Mimo baby monitor vs Owlet

Owlet VS Mimo: A Comparison Between Wearable Baby Monitors (2024)

People’s perspective on wearable baby monitors varies widely across the board. While some parents don’t trust monitors at all including the wearable ones, I find them rather useful as an extra help in watching over my child when she was younger.

In this post, I’ll go over the Owlet vs Mimo baby monitor, two of my favorite smart best baby monitors. Let’s dive deep to elaborate on each feature and its functionality. So, stay tuned with me till the very end.

The Products

For this post, we will be comparing the Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor and the Owlet Smart Sock 3. Both of them are very powerful baby wearable monitors. Let’s explore them a little.

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor

This baby monitor comes with a bodysuit. It’s excellent for babies aged anywhere between 0-12 months as it comes in different sizes for a perfect fit. It’s a product by Mimobaby, based in Boston. When your baby is wearing the bodysuit, you can monitor their breathing, quality of sleep and movements.

Mimo Breathing and Activity Monitor.- Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
Mimo Breathing and Activity Monitor. Source: www.giftfalcon.com

Mimo baby monitor works with help from non-contact sensors spread across the green lines. They send the necessary information to Lilypad, the base station of the system. Lilypad then uploads the data to the Mimo server where it’s processed and sent to the parent’s smartphone app.


  • Instant alerts
  • Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort


  • Not medically certified
  • Short range

Owlet Sock 3

The Owlet Sock 3 is a far better and well-equipped piece of equipment in my opinion. It’s a sock that you can easily wrap around your baby’s ankle. It’s HSA/FSA approved.

In addition to all this, the Owlet Sock 3 can even measure oxygen level, a first of its kind for a baby monitor. This wifi baby monitor also measures the heart rate which is crucial for monitoring the baby’s health.

Owlet Sock 3 baby monitor. - Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
Owlet Sock 3 baby monitor. Source: www.thiserlife.com

The baby monitor mobile app has a safe preset where you can adjust the values for your baby. Once the vitals of the baby go below or over the preset, you’ll receive a notification. Owlet sock 3 is a true wonder in my opinion.


  • Measures oxygen levels
  • Measures heart rate
  • Wireless charging
  • 16 hours of battery life


  • Expensive
  • Might not be always accurate

Mimo Baby Monitor vs Owlet Comparison Summary

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity MonitorOwlet Smart Sock 3
• Has a low range.
• Relatively affordable.
• 120 hours of battery life.
• Monitors breathing, movements, etc.
• Comes as a bodysuit.
• Has multiple sensors on the bodysuit.
• No wireless charging.
• Easy setup.
• The app is sometimes glitchy.
• Relatively longer range.
• Quite expensive.
• 16 hours of battery life.
• Monitors oxygen levels, heart rates, etc.
• Comes as a sock.
• One sensor is attached to the sock.
• Wireless charging.
• Relatively complex setup.
• The app is flawless.

Mimo Baby Monitor vs Owlet Features Face to Face

Setup and installation

During Mimo baby monitor review, the set up was quite easy. The package comes with three bodysuits. The little green turtle is the device that does the monitoring and it’s attached to the tummy area with magnets.

It connects to Lilypad with low energy Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect Lilypad to the internet and download the Mimo app.

As for the Owlet Sock 3, the setup is very similar but the placement is different. You have your sock and your base station. The sensors are fitted into the sock. It connects with the base station; the base station connects to the internet.

You download the app and you are good to go. But with the new Owlet Sock 3, there have been reports of the sock slipping and giving disconnect alerts often.

Verdict: For me, in the setup battle of Mimo vs Owlet, Mimo wins by a slight margin.

Setting up the Owlet Sock 3.- Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
Setting up the Owlet Sock 3. Source: www.blog.Owletcare.com

Sensor and Feedback

Mimo Baby monitor has proprietary sensors to track sleep, breathing, and movement of the baby. As long as the Lilypad is in range, you can monitor your baby’s breathing from anywhere in the world.

The sensors are very precisely designed to pick up any changes and alert you immediately. It also comes with a built-in microphone that you can use to hear what’s going on with the baby.

