Miku Baby Monitor Review

Miku Baby Monitor Review (2024): Can It Help Parents Sleep Better?

Miku Baby monitor claims to do a lot more than transfer video and sound from the nursery to your phone. It has also won numerous prizes in the last several years in the baby gear and tech category.

My Miku Baby monitor review will tell you all you need to know about it, so you can decide whether you need such an expensive baby monitoring device.

Miku Baby Monitor: How It Works

Miku Baby monitor has a lot to offer in terms of function and quality. First of all, its central purpose – monitoring the baby is improved by delivering high-quality 1080p HD video. The monitor works in the dark as well because it has infrared LEDs for a good night vision.

Moreover, the primary monitoring function is enhanced with the sleep tracking feature. That way, not only will you know when the baby is asleep and when he or she wakes, but you will be able to notice sleep patterns.

For example, sleep analytics can show you day and night sleep data in separate columns. Therefore, you can see, for example, when is the average time of the night the baby wakes up or what time of the day he or she naps longer.

With Miku, your phone becomes a parenting device. - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
With Miku, your phone becomes a parenting device. Source: Mikucare.com

Miku Baby Monitor includes all you need for wall mounting and leveling, such as measuring tape, screws, screwdriver, anchors. Besides the Miku camera, you will get a power cord, power supply, and one extra cable guide hardware, as well as the informative manual.

Miku connects to your Wi-Fi and your phone via a comprehensive app. If your Wi-Fi crashes for any reason, Miku alerts you instantly.

What separates the Miku monitor from other monitors are the breathing sensors! The sensors use radio waves and are very sensitive in movement detection to be able to recognize subtle baby breathing. Miku is one of the very few monitors on the market that has perfected that feature. The Nanit Plus does a similar job, but the technology doesn’t seem as sophisticated as Miku’s.

Once you learn to trust Miku and rely on it, you can stop obsessively checking if the baby is breathing. We’ve all been there, and with Miku, you can also sleep calmly, almost like a baby.

Somehow, it fulfills the Miku company mission – to help panicked parents relax, knowing that their baby is safe all the time.

Overall, this Miku monitor includes some useful functions such as talk-back, lullabies, contact-free monitoring, temperature, and humidity tracking, etc. You get everything you need for mounting the camera above the crib, and the process is relatively simple.


  • Sensor-drive video capture stores images and videos on your phone
  • Excellent video quality
  • Sleep tracking
  • Breathing sensors are sensitive and accurate
  • Safety features – random access code required when accessing the video from the second device


  • High price tag
  • The reports aren’t customizable
  • Managing notifications is challenging

Miku Baby Monitor Review: Commonly Asked Questions

If you are a parent of a newborn, then you know how calm the baby looks may look while sleeping and how little sleep you actually can get. Miku can help you relax and reduce the number of check-ups on the baby.

Let’s see what you should be aware of before you decide to buy a Miku monitor or move to one of the more affordable baby sleep monitors.

Does Miku baby monitor work without Wi-Fi?

Miku baby monitor requires Wi-Fi to send you notifications or allow you to live-stream the video and talk back to your baby. However, if there is something wrong with the Wi-Fi, the Miku camera will continue to do its job for a short time and store the data locally.

It means that you cannot stream video, and then you won’t be notified about changes in the nursery, but once the signal gets back again, you can access the data.

I really appreciate that feature considering that sometimes the Wi-Fi signal malfunctions for a couple of minutes for no particular reason, but it won’t compromise the data for sleep reports. However, if you don’t constantly have access to stable Wi-Fi, I suggest you go for non-Wifi baby monitors.

What devices are compatible with the Miku baby monitor?

You can use any Apple iPhones with iOS 11 or later, as well as Android devices with 4.4 OS or later. However, if you own a Huawei phone, you won’t be able to download the Miku app or use the monitor.

Check on your baby with a couple of clicks using the Miku app. - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Check on your baby with a couple of clicks using the Miku app. Source: Pinterest.com

Is the Miku baby monitor safe?

