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Six Cute Disney Stroller Tags To Help Your Stroller Stand Out In Disneyland And Disney World

Set Your Stroller Apart

Disney enthusiasts likely already know, but the sea of strollers can be a bit overwhelming upon your first visit. Many families visit the theme park each year, most with young children who need a stroller.

When they go into attractions or hop on a ride, they leave their strollers in stroller parking – along with tons of others that look nearly identical!

Enter Disney stroller accessories like the Disney stroller tags. A Disney stroller tag can help set your ride apart and make it effortless to identify your belongings or how to find your stroller at Disney quickly.

If it’s your first trip to Disney, read on to learn more about Disney stroller accessories; if you’re an expert, read on for the best stroller tags for your ride!

What and Why – Disney Stroller Tags Edition

There’s no shame in admitting you have no clue what a Disney stroller tag is. Sometimes, I think the theme park is like a whole other world with its own customs and everything.

Once you have your stroller for Disney, you’ll want to check out stroller tags for Disney world. These cute and themed tags serve a few different purposes.

First, they help set your stroller apart from others in the park. You can rent strollers or bring your own (as long as they meet Disney requirements). Regardless of the stroller you’re using, there are bound to be other identical models.

Using a crowd tracker for Disneyland can help you avoid the masses. Still, you’ll inevitably have to visit stroller parking at some point. Unless your ride is outfitted with custom fabrics, it can be very challenging to tell strollers apart.

Nothing could be worse as a parent at Disney world than stepping off the attraction and learning someone else took your stroller with all your necessities. How do you get your stuff back?

Avoid taking someone else’s stroller or having yours grabbed by mistake by using a tag. Disney stroller signs often hang from the handlebar for easy viewing and identification. They can feature colors, characters, or designs of your choosing.

Some opt to put a name on their stroller or another significant word that marks it as belonging to them. For those who prefer a little privacy, there are plenty of tags who’s color and patterns can help your stroller stand out instead of a family name.

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How do you acquire one of these life-saving stroller accessories for your trip? You can use a Disney name tag template, which allows you to customize your own tag using Microsoft Word or another application. Then, you can print your own tag. Finally, using craft glue and thin wood or plastic, you can attach the printout and make your own plate before tying it with some ribbons. It’s a great idea for the craft parent!

Alternatively, you can purchase a premade tag off craft websites and have someone make it for you – no crafting skills required! There are lots of tags for all types of strollers. From fabric to wood, there’s something for every family going on vacation.

The Best Disney Stroller Tags to Make Your Trip a Blast!

Mickey Castle Disney Theme

Disney Theme Mickey Stroller Tag | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
Wipe clean vinyl with a classic design.

This classic and cute vinyl Mickey-themed stroller tag is a wonderful way to identify your ride. It features the signature Disney castle and Mickey Mouse character on a bright white background. Add a name or phrase of your choosing.

Toy Story Theme Stroller

Toy Story Theme Stroller | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
This large sign helps your stroller stand out.

Who doesn’t love Toy Story? Set off for adventure with Buzz and Woody on this hilariously captioned stroller tag. There is a blank spot where you can write whatever you choose. However, you fully customize from the colors to the name.

Embroidered Stroller Tags/Banners

Embroided Stroller Tag | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
Riveted holes allow for easy attachment.

Durable and gorgeous, this cloth tag can withstand long Disney days. We love the traditional Mickey, Minnie, and castle theme. Choose your fabric, finish, and personalization to ensure your ride doesn’t get mistaken for someone else’s!

Customized Wooden Stroller Tag

Customized Wooden Stroller Tag | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
Wood is durable but lightweight.

Looking for a wooden stroller sign? This is a fantastic pick that can be outfitted with a name, date, and cast member combination of your choosing. It’s solid yet lightweight, perfect for travel.

Disney’s Cars Vacation Tag

Bold Colors in Disney Stroller Tag | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
Bold colors mean there will be no stroller confusion.

Bold and colorful, there’s no mistaking this car’s stroller sign. It includes all your favorite Cars characters with a cheeky little phrase above the name personalization area.

As a digital download, all you need to do is print, apply it to a tag, and attach it to your baby travel system!

Stroller Identifier Tag Fabric Banner

Personalizing Stroller Using Ribbons | Disney Stroller Tag | Baby Journey
Colorful ribbons allow both personalization and privacy.

I’m a fan of this hanging fabric stroller tag for Disney because it means you don’t have to put a name on your ride (privacy and all).

The super cute dangling strips of fabric come in so many different Disney-themed options. Tie it on with the attached cord, and you’re off!

Choosing the Best Disney Stroller Tag for Your Ride

Thankfully, picking an identifying tag for your stroller isn’t tricky! Here are a few tips.

  • Size. Tags come in different sizes and shapes. You want it to be easily seen without being so bulky that it is in the way. The right size can vary with the model and size of your stroller. Additionally, when you fold up your stroller, you want the tag to be easy to store.
  • Durability. Sadly, it rains in Disney sometimes. Think about what stroller tag can handle being wet. Also, make sure the material is durable enough to take lots of use, from pushing, folding, and being knocked around.
  • Personalization. Do you want to be able just to add a name, or do characters and color matter? There are various ways to personalize your tag so you can tell it apart from other strollers, and some sellers offer more options than others.
  • Type. Do you prefer cloth, wood, plastic, or digital download? Digital downloads allow you to make your own tag and attach it to whatever material you see fit. Wood is durable and light, but not foldable. Embroidered fabric or vinyl tags can be wiped clean and folded down for compact travel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider carefully before you buy.
  • Attachment. Some are tied on with strings, others have riveted holes for you to add zip ties; still, some may have buckles or clasps. You want the tag to be able to go on and off, easy-peasy, so keep attachment type in mind.

Quick Disney Trip Tips and the Best Things To Do in Each Park with Kids

You could write an entire book about taking a trip to Disney. We’re guessing that if you’re reading this article, you’re taking a trip soon. So, we wanted to provide you with a few attractions parents highly recommend.

While people say they’re going to Disney, they could mean Disney World or Disneyland. Additionally, each place is actually composed of separate parks. Each has a plethora of attractions and rides. If we were to recommend our top three parks, they would be:

Magic Kingdom

This classic location is a Disney must. It’s the home of the iconic castle, along with rides and character meet and greets geared toward a younger audience.

In fact, the Magic Kingdom alone has six distinct “lands,” each with its own unique theme. In the kingdom, strollers can be plenty, so this is a prime spot for stroller tags.

Animal Kingdom

This is another traditional park that has been around forever. You can view animals, walk nature trails, and see live performances. It has six lands, like other Disney parks, including Discovery Island with the longtime fan favorite Tree of Life.

Disney California Adventure Park

If you’re going to Disneyland versus Walt Disney World, consider the adventure park. It has many Disney characters as well as Pixar favorites.

Superhero attractions like the Avengers campus are perfect for older children. Additionally, there is some great dining and local nature attractions like Pacific Wharf.

It’s so hard to choose the top attractions at Disney because there are so many excellent options!


There are hundreds of tags to choose from even though we rounded up only a handful of our top favorites. Speaking of favorites, our best pick would have to be the Mickey-themed stroller tag.

It features a classic design and is lightweight yet durable too. The white background makes your personalized name genuinely stand out to cut down on confusion.

What’s your favorite stroller tag? Have any additional Disney comments or questions? Let us know in the comments!

Disney Stroller Tags | Baby Journey

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