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20 Simple Life Hacks on How to Organize Baby Clothes

We, as parents, know how messy it can be when there’s a new baby in the house, especially when it comes to their clothes which almost seems as if it needs changing every few minutes. The mess can be overwhelming and it can take up so much more space than it’s supposed to which is why having an efficient organization system for your baby’s clothes is a must.

After all, you don’t want your baby boy or baby girl’s nursery to be overflowing with onesies and other clothing. That said, here are 20 simplelife hacks on how to organize baby clothes to help you keep your baby’s clothes in one place so you can focus on baby care.


Repurpose Old Ornament Boxes

Repurposed ornament boxes are an environmentally-friendly yet efficient storage method on how to organize baby clothes. - How to Organize Baby Clothes | Baby Journey
Repurposed ornament boxes are an environmentally-friendly yet efficient storage method on how to organize baby clothes. Source:

To keep your baby from ending up with mismatched outfits, why not repurpose old ornament boxes as storage for your baby’s clothes that often come in matching sets? You can roll them up and they’ll easily fit into each slot.

What’s more, is you can easily place the ornament box inside your dresser drawer and it gives you easy access to all the clothes without having to go through everything. Aside from that, it’s also one of the best baby clothes organization ideas that are more eco-friendly.

Install Another Closet Rail for your little fashionista

Maximize your closet space by adding a second rail to accommodate all their clothing. - How to Organize Baby Clothes | Baby Journey
Maximize your closet space by adding a second rail to accommodate all their clothing. Source:

Another baby closet organizing hack you can do on how to organize baby clothes is add another clothes’ rail in your little one’s closet. This allows you to easily see all of their clothes and access them. Since baby clothes aren’t as large or as long as adult clothes, installing another rail can help accommodate more clothes.

This also leaves more room for other necessities like toys, teethers, diapers, and blankets. A second rail can help you maximize their closet space, with each inch of space used to its full potential.

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Make use of baskets as baby clothes drawer organizers

Use different sizes of baskets to organize your little one’s wardrobe drawer. Source:

Baskets aren’t just for laundry – they can be used as storage for your baby’s clothes as well. They are especially helpful if you have a large wardrobe drawer in which your baby’s clothes and other items can easily get mixed up.

So how to organize baby clothes and keep them from jumbling together? You can use different sizes of baskets as an effective method of storage. You can get baskets at an affordable price so you don’t have to break the bank just to get some for your baby’s needs.

DIY Drawer Dividers

Organize your baby’s drawers with DIY dividers. Source:

If you can’t find baskets that fit your wardrobe drawers perfectly, then why not channel your inner artist and create some yourself to solve the problem of how to organize baby clothes? All you need are some cardboard, contact paper, and glue and you’re all set.

There are plenty of free tutorials online that can instruct you on how to create some to help you better organize your baby’s clothes.

Make use of dividers for easy identification

Easily sort your baby’s clothes with the use of hanging tags. Source:

One of the best way to organize baby clothes is by using dividers to easily sort them and identify which outfits are which. When there’s a new baby, it can get confusing with the sheer amount of baby clothing and baby pacifiers you receive, such as the hand-me-downs and baby shower book.

However, not all of them can be used immediately so to easily identify which outfits are for when, you can get blank hanging door tags to divide and sort your baby’s clothes into categories. You can even harness your creativity and create your own.

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Baby clothes organizing using freezer bags

Store out-of-season clothing with freezer bags. Source:

One of the most effective baby clothes storage ideas is using freezer bags to store your seasonal baby clothes. This way you can effectively have more space for the clothes your baby does wear regularly.

This allows you to separate them according to the criteria you prefer and adds another layer of protection when you put them in storage!

Install shelves on your baby’s closet doors

Maximize your limited space with door-mounted shelves. Source:

When you have limited living space, it’s important to maximize every inch of storage you have. An innovative way to store your baby’s clothes is by mounting additional shelving on their closet doors. You can store the clothing they’re not using regularly here or their diapers and even blankets.

More shelves!

Adding another shelf or two can give you more vertical storage space. Source:

If you have space to put up another shelf or two, then do so. It gives you additional vertical storage options for your baby’s clothing as a way on how to organize baby clothes. You can even customize it to blend in with the nursery’s aesthetic.

Just make sure the shelves are securely mounted and aren’t placed directly over the crib as this may lead to accidents.

Vertical storage via hooks

Put up some vertical storage with some hooks. Source:

Putting up some hooks or wall-mounted coat rack can give you more storage options as you can hang various things on it such as your baby’s diaper bag, their coats, and other pieces of clothing.

Just make sure they’re securely mounted to the wall so they don’t fall when you hang something on them.