While the results might not be 100% accurate for either of the monitors, you can rely on both baby monitors to keep track of your baby’s movements. Precision is not the goal here, being aware is. You know when the baby moves, you know when the breathing is abnormal and you know when the body temperature changes.

The Sensor and base station of Mimo baby monitor. - Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
The Sensor and base station of Mimo baby monitor. Source: www.geekdad.com

Owlet sock 3, on the other hand, uses one sensor to detect changes. The sensor is detachable from the sock. It fits right through the hole and stays in place.

The sensor shines light through the body and measures blood flow, heart rate, and oxygen level. Whenever there is a change in the threshold, it sends notifications to your phone and the base station at the same time.

Verdict: Owlet sock 3 takes the win for this one. It meets the industry standard for accuracy and compares favorably to Masimo Radical-7, an advanced oximeter used by clinicians, as well. The sensor is quite advanced and it gives you insights regarding your baby’s health that could come in handy.

Base Unit Type

The socket where the sensor goes on the Mimo baby monitor is sewn to the machine washable bodysuit. The turtle sits right in. The Lilypad is the base unit and it works as the charging dock for the turtle.

In Owlet Sock 3, the sock itself is the carrier for the sensor. The little white base works as the charging station for this sock. It’s wireless charging so you don’t have to worry about getting the wires tangled.

Verdict: In the Mimo vs Owlet battle, Owlet Sock 3 takes the win for me. It’s compact and very functional.

Connection Type

Both of the baby monitor wearables work similarly. The Mimo baby monitor uses very low power Bluetooth to connect with the Lilypad. Lilypad is connected to the internet through wifi and is controlled via the Mimo mobile app.

Owlet Sock 3 uses the same technology. The sock connects to the base unit and transmits the necessary data. The base unit is connected through wifi. You can control the unit with the designated mobile app.

Verdict: It’s a tie between Owlet vs Mimo baby monitor review for this.

App Usage & Analytics

The Mimo app has all the functionalities you would need in a baby monitor. You can check the breathing and movements of the baby in real-time.

The app works from anywhere in the world as long as the Lilypad is in range with the turtle. All of the alerts are sent via the app as well. You can even set the parameters you want, like alerts for skin temperature, body position etc.

Every day, the app generates a report snapshot consisting of data like how the baby slept, the frequency of waking up, all alerts generated, etc. There are some complaints about the app being a little glitchy.

You can monitor your baby’s status via the Mimo app once your child dons the bodysuit with the turtle-shaped tracker attached. - Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
You can monitor your baby’s status via the Mimo app once your child dons the bodysuit with the turtle-shaped tracker attached. Source: Gear Brain

As for Owlet Sock 3, the app is just phenomenal. The app contains all the GIFs and videos to aid you in setting up the device. The app allows multiple children at once which is a neat little feature in my opinion.

The configuration takes a little longer because the new app requires you to add the sock and register it under the child profile as well. But once you’re properly set up, you get all the necessary information on the app dashboard.

You tap the child’s name and all available data will show up on the screen. The app records data even when the baby moves, a new feature over the last-gen.

Verdict: All in all, I really like the Owlet app for its functionality and ease of use.

Battery & Charging

The battery life on the Mimo baby monitor is tremendous. As the turtles only use low power Bluetooth, it has a rated battery life of 120 hours according to its manufacturer! Mimo baby monitor seems to take the win without a battle. For charging, the turtle snaps right into the Lilypad for charging.

Owlet Sock 3 uses wireless charging. The battery can last up to 16 hours when fully charged. The first 8 hours of backup comes from only 20 minutes of charging. You get the rest if you charge it for 90 minutes.

Verdict: The Owlet’s 16 hours is decent but it’s nothing compared to the claimed 100 hours or more backup from the Mimo baby monitor.

Detection Range

Both the baby monitors have infinite range, technically. As both of them are controlled via wifi, there’s no reason you won’t be able to connect to the baby unit from even a different country.

However, the sensors connect with the base stations via Bluetooth technology. As long as you keep the base station and the sensor in range, you can access the data from anywhere in the world.

Verdict: Considering the smilarity, it’s a tie between the Mimo baby monitor and the Owlet Sock 3.

Mimo Baby Monitor vs Owlet Stand Out Features

Owlet Sock 3 is the clear winner in my opinion in the Mimo vs Owlet comparison. It’s more advanced and tracks more data. It has some great features over the Mimo baby monitor, which we will go through below.

  • Compatibility: The Mimo baby monitor is suitable for babies aged between 1-12 months because the bodysuits come in various different sizes depending on the baby’s age. But, the Owlet Sock 3 is much more convenient as you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting on a bodysuit for your baby which might instigate discomfort, or be subjected to vomiting or drooling.

The Owlet Sock 3 is also good for children who are up to 18 months and comes in different sizes. So, you get more value for your money with the Owlet Sock 3.

  • More Information: As the Owlet Sock 3 is an advanced baby monitor, it can track more activities than the Mimo baby monitor. Along with regular data like movements, sleeping patterns, etc., you get to monitor your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. [1] The data is not medically certified, but you still get a good idea of how your baby is doing while you’re not there.
  • Better App: When compared to the Mimo app, the Owlet app is better. You can adjust the sensitivity for the alerts in the settings menu. You can add other wifi networks if you decide to go on a vacation with the baby. You can create profiles for each of your children with names, photos, and other information.
The Owlet app feels more intuitive to use. - Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
The Owlet app feels more intuitive to use. Source: The New York Times

Mimo Baby Monitor vs Owlet Common FAQs

Should I buy a baby breathing monitor?

In my opinion, every parent should invest in a good baby monitor if they feel the need for a handy helper to keep an eye on their babies.

While video or audio monitors are great for visually inspecting the baby or listening to audio cues, breathing monitors make sure your baby is in perfect shape. Newborns and toddlers are sometimes prone to breathing issues. You can stay on top of it with a breathing monitor.

Does the Owlet Sock help prevent SIDS?

No. Owlet Sock 3 is not a medical device. It’s not intended for medical usage as well. SIDS is a medical condition and Owlet Sock 3 cannot prevent SIDS.

Bear in mind this is also true for the Mimo baby monitor and all other baby monitors. These are not meant to be a total replacement of parental watch NOR should they be treated as medical devices in SIDS prevention.

Is the Mimo baby monitor discontinued?

Yes. Mimo stopped all its operations on July 31, 2019.

Are wearable baby monitors like Mimo or Owlet Safe?

Yes, baby monitors like Mimo or Owlet are completely safe. They are made from BPA free material and don’t contain any wires that can pose as safety hazards. The Bluetooth communication is altered to keep the effects of radiation as low as possible.

What are the alternatives to the Mimo baby monitor vs Owlet Sock 3?

If you’re looking for an alternative to both monitors, Snuza Hero MD Portable Baby Breathing Monitor could be your option. It’s a clip-on monitor that you can attach with the diaper. It’s a baby wearable monitor and it’s medically certified.

Another great contender would be the Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor, which also monitors your baby’s breathing and movement via a clip-on unit that you can attach to your baby’s diaper or underwear.


After my detailed comparison of Mimo vs Owlet, hopefully you have a better idea on these two baby monitors and decide if they are worth the purchase. To recap, here’s a summary for each monitor.

Mimo Breathing and Activity Monitor. - Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey
Mimo Breathing and Activity Monitor. Source: www.giftfalcon.com

Use Mimo baby monitor if:

  • You want your child to sleep comfortably
  • You don’t want to worry about charging the monitor
  • You’re not planning to add any more devices
  • Your baby is aged between 0 to 12 months

If that sounds good to you, then go for a Mimo baby monitor.

Use Owlet baby monitor if:

  • You want a good range
  • You want to know the oxygen level and heart rate of your child
  • You want to add cameras to the mix
  • You are comfortable with the price
  • You want to use the monitor for longer

Sounds like your type? Get an Owlet Sock 3 for your baby now!

Owlet VS Mimo Review | Baby Journey

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