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21 Memorable First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

If your lovely princess is turning one soon, and you want to choose the appropriate gift, this article is for you! I’ll share my selection of the best first birthday gift ideas for girls.

For my daughter’s first birthday, I got her a cute playard she loved, and other guests brought plenty of presents my little girl enjoyed.

Those included a projector with sing along songs, outdoor games, books, clothes, and many toys.

There are so many brilliant gifts for 1st bday you can get as a parent or guest! Here is some inspiration!

 21 First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

Check out my first birthday gift ideas and feel free to add yours in the comment section!

#1 STACKING CUPS for fun and motor skills

Stacking Cups | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Stacking cups are available in colors and slight shape variations.

A set of stacking cups is perfect for babies because it is both entertaining and educational.

The cups are in different colors to help the baby recognize contrasts and learn colors at a later age. For example, Mushie stacking cups are made from BPA-free plastic, easy to clean, and completely safe to give to the baby.

Each set includes eight pieces which is more than enough to keep the baby entertained.

#2 SIPPY CUP for functionality and cuteness!

Sippy Cup | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Sippy cups are a practical gift, because they help parents to break the girl’s habit of drinking from a bottle. Source:

A cute sippy cup as a birthday present is a double win-win. If parents are ready to swap to a sippy cup and slowly ditch the bottle, a cute sippy cup is useful.

Nux offers some great sippy cups at affordable prices. But if you are looking for personalized 1st birthday gifts, you can check the Etsy website to get the ones with names and different personalized motives.

#3 BOOKS for imagination development

Book | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Reading books to your child from an early age is a way to help them develop reading habits! It makes them an excellent gift for the first birthday! Source:

Children’s books will never get out of style, especially if you add some personalized inscription at the beginning. You can buy the compilation with the best children’s fairy tales for parents to read to the baby.

The alternative is to get one with lullabies, or with a list of words, so toddlers can practice words and meanings.

#4 PLAY MAT for safe and germ-free playtime

Play Mat | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
The play mat needs to be easy to fold, non-toxic and comfortable so the baby can play on it for as long as she wants! Source:

Play mat is one of the most practical gifts for baby’s first birthday. If you pick well, parents will appreciate it, because they have probably planned to buy one themselves.

Furthermore, if you get the one in bright colors or with interesting patterns, the birthday girl will love playing on the mat, too.

Pick the one that is soft, hypoallergenic and waterproof, such as Wander and Roam Play Mat.

#5 PLAY DOLL for you won’t go wrong with it!

Play Doll | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
A doll is a traditional gift for baby girls and a favorite toy of numerous girls! Source:

Dolls are probably the most common and wanted gift for baby girl 1st birthday. Most girls love to play with dolls and carry them around. When choosing a doll for a little girl, get one that is soft and plush.

For example, the Conzy stuffed baby doll is sweet, lightweight, easy to clean and free of small parts that can break and get inhaled.

#6 CUTTING FRUIT SET for future chefs

Cutting Fruit Set | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
I still haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love cutting velcro fruits! Source:

Some baby girls love to play in the kitchen, make tea parties and serve food to their parents, aunties and other family members. One of my beloved ideas for 1st bday, affordable but entertaining, is a cutting fruit set.

The veggies are combined together with velcro, which simplifies cutting them with a fake knife. Also, fruit sets are practical to help the baby learn to distinguish fruits.

The Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set includes 17 pieces and a wooden knife. It was one of the favorites for my baby’s first birthday presents.

#7 TOY XYLOPHONE for a great music start

Toy Xylophone | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
A toy xylophone makes for a great musical toy for first birthday gifts for girls!

A toy xylophone is possibly the best musical toy for 1 year old, both girls and boys. They can explore sounds and improve their coordination, as well as develop sensors. There is more to toy xylophones than just noise, as they can also be a wonderful introduction to the music world.

The Fisher-Price Xylophone is simple, but such a brilliant first birthday present idea.

#8 PERSONALISED BLANKET for a lifetime memory

Personalised Blanket | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
You can include the name, the date or the favorite cartoon character on the personalized blanket. Source:

Most of us remember our favorite blankets when we were children, and some of us still keep them! Ultimately, personalized blankets with your baby girl’s name on them are the best gifts for 1 year olds for some people.

Even though a little princess won’t be able to appreciate the gesture for the 1st birthday, she will learn the value of it when she is older.

#9 GROWTH CHART for tracking the time

Growth Chart | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
You can get a sticker growth chart or the one that hangs on the wall. Both will last a long time! Source:

Track the growth of a baby girl with a cute growth chart. However, make sure that the one you buy fits in the baby’s room and there is enough space to attach it to the wall.

Growth charts are also a charming reminder of how quickly time passes and how fast kids grow!

The Beinou growth chart is my favorite choice for little girls!

#10 BUBBLE MACHINE for the Best Party Ever!

Bubble Machine | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
A good bubble machine transforms an average day into the best day! Source:

A bubble machine is one of the best 1st birthday gift ideas for families who live in the house and have a backyard where kids play. It ensures a lot of fun, bubbles, laughter and memorable moments.

The little girl will love the present and enjoy it to the full extent. Don’t be surprised if it becomes the primary star at the birthday party itself.

Hamdol bubble machine is more powerful than a standard toy bubble machine, easy to use, cordless and completely safe!

#11 CUTE BATH TOY SET for fun baths

Bath Toys | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Some babies won’t go to bath without their rubber friends!

While they are young, kids need something to keep them entertained even during bath time. We have come long after small rubber ducks, and now you can gift different fishing sets, individual toys for 1 year old girls, such as dolls and sirens.