Hanging storage space via a hanging shoe organizer

Use a hanging shoe organizer for when you can’t mount shelves. Source:

Another way you can utilize the back of your nursery door or closet door is by putting up a hanging shoe organizer in which you can store your baby’s clothes or other baby essentials like diapers and blankets. It’s easily accessible too since it’s right behind the door, which is a great idea on how to organize baby clothes while maximizing the space you have.

Clothespins for accessories

Use a clothespin line to hang accessories and other items. Source:

How to store baby clothes accessories and other items? Why not put up a clothespin line to hang all the accessories of your baby girl?

Accessories like headbands don’t just add something more to your child’s outfit but it also helps eliminate the guesswork on their gender. You can also use a clothespin line to hang other essentials like hats and shoes.

More baskets! Specifically, wire baskets.

Wire baskets are versatile items that can be used for additional storage. Source:

If you don’t like the idea of storing your baby’s clothes in a drawer but want the versatility of baskets, then wire baskets are another option. You can place them on shelves and still be able to see what’s inside or you can put up hooks and hang them as shelves.

Wire baskets are versatile enough so you can easily use them as storage in whatever manner you need.

Mobile storage: Using a rolling cart for your baby’s clothes

Storage on the go – place all your baby’s essential on this convenient rolling cart. Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re wondering how to organize baby clothes but still be portable enough? The answer is a rolling cart. With a rolling cart, you can store and organize all your baby’s essentials in one location and the best part is, you can bring it along to any room in your home.

You no longer have to go back and forth to the nursery just to get everything your baby’s needs like extra onesies, diapers, blankets, and even shoes – it’s all there.

Repurpose an old bookshelf as a DIY open closet

Make a DIY open closet by repurposing an unused bookshelf. Source:

If you already have bookshelves at home but aren’t using them, why not repurpose them as an open closet? Aside from clothes, you can even use the shelves as storage for other items like their diapers, blankets, and even toys.

The bookshelves can then be used as bookshelves once more when your baby grows older and needs something to store his or her school things.

Large plastic storage boxes for old or out-of-season clothing

Keep your baby’s old or out-of-season clothing safe but out of the way with plastic storage boxes. Source:

These large plastic storage boxes are more durable and offer more protection compared to regular cardboard boxes. With them, you can easily store away their old baby clothes or out-of-season clothing for safekeeping until they can use it again.

Aside from this, they can also be labeled clearly, allowing you to easily identify them when you need to pull out their seasonal clothing. Plus, they can be repurposed as toy bins when your child inevitably grows older.

Separate tiny items of clothing with a mesh bag

Prevent their tiny socks and bibs from disappearing in the pile with a mesh laundry bag. Source:

Mealtimes with your baby are often a messy experience and this means using more baby bibs and clothing than usual apart from baby wipes. This means they need to be regularly washed so you can use it again for the next meal.

To avoid losing their bibs in the mess that is your baby’s dirty laundry, why not separate them with the help of a mesh laundry bag? By clipping a mesh laundry bag on the side of your laundry basket, you can easily separate and store smaller pieces of clothing like socks and bibs, thus preventing them from being lost in the pile of baby clothes.

Yes or no? A dedicated cast-off basket for old clothes

Separate the old from the current with a dedicated cast-off basket. Source:

Another baby closet organizing idea you can employ is having a dedicated basket for your baby’s outgrown clothes. This eliminates the time-consuming task of deciding whether or not a certain piece of clothing is still big enough for your growing child.

For washing – a dedicated laundry bin in your baby’s closet

A dedicated bin for your baby’s dirty laundry can help organize their closet. Source:

While we’re at it, when organizing your child’s closet, make sure to leave room not just for a cast-off bin but also for your baby’s dirty laundry. Doing so will give you a systematic way of throwing it in the dirty laundry basket while being close enough to grab new clothes for your baby.

This will also prevent the dirty clothes from mixing in with the clean ones, lessening the confusion of whether it is clean.

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Label everything clearly with chalkboard paint or chalk markers

Chalkboard paint can help you identify what’s in those drawers easily. Source:

Even if you manage to store your baby’s clothes properly, it can be difficult to identify where’s where without clear labels, especially when it comes to drawers. Using chalkboard paint or liquid chalk markers to paint your little one’s dresser or drawers will allow you to identify the items inside each drawer, eliminating the guesswork when retrieving clothes for your baby as you work on how to organize baby clothes more effectively.

Under the crib storage

Utilize every inch possible with under the crib drawers. Source:

Another great idea for baby clothes storage is utilizing the space underneath your baby’s crib. It’s still space that you can maximize to keep everything organized, especially for those with limited space. You can build your own or if you don’t know how to, even cardboard or plastic boxes that are small enough to fit will do.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the organization techniques on how to organize baby clothes you can use to keep everything in their proper place. When caring for a new baby, the mess generated every day can be overwhelming but with these techniques, you can make things more bearable. These will allow us, parents, to enjoy more time with our babies instead of constantly cleaning up.

After all, they’re only babies for a short while and we don’t want to miss that.

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