what to buy for baby's first christmas

15 Ideas On What To Buy For Baby’s First Christmas in 2024

A Special Milestone!

With the holidays quickly approaching, a big milestone may be on the horizon for your family: Your little one’s first Christmas.

Congratulations, this is an exciting and heartwarming time! However, it isn’t without just a little bit of worry as with all aspects of parenting your little one, and this even includes what to buy for baby’s first Christmas.

We have rounded up some great ideas you can share with friends and family. We hereby present to you our 15 great present ideas for your baby’s first Christmas!

15 Baby First Christmas Present Ideas

#1 A Keepsake Ornament

Baby first christmas gift ideas, a keepsake ornament
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No first Christmas is complete without a commemorating ornament. Keepsake ornaments are a great way to remember a baby’s first Christmas. You can customize them so you will remember the child, date, and occasion.

Even better, these ornaments can be handed down from generation to generation. When it comes to Christmas presents for newborns you can’t go wrong with a keepsake ornament.

#2 Developmental Stacking Cups

baby first christmas gift ideas - developmental stacking cup
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Learning and developmental toys are always a great gift. Items like these stacking cups have so many uses and offer a variety of ways to play.

They can continue to entertain and teach your child throughout various ages and stages. They are a gift that keeps on giving!

Not only that but this toy is also easier to clean up and store after play.

#3 A Soft and Cozy Blanket

practical christmas gift for baby - blanket
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Keep the baby in your life warm this season with a warm and cozy baby blanket. You can personalize the blanket for an extra special touch. Blankets are a practical gift that any child can use for years to come. Wrapping up in a special blanket is almost as nice as being wrapped up in the arms of the special someone who gifted it.

#4 A Fancy Christmas Outfit

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Keep your little one looking great on Christmas day with a fun and fancy outfit. Any parent knows that babies are always growing out of their clothes. And, oftentimes a luxury outfit isn’t something parents are apt to buy on their own.

If you’re a relative or friend, some fresh new Christmas day clothes for the baby will be greatly appreciated!

#5 Sensory Play Kits

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When it comes to practical Christmas gifts, educational activities are great! Sensory play kits are one such educational gift. You can purchase a premade commercial kit or make your own. Subscription services also offer monthly sensory kits so that the special baby in your life can receive a gift each month for a year.

#6 A Stroller for Adventure

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Give the gift of exploration with a wagon or stroller. Depending on the age of the child at their first Christmas, they may have outgrown their infant stroller.

You can equip them to get out and explore the world with a new wagon or child stroller. This is one gift that isn’t likely to fall out of use or favor anytime soon.

#7 Personalized Piggy Bank

Source: Pinterest

While it may be a little too soon for your baby to start earning an allowance, it is never too soon to start saving. A cute personalized piggy bank is a great way to start the conversation about money.

While they may not be able to use or understand it just yet, they will be begging you for coins to add to it sooner than you think!

#8 Christmas Pajamas

Christmas pajamas are fun and sometimes a silly gift that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Bonus if they are part of a matching family set. Cute holiday pajamas such as this reindeer pajamas set make a wonderful Christmas Eve gift so that your child can wear them on Christmas morning.

#9 Silicone Placemat

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Looking for baby’s first Christmas gift ideas that are more practical? Consider a silicone placemat and plate combination. These washable, kid-friendly, and incredibly useful trays are loved by both children and their parents.

Long-lasting and easy to maintain, a silicone tray can be used for Christmas dinner and beyond.

#10 Customized Name Puzzle

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These adorable wooden puzzles do double duty. They can be used as a toy and as decor. They look enchanting in a nursery. However, the puzzles are also child safe and use durable wood, making them an excellent first puzzle for little ones to explore.

Even better – consider a personalized wooden puzzle with your baby’s name!

#11 A Heartfelt Book

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Reading is magical and this magic can be shared with a special book. Books that are customizable, using the baby’s name, make for a great surprise.

There are also a number of books that allow the gift-giver to record themselves reading the pages. Your baby can have mom, dad, grandma, or even an aunt read them a bedtime story from miles away.

Alternatively, consider getting a soft book as an educational toy for your baby.

#12 A Playmat

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For the littlest babies in your life, a play mat works very well as one of baby’s first Christmas presents. Most are very versatile and can transition with the baby as they grow. Playmats are also wonderful because they offer many toys in one. It is a great first Christmas gift, full of fun and excitement for babies of all ages.

#13 Mini Robe

Source: Pinterest

Babies deserve to be pampered too! Whether your little one is having a spa day at home with mom or just wants to stay warm poolside, a mini bath robe is a great option.

This is another clothing item that most parents either don’t think of or likely splurge on. All the more reason to choose this cute and thoughtful gift that a child will love wrapping up in!

#14 Baby + Apron = Bapron

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That is right, a Bapron, or baby-apron! So much more than a bib, a bapron offers more coverage in the front. Just like an adult apron, they tie in the back. This is a thoughtful gift that is sure to get a lot of use as the baby begins to explore food and take their first bites.

#15 A Cuddly Doll

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Also called a lovey, these sweet dolls are wonderful for babies. They give them something soft and safe to cuddle with. They can also include sensory objects like tags and textures.

Easy to take on the go, a doll or lovey such as this lovely mini doll is a delightful gift to give to that special little one in your life.

A Christmas To Remember

Congratulations again on celebrating such a special holiday with your little one – your baby’s first Christmas!

These are our top five picks from our list of 15 ideas on what to buy for baby’s first Christmas:

Best Overall: A Keepsake Ornament

Best for 0-3 months: A Cuddly Doll (Lovey)

Best for 3-6 months: Developmental Stacking Cups

Best for 6-9 months: Silicone Placemat

Best for 9-12 months: Customized Name Puzzle

Hopefully, you enjoyed our list and found it helpful. Remember to pin this list so you can get back to it for inspirations.

If you liked it, please let us know in the comments. Still looking for that perfect gift? Check out our other articles.

If you’re looking for some other activities to make your baby’s first Christmas memorable, try a Christmas photography session with your little one?

what to buy for baby's first christmas

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