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25 Cool Ideas on What to Get as The First Birthday Gift for Boy

I’ve done a lot of shopping for friends’ babies, and I’ll share what I’ve learned from buying gifts for little people, so that you don’t have to flounder when you go to buy a gift.

I’ve compiled a list of 25 really cool first birthday gifts for the birthday boy in your life. They include things like trains, stuffed animals, and drums, so that you’ll be the cool one at the next birthday party.

25 Ideas for First Birthday Gift for Boy

#1 Choo-Choo Train

Choo Choo Train | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Little boys love train sets. Source: Brio

A choo-choo train is a classic but very fun gift for a baby boy’s first birthday. Little boys of all ages love trains, as they’re simple, sturdy and fun!

Most importantly, you can rest assured that with wooden tracks and trains that come in relatively moderate sizes, they usually won’t have tiny parts that can get swallowed by accident.

This is a gift that can grow with any little boy, and he will enjoy it from age one and up. When your little boy gets older you can add onto the set with extender packs to expand his train collection.

#2 Ball Pit

Ball Pit | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
A ball pit provides endless fun. Source:

By the time a baby reaches a year, they’re all about tactile sensations. They love to touch and taste and smell everything they encounter. Little boys also really love balls of all shapes and sizes.

A ball pit is a great option for a one-year-old boy because he can combine the sensory element that he needs with lots and lots of balls!

Plus, mom and dad won’t have to constantly pick up balls that have been scattered around the house because they are contained in a cute ball pit.

A collapsible option keeps the ball pit out of the way when it isn’t in use.

#3 Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
A shape sorter is a fun and educational toy. Source: Walmart

Sorting shapes is a great activity for a little guy. A shape sorter gives a one-year-old an educational experience as well as a fun experience.

Little boys can practice shape recognition as well as color, depth perception and matching. The sturdy frame and brightly-colored shapes are made out of wood for durability, and can withstand being played with for years.

Children can fit the shapes into the corresponding holes, and then take them out again by sliding off the top lid. If you’re looking for a fun but educational toy for the little guy in your life, this is a great first birthday present idea.

#4 Montessori Activity Block

Montessori Activity Block | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Montessori toys provide endless options. Source: Lovevery

The Block Set from Lovevery is a great open-ended toy, meaning it can be used in an endless variety of ways. The set comes with 70 different kinds of wooden blocks as well as a shape sorting box.

Little boys can use the blocks to develop their imaginations, problem-solving, and even start on early STEM learning. You can even build a moving car out of the bottom of the box!

There are so many endless variations of things that children can do with the bright, beautiful Montessori blocks. Any little boy will be delighted to open this gift at his first birthday party.

#5 Playard

Play Yard | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
A playard is a safe place for a baby to play. Source: Walmart

A playard is a great place for a one-year-old to safely have space to play and practice skills like crawling and walking.

It’s great for baby, but also great for mom and dad since they can just set up the playard and let baby play without worrying about what he’s getting into.

You can set up a playard in your home or outside in the yard, or even at a park. You will most likely need to get one that has mesh sides so baby can see out of it, and so you can easily see what baby is doing inside.

One that folds up into a handy carrying case so you can take it on the go is also a great option!

#6 Bath Toy

Bath Toy | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Make bathtime fun with some cute bathtub toys. Source: Honeybug

Bath toys are a fun choice for little boys. Every kid loves bath toys since they make something not so fun enjoyable. Even if your little guy loves bath time, adding in some brightly-colored bathtub-safe toys will make bath time even more fun.

This set from Honeybug features sea creatures in bright colors, and they’re extra safe because they’re made out of BPA-free foam and won’t sink to the bottom of the tub. They’ll even stick to the walls of your tub when they’re wet!

Little boys will love playing with these happy sea creatures in the bathtub.

#7 Hide and Crawl Tunnel

Hide N Crawl | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Exercise baby’s muscles with a hide and crawl tunnel. Source: Lovevery

At a year old, little boys are working extra hard on their crawling and walking skills. Even after your toddler starts walking, they need to keep working on crawling to build strength and balance.

A hide and crawl tunnel like this one from Lovevery is a great way to get your little guy to work on his crawling. It’s made out of organic cotton so you don’t have to worry about synthetic materials against his delicate skin.

You can use the tunnel for crawling, hide and seek, or even a giant bouncy toy! It comes with a carrying case so you can bring it on the go.

#8 Onesie

Onesie | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
No one can have too many onesies! Source: Walmart

Cute onesies are amazing birthday gift ideas for 1 year old boy. We all know how messy babies are, so mom and dad will appreciate getting a new set of onesies. Some cute prints will make the little guy stand out.

Go for a set of onesies made out of 100% cotton that features animal prints and quotes. The little guy in your life will look super handsome in his new outfits, and mom and dad will be thrilled to have another set of clothes.