However, you can go a step further and get a toy that glows in the water for ultimate playtime in the bathtub! The Jasnkkont set of floating and illuminated rubber toys includes entertaining characters and is fun to play with.

#12 PARTY PLAYSET/ TEASET for guaranteed fun in pretend games

Party, Makeup, Tea Playset | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
The alternative to a tea set is a make-up set for baby girls. It is one of the gifts the baby girl will play with for a long time! Source:

Boosting the imagination of toddlers is very important for their cognitive development. Remember, if a one-year-old invites you for tea, go and drink it with her unicorns!

That is why I love gifting tea party sets to little girls because it is so fun watching them play with it and coming up with different situations and dialogues as they grow. The Joyin tea set includes a lot of pieces, has a unicorn theme and comes in a cute travel case.

#13 PIGGY BANK for starting early money-saving

Piggy Bank | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
A legendary ceramic piggy bank can last a lifetime and make a perfect memorable present for 1st birthday!

Get a pink piggy bank as the first birthday present girl-intended gift and take part in finance education from the early days! Jokes aside, a piggy bank can serve for parents to teach children from the early days to be responsible for their money.

You can also teach a baby girl about savings or differences between coins and bills.

There are modern variations of piggy bank for girls, but I still adore the traditional look of a ceramic piggy bank, such as the one from Pearhead.

#14 ACTIVITY CUBE for increasing motor skills 

Activity Cube | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Activity cubes is good to help your little baby girl develop her motor skills.

Activity cubes are smart toys for toddlers that are designed to help babies develop motor skills. While playing with an activity cube, the birthday girl will learn to pinch, grasp, push things around, use a shape sorter and develop other specific motor movements.

These are perfect for the age of 1, for both girls and boys. If you want to play safe with gifts for baby’s first birthday for a boy and a girl, pick an activity cube from VTech. It is comprehensive and appealing to toddlers with 75+ games!

#15 BABY PUSH WALKER for practicing walking

Baby Push Walker | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
If you are skilled with wood, you can make your own wooden baby push walker, paint and decorate it! Source:

Baby push walkers are great to help babies who aren’t secure on their feet gain balance and confidence while walking. It can be the little help that a 1-year old girl needs to start walking confidently.

A baby push walker improves the girl’s strength as well. Additionally, most modern push walkers feature interactive games for development. The Fisher-Price push-walker includes fun music, too!

#16 WOODEN ANIMAL PUZZLE SET for the impatient(s)

Wooden Animal Puzzle St | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
You can buy a simple animal-shaped puzzle to start with, and expand the collection on following birthdays to induce the love for puzzles! Source:

Puzzles are an excellent game for children of all ages. If you are deciding between different 1st birthday presents, girl or boy, puzzles are fun and educational. In general, puzzles help kids distinguish between pieces and “the whole”.

Moreover, puzzles can teach a girl to be patient and to recognize shapes. Whichever puzzle set you choose, make sure it has large pieces appropriate for toddlers, such as Dreampark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

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#17 CRAYONS for the artist within her

Crayons | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Crayons are a simple, but very effective gift. It will be a source of a lot of fun for the birthday girl!

Here are the simplest gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl- crayons! Crayons help children build creativity, explore colors and use their fingers. Holding and using crayons also promote natural shoulder development!

Not to mention it is entertaining to draw and color different shapes with crayons. The Crayola crayons set includes 152 crayons which ensure that no matter how many crayons a baby girl loses, she will always have more to play with!

#18 ONESIE for a special message

Onesie with a message | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Onesies with personal messages or positive affirmations are perfect for the first birthday. Source:

A quality set of onesies is always an excellent gift for toddlers. There is no such thing as too many onesies, babies always get dirty, and require change.

Therefore, parents will appreciate onesies, and you can spice things up and get a onesie with an interesting quote, such as one from PishPoshBaby.

#19 SOFT FEELY BOX for waking her curiosity

Feely Box | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Soft feely boxes help the toddlers to get familiar with their senses and are a brilliant gift for 1-year olds! Source:

When my daughter got a soft feely box she didn’t play with anything else for days. Soft feely boxes boost the curiosity in toddlers and isolate their touch sense.

A soft feely box is comprehensive because a child needs to touch the object, form a mental picture and say the name. Therefore, it is a useful and fun toy, and the Gund Soft Feely Box is perfect for a baby girl’s first birthday!

#20 PLAYHOUSE for non-stop entertainment

Playhouse | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
If you live in an apartment, choose a compact playhouse. For outdoor playhouses, wooden is perfect! Source: Pinterest

If you want a thoughtful gift, a playhouse meets the requirements! A playhouse encourages pretend play and helps the children focus on the game. While playing in such an environment, kids come up with different playing scenarios easier.

Nowadays, you choose between numerous playhouses with different themes, and you can pick a princess castle for a baby girl or the one with unicorn motives.

#21 DRESS SET for memorable pictures

Dress set | First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl | Baby Journey
Pick the most stylish dress set for little fashionistas! Source:

Lastly, a dress set is a traditional gift for the first birthday of a little girl. However, the challenging task is to choose only one dress set among beautiful and magical dress sets for little girls.

If you want to make things more fun, you can choose a costume or matching dress, cardigan, shoes and tiara!


Have you decided on what to buy for the first birthday of a baby girl?

Hopefully, my recommendations will save you time on an endless search for the perfect gift.

Do you lean more toward educational or entertaining toys? Luckily, the list includes both and mixes of the two! 

Don’t forget to share the list with friends and family to help them choose the presents for the upcoming 1st birthday party! If you have more ideas, please don’t be shy and share them with us @babyjourney0183 on Pinterest!

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