15 Best Baby Boy Nursery Ideas That You Can’t Miss

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baby boy nursery ideas

Nurseries are spaces especially reserved for your baby, and therefore it should be a place of quiet and comfort. Preparing a nursery goes hand in hand with preparing to welcome your newborn. Above all, you should pick a suitable room in your house and create a space that’s safe and secure.

A good time to start preparing a nursery would be in your second trimester. Apart from shopping for suitable furniture and fittings, it’s also a great time to explore various baby boy nursery ideas. These ideas will definitely be helpful in deciding things like themes and color schemes that’s sustainable. Most importantly, these ideas can last until your baby boy grows up!

15 Cool Baby Boy Nursery Ideas You’ll Like

#1 A Safari Adventure

Dusty earthy colors dominate this safari themed nursery, which includes lots of beige shades interspersed with whites. Shaggy faux leather rugs give this theme an authentic touch. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to fill it with lots of safari animal plush toys for fun and laughs.

This is definitely one of the more unique baby boy nursery themes out there, and something that you can really go creative with. You can also pick lots of bits and pieces that are ethnically themed and made of natural materials. These will look simply splendid hung on the walls. Wallpapers should be of light shades, to add an air of lightness and airiness to the room.

# 2 Or Add An Elegant Twist

Simple white walls and ceilings create a wider sense of space, and this is a great decoration theme if you have a room with a large window. Choose carpeting and curtains that are light grey or earth-colored to add to that elegant atmosphere.

You can also add a pop of color to the room, in the form of furniture pieces. Wooden cabinets, cupboards, baby cots and bookshelves are a good place to start. These wooden pieces should preferably be darker shades, so wood stains like dark walnut, Jacobean and English chestnut can be considered.

#3 Go For Scandinavian Coziness

Best Baby boy room ideas
Snug scandinavian hues that give warmth and comfort. Source: Lynzy& Co

Scandinavian chic became trendy after furniture from that region became readily available all over the world, for reasonable prices. The whole point of the Scandinavian chic atmosphere is to create a space that’s warm, cozy and inviting. This means adding lots of soft and fluffy elements to the room. This means plenty of throws, blankets, rugs, cushions and soft toys.

Scandinavian chic means plenty of soft elements like throws and cushions. Source: Lynzy&Co

In terms of its color scheme, Scandinavian rooms employ neutral colors that you can mix and match as they don’t clash. Just be sure to keep your background colors white and add in accents along the way.

#4 Throwback to Classic Retro Vibes

unique baby boy nursery themes - classic retro vibe
Add fun retro vibes with matching boxy furniture. Source: 8prokids

In the 50s and 60s, nurseries were rather boxy affairs, with plenty of squarish furniture and pastel tones. You can pay tribute to that era with classic thin legged armoires and closets, as well as classic tall baby cribs.

Matching furniture colors may have gone out of fashion, but not when it comes to retro nurseries. Match all the furniture you want without it being campy. Throw in some antique pieces from different eras while you’re at it too. The great thing about this theme is that you’d never have to worry about anything looking dated, because that’s what it’s all about.

#5 Choose Calming Blue-green Hues

calming blue as baby boy room painting color
The right bluish green hues are perfectly calming. Source: Homedit

Greenish wallpaper may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks gorgeous if you pick the right hue. In fact, if you choose to go with a greenish-blue hue, you’d be creating the feeling of being underwater.

Be sure to balance out these colors by having neutral elements elsewhere in the room, in order to balance out its brilliance. I suggest light beige, whites and greys for a soothing and calming effect.

Avoid anything jarring like reds and oranges. Remember that you want a cohesive and fluid sense of serenity above all. Light fabrics should also come into the picture, so bring on that chiffon and lace as much as you’d like.

#6 Pinks Are For Boys Too

Gone are the days when blue was for boys and pinks for girls. Some calming pink hues like peach pink, coral, salmon and rosewood make for a great nursery option for boys. Choose hues that are light and not too loud. Pair them with cream and beige for a gender-neutral setting that will delight any child.

The thing about baby boy room colors is not to restrict yourself based on stereotypes, and to let creativity be the main driver. Here, it can also inspire feelings of home and belonging, so go where the pinks take you.

#7 Black is the New Black

Black just isn’t a color you usually find in a nursery. Usually, parents tend to avoid black when considering for baby nursery as it’s seen as a rather sober color. However, modern interior design sensibilities say you should totally go for it if you see fit. Pair black with bright and bold colors like orange and red for a lively atmosphere that’s brimming with energy.