As I often mention in baby monitor reviews, devices that go online to transfer data have security risks. But, Miku went further in its safety features and improved the security with 256-bit encryption and storage of encryption keys in a chip that cannot be accessed physically.

Moreover, you can adjust the device to require a random, one-time password before it gets connected to the second device. That way, you can ensure that only people who you gave access to can access the data from the app.

How close does my baby have to be to the Miku baby monitor?

If you have a standard crib in the nursery, Baby Miku works the best when placed around 60 inches from the floor. Therefore, you can mount it on the wall near the crib at that exact height, using a measuring tape and tools that arrive with the device.

Miku Baby Monitor Review: Features & Benefits

It is time to break things down about the features that make this baby monitor so appealing. Nowadays, baby monitors are smart, and this Miku device does an excellent job babysitting and reporting back to you.

Let’s take a closer look at the features, and see where things could be better.

Design & Setup

First of all, I like how simple the Miku Smart Baby Monitor looks. It is compact and square, and you can mount it easily on the wall. Also, the mat finish with silver trim looks surprisingly elegant (even though it’s not as cute as some baby monitor designs like the Arlo Baby).

Additionally, you can place it on the stand or shelf if you aren’t sure where else to put your baby monitor.

Miku baby monitor uses an app that transforms your smartphone into a parenting device.

If you have ever installed an app on a smartphone and created an account, you will know how to do it. The app installation and setup seem intuitive and straightforward. Besides, it includes some questions about the baby, and the device can optimize the tracking and reporting function.

For example, the app asks about the birth date of your baby. If your baby was born premature, the software adjusts the settings to provide analytic reports. It is quite useful because babies of different ages have different sleeping patterns.

You can either mount the Miku baby monitor on the wall or place it on the table or shelf. - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
You can either mount the Miku baby monitor on the wall or place it on the table or shelf. Source: Miku Facebook

Monitor technology

Miku uses advanced video and image processing, RADAR, and other technology to track breathing and the baby’s movements. In the past, no device could do so, without a wearable or a sensor pad, but Miku engineers succeeded in it.

Wireless and wearable-free breathing tracking is great because it is more convenient and safer for your baby. The device uses highly sensitive sensors that track baby movements and measure the number of breaths in respirations per minute (RPMs).

Sleep tracking

By utilizing the sensors for breathing and additional sensors for temperature and humidity in the room, Miku gathers the data about your baby’s sleep quality and delivers you reports.

Another great thing about Miku is optimized notifications.

It only sends you notifications when the baby doesn’t breathe in for 20 seconds. You can check this video to see how MikuBaby performed on the breathing test with the robotic baby.

Moreover, it doesn’t alert you to every baby’s movement, which is useful because your phone won’t be filled with notifications. Sometimes, the baby moves while sleeping, and isn’t a reason to run into the nursery to see if everything is alright.

The monitor only alerts you when the baby continuously moves for a few minutes. That way, you get notifications when it really matters, and there is no risk that you miss the important alert.

Sound & Video Clarity

Miku camera has a 130-degree viewing angle and delivers high-quality video in 1080p resolution. The image is clear and crispy, and you can notice a lot of details.

Still, I am wondering whether a baby monitor with such a high video quality is needed. Maybe, it would be better to have a decent-quality video with a lower price tag.

As far as the sound goes, it is good in both ways. Therefore, your baby can hear you well singing lullabies from the living room and shushing it. However, Miku doesn’t have voice detection. So, the microphone catches all noises from the nursery.

For example, if you turn the fan on in the nursery to cool the room down in the summer nights, you will probably hear the fan sound and the baby crying equally.

Placing the monitor as recommended, 60 inches above the ground and the crib is the best way to ensure quality sound.

Night Vision

Miku does its job during the night as well. It has built-in infrared LEDs that deliver good video quality so you can check if the baby needs a blanket, for example.

Night vision is a great feature because you don’t have to be in the room and turn the light on to check the baby. Alongside other useful features, such as smart push notifications, Miku reduces the number of unnecessary checks on the baby. Sometimes, parents check the baby every couple of minutes, which can disturb the baby’s sleep.

