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The Complete Cynebaby Stroller Review 2024: Luxury Stroller At a Budget

Is Cynebaby stroller on your wishlist, but you are still hesitant about whether it is worth the money? Here is the Cynebaby stroller review that will help you decide!

Essentially, it is a high end bassinet stroller, but it doesn’t cost as much as some similar luxury strollers. What is the deal with it? I am here to help you figure it out!

Overall, Cyne baby stroller offers a lot. But, let’s dive deeper into the features of this luxury pram!

Overview of the Cynebaby Stroller

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Cynebaby brand makes three stroller models of great design – standard, lightweight, and jogging stroller. All of them are constructed to last and meet the needs of modern parents.

Travel systems don’t appear as parts of Cynebaby’s offer. But, the brand also makes quality car seats, which you can buy separately. But, strollers are what they are most famous for!

Construction & Position

The aluminum construction makes the stroller lightweight, but sturdy. The primary feature is the bassinet which supports two orientations – parent-facing and forward facing.

Also, the stroller can be used in different reclining positions and is suitable for babies from birth to toddler age.

I also need to mention that this bassinet pram is excellent for outdoor naps. When the seat is fully reclined, you can use it for newborn babies from 0 to 6 months and sleeping.

Age, Weight, and General Specifications

The Cynebaby newborn baby stroller is suitable for babies up to 50 pounds.

Standard Cynebaby strollers have inflation-free rubber wheels. They are great for rolling on different terrains, such as grass, sand, pavement, etc.

The stroller weighs almost 26 pounds.


Safety brake features a one-touch design, which stops the two rear wheels in place to keep the baby safe on uneven terrains.

The awning is made from linen for improved breathability and sun protection. Hydroscopic, antibacterial, antistatic, and antiallergic awning also has a peek-a-boo window so you can easily monitor the baby.


The five-point harness system keeps the baby in place even when rolling on uneven terrains. The shock-absorbing system evenly disperses weight, which is especially important in the Cynebaby jogging model.

Pros & Cons of the Cynebaby Strollers


  • Sturdy and stylish aluminum construction
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Comfortable for naps
  • Double brake system
  • Breathable canopy
  • Reversible seat


  • Only hand-washing
  • Somewhat bulky and heavy
  • Securing the straps is challenging
  • Wheels can get a bit wiggly when you are rolling on smooth and flat terrains, like in the malls

Different Types of Cynebaby Strollers

Cynebaby makes three types of strollers – lightweight, standard and jogging strollers. Each type shares similar features in terms of practicality, and maneuverability.

For example, all lightweight strollers are designed more for traveling, while standard strollers have additional features, which make them heavier, and more comfortable. All models in the same category are alike, the primary difference is the design.

Does Cynebaby brand have a luxury stroller tailored to your needs? Let’s check, feature by feature, all models the brand offers!

A mother tending to her baby in a Cyne baby stroller - Cynebaby Stroller Review - Baby Journey

Cynebaby Lightweight Stroller

Cynebaby Baby Stroller, Convertible Bassinet Stroller for Newborn Infant Lightweight Pram Strollers with Snack Tray… (Gray)

There are four models of lightweight Cynebaby stroller. All four of Cynebaby’s lightweight strollers have a similar assembly and differ only in details, such as strap system and bell bar, awning size, and footrest shape.

The most complex part of this newborn bassinet stroller comes pre assembled. The customer attaches the wheels, and sunshade and adjusts the straps.

  • Compactness, Weight, and Capacity

The lightweight infant bassinet stroller by Cynebaby weighs 14.7 pounds. Most lightweight strollers are below 15 pounds, so Cynebaby lightweight models fit the category. When folded, it is compact and fits in the car boot. The stroller is easy to fold with one hand and pick up to put in the trunk. The same applies to carrying the stroller on the stairs.

The lightweight pram is suitable for babies from birth to three years. The manufacturer hasn’t specified the weight capacity.

  • Stroller Fold

Lightweight strollers fold easily and are designed for one-hand operation, which is a great plus. It literally takes around three seconds to fold it.

  • Versatility & Maneuverability

Four models are available in different colors, from bright yellow and red, to neutral khaki and beige awning colors. Overall, the stroller is easy to maneuver, but it takes time to get used to the wheels. They can rotate 360 degrees, which can get too wiggly on smooth and slippery surfaces.

  • Safety

Safety features include a 5-point harness system, and a firm backrest, as recommended by experts. Also, the brakes are convenient and easy to use. The brakes are above the wheel. By pressing down, the wheel gets locked in place.

  • Comfort Features & Canopy

Cynebaby lightweight strollers have either square or circle belly bar. You can also remove the bar to put the baby in the stroller easier.

Lightweight strollers offer multiple reclining positions and adjustable footrest. So, the angle range is from 100 to 170 degrees, which makes the stroller almost flat.

The sunshade is excellent in all lightweight Cynebaby strollers. It is made from breathable materials and extends, and it provides shade on sunny days. However, the manufacturer hasn’t specified the level of UPF protection of the canopy.

  • Storage & Maintenance

All lightweight strollers have storage baskets, which are excellent for shopping and baby items. It is a standard basket for baby items.