#9 Custom Baby Name Blocks

Custom Baby Name Blocks | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Give your little guy a personalized gift. Source: Bannor Toys

We’ve already established that little boys love to play with blocks, and they’re a great sensory and developmental tool. When your baby is little you can use the blocks to decorate his room, and when he gets old enough you can let him play with them.

He can not only build with the blocks but also start to learn to recognize how his name is written. When he is old enough you can start teaching him how to spell and recognize his name using the letters on the blocks.

You can choose from a range of beautiful wood colors to spell out your little gentle guy’s name.

#10 Stuffed Animal

Stuffed Animal | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Stuffed animals are a child’s best friend. Source: Honeybug

Every child needs a stuffed animal that they can play with, sleep with, and love for years to come. To ensure that your little boy’s favorite stuffed animal will last him for years, choose one that is made from good-quality materials like this one from Honeybug.

All of Honeybug’s stuffed animals are made from 100% cotton knit, and they have a wide variety of different animals to choose from. Many of them come with removable clothing so your little guy can practice dressing and undressing.

These adorable stuffed animals are sure to be a favorite and make great gifts for baby’s first birthday.

#11 Car Seat

Car Seat | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
A car seat can be a helpful gift. Source: Pishposh baby

A car seat is one of those daily necessities that you can’t do without, and it may seem like a bit of the more boring first bday boy ideas.

But it’s important to have a good, safe car seat, and if the little guy in your life only has an infant seat you may want to get him a convertible seat. (In case it’s a gift for other children, always check with the parents first!)

A 3-in-1 car seat like this Maxi-Cosi seat is practical since you can use it from birth up to age 10 because it converts from an infant carrier to an upright car seat to a booster seat.

It has all the safety features you need, and it is also very comfy! Other great car seat brands are Graco, Britax, and Nuna.

#12 Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Baby will look cool in a new pair of shoes. Source: Walmart

Once your little guy starts walking, he’s going to look great in a cool pair of kicks. Get your little guy a pair of shoes that will help him with walking but will also make him look like a big boy. He’ll feel like daddy in a pair of sneakers.

The grip sole and cushioned footbed will help him keep his balance, and he can easily take his own shoes on and off with the velcro strap and elastic laces. This is a great gift not only for a little boy, but for his mom and dad as well.

#13 Push Toys

Push Toys | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
 A push toy helps a little boy walk. Source: Honeybug

Once your little boy starts walking, he’ll love using a van walker to help him practice his walking skills and get around easily. Your little guy can use this van to get around, but also to carry his toys around with him.

The handle adjusts to two different heights so the van can grow with your little boy.

It’s made completely out of wood and reclaimed rubber so it will last for years. The van is only 8.31 x 11.81 x 18.31 inches so it won’t take up too much room in your home. This is one of the best toys for 1 year old.

#14 Flash Card Set

Flash Card Set | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Start on vocabulary with some fun flash cards. Source: Scholastic

At a year old, your little boy is probably starting to talk a little bit. A great way to help him with his vocabulary is to get him a set of first word flash cards.

A set that contains beginner words that your baby will need to know is best for toddlers’ pre-school stage. Some other fun, full-color pictures and clear word labels are also helpful in persuading him to learn!

Your little guy can learn to associate words with pictures, and eventually begin to learn sound awareness and to sound out words on his own. Flash cards make great educational yet fun gifts for baby’s first birthday.

#15 Finger Paint Kit

Finger Paint Kit | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Finger painting is a messy but rewarding gift. Source: Target

This may be an idea that you would shy away from, as it involves a mess that you will have to clean up. But finger painting is an excellent kinaesthetic experience for babies and helps develop the muscles in their fingers and hands as well as their upper body.

Plus, your baby will be learning about colors and exercising their senses and muscles.

Make sure to get a washable, non-toxic, non-irritating paint for your baby. With a designated area like a Montessori playroom and the proper clothing (or none at all), your baby can have loads of fun.

Finger painting kits are unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy.

#16 Vehicle/sports-Themed Toys

Vehicle/ Sports-themed Toys  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Every little boy loves cars! Source: Honeybug

Cars are classic toys for 1 year old boys, and they are something that they will love from age one to adulthood. Start your little guy out early with a set of toy cars like this one from Melissa and Doug. The wooden cars are sturdy and painted in bright colors, and they actually move.

 Little boys will love racing these cars around on the floor, and they can be neatly put away in the storage box when playtime is over. Melissa and Doug also sells Activity Rugs that can be paired with these cars for extra fun.

#17 Action Camera

Action Camera  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Smile! You’re on camera! Source: Walmart

A toy action camera can be especially fun for a little boy if mom or dad likes to take pictures. Little boys can copy what their parents are doing with a toy camera.

A toy camera allows children to pretend to take photos while listening to songs and phrases about the alphabet and counting. Some even has built-in directions like “Say cheese!” or “Great shot!”, along with realistic camera sounds, as well as lots of buttons for baby to push.

They certainly make great pretend polaroids!