Miku Baby allows you to monitor your baby in the dark. - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Miku Baby allows you to monitor your baby in the dark. Source: Dailymom.com

Data security

Miku went a step further in data security. Not only does it use the data encryption that is considered as a standard for websites, but it also has another Miku feature called the Crypto Chip, which is physically stored in the monitor and tamper-resistant.

Moreover, if anyone else wants to observe your baby, collect data, or use other functions, he or she must download the app. Next, no one can access the app and connect to your monitor until you permit it to the app.

With all the security features, Miku provides the impression that you are in control of the security, which lowers the anxiety about your data abuse.

Baby Monitor App Interface

The Miku baby monitor app starts as user-friendly because it walks you through the installation process. However, once you set up your account, connect the app with the camera, and start using it, the app can be a bit overwhelming.

Positively, while you watch the live feed of your baby in the crib, the app shows you the chart of the breathing pattern as well as the temperature, humidity, battery, etc. You also have the option to take pictures of the baby remotely through the app.

Miku baby app delivers reports and charts about your baby sleeping patterns. - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Miku baby app delivers reports and charts about your baby sleeping patterns. Source:Digitaltrends.com

However, the analytics tab is a bit too much. The Miku baby monitor might not alert you about unimportant things, but it keeps track of every little change and puts it in the report. It also records every small change, so the Analytics tab requires a lot of organization and going through.

Some parents appreciate how detailed Miku is, but for me, it is a bit too much.

Additional Features

Miku baby monitor comes with a couple of other cool features. The Miku uses two high-quality speakers to deliver sound to the baby. You can also turn the lullabies on from the list and make your baby get used to sounds.

For me, it’s useful to teach the baby not to sleep in complete silence because that way, your little one will learn not to get disturbed by every little sound.

You may be interested in: Should Babies Sleep in The Dark

Lastly, the Miku baby monitor does have a talk-back function, but there is a timer that I don’t appreciate. You can hear your baby without any issues, but you only have 15 seconds to talk back to the baby.

If you wish to shush it quickly it might be good enough, but if you want to sing your own customized lullaby to the baby, 15 seconds is just too short.


Let’s take a look at the similar baby monitors you can find on the market to help you choose the right monitor for you. The set of features is similar, but you might feel that monitoring the baby’s heart rate works better for you.

#1 Owlet Smart Sock and Cam

If you are into smart baby video monitors, you might like the Owlet Smart Sock and Cam.

The Owlet baby monitor also connects to your phone via the app. The app shows you the heart rate and the baby’s oxygen level, which parents might find useful, especially if the baby has some condition.

It is also HSA/FSA approved and has the sleep tracking function as well. Still, the Owlet isn’t wireless or wearable-free like Miku. It comes with a little sock with sensors, that you have put on your baby’s foot to get the tracking data.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Both are Wi-Fi baby monitors
  • Both have a talk-back function, sleep tracking, and high-quality video
  • Miku doesn’t have wearables
  • Owlet shows oxygen level and heart rate

Check our Owlet Smart baby monitor and sock review to know more.

No products found.

#2 Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor, with Movement Tracking, 5’’ Video, Sound & Temperature Display on Camera

The first thing that you will notice about this Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitors that it comes with a separate parenting device. Therefore, it doesn’t need the internet to work.

It also tracks the breathing, but it does it with the help of a specific sensor pad. Luckily, the pad doesn’t touch the sensitive baby’s skin, because you need to place it under the mattress.

Similarities and Differences:

  • Both have motion detection sensors
  • Both have temperature settings
  • Angelcare is more affordable
  • Miku monitor works without additional devices
  • Angelcare monitor comes with a separate parenting device

Check out this device here. Additionally, you could also go for another similar model, which is the Angelcare AC517 Baby Monitor!

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor, with Movement Tracking, 5’’ Video, Sound & Temperature Display on Camera
1,401 Reviews
Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor, with Movement Tracking, 5’’ Video, Sound & Temperature Display on Camera
  • Wireless Baby Movement Sensor Pad with 4 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • After 15 seconds of no recognized movement, the monitor will sound a preliminary beep to rouse your baby
  • An alarm will sound after 20 seconds if no movement is detected

#3 Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - Full-Featured Smart Wi-Fi Camera of True Crying Detection with Extra in-App Plan of Breathing Monitoring/Sleep Tracking-Accessories Free/7 Days Trial Period

Lollipop Baby Monitor is easy to set up because the camera has a bendable neck. Therefore, you don’t need additional screws or panels to mount it.

