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7 Helpful Tips To Buy Kids’ Toys Online

Toys play a crucial part in kids’ mental and physical development. There was a time when kids used to play with makeshift toys.

But today’s kids play with engaging, colorful toys that serve a dual purpose of entertaining and helping kids learn and grow, for example like these educational toys for babies. Popular kids toys stores like Toys R Us aside, many parents look for CoComelon toys to buy kids toys online, as they are made for multiple age groups and are manufactured with top-quality kids-friendly materials.

Many parents often find it challenging to buy suitable toys for their kids, especially as many brands claim that they are the best for the little ones. As toys have a significant impact on your kid’s overall growth and development, it is a must to put a lot of thought into buying the right toys for them.

To help you do that, here are seven helpful tips for buying kids’ toys online.

Online Shopping For The Right toys For Kids: 7 Simple Tips on How To Buy Kids’ Toys Online

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1. Choose the Right Brand

The global toys industry was valued at USD 129.45 billion in 2020. With such tremendous growth, it’s natural to have many toy manufacturers and brands competing for their market share. Many counterfeit brands take shortcuts and make substandard toys with poor quality material in such cut-throat competition. These toys can put your kid’s health at risk.

Thankfully, some toy brands have successfully made their mark on the market by making top-quality, safe toys for kids. One such brand is CoComelon toys. These children’s toys are made from high-quality materials graded to be safe for kids. They are interactive, fun, and colorful.

They are also made based on the characters of CoComelon kids’ shows and nursery rhymes and are therefore loved by kids. You can choose from a variety of CoComelon toys to buy online and ensure your child’s happiness and health.

2. Go Through Online Reviews

Reviews are an essential part of any purchase decision. They are provided by previous customers and can give you valuable information about the product. Therefore, you must go through the online review of the toys or games you want to purchase.

You can also look at the pictures and videos in the reviews to better understand the quality, color, and design. As the product images are photographed in studio lighting, they may not display the original colors and size.

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3. Check Age Group

Modern toys are made by keeping kids’ needs and age in mind. These fun kids’ toys are specially designed for specific age groups and help promote children’s cognitive and motor skills in different age groups.

Much like Montessori toys for toddlers and babies, they are made to help kids learn and grow through play. It is important to make sure you verify the age group and whether it is suitable for your kid before buying any toys for kids online and even offline.

4. Check Manufacturing Standards

Toys are mass-manufactured, and every manufactured product must meet specific quality standards before reaching the customer. Most vigilant parents check the toys for manufacturing standards to ensure they are ethically manufactured and meet all the toy-making standards.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has specific guidelines for various categories of products, including toys. The standards define how the toys need to be manufactured and packaged so they don’t harm the consumer and don’t cause any adverse effects on the environment.

You can also check Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to see the list of recalled or faulty product brands. That way, you can choose safe toys for your kids.

5. Check the Noise Level

Some toys come with in-build sounds for entertainment or learning purposes, such as a musical toy for baby. These toys should be too loud or have shrill sounds that can affect your child’s hearing.

That’s why you should check the noise levels of toys with sound. If a toy produces sound, it has an electronic circuit and speakers with magnets and wires. If you are not sure whether such materials are safe for your kid or not, you should check the manuals or manufacturer’s website to verify safety ratings as you go about your kids toys online shopping.

6. Verify Safety Ratings and Hazards

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Although most kids’ toys and games made today are designed to keep kids safe, it’s good to check the safety rating of the toy before buying. Certain toys have moving and removable parts that can cause a choking hazard as the kids can swallow them.

It’s also essential to check whether the materials used for making the toys are of superior quality. You won’t have to worry about putting your kid’s life at risk.

7. Compare Prices

Price is an essential factor when buying toys. Although you must compare prices before buying, you shouldn’t decide solely on the price. Sometimes you have to pay extra for better quality instead of getting cheap kids toys. And it makes more sense to pay extra to buy toys to ensure your child’s safety.

Comparing the prices can also help you find the right price for the same toys. The distribution cost, discounts, and sales can often fluctuate the price. Most toy stores also run promotional offers where you can buy the same toys for lower prices.


Kids love toys, and they spend the most time with them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect your child’s health and ensure healthy and optimal development for them.

Choosing suitable toys will ensure your kids can play and grow without health risks. With the above tips to help you buy kids’ play toys online, you can confidently shop for the right toys for your kids online without worries!

Do you have more tips to add on? Share with us in the comments!

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