This is a great toy for imaginative play, fine motor skills, and early academics.

#18 Stacking Tower

Stacking Toys  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Stacking towers are fun for all ages. Source: Melissa and Doug

Stacking blocks are a great sensory toy for babies of all ages. Most stacking blocks feature the letters of alphabets and illustrations.

The bright colors will attract your little boy to these blocks, and he’ll love stacking them, and probably knocking them down! They’re usually made out of sturdy materials, so they’ll be able to withstand all that tumbling.

The blocks nest together when playtime is over for easy storage.

This is a perfect gift for starting any little boy on learning the sounds of the alphabet.

#19 Custom Baby Name Puzzle

Custom Baby Name Puzzle  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Give your little guy a personalized and educational toy. Source: Fat Brain Toys

Puzzles are an excellent toy for your child’s development in many different ways. They help with hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and so much more.

Name puzzles use all of those benefits while also teaching your child about the letters in their name as well as colors, and they make great personalized 1st birthday gifts for your baby boy first birthday.

Get a beautiful wooden name puzzle made of safe, non-toxic wood and paint in bright colors. The ones that are fully customizable for names are even better! Your little guy will have fun exercising his skills and learning about his name.

#20 Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Rocking horses are classic toys. Source: Honeybug

A rocking horse is such a classic toy for boys’ first birthday gift. Children of all ages love galloping on a rocking horse and pretending they’re on a real horse. They’re not only fun and good for imaginative play but also good for a child’s development.

When a child rocks on a rocking horse, all the senses that come into play are being exercised through these gross motors activities for infants, and the rocking motion helps your child’s sense of balance as well as their gross motor skills and coordination.

Choose a well-made, sturdy rocking horse like this one from Honeybug and it will last you for years to come.

#21 Sock Puppet

Sock Puppets  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Sock puppets provide hours of fun. Source: Melissa and Doug

What can be more fun than sock puppets as 1st birthday gift ideas? They’re a great toy for kids and adults of all ages. Sock puppets encourage imaginative play and role-playing. They also help with developing finger dexterity, communication skills, self-confidence, and more.

Sock puppets can be used to put on a show during birthday parties, or just for playing with on their own.

Get a set that will fit children’s hands and most adult hands so you can have fun joining in your little one’s pretend game. They have great details and fun colors, and will make for years of fun.

#22 Book

Books  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
A cute book is a great gift. Source: Honeybug

A sturdy board book with beautiful illustrations is a wonderful gift for 1 year old boy. Picture books are essential for a baby’s development, as they help children understand the meanings of words and build up their vocabulary.

By looking at picture books with an adult to read the words and interact with them, children start to learn problem-solving and analytical thinking from a very early age.

A picture book like Baby’s First Words is a great start for any child. The book has 20 pages of bright-colored pictures with each object labeled for identification.

There are so many ways to use a book, one of which is story time with mom and dad.

#23 Drum

Play Drum  | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Get your little guy started on music early. Source: Walmart

Even if your little boy doesn’t come from a musical family, introducing him to a drum at an early age will be very beneficial.

Playing an instrument, even if it is just banging on a drum, helps children learn listening skills and improve their coordination and motor skills.

It’s also a great outlet for frustration and stress. Toddlers need “heavy” work for their development, which is why you’ll often find that they dump out their toys, and giving them a drum can help with that.

The different colors on a toy drum made for kids make different sounds and display different colored lights. These items make fun birthday gifts for 1 year old boy.

#24 Play Tent

Play Tent | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Tents are a fun place to play and nap. Source: Pishposh Baby

A tent is a fun and practical gift for your first birthday boy. Little boys will enjoy crawling in and out of a brightly-colored tent, playing hide and seek, and even napping inside.

Say, this specific tent that folds up easily for storage and transportation, and is easy to assemble.

You can even bring a portable tent along with you to a day at the beach or the park to help keep the sun off of your little guy, or as a safe place for him to nap when he’s tired of playing.

#25 Baby Swing

Baby Swing | First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey
Babies love to swing. Source: Walmart

Everybody loves to swing, and babies are no exception. They love the soothing rhythm of the swing as well as the excitement of traveling through the air.

It reminds babies of how it was inside their mother’s womb. Swinging is also good for babies, apart from the soothing aspect. It stimulates their sensory systems and helps develop a good sense of balance.

With a swing that you can put up in your yard, you won’t need to go to the park every time your little guy wants to swing. Just set it up in a safe, sturdy frame and your baby can swing to his heart’s content!

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Whatever gift you choose from this list of 25 cool first birthday gifts, any of them are bound to be a hit. I hope that you enjoyed this list, and that it gives you some ideas for 1st bday gifts for the little guy in your life.

What are some great ideas as the first birthday gift for baby boy that you’ve given? Feel free to share them in the comments below or to @babyjourney0183 at Pinterest, and be sure to share this article with your friends and family!

First Birthday Gift for Boy | Baby Journey

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