold’.
  14. Gilda – English version of ‘covered with gold’.
  15. Goldie – Cute name that means ‘made of gold’, English word origin.
  16. Ginni – Of Indian origin, meaning ‘precious gold coin’.
  17. Hema – Means ‘golden’ in Sanskrit. Usually paired in a longer name like Hemanandini or Hemaputri, but you can also use this shortened form as a standalone name or nickname.
  18. Humaila – Of Arabic roots, meaning ‘golden necklace’.
  19. Jwahir – Means ‘golden woman’, African origin.
  20. Kanchana – Means ‘golden’ from Indian and Thai origins
  21. Kim – Of Vietnamese origin, which means ‘gold’.
  22. Kermeilde – An English name inspired by Judaism, meaning ‘gilded lady covered in a layer of gold’.
  23. Kimora – Means ‘from the golden meadow’.
  24. Mai – Of Vietnamese origin), carrying the meaning of ‘golden flower’.
  25. Marigold – ‘Golden flower’.
  26. Masayu – Malay origin meaning ‘gold or golden’.
  27. Melora – Greek name for ‘golden apple’.
  28. Nubia  – Meaning ‘gold’, comes from Egyptian origin.
  29. Ophira – The feminine form of Ophir, this Hebrew name means ‘gold’.
  30. Orabella – Has the meaning ‘golden, beautiful’, Italian origin.
  31. Orfhlaith – An Irish name meaning ‘golden princess’.
  32. Oriana – Lovely name that means ‘gold’, of Spanish and Italian origin.
  33. Orianne – The French version of ‘golden’.
  34. Pazia – ‘Golden one’, from Spanish roots.
  35. Peta – ‘Golden eagle’, Native American origin.
  36. Rosaura – Means ‘golden rose’, of Spanish origin.
  37. Relia – Can act as a baby girl nickname or standalone name meaning ‘golden’, which is also a shortened name of ‘Aurelia’.
  38. Saffron – English word that carries the ‘golden flower’ meaning due to the actual yellow saffron flower appearance.
  39. Sona – This name means ‘gold’, comes from Hindi and Indian origins.
  40. Sonali – ‘Golden’.
  41. Soneeya – Nepali name with ‘golden’ meaning.
  42. Sovanna – Means ‘golden dream’.
  43. Sonia – An interesting name with roots from Greek, Cyprus, Russian, Portuguese
  44. Talayah – ‘Golden ray of sun’, of Arabic origin.
  45. Tanishka – Of Hindu origin, representing ‘Goddess of gold’.
  46. Topaz – ‘Gold gem or golden gem’, a lovely name for your baby girl.
  47. Xanthe – A name meaning ‘shade of gold’, with Greek influence.
  48. Zarina – One of the popular names that mean ‘golden’ in Malay community, with hints of Urdu and Kazakh roots.
  49. Zlata – Of Serbian and Croatian origins, the feminine form or Zlatan with the meaning ‘golden’ and ‘gold’.
  50. Zarmisha – Nice Arabic name that means ‘golden flower’.

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Boy Names That Mean Gold

Looking for ideas on names that mean gold to grant your precious prince? Search no more – here’s a shiny list (pun intended) of golden names to match your charming boy!

