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20 Adorable Newborn Portrait Ideas for 2024

Time truly flies after when your family welcomes a baby. A blink of an eye and that cute little dumpling with warm skin, snoozing eyes, and heartwarming scent turns into a tiny troublemaker. That’s why parents usually record their baby’s growth progress with a monthly baby photoshoot.

However, if you want to materialize the sweet memories of that hectic yet beautiful phase of infancy, consider having a newborn photoshoot or two.

Here, we are going to share 20 newborn portrait ideas with you. You don’t need professional photographers and expensive props to pull them off. All those creative newborn photo ideas involve DIY stuff.

Tips before Getting a Newborn Photoshoot Started

But before we start listing down newborn photoshoot ideas, it is important to run through some tips that will help you to keep that photo session smooth-sailing.

At the onset, it seems pretty easy to capture a newborn portrait. However, that’s not the case. You can’t instruct your tiny photography subject like adults. Also, a couple of days and weeks old baby doesn’t have the motor control to keep hands or head in place. Not only that but messy bowel movements can also interrupt and spoil the photoshoot.

In short, you need to be mindful of a couple of things if you are planning to try cute baby picture ideas.

Photograph Them before Two Weeks

The best time to execute your newborn portrait ideas is before your baby turns two weeks old. Babies are less attentive and animated in the first fortnight. This makes it easier to have those calm, non-shaky, and perfectly focused baby photos you often see on your Insta feed.

Feed the Baby before the Shoot

Make sure that the baby is fed before the shoot so that they remain calm and drowse off to give you the perfect sleeping angle pose.

Spare an Extra Hour

As mentioned earlier, newborns are tricky photoshoot subjects. Therefore, you have to mold your shoot in line with their routine. You may have to calm down a baby if they are visibly restive in an unfamiliar photoshoot setting.

Also, an untimely bowel movement with subsequent diaper change can also take some time. Taking all these things into account, you should schedule your newborn photoshoot with the cushion of some extra time.

Take Photo of a Sleeping Baby

It is not a rule to have a newborn portrait of a sleeping baby. However, you can have more control of the shoot if they are asleep. A sleeping baby remains in the arms and legs position you need for the pose. Also, newborn portrait ideas including swaddles come about the way you visualize them when the baby is asleep.

Safety Comes First

Remember that you are capturing a delicate and frail human being whose safety and wellbeing totally depends on you. So, avoid all those extra creative newborn photo ideas that involve even the slightest risk.

Don’t hold the baby in an awkward position or with a hazard-prone prop. No photoshoot is worth risking the safety of the little one.

20 Creative Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

#1 Count the Days

Source: Pinterest

It is the simplest of newborn portrait ideas. Just put the baby in their cot or basket with a tag or banner showing their age in days.

#2 Confess the Love

Source: Pinterest

All you need is a long-tail crochet woolen cap and three alphabet props to pull off this stunning portrait that captures your love for the baby in every sense of the word.

#3 Keep It Light and White

This newborn portrait oozes calmness and the baby simply looks angelic and adorable. Use light-color background, light-color outfits, and loads of natural light to get such a portrait.

#4 A Shoot in Nature

Source: Pinterest

Capturing your newborn amongst nature makes for a perfect portrait. However, vet the place where you are planning to have that photoshoot for any possible harm and hazard. If you have even a tiny doubt that the photoshoot setting is not safe, drop the idea and go for other creative newborn photo ideas instead.

#5 The Protective Custody of Palms

Source: Pinterest

Either parent should hold the baby in their palms in the safe womb stance while the other clicks that profound moment. This portrait could be a metaphor for all that parenthood means.

#6 A Top Shot of the Sleeping Angel

Source: Pinterest

Top shots always make a portrait unique and eye-catching. Case in point: This baby swaddled up and sleeping in a tiny cot that is being captured from the top makes a great newborn portrait.

#7 A Portrait with the Father

Source: Pinterest

What can be more heartwarming than a father holding his newborn in his palms while kissing their head? Capture this precious moment when you are doing your newborn’s photoshoot.