You may also want to include other black accents in the room, in the form of picture frames, cushion covers and the like. Another interesting thing to consider is painting your walls with chalkboard paint, so that it can function as a scribbling and art corner when your little boy gets older.

#8 Modern Corporate Sensibilities

unique black as baby room paint ideas boy
Clean lines give this nursery a serious touch. Source: Project Nursery

In a tribute to corporate city life, you may want to adopt an almost ‘office’ approach to decorating your nursery. Straight lines with plenty of greyish hues can complement this look, which doesn’t have too many fluffy points, but looks extremely stylish and comfortable nonetheless.

I personally love the minor touches of natural wooden hues thrown in with the whites, blacks and greys. Here, we’re definitely looking at paler wooden hues that don’t distract too much from the more serious tones.

#9 But If You Like The Countryside, That’s Fine Too

Rustic interiors aren’t just about a lot of natural elements. The most important thing you’ll have to observe here is the countryside charm that you have to recreate in this space. This gives you lots of freedom to choose from items made from wood and wicker.

This is an opportunity to gain inspiration from those Enid Blyton stories you read as a child. Simplistic reimagining of simpler times where a quiet and peaceful childhood was the norm, and where time seemed to stand still. Here, the color scheme is muted, even if the walls are plastered with flowers and designs inspired by open fields and picnics.

#10 Bring In Cheerful Rainbows

cheerful rainbow for baby boy nursery
Vibrant mixes give the nursery a lively vibe that’s refreshing. Source: Cafemom

Bring the vibrancy of an outdoor party to your nursery with a color scheme that’s refreshingly vibrant. A white or neutral background becomes filled with life and every ounce of boredom is thrown out the door.

Have fun by combining as many colors as you want in this space, creating an almost heady mix of vibrancy. The key to combining this many vibrant colors is to space them out and intersperse them appropriately.

#11 Rockers and Wheels

grey for boy nursery ideas
Keeping your furnishings light and mobile keeps more options open for the future. Source: HomeDepot

One brilliant idea you can consider for your nursery is to have lightweight and mobile furniture in place. That way, you don’t have to struggle to move things about for any future changes as your son grows up. Consider things like a cradle with wheels, wicker chairs, mini rockers, knitted baskets and the like.

The key to this theme is of course fluidity and adaptability with lots of free space so you can create and re-create as they years go by.

#12 Under The Sea

sea ideas for boy nursery ideas
The marine theme is full of fun and never grows old. Source: Oh My GooGoo Gaga

Creating a marine or underwater themed nursery is probably the most fun you’ll ever have. Start off with light blue of turquoise walls and fill it with plenty of fish, shellfish, seahorses, dolphins and more. The sea theme can also include the toys you buy, so don’t forget to include some plush toy fish.

Of course, not everything had to be blue in your ocean nursery. However, try and keep it neutral or green in hue, so that it doesn’t end up clashing. Also, it’s a good time to consider baby boy room paintings that are murals, whether hand-drawn or sticker types.

#13 In the Lap of Luxury

luxury boy nursery
Your little boy can now sleep like a prince. Source: Pinterest

Although it seems like a challenge to create a ‘royal’ looking nursery, it actually isn’t too difficult or costly at all. You just need some of the right pieces of furniture. Start with carpeting that’s soft and luxurious, satin drapes, and faux shaggy rugs.

Choose cots and other pieces of furniture with carvings, and don’t forget the most important part of the room; the chandelier. Padded chairs are the best choice here, as are mini canopies to place a netting round the baby cot.

#14 A Forest In Summer

Best Baby Boy Nursery Ideas in a forest
Deep green shades bring a forest-like atmosphere full of fresh summer vibes. Source: HGTV

It’s no surprise that greenery brings calm and serenity to the eyes and soul. You can still bring in the core elements of forestry green into your nursery with deep hues and grass-green rugs. Pair it with neutral colored animal decor pieces, or make it whimsical and add decorative pieces inspired by fantasy forest creatures like elves and gnomes.

#15 Keeping It Minimalist

minimalist room ideas for boy
Sometimes less is more when it comes to nurseries. Source: Homedit

The whole idea of minimalism is to keep the amount of furniture and decorations to as few as possible. The key here is to avoid clutter and have plenty of space. Bare floors are accepted, and colors are kept mild and neutral.

Wall decorations should be spaced out, and the types of furniture you include should be simple and clean in design.

Your Nursery Should Reflect Your Unique Tastes!

Whether it’s minimal or extravagant, your chosen theme should always reflect your own personal preferences. If you liked any one of our Baby Boy Nursery Ideas, just comment below to let us know. Don’t forget to share this article too.

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