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13 Montessori Nursery Ideas: The Perfect Montessori Baby Room in The Making

Many parents have fallen in love with the ideas and methods of Maria Montessori. Her teachings have inspired many Montessori childcare centers and playrooms. But did you know you can craft your very own Montessori space at home in the form of a Montessori nursery?

Plush play spaces, accessible Montessori developmental toys, and child-sized furniture are just a few elements found in a Montessori setup at home. If you want to learn how to cultivate a Montessori-inspired room for your little one, then keep reading!

Purposeful and Playful Montessori Nursery Ideas

Soft Play Spaces

Soft Play Spaces | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey
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Soft play spaces in a Montessori bedroom are cozy and inviting. A key takeaway of the Montessori approach is learning through interaction with their environment and relaxed but purposeful play. [1]

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Montessori rooms’ soft cushions and plush rugs can encourage them to sit down and engage with activities. Set up a cozy corner for reading or make a dedicated space for quiet time.

This Present Tense Cushion from DockATot is a personal favorite because it’s large enough for mom or dad yet still small enough for a Montessori room baby can enjoy!

Infant Floor Pillows

We love floor pillows! They’re popular in Montessori childcare settings but can be used at home for practicality and prettiness. Cozy and comforting, they invite children to sit down and engage with “works” or activities that take place on the floor.

Facilitating engagement with works is a big part of keeping Montessori principles when designing Montessori spaces.

Additionally, for the littlest ones, they can encourage gross motor development by allowing kids to climb all over them. More prominent, unique pillows can double as Montessori toy storage with an internal pocket.

Neutral and Rainbow Colors

Montessori decor can be neutral, using earth tones, or displaying rainbow colors. However, keeping the Montessori room setup inviting, calm, and not overstimulating is important.

Instead of cartoon characters or elements that feel too busy, aim for natural, simple, and contemporary pieces. This Rainbow Color Yarn Hoop Wall Hanging uses organic materials to create an intriguing focal point without being overwhelming.

Low Hanging Art Work

Did you know you can incorporate Montessori ideas into a traditional nursery just by changing up the decor? Low-hanging artwork is meant to be studied and enjoyed by kids.

Some are great for tactile development, while others are simply meant to be gazed upon. Whichever you choose, low-hanging artwork helps the room feel more intentional in its child-centered design.

Mirror & Activity Gym

Toddlers Playing in Nursery | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

Most Montessori day care rooms aren’t complete without a Montessori play gym, and your nursery won’t be either!

Remember, you’re going for engagement and not entertainment, therefore these Montessori activity centers will look a bit different. Many include a mirror instead of your average toy or plush character. If you’re putting it in a baby’s room, make sure it’s a shatterproof acrylic mirror.

The Pikler Triangle is a wonderful example for toddlers, as is this pikler triangle alternative. For infants, we love this DIY model for Montessori for babies, complete with toys! They don’t need lights or sounds, just the opportunity to explore and experiment.

Open Closet

Some parents may gasp at the thought of an open closet in their child’s room, but it’s commonplace in a Montessori style room. The idea behind an open Montessori wardrobe is to allow children to decide what they want to wear, effortlessly grab it, and then put it on.

An open and child-friendly Montessori closet encourages independence, decision making, and confidence, and allows them to practice life skills. For these reasons, an open wardrobe has become a staple in most Montessori room ideas.

Wooden Toys

Lovevery The Play Kit | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

You’ll likely notice that Montessori nursery ideas often aren’t cluttered with toys. Instead, they rely on items that can be played with while teaching fundamental life tasks and skills. Wooden nursery toys often suit this purpose very well.

Plus, most are durable and non-toxic. Their sturdiness means they’ll easily last from baby’s first birthday until transitioning into a Montessori toddler room and beyond!

Lovevery makes two trendy wooden toy sets with their Block Set and their Play Kit, suitable for babies up to preschool-aged children. You can also find quite a few handmade versions on Etsy!

Child-Sized Furniture

Child-Sized Furniture | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

As with most things in baby room nurseries that are Montessori-inspired, every piece of furniture, from the Montessori style bed to the Montessori dresser, should be child-sized.

This means short in stature and simple for your child to use, often without adult intervention! This Little Things Organizer is a fantastic example; plus is cute and contemporary to boot!

Low Shelving Units

Shelving Units | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

A true Montessori style bedroom has low shelving so that Montessori toys and child items are easy for kids to access. If you need Montessori shelf ideas, we’re big on this Lovevery Montessori Play Shelf, but you could quickly build or modify your own!

Just remember to keep them at child height. Vertical shelves are ideal for a small Montessori bedroom, while most large Montessori playroom ideas include low, extended Montessori shelves.

Remember that not all Montessori shelves or bookshelves have backs, so you’ll want to position them strategically along a wall.

Toddler Floor Bed

A nursery à la Montessori for infants will have a Montessori crib, but when they outgrow that, you may want to consider a toddler Montessori floor bed.