#8 A Perfect Group Cuddle

Source: Pinterest

All three of you cuddled up in the bed makes for a great family portrait in a shared bedroom with baby. You can add a black and white and sepia filter to make the portrait more dramatic and memorable.

#9 Tiny Feet Cupped into Mother’s Hand

Source: Pinterest

We all obsess over the tiny cute feet and toes of newborns. You can capture those cute miniature feet and toes in a portrait with your hands cupping those delicate little arches.

#10 Baby in the Bookshelf

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the fun and creative newborn photoshoot ideas that you can pull off without much hassle. Just make sure that the baby is well tucked into the shelf. Also, wrap the baby in a soft swaddle and put a mattress or any spongy item on the floor beneath to make a failsafe photoshoot setting.

#11 Your Baby Has Arrived!

Pin on Maternity + Newborn Photography Las Vegas
Source: Pinterest

This is another fun and simple-to-create newborn portrait. Put the baby in their basket and place it on the doorstep. A parent or sibling receiving the baby with excitement can make a portrait more wholesome.

Like this…

Source: Folse Family

#12 A Sibling Group Photo

Source: Pinterest

Notwithstanding the episodic envy, siblings love their newly arrived brothers and sisters. So, why not have all of them in a portrait with the eldest one holding the newborn? This makes for a great picture to reminisce in years to come.

#13 Capture that Cute Rare Yawn

HOPE HOWARD on Instagram: “Mid yawn and to say I'm obsessed is an  understatement!🙈💗 #2weeksold” | Crianças fofas, Crianças, Soldado feminina
Source: Pinterest

This can be the trickiest newborn photoshoot because you can’t tell when the little one will yawn. Keep your camera ready when the baby is already sleeping or about to sleep. This is the most likely window when you may have that “yawn sighting”.

#14 A Blue Lagoon

Source: Pinterest

If you want to make a majestic portrait of your newborn, try a dark blue-themed photoshoot. Pick blankets, sheets, swaddle of the same color to create color uniformity. Look at how well the above portrait captures that dark blue homogeny and the calmness of the sleeping baby.

#15 A Half-Body Close-Up

Source: Pinterest

One of the popular newborn photography angles you can consider is taking a half-body shot. For baby boys, you could opt for a blue or white background; for girls, you can never go wrong with pink for baby girl photoshoot ideas. This simple yet adorable half-body portrait is proof of an adorable photo!

#16 Two Most Beautiful Girls in the World

Source: Pinterest

Your baby girl with his mother striking a pose for the camera—this is one of the most wholesome newborn baby girl picture ideas. Look at how the mother has coordinated her outfit with the baby’s blanket and the background.

#17 A Family Portrait with Newborn as the Focal Point

Source: Pinterest

Since it is about a newborn’s photoshoot, you need to get a family portrait accordingly. Take cues from the above portrait where everyone’s center of attention is the newborn.

#18 Many Moods of the Dumpling

Source: Pinterest

Newborns make all sorts of funny faces that can cheer up anyone right away. Try to capture all those valuable infancy moments and make a collage. Not only you, but the baby will also enjoy that collage portrait in time to come.

#19 Ace the Twinning Goals
Source: Pinterest

Get the same outfits for yourself, the newborn, and their sibling(s), and then strike a similar pose. See how the dad has aced that twinning portrait with his children in the above picture.

#20 A Close-up Collage

Source: Pinterest

When your newborn is asleep, get some close-up shots and combine them in a collage. Don’t forget to capture the inherent grasping reflex of the baby when their tiny hand firmly grabs your finger and warms your heart.


We hope that you like these newborn portrait ideas and go on to try some of them with your little one! If you have any newborn photography tips or a cute story to share, hit us up. Also, don’t forget to share your newborn portraits and clicks to @babyjourney0183 on Pinterest.

Have fun taking your newborn portrait photography!

newborn portrait ideas

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