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32 Best Baby Names That Mean Curious

All parents wish to have just the perfect name ready for the birth of their children, but it can seem overwhelming to comb through thousands of options to find that ‘just right’ one. Hopefully, this article can aid you a bit and make the process of choosing the right name a little less daunting of a task by presenting a list of names that mean curious or inquisitive.

Curiosity is an admirable trait to be observed in babies since the meaning of curiosity is a good sense of thinking and the eagerness of wanting to know and understand the world that is around you.

Find the perfect baby names that mean curious for your little one which represents that your kid is hungry to understand the big world surrounding them throughout their life here!

Girl Baby Name Meaning Curious

We start with a list of names meaning curiosity for the perfect new addition born in your family: a baby girl! Here are some names that mean curious girl:

  1. Amalea: Latin and Old German origin meaning hard worker and laborious with great curiosity
  2. Amalie: Latin and Old German origin meaning hard-working and well-statured girl with a curious mind
  3. Annabeth: Among the Greek names meaning curious, Annabeth is one meaning curious child filled with elegance and grace
  4. Beneatha: English origin with the meaning curious. It also represents other qualities like beauty, excitement, creativity, and wanderlust.
  5. Jigna: A Hindu, Indian originating name that means an intellectual and curious strong-willed baby girl
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  1. Jimena: Spanish and Latin origin that represents a girl always in search of what is interesting and unknown to them.
  2. Jignasa: A Sanskrit originating girl name, meaning someone with the desire of knowing. Additionally, it also means to search for something, investigate, test, or examine it.
  3. Jigyasu: Among the female names that mean curious is Jigyasu, of Oriya origin and Christian roots by religion. It means having a curiosity to want to know everything.
  4. Syretia: Old English origin that means a serious, independent, and curious girl.

Boy Names Meaning Curious Person

Now we present to you a list of curious names for your boys, who are always eager to discover and come up with cool and memorable ideas! Here are names that mean curious boy:

  1. Ciman: Sanskrit origin meaning curious or the need to know more about something
  2. Chiman: Sanskrit origin meaning a boy with a curious personality.
  3. Chuman: Indian and Sanskrit roots for a boy who is inquisitive, curious, and always asking questions
  4. Chimana: An Indian originating name meaning curious or someone curious
  5. Gigyansh: Among the male names that mean curious is Gigyansh, of Nepali and Sanskrit origin, meaning the state of being curious about something
  6. Govindaram: Telugu origin meaning a curious boy who is energetic, adventurous, and full of life
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  1. Jignesh: Indian and Hindu origin, meaning curiosity, or a desire to want to search for more
  2. Jimmil: Arabic origin means a boy that has good communication skills and is curious to learn and adapt to new things
  3. Jinadeth: Indian and Hindu origin. It means ‘curious’ and represents a boy eager to learn more
  4. Joakim: Primarily used in Scandinavian languages and Finnish. It means to be charming, sensitive, curious, resilient, and adaptable
  5. Kenai: Named after the Kenai peninsula, it has Native American origins and implies a boy always seeking to know more, especially in joy and religion
  6. Shael: Hebrew origins and Jewish religious ties that mean ‘to inquire’
  7. Sherlock: Named after one of the famous fictional characters, Investigator Sherlock Holmes, it represents a great sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness. Additionally, it represents a boy with a sharp mind and attention to detail

Gender-neutral Curious Baby Names

If none of the names for curious appealed to you from the above options, here are some unisex names that mean curious to add to your research!

  1. Curios: Romanian origin meaning ‘curious’ which is used to describe a curious child with an inquiring personality
  2. Curioso: Portuguese origin implies a curious person who has a thirst for adventure and a free pioneering spirit
  3. Curieux: A French originating name that translates to ‘curious’ and implies a curious and inquisitive baby who is intrigued and has a wondering personality
  4. Darcy: Irish origin that implies children with a love of freedom and adventure and represents individuals with intellect, courage, and creativity plus a hunger for knowledge of new things
  5. Harper: English, Irish, and Scottish origins meaning a curious person who is inquisitive and knowledge-hungry about things
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  1. Jo: American origin and it implies or represents a person that harbors a great curiosity and inquisitive personality for new things
  2. Merakli: Originates from Turkish, which means ‘curious’ or ‘eager to know more’. Additionally, the name is associated with traits like level-headedness, strong will, and a clever mind.
  3. Oslac: A classic in history, dating to Anglo-Saxon origins, meaning curious. It also has Judaism ties in terms of religious roots.
  4. Panasaran: Sudanese origin and signifies a person with great curiosity, ambition, independence, strength, and reliability.
  5. To-mo: In Vietnamese origin, it means ‘curious.’ Additionally, it also has Japanese origins, which means wisdom or wisdom seeking.


That brings us to the end of our curious baby names list! We hope it was helpful for you in your search to find the perfect baby names that mean curious for your little one. We believe, as parents, naming your baby after such an admirable trait as curiosity and the hunger to learn more is such a brilliant idea and we wish you the best with it.

Our personal favorites from the baby names meaning curious are Annabeth, Darcy, and Sherlock (because it’s after the famous Sherlock Holmes, duh!).

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Also, let us know of an example of your favorite name meaning curious one in the comments down below, but if none of these appealed to you, you might want to check out the following list of ideas – We hope you end up finding the perfect baby name from these lists!

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