When it comes to maintenance, get ready for handwashing. However, you can take a damp washcloth and go over the stroller occasionally to keep it clean.

Cynebaby Baby Stroller, Convertible Bassinet Stroller for Newborn Infant Lightweight Pram Strollers with Snack Tray… (Gray)
  • MULTIPLE ADJUSTMENT: Backrest and footrest of bassinet adjusts to meet baby's requirements to lie, sit, or sleep. Bassinet can be reversed so that baby can enjoy the view when facing outside and the mother can keep an eye on the baby when facing inside
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Constructed by light weight aluminum frame and wearable skin friendly fabrics, this new born pushchair can provide safety and comfort for infant babies. Skin-friendly liner of bassinet can be easy to wipe clean and ensure a super cozy sitting experience for your baby.
  • SAFETY SECURITY: 360 swivel lockable rubber wheel adapts to all terrain, with 5 point harness, removable handrail, foot brake and wrist strap, is much safer when walking the toddler baby. Reversible handlebar can be adjust to fit hot moms from different height.

Cynebaby Standard Stroller

Newborn Infant Toddler Baby Stroller - Cynebaby 2 in 1 High Landscape Convertible Reversible Anti-Shock Bassinet Carriage Pram Stroller Add Cup Holder, Footmuff and Diaper Bag (Green)

Cynebaby standard stroller is available in seven models and one double stroller model. Similar to the lightweight category, standard strollers differ in several features.

The construction, belly bar and mesh bag shape vary, and you can pick different awning and frame colors. However, they all share some excellent features I mentioned, such as reclining positions and reversible seat. The double stroller has all of the good features, packed in a convenient double design.

  • Compactness, Weight, and Capacity

The suitable age for a standard bassinet baby stroller by Cynebaby is from 0 to 36 months, and 50 pounds. You can set the bassinet to be completely flat, so it can support newborns properly. There are three sitting positions – lying flat, semi-sitting, and sitting.

The standard stroller is larger and bulkier than the lightweight model. The basket is spacious with a 32-inch length. It ensures enough room for the newborn to comfortably lay and enjoy the outdoor stay. The stroller weighs 24.5 pounds.

When folded, the Cynebaby standard models are bulky, but they still fit in the car trunk.

  • Stroller Fold

Standard Cynebaby strollers feature a three-step folding mechanism. It won’t take you more than three seconds to fold it, and you can do it with one hand. When folded, the stroller can stand straight on its own.

Three photos showing the way to fold Cynebaby standard stroller - Cynebaby stroller Review - Baby Journey
  • Versatility & Maneuverability

The standard stroller is excellent for everyday use, rides to the park, city center, malls, etc. What I like is the adjustable handlebar. You can adjust the angle and the length of the handle, so you can set different heights which suit your height and heel size!

The adjusting mechanism is super easy and takes two steps to find the proper height for every person.

The standard stroller and bassinet by Cynebaby is easy to push. But, you might need more effort to push it uphill. The front wheels also feature 360 swivel rotation.

  • Safety

features are the same as on lightweight stroller models. The five-point harness system has a one-button operation. Handrail is also detachable, and the brakes are foot-style for the user’s convenience.

  • Comfort Features & Canopy

The basket is comfortable and made from breathable, soft materials. There is no dilemma that the baby will be comfortable riding in this stroller, and taking a few naps in it!

Canopy is standard-shaped and adjustable to match the weather changes.

  • Storage & Maintenance

Basket and mesh storage bag offer extra storage. The bag can hold up to ten pounds but don’t overpack it.

Standard Cynebaby stroller is suitable for handwashing, but most dirt will come off if you regularly clean the bassinet. If staining happens, use a mild detergent to clean the fabric.

Newborn Infant Toddler Baby Stroller - Cynebaby 2 in 1 High Landscape Convertible Reversible Anti-Shock Bassinet Carriage Pram Stroller Add Cup Holder, Footmuff and Diaper Bag (Green)
  • 【2 in 1 BABY STROLLER】This stroller includes bassinet and full size forward or parent-facing toddler seat, sleeping bassinet mode is suitable for baby 0-6 months can overnight sleep with newborn, seat mode suit for baby 6 months to approx 3 years. Easily, safely and securely travel with your baby.
  • 【Unique Safety Design】Anti-shock springs in all wheels and baby carriage body absorb shock when pushing the stroller on rocky places. 12-inch rear rubber wheels ride easy on all roads. The one-touch parking brake can at the same time brakes the two rear wheels rapidly and the front wheels can 360 rotate or be locked in one direction. This all terrain newborn stroller with all of the advaned safety design passed the American ASTM F833 safety standard test.
  • 【Multiple Function】Single stroller backrest can be adjusted by tightening the adjustable belt under the sleeping basket into a sitting position, baby sits upright or semi-recline. Convertible stroller make it possible for baby to face parent or face outdoor scene. Adjust handlebar meet the demands of people in different height.