  1. Aurelius – Originated from Ancient Rome, this Latin name Aurelius means ‘golden, gilded’, boy version of Aurelia. Also an Ancient Roman surname.
  2. Ardit – Means ‘golden day, comes from Albanian origin.
  3. Amarillo – Spanish name of the meaning ‘yellow color’.
  4. Altan – Mongolian name for ‘golden’.
  5. Avilion – ‘Golden rainbow’.
  6. Chryses – Meaning ‘golden’, of Greek mythology origin.
  7. Chrysanthos – Greek name that means ‘golden flower’, suitable for boy.
  8. Deenar – Of Hindu origin, meaning ‘shining gold coin’.
  9. Eurig – Name from the Welsh Eur meaning ‘gold’.
  10. Eas – Indonesian origin, meaning ‘gold’.
  11. Flavius – ‘Golden’, a name of Ancient Roman origin.
  12. Gauzar – Name in Persian meaning ‘golden ox’.
  13. Goldewyn – ‘Companion of gold’.
  14. Golding – One of the variations of Goldin. ‘Little piece of gold’.
  15. Heeraman – Has Judaism roots, meaning ‘golden moon’ (see more names that mean moon here)
  16. Hemen – ‘King of gold.’
  17. Hiran – Means ‘Gold’.
  18. Kartheesh – Meaning ‘golden boy’.
  19. Kyon – A Greek name of a golden dog that protected baby Zeus.
  20. Okropir – A unique name of Georgian origin, means ‘gold mouth.’
  21. Ophir – ‘Precious gold’.
  22. Orville – Means ‘gold town’ or ‘golden city’.
  23. Paco – An American name that means ‘golden eagle’.
  24. Rezart – Meaning ‘golden ray’, of Albanian origin.
  25. Sonu – ‘Familiar with gold’, of Sindhi origin.
  26. Sumer – Perfect for baby boys born during summer, meaning ‘gold mountain’.
  27. Swrnav – Sanskrit origin, means ‘golden’.
  28. Urre – ‘Gold’, of Basque origin.
  29. Wunna – Burmese origin, ‘gold’.
  30. Workneh – Meaning ‘you are gold’, of East African origin.
  31. Xantheus – ‘Golden-haired’.
  32. Zahavi – ‘Gold’, of Hebrew origin.
  33. Zarathustra – ‘Golden camel’, comes from Iranian origin.
  34. Zlatan – ‘Golden-haired man’, masculine version of Zlata.
  35. Zlatko – Croatian origin, means ‘golden-haired’.
Boy Names That Mean Gold, Names Meaning Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver - Baby Journey blog

Unisex Names Meaning Gold

Some parents prefer choosing a gender-neutral name – and we have the list just for you! Check out the following unisex names that mean gold below.

Unisex Names Meaning Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver - Baby Journey blog
Source: Pinterest
  1. Aurum – Latin for ‘gold’.
  2. Deor / Dior – ‘Golden one’.
  3. Jin – Chinese origin, for ‘gold’ or ‘metal’, also inspired by ‘gold feather’.
  4. Kin – Japanese origin, ‘golden’.
  5. Kanok – Of Thai origin, means ‘gold’.
  6. Olaedo – Means ‘gold’, of Nigerian origin.
  7. Paz – ‘Gold’, of Hebrew origin.
  8. Vanna – ‘Golden’, Cambodian origin.
  9. Voski – Of Armenian origin, meaning ‘gold’.
  10. Yari – ‘Small gold jewelry’, a name with Spanish and Caribbean roots.

Girl Names That Mean Silver

Perhaps you are searching for a baby girl sibling name to go along with names that mean gold? Then girl baby names that mean silver will definitely complement those golden names!

  1. Arcene – Means ‘silvery’, is of French origin.
  2. Argentina – Meaning ‘silver’, of Latin-American origin derived from the Latin word argentum.
  3. Arianell – Unique name of Welsh origin meaning ‘silver’.
  4. Arianwen – A more Medieval Welsh name, with combined meaning of ‘silver’ from arian and ‘fair, white, blessed’ from gwen.
  5. Arianrhod – Welsh origin, name representing ‘silver wheel’.
  6. Celebrian – ‘Silver queen’, of Sindarian origin.
  7. Eun-kyung – Korean origin, a name that means ‘silver’ and ‘grace’.
  8. Eun-hui – Combination of meanings including ‘silver’ and ‘beauty’, ‘bright’ and ‘joy’, depending on Korean words used.
  9. Fidda – Of Arabic roots, ‘silver’.
  10. Ginko – Japanese name for ‘silver child’.
  11. Gulsim – Kazakh origin, ‘silver flower’.
  12. Hiriwa – ‘Silver’, of New Zealand origin.
  13. Jonkumush – ‘Silver spirit’, Uzbek origin.
  14. Joo-eun – Means ‘Silver pearl’ in Korean.
  15. Jumana / Jumanah – ‘Silver pearl’ in Arabic.
  16. Kailasa – Indian roots, means ‘Silver mountain’.
  17. Kwan – Native American origin, ‘silver fox’.
  18. Ligia – ‘Silver voice’.
  19. Lujayn – Arabic name that means ‘silver’.
  20. Mi-eun – Korean name, meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘silver’.
  21. Naja – ‘Silver hands’.
  22. Ngaire – ‘SIlver fern’, Hawaiian name.
  23. Picabo – Native American name that means ‘silver creek’ or ‘silver water’.
  24. Razna – ‘Silver’ in Abaza language.
  25. Rupa – ‘Beauty’, ‘silver’, of Sanskrit origin.
  26. Simin – Means ‘silvery’, Persian origin, or choose Szimin for Hungarian word. For Arabic version, go for Seemeen ‘silver’.
  27. Sirma – Meaning ‘silver thread’ or ‘golden thread’ in Bulgarian.
  28. Sooleawa – Native American name for ‘silver’.
  29. Tanga – ‘Silver coin’, Uzbek origin.
  30. Tatyana – Means ‘silver-haired’, of Latin origin.
Girl Names That Mean Silver, Names Meaning Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver - Baby Journey blog
Source: Pinterest