It is also a Wi-Fi baby monitor that uses the brand’s app to connect with your phone. The Lollipop monitor also has smart features such as cry detection with a high accuracy rate and sleep tracking function. However, you need to subscribe to one of the Lollipop plans to use this function.

Similarities and differences:

  • Both are Wi-Fi baby monitors
  • Both have night vision
  • Miku comes with a built-in sensor for air temperature and humidity, while you have to purchase and mount additional sensors for the Lollipop monitor
  • Lollipop monitor is more affordable
  • Miku delivers better image quality

If you are up for an affordable and cute baby monitor, read more about this device from our Full Review of Lollipop Baby Monitor.

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - Full-Featured Smart Wi-Fi Camera of True Crying Detection with Extra in-App Plan of Breathing Monitoring/Sleep Tracking-Accessories Free/7 Days Trial Period
  • ★【Lollipop Care Subscription Plan with 7-Days Free Trial】【Contactless Breathing Monitoring and Sleep Track】No extra wearable sensor required. Monitoring your baby’s breathing by AI technology and you’ll be able to view your baby’s respiratory rate and sleeping position history.
  • ★【Forever-Free Plan】【Live View & Sharing Video】With 1080p Full HD quality, checking on baby by look at the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere you are. You may also invite family to take a peek at your baby. Or send a link of a pre-recorded video of a specific event.
  • ★【Forever-Free Plan】【Downloadable Triggered-Event Video】All 30s cute and treasured triggered-event video downloadable (7-Days Preserved)

Miku VS Nanit Baby Monitor

Both Miku and Nanit are excellent baby monitors that can track and tell you a lot about your baby sleeping, inform you on time about changes in the nursery and help by feeling calm and relaxed knowing that everything is okay in the nursery.

Nanit Plus baby monitor can be used without motion and breath tracking features. If you decide to get breathing wear for motion tracking, the price tag is lower than Miku’s.

The primary difference is in the technology. While Miku works without any wearable or sensor pads, the Nanit Plus tracks the motions and breathing through a breathing wear that you put on your baby.

That way, batteries or electronics, wires, or sensors aren’t touching your baby. While it does seem safe and comfortable, I still prefer the contactless technology Miku uses.

Similar to Miku, the Nanit baby monitor tracks the temperature and humidity in the room, enables night vision, talk-back function, and delivers real-time notifications. When it comes to night vision, if the detailed night image is important to you, I suggest you check the Nanit Plus. Its live video streaming in the dark is clearer and shows more details.

Similarly, Nanit Plus app delivers a better sound, and you don’t have to turn the volume up like with the Miku app.

When it comes to the app itself, the Nanit Plus is more user-friendly. It is easier to navigate through the app, and the customization is more user-friendly.

Both Nanit Plus and Miku are high-quality baby monitors. While Nanit Plus is something many parents are used to due to its phenomenal performance and world-wide recommendations, I feel like Miku has an outstanding potential to push the Nanit Plus from the throne.

After all, the contact-less motion sensors are more comfortable than any kind of wear. In the Nanit VS Miku competition, I would give a chance to Miku.

Smart features and excellent performance - is Miku a genie? - Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey
Smart features and excellent performance – is Miku a genie? Source: PR Newswire.com


Miku Baby Monitor is a modern tech piece with a lot of benefits. Still, it is a pioneer on the baby monitor market, because it can track breathing without any wearables. It is more than welcomed by many parents, me as well, that don’t want any electronics attached to their baby.

It delivers excellent image and sound, but the app does have some room for improvement. Still, once you get used to it, you can expect it to help you sleep relaxed knowing that you will be informed if something unexpected happens in the nursery.

What do you think about this baby monitor? Leave your feedback below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Miku Baby Monitor Review | Baby Journey

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