Cynebaby Jogging Strollers

Cynebaby Foldable All-Terrain Jogging & Running Stroller for Toddler with Adjustable Handlebar and Footrest (Lake Blue)

For active parents, Cynebaby jogging strollers might be what they need to remain healthy and in shape. It features a three-wheel racing stroller design and a steel construction for better stability on the road. The rear wheels are extra large with internal shock absorption springs and steel parts for double protection.

Therefore, your child can sit or sleep comfortably even if you are pushing the stroller on bumpy terrain!

  • Compactness, Weight, and Capacity

The jogging stroller by Cynebaby is of average size for jogging strollers. It takes more space than the average everyday stroller, because of the large wheels and extended steel frame. Still, you won’t have trouble keeping it in your car boot.

The stroller weighs 24.8 pounds. You can use it for babies from six to 36 months.

  • Stroller Fold

The jogging model also folds into three simple steps. The stroller also has a practical lock to apply when you fold the stroller. It will prevent this racing car from accidentally unfolding in the car.

  • Versatility & Maneuverability

The jogging Cynebaby stroller features quality pneumatic wheels, which are suitable for different terrain conditions. Therefore, you can enjoy your runs on the trim track or your runs in nature.

The frame is slightly extended, which makes it easy to maneuver while running.

Additionally, the adjustable handlebar is amazing, because you can set the most convenient height for you.

  • Safety

As seen in different bassinet convertible stroller models by Cynebaby, the racing one also has a five-point harness system. The shock absorption is perfected which compliments the steel frame in ensuring a smooth and safe ride for the baby. The brake system is one-foot and reliable. The stroller will remain in place even uphill at different height levels when you hit the brake.

  • Comfort Features & Canopy

Three sitting positions allow you to find the most comfortable one for your baby on different terrains. The tray is attached to the push handle, so you can keep your little stuff there and don’t carry them in pockets. You can also put a baby bottle or water bottle and your cell phone there.

The awning provides sun, wind, and dust protection for the baby. A peek-a-boo window is excellent for monitoring the baby during your morning runs.

  • Storage & Maintenance

The mesh storage basket is large and can hold a lot. However, the shape isn’t suitable for jogging on uneven terrains, because your stuff could easily fall out of it. A zipped storage bag might be a better option.

If you don’t mind jogging in the rain, you should get ready for handwashing the stroller or spot-treatments. Luckily, the material is easy to clean if you do it regularly.

Cynebaby Foldable All-Terrain Jogging & Running Stroller for Toddler with Adjustable Handlebar and Footrest (Lake Blue)
  • This stroller has a 12-inch large front wheel and 16-inch large rear bicycle tires,all-terrain baby stroller perfect for jogging or strolling. Forever Air Rubber bicycle tires no need inflation.Shock absorbing frame ensures your baby a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Folding design,less storage space,easy to put away when not needed. Removable child tray also can transfer to a bumper bar ,making it easier to put the child in or get him/her out of the stroller
  • Adjustable handlebar with multiple positions to accommodate parents of all heights improves comfort. Canopy with peek-a-boo window can block the Sun/Wind/Rain and gives an easy interaction with baby. Backrest and calf support with multiple recline positions, transferring into sitting position or sleeping mode to meet the different requirements of your baby.

What to Consider Before Buying A Cynebaby Stroller?

Overall, Cynebaby’s stroller seems like a fair deal. But, there are several things to consider upon the decision.


The price range for Cynebaby strollers is wide, and there are significant differences in price among various sellers. However, Cynebaby brand profiles itself as a luxury brand, but the prices are more mid-category. If you are aiming for a fancy stroller and you don’t want to pay huge money, Cynebaby might be an alternative in your search for the best baby stroller.

Some sellers include a wrist strap and cup holder with the purchase, alongside a diaper bag and other child accessories.


Do you jog, travel a lot or have a toddler baby and an older child? A Cynebaby stroller fits in the car trunk, but if you drive an average-size car and have two more children, you will struggle to include all their things inside!

If you are a first-time parent, Cynebaby can be a great option.

Toddler Baby Age and Weight

All Cynebaby strollers, except the jogger model, are suitable from birth to 36 months. The multiple reclining positions allow even newborn babies to nap safely and comfortably in Cynebaby strollers.

A photo of a young toddler and older child with the Cyne baby stroller - Cynebaby stroller review - Baby Journey

Who’d The Product Be Best For?

If you are searching for a stylish stroller that looks a lot like some more expensive brand but costs half the price, consider the Cynebaby brand.

There is a vast range of colors and styles, and small design details, such as curved or square handlebars can make a difference. Also, if you find a stroller with fixed push handles uncomfortable for your height, Cynebaby might be a wonderful solution.

Which Cynebaby Stroller Is For Me – Jogging Stroller, Double Stroller, Standard or Lightweight?

I like the lightweight Cynebaby stroller the most! It offers almost all the features of a standard stroller, but the stroller isn’t that bulky and heavy.

Overall, Cynebaby offers great value for the money. The standard model ensures the baby remains comfortable in all weather conditions and terrains. If you have a toddler and a baby, a double model might be your perfect pick.

A jogging stroller is practical and might be just what you need to start jogging!

What do you think about Cynebaby strollers? I hope my review helps you to decide if Cynebaby is the right option for you!

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