Boy Names That Mean Silver

When I think of silver names for baby boys, I picture cute little boys with blond hair or black hair, but that’s for me! If you plan to pick a handsome name meaning silver for your tiny prince, check out the following baby names!

  1. Anargyros – Greek name, ‘silver’.
  2. Arian – ‘Silver’ in Welsh.
  3. Birru – In Amharic, it means ‘the silver’.
  4. Chaandee – Indian name, ‘Silver’.
  5. Changyin – Chinese name, meaning ‘long’ or ‘prosper’, and ‘silver’ or ‘descendant’, depending on the chosen Chinese character.
  6. Ginjiro – Japanese name, ‘good silver’.
  7. Fashan – Rather uncommon, meaning ‘mace of iron’ or ‘silver’, of Indian origin.
  8. Fizzi – A Muslim name meaning ‘silvery’, ‘colored like silver’ and made of silver’.
  9. Prak – Cambodian origin with ‘silver’ meaning.
  10. Rrezargjend – An Albanian name meaning ‘ray of silver’.
  11. Spinzar – In Pashto, combined meaning of ‘white’ and ‘metal’ or ‘white gold’, which means ‘silver’.
  12. Silverton – Shortform of ‘Silver town’.
  13. Seemab – ‘Quicksilver’ or ‘mercury’.
  14. Silvio – Of Italian origin with ‘silver’ meaning.
  15. Sippai – A Biblical name that is of Israeli origin meaning ‘threshold’, ‘silver cup’, that brings even more meaning to baby’s Baptism!
Baby Boy Names That Mean Silver, Names Meanign Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold and Silver - Baby Journey blog

Unisex Names Meaning Silver

Neutral gender names are equally popular as parents search for the best names that mean silver for their children. Here are some unisex name choices that carry the meaning silver or are related to silver.

  1. Argenis – ‘Silver’.
  2. Gin – Present across different cultures including Japanese and Chinese Hakka, means ‘silver’.
  3. Hiran – In Thai, this is commonly referred to as ‘silver’ or ‘money’.
  4. Hopea – Of Finnish origin, ‘silver’.
  5. Ngan – Vietnamese, ‘silver’.
  6. Silber – Meaning ‘silver’, German origins.
  7. Sereba – Akan name for ‘silver.
  8. Vendi – Telugu word for ‘silver’.
  9. Ziv – In the Kurdish language, it means “Silver”.
  10. Zilpher – Scandinavian name for ‘silver’.
Unisex Names That Mean Silver, Names Meaning Gold - 150 Brilliant Names That Mean Silver and Gold- Baby Journey blog
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Now that’s a long list of baby names that mean gold and name ideas that mean silver up there! Hope you manage to draw some inspirations from our list of names for baby boys and baby girls related to the two precious metals. Whether you choose a name that means golden ray or means silver in general, it’s perfectly fine as long as it’s easy or unique for you to call your child!

My favorites so far have been Sona, Xanthe, Arianwen and Kwan for baby girls, and Altan, Kyon, Arian and Silvio for baby boys. If I were to choose a gender-neutral name, my votes will go to Paz, Yari, Hopea and Vendi!

What about you? Tell us your favorites in the comments below! If you have more name suggestions and ideas, don’t hesitate to comment so other parents can benefit from those names too!

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