Best Toy Storage Ideas

15 Best Toy Storage Ideas You’ll Love

A Compilation of Easy Best Toy Storage Ideas

  • Elevated Book Storage
  • Canvas Toy Storage Bins
  • An Inflatable Pool
  • A Princess Wardrobe
  • Superhero Toy Bin for Kids
  • Over-the-door Storage Ideas
  • Magnetic Car Strips
  • In-Room Zoo
  • Playmat To Pouch
  • Wicker Toy Trunk
  • Organizing Planter Baskets
  • Bookshelf to Bench
  • Budget Bath Storage
  • Hanging Planter Storage
  • Glass Jar Organization

Don’t Fear the Toys, Store Them!

It can be hard to believe how much stuff a tiny human can accumulate, especially when it comes to toys. Kids’ toys can take over your house if you are not careful. Your little ones will have them strewn all over, leaving you desperate for some toy storage ideas.

There are many options for toy storage. But whether it is a box, bench, or bag it should help you to keep your child’s toys organized and out of sight, but still easily accessible.

Fifteen Fantastic Toy Storage Ideas

#1 Elevated Book Storage

This lid-less storage bin is excellent for storing books. The deep compartments can hold a surprising amount. If you stand the books upright you can likely fit in your child’s entire library! The best part is that the absence of a lid keeps them accessible for your little ones so that they can read whenever they want.

#2 Canvas Storage Bins (with labels!)

Canvas totes are all the rage these days, and it is easy to see why. These neutral bins can hold quite a lot of baby toys of all types and sizes. The collapsible bins fit easily into most shelving units or can stand on their own. Add some further organization and pizzazz with labels and you have one trendy toy storage box.

#3 An Inflatable Pool

Sometimes it just isn’t worth it or practical to spend a great deal of money or time on baby toy storage. This is where an inflatable pool comes in handy! This is a budget-friendly option and one that can easily be collapsed and stored away. If your baby is just learning to walk or baby is walking before crawling, the lack of hard edges and sharp corners on this baby boy toy box may be extra appealing.

#4 A Wardrobe Fit for a Princess

This adorable mini wardrobe is the perfect size for dress-up clothes like this starry dress by Tiny Trendsetter. A petite version of mommy’s your little girl will just love perusing her beautiful princess dresses. A large lower shelf complete with a canvas bin is a great place to store accessories.

#5 Superhero Toy Bin

Superhero Toy Bin

This may be the ultimate baby boy toy box — A standard storage bench outfitted with a superhero motif. If you are artistic or know someone who is, this would be an easy DIY project! This is a great way to store toys for 1-year-old boys or older in either a nursery or a playroom.

#6 Over-the-door Storage

Over-the-door organizers are popular for shoes, accessories, and more. But you may not have realized that they also make great toy organizers. There are plenty of pockets for stuffed animals, hot wheel cars, or even pretend play items. Some hanging storage pocket systems are waterproof, excellent for drying, and storing bath toys.

#7 Magnetic Car Storage Strips

Talk about an ingenious way to store all of your little boy’s Hot Wheels. These magnetic strips are an awesome way not only to store cars but to display them as well. It is practically a piece of artwork! Your little guy will love sticking and unsticking his cars to the magnets. Who said cleaning up can’t be fun?

#8 An In-Room Zoo

While we are used to seeing these types of storage containers at department stores holding back lots of balls, they can also be fun storage options for your home. Create your very own stuffed animal “zoo” with some lumber and bungee ropes. It is an ideal setup for a corner of your room.

#9 Playmat Turned Storage Pouch

This is such an ingenious storage design. I wish I had this when my daughter was little. When expanded, the pouch becomes a large non-toxic play mat with upright edges. A safe and clean place to play where all the toys are contained. Then, when it is time to clean up just pull the cord. The mat turns into a pouch trapping all the toys inside.

#10 Wicker Storage Trunk

A wicker storage trunk is excellent for when you want to maintain the aesthetics of your living room. Obviously, with children, toys become a way of life. But sometimes you want your room to look put together and decorative. This fashionable yet functional trunk is a pretty way to hide the mess.

#11 Organizing Planter Baskets

Organizing Planter Basket to Store Toys

You don’t have to use these planter baskets outdoors, but if you have a porch or three-season room they will look right at home! Wire baskets dressed up with a covering on their lower halves are excellent toy bins. Hang them with a nail or two and they are stable yet easily removable.

#12 Bookshelf to Bench Storage

This one is so obvious but easily overlooked! A vertical bookshelf laid horizontally can become a toy storage bench. Pop on a few “feet”, add a couple of fabric bins, and you have a place to keep toys and to sit. It is DIY ikea toy storage at its finest!

#13 Bath Storage On a Budget

With a shower rod, zip ties, and a few plastic baskets you can create functional baby bath toys storage. Baskets secured to a rod with zip ties hold and drain the toys. An adjustable rod can be tailored to rest between your end walls, keeping the toys accessible for tiny tots.

#14 Hanging Planter Storage

This one is like the outdoor baskets, but a bit different. The baskets typically used for hanging plants can be suspended from your ceiling. A great way to store stuffed animals while looking elegantly chic.

#15 Glass Jar Storage

Forget the cookies, large glass apothecary jars can organize a craft room in a snap. Fill them with crayons, markers, pom-poms, you name it. These jars are a modern and trendy way to display your children’s craft materials. The clear sides allow them to see what is inside without having to open the lid.

Storage Made Simple!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of kids’ toy storage ideas. Who knew it could be so easy to convert everyday items into storage or add a bit of pizzazz to traditional toy bins?

Do plan on using one of these ideas, or have a great idea of your own to share? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this along to other parents drowning in toys!

Toy Storage Ideas

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