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How to Connect Two Umbrella Strollers

 Have a set of twins? A double stroller would be a major convenience for parents with two babies. The only problem though is that twin strollers can be pretty expensive. And when your babies start to want to walk around, having to use a bulky double design can become a bit of an impracticality.

Connecting a set of twin strollers can be the ultimate hack in this case. Not only would buying two twin strollers be a lot cheaper, but you also have the option to take them apart and use them separately as your children grow. Want to learn how to connect two umbrella strollers safely and efficiently? Find how I did it here.

Tandem strollers make it much easier to handle two children at once.  - How To Connect Two Umbrella Strollers | Baby Journey
Tandem strollers make it much easier to handle two children at once.

How to Connect Two Umbrella Strollers: A Few Words on Safety

Before we dive into the actual DIY, I want to talk to you about safety. Of course, before being allowed on the shelves and display rooms of baby gear retail stores, strollers need to go through rigorous tests and checks to find out if they’re safe enough to use.

These strict inspections help protect consumers from faulty and dangerous designs that could lead to injuries for the users. So any umbrella stroller you’ll find – no matter how thin or compact – would have had to pass these checks before they were allowed to be sold to the general consumer public.

So you might be thinking – linking two of these designs together shouldn’t make them any less safe, right? Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of parents are wrong. Linking even the safest umbrella strollers together can become dangerous – if you don’t do it the right way.

Now, before you dive into how to connect two umbrella strollers, I want you to consider a few points for your babies’ safety:

1. Only Use Identical Umbrella Strollers

The first thing you should remember when you try to link two umbrella strollers together is that they can’t be different designs. Variations in the structure, size, and controls of two baby strollers can make them difficult to link together properly. If the frames don’t align, you might not even be able to secure them together at all.

2. Strictly Follow the Instructions

There is a way to connect two umbrella strollers using simple materials you can find at home. But make sure to follow the instructions I’ll provide as strictly as possible. There’s a reason why I chose the materials that I’ve indicated, and that’s because they’re the safest choices available. Anything else might prove to be a hazard both to you and your baby.

3. Spend When You Can

Some of the tips in this guide are intended to help parents with minimal funds to find a way to hack a twin stroller. But if you have the money to spare, I highly recommend that you skip the DIY and jump straight to purchasing a set of stroller connectors.

These nifty gadgets are widely available, and they can be really affordable. So unless you’re really trying to pinch pennies, I urge you to spend as long as you can.

4. Test, Test, Test!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to test your DIY first before you let your baby board. Aside from pushing it around, you may also want to get a feel for controlling, maneuvering, and using the stroller’s features once they linked together.

A task most parents have difficulty with when using a twin stroller is making tight turns. This is due to the substantial width of a double stroller. Make sure you get the hang of it before strapping your babies in so you can make any possible corrections and adjustments prior to actual use.

How to Link Two Umbrella Strollers Together – The DIY Route

The easiest way I’ve found to connect two strollers together is with zip tie fasteners. These little plastic cables are very durable against wear and tear and aren’t likely to be pulled apart too easily.

To use zip ties to connect two umbrella strollers, align your strollers side by side. Make sure there isn’t any space between either unit. Then, take several plastic zip ties and loop them around the metal tube frames that are side by side. Pull tightly and make sure they’re as tight as possible.

Using more zip ties helps guarantee a more secure connection. - How to Connect Two Umbrella Strollers | Baby Journey
Using more zip ties helps guarantee a more secure connection.

Personally, I’ve found this tactic to be most effective when you use at least 30 zip ties. Secure 10 pieces tightly spaced, and then allow some space of around 5 inches, then secure another 10 pieces. Do this until you have three bunches of zip ties at 5-inch intervals.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to make sure that the excess tails are pointing backward. Then snip off the length of it to prevent them from snagging on anything while you use your strollers.

I want to point out though that this zip tie method is only safe as long as your babies weigh less than 40 pounds together. I also strongly recommend that you avoid any challenging terrain, steep inclines, or pushing at high speed to avoid any sort of accidents with this DIY method, since you are using finding materials like cable tight, velcro straps etc.

Linking Umbrella Strollers with Stroller Connectors

Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors - How to Connect Two Umbrella Strollers | Baby Journey
Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors

There are lots of manufacturers that offer stroller connectors of different designs. Often, these are designed to offer rigid stability that’s more suitable for parents with heavier babies.

The Prince Lionheart Stroller Connector, for instance, was designed to help make pushing two strollers easier for one person. The connectors latch onto the tubing of your strollers and provide a solid structure for a stable link.

I do want to point out though that these connectors work best when used in numbers. Having at least three pairs securing your two strollers together should make for a more reliable connection.

Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors (Pack of 3)
  • Turns two single strollers into a double stroller
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Makes managing two strollers a possibility for one person


There are things you can do to help make managing a pair of babies easy, convenient, and safe. These two simple methods are great solutions to hacking your way to your own tandem stroller, but be sure to keep your baby’s safety your first priority!

By ensuring a stable and secure connection, you can guarantee a fun and problem-free time for you and your two precious little ones.

How to Connect Two Umbrella Strollers | Baby Journey

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