They don’t restrict a child’s free movement or their ability to get in and out of bed by themselves. Floor beds are free from rails, meaning your little one can choose when to get up and attend to their needs or play and when to lie down for a rest.

Accessible Developmental Toys

Montessori Developmental Toys | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

Developmental toys that don’t rely on lights and sounds are so important. Choose items that let a child complete practical life skills or a knowledge strategy in the Montessori playroom.

Wooden toys that can be sorted, stacked, and counted are beautiful examples. Make sure you keep these toys accessible in your child’s environment.

Putting them on the floor in a Canvas Box or a basket are two ways to ensure your child can independently pick them up and use them whenever they choose, fostering independence and experimentation.

Play Gym

Lovevery The Play Gym | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

You already have the Montessori high chair and the Montessori baby bed; now, don’t forget the infant staple, the play gym! Keep it simple with toys that encourage experimentation and engage kiddos without overwhelming them.

Natural materials like wood and fibers are excellent for all sorts of development, including sensory. We’re huge fans of the Lovevery The Play Gym that grows with your baby.

Simple Steps for Making a Montessori Nursery

Are you looking to emulate your favorite Montessori childcare space? Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

  • Visual Simplicity. You don’t want the space to feel overwhelming or too busy. Steer clear of crazy colors, numerous posters, and familiar characters or cartoons. Instead, aim for neutral, light tones with a pop of color here and there. You want the space to feel welcoming and inviting.
  • Respect for The Child. A Montessori room should be entirely child-centered. That means all the furniture should be child-sized. Clothes, toys, and other items should be (safely) kept at child-level and made easily accessible. If your little one is old enough, follow their interests, decorating the space with things they enjoy. It is their bedroom after all!
Child-Sized Items in Nursery | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey
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  • Sensitive Periods. Keep in mind the sensitive periods. At their most basic level, the sensitive periods can be described as a phase where a child is particularly drawn to and interested by a specific item, activity, or movement. For example, 2 to 4-year-olds go through a period of “order”, where everything has its place. Low shelving with a specific spot for each toy can recognize and honor this sensitive period.
  • Hands-On Approach. Again, child-sized and easily accessible is critical! The Montessori method teaches that kids should be free to experiment, make their own choices, and engage with their environment. Keep your room kid-friendly, from the furniture to the fabrics and artwork you choose.
Reachable Items in Nursery for Accessibility | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey
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  • Self-Education. Kids learn by interacting with the things around them. Plenty of developmental toys that teach life skills, like sorting or pretend cooking, let children learn through play. There shouldn’t be any need for you to assist or teach your child directly: instead, the room should foster independence.
  • Natural Colors. Natural colors and materials tend to be lighter, earthen tones. This palette is considered less distracting to children, allowing them to focus on the activity they are working on. In addition, these airy and uplifting colors can be pretty soothing, perfect for a baby’s nursery.

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  • Sleeping, Movement, and Play Areas. It can be helpful to divide your child’s space into separate areas for sleeping, movement, and play. Many rooms utilize low, long Montessori shelves to break up the space. Because your child has nearly free reign in their area, this division can offer them some order and help things feel less chaotic for the both of you.

An Amazing Place to Learn and Explore

Hopefully, you found these Montessori nursery ideas valuable and inspiring! Thankfully, Montessori products are becoming more widely available.

Brands like Lovevery create durable and child-friendly products that make creating a Montessori space at home a breeze! Among all the well-received products, we adore the

Lovevery The Play Gym and Baby |Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

Lovevery The Play Gym

  • Safety features: The Play Gym is manufactured without flame retardants or PVC. Mouthable accessories are made from 100% organic cotton and silicone.
  • Materials & care: FSC-certified, sustainably sourced wood. It protects wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Refrains from using harmful pesticides to protects trees and workers from chemicals and unhealthy working conditions.
  • Play Guide with inspiration and activities from child development specialists
  • Product Size: Mat zones closed (cm) – 60.7H x 96.5W x 109.2L ; mat zones open (cm) – 60.7H x 127W x 119.4L
Lovevery Montessori Play Shelf  with Toys | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

Lovevery Montessori Play Shelf

  • Safety features: Soft-close technology to protect your child’s fingers.
  • Materials & care: 100% FSC-certified Baltic birch ply. Steel hinges and damper with a brushed finish.
  • 2-in-1 shelf makes for simple toy rotation and storage of up to 6 Play Kits Montessori-inspired design.
  • Includes 2 Wooden Trays and 2 Storage Bins.
Lovevery The Block Set Open | Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

Lovevery The Block Set

  • Safety features: This product meets or exceeds global safety standards for babies and children
  • Materials & care: Solid wood blocks made of sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood. It is the water-based paint and finishes.
  • 70 wood pieces in a rainbow of 18 different hues
  • Stage-based activity guide features 20+ fun learning and developmental activities ranging in complexity to meet every stage of your child’s growth

Do you have any favorite Montessori items or ideas? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Montessori Nursery Ideas | Baby